Little Packages Ch. 07


(Early August)


I woke up and through the fuzz of coming back to consciousness one thought broke the haze ahead of the rest.

“You’re 49 now.”

There was only one reaction to that realization.

“Well, fuck,” I muttered to myself.

I sighed and had the quick, dark thought about Beth, who didn’t get to make it this far, so suck it up.

That’s when I noticed Kitten wasn’t in bed with me. This was unusual. On our days off I was always up first. I took care of breakfast and, if she slept in too late, I’d go in and slap her ass to wake her. I tried shaking her awake, but she told me she prefers the other method. Who am I to say no to my little girl?

This meant she was up early and scheming. Ever since she came back from the con in the States last weekend, she’s been planning something for today and this weekend. I had spoiled her plenty over the last year – Christmas, her birthday, and Disney – so she was determined to do something mindblowing for me.

It wasn’t necessary. I tried to explain that my birthday was never a big deal, but I got the crossed-arm, ‘don’t mess with me’ look, so I dropped that line of defence. She wanted to do something for my birthday, so let her plan and scheme.

I could use the boost. I’d cut a fine line with Kitten the previous weekend. I worked hard to be honest with her, but sometimes some things got…excluded. We talked about Beth a lot over the last year. Sometimes I think too much, but she’s insisted on it. She wanted to know who “shaped” me and she believed it helped me.

She wasn’t wrong. It did help. And I’m glad her heart was so big that she was able to do that.

But she missed details sometimes. Why wouldn’t she? She wanted to know what she was like, how we met, and how I changed after I met her. She never thought to ask things like “When was her birthday?” and “When did you get married?”

The answer to both being “Why, last weekend.”

When Beth and I got engaged, we decided to get married on one of our birthdays. That way we’d always remember when the anniversary would take place. And because our birthdays were so close together, it would be a week of festivities during the summer. Her birthday was on a Saturday in the year we wanted to get married. Mine was Thursday. She won.

I’d been dreading that weekend when I got the small miracle of Kitten doing that con. I didn’t have to explain to her why I was off. I didn’t have her hovering over me being sympathetic and supportive. I appreciated her wanting to help, but it’s not what I needed that weekend. She’d done so much for me already.

So I went to Toronto and Meg and I hung out. And it was good. There was some crying. We didn’t even drink that much. Well, I didn’t, and she stopped after one, realizing getting shitfaced by herself was going to suck. But we walked a lot and talked a lot and it was good. I felt much better and Meg was better too.

A year ago that weekend had been a mess. This year it was cathartic. I was glad I was back home with my Kitten and able to relax and enjoy whatever mad scheme she had planned for today.

I hauled myself out of bed, grabbed my cane, and walked over to the mirror. I was 49 years old, damn it, let’s do a quick assessment.

I looked at the naked man in the mirror. It’s not often you get better over time, but I honestly think I looked better than a year ago. A year ago I had more weight on, my eyes looked dull, and my hair and beard were a mess. There was little life there. I’d only just begun to crawl out of the hole from the accident.

But now…now I looked pretty ok for a guy just short of 50. There was a dad bod going on. It’s not like I had a six-pack or anything. But my weight was under control, there was a decent amount of upper body strength going on and even my physiotherapist admitted that my knee was in its best shape since the accident. I was always going to have a limp, but if I took it easy, and wore a brace, I could go a short amount of time without the cane.

But I liked my face. My hair and beard were well-groomed. There was life back in my eyes. I could see smile lines on my face. The grey was proceeding at a steady pace instead of the warp speed of previous years. My knee was a mess, but it was never going to be pretty to look at. But I could look at the scars on my body and not be traumatized. I was older but happier. Progress.

I put on a pair of shorts. I wasn’t quite the same level of exhibitionist that my Kitten was becoming, although I might be by the end of the day. I began walking towards the kitchen, my cane tapping out so she could hear I was coming.

“Do not come in here,” a voice called out from the kitchen.

Oh God, she was trying to cook.

I had spent a chunk of the last three months trying to show her how to cook. I probably started too ambitiously, but I scaled back my efforts. Very basic things she could now handle. She could make spaghetti. I was reasonably confident she could be trusted to put French fries in the oven and remember to take bedava bahis them out. We’d tried pancakes and spent longer cleaning the kitchen after that disaster then we did eating them. She could make a surprisingly half-decent omelette, 50% of the time.

My Kitten had many, many redemptive qualities, but it was clear that cooking was going to be a lengthy work in progress.

“Are you sure you don’t need a hand, princess? I’m happy to help,” I called out.

There was a banging noise and the sound of something landing on the floor. I was also pretty sure I heard “Fuck.” Along with “I can fix this.”

“Kitten?” I said, taking a step towards the kitchen.

An arm with a frying pan came into view. The rest remained hidden.

“If you come in here, I will tell you all about the amazing birthday you had when you regain consciousness tomorrow,” she said in a voice that was no doubt meant to sound threatening.

“Ok, ok,” I said, trying not to laugh. “Where do you want me?”

“Front deck is fine. I’ll be out…shortly,” she said in a less than confident voice.

I made my way out to the front deck, wondering what disaster was happening in there and decided one of my birthday perks was going to be not thinking about it unless I heard the smoke detector go off.

I sat down, took in the view, and smiled. It was going to be a hot day, so I was perfectly happy to spend all day in the cool of the house, but whatever my little girl had planned, I would go along with it.

I was a slacker Daddy. Part of the agreement of her coming to live with me was that she would have chores, just like any little girl would. Except she had me wrapped around her little finger. So she would often come home at the end of the day with Michelle and Ahmed and I would get the usual song and dance.

“I’m really tired, Daddy,” she’d say. “Can I do it later?”

That often led to her holding up her feet and asking for a foot rub. Which often then led to her magically finding enough energy to bounce enthusiastically up and down on my cock while having multiple orgasms.

I was being manipulated and didn’t care. It was going to suck having her go back to school in a few weeks. I loved having her here.

I was still enjoying the view and the warmth when I heard clicking coming down the hall. Was she wearing heels? And then I heard her voice call out.

“Ok, Daddy. Close your eyes and I’ll come out and serve you,” she said.

Somehow, I thought the double-entendre on “serve” was deliberate. I held my hands up and made a very deliberate motion of covering my eyes. I could hear her giggle and then there was more clicking. She was definitely wearing heels. I then heard a tray being placed down in front of me. I was mentally preparing my “it looks delicious” face.

“Open your eyes, Daddy,” she said in her little girl voice.

I opened my eyes and concerns about the food immediately vanished. Mainly because I was too busy looking at her. I’ve watched a lot of anime with her over the last few months. Her efforts to get me to like anime were similar to my efforts to get her to like cooking – it wasn’t working, but we were each trying. A lot of that anime featured a Neko maid. It’s a thing in anime, and Kitten loved them.

Now I had one of my own.

She was trying to be all shy and demure, but I could tell she was dying to start grinning.

It was a maid’s outfit, but with an anime twist. So it was short and ruffled out so much that it was only a couple of inches below her pussy. It was black and white, and the apron had a little cat paw on it. The black top had a cut out of a kitty head. Around her neck was a black collar with a little bell on it. On top of her long strawberry blonde hair were a set of black and white cat ears. There were fingerless white lace gloves on her hands and legs that had white stockings that came up just past her knees. She was also on top of four-inch heels, making it a minor miracle she’d been able to get out here to serve me. It made her taller, but I still had a good eight inches on her.

There was also a tail was coming down from underneath her skirt. There was no chance it was attached to panties.

“Wow, Kitten,” I said. “You look amazing.”

She beamed and then did a twirl…slowly because she wasn’t always the best in heels. Then, just to confirm things she bent over, showing that she wasn’t wearing panties and the tail was exactly where I thought it was.

“Do you like, Daddy?” she asked.

“You’re beautiful,” I managed to get out.

She giggled. “No Daddy. Do you like the breakfast Kitten made for you?”

Ok, there was a bit to process there. She was referring to herself in the third person. So this was going to be an unusual day. But she was right, I hadn’t looked at breakfast yet. I glanced down and was…kinda surprised.

The vegetarian omelette looked good. She had some toast which was burnt, but I liked my toast burnt, so whether by accident or design she did well. There was an orange on the side of bedava bonus the plate and a cup of coffee and a glass of water. There was also… something that might have once been bacon before it was left next to a nuclear explosion. I was astonished the smoke detector hadn’t run into the bedroom to wake me up and warn me what she was doing to innocent pork products.

There was also a little blue pill. I picked it up between my fingers and gave her a look. Her shoes suddenly became very interesting to her.

Early in our relationship, when it became clear that this was going to be more than just a comic con fling, I worried about whether or not I was going to be able to keep up with her. My Kitten has a healthy sex drive. I didn’t want to disappoint her.

There were also psychological concerns. I’d been depressed and my sex drive had been non-existent for two years. So yeah, I was worried about getting hard. I’d been rock hard that night at the comic con, but was that a one-off burst of pent-up energy or a change in the wind?

So I got a prescription and got some pills. It was an “In Case of Emergency, Crack Open Packet” sort of thing. But it turns out I didn’t need them. Kitten was so amazing to be around my energy levels went up and my sex drive went into overdrive. So I didn’t need them. I tossed them in the bottom of a drawer and forgot about them.

Except here was a pill. So unless Kitten’s power of persuasion included being able to woo pharmacists, she’d been rooting through my clothing drawers. I should be mad, but this wasn’t the time.

“Have you been going through your Daddy’s belongings?” I asked.

“Kitten might have accidentally found them when looking for one of your shirts to wear,” she said, looking at her shoes and gently swaying back and forth. “And she thought that maybe Daddy might want to take one because Kitten wants to fuck an awful lot today.”

It was hard to argue with that logic, although there would be consequences for her going through my things. Later. Obviously. I took the pill and placed it in my mouth. I could see her eyes getting wider. Then I swallowed it with a sip of water.

“You’re in for a long day now, Kitten,” I said. “Are you going to join me for breakfast?”

She smiled, grabbed a pillow from one of the chairs and placed it at my feet. She then knelt in front of me. She made a brief pouty face and rolled her eyes that I had bothered to put on shorts today, and then reached up and quickly pulled them down over my legs. The pill was going to take another 20-30 minutes to kick in, so the hard cock that was waiting for her was 100% natural. She took it in her hands and moved them gently up and down.

“Kitten has all the breakfast she needs right here, Daddy,” she said. And then she slid her mouth down my cock.

I grabbed the arms of the chair, mainly so I didn’t take my hands and run them through her hair and begin to fuck her mouth. She’d like it, but Kitten…Kitty had a plan today, so I was content to see where she went with it.

She kept her eyes on me and she moved her mouth up and down my cock. Then, she glanced over at the food on the table. My crazy little girl expected me to eat breakfast while she was sucking my cock. I shook my head in disbelief and then grabbed a fork and knife, cut off a piece of omelette and put it in my mouth.

It was not bad and I smiled as I chewed. That was the right reaction because Kitten began to hum as she moved up and down my cock. I could also see her eyes begin to glaze over. She’d worked hard to keep her focus, but there’s only so long she could suck my cock before zoning out.

I kept eating as I watched her move her mouth up and down my cock, letting it pop out of her mouth so she could flick her tongue under the crown, which she knew I loved. But then she would fill her mouth with my cock and I could see her mind just go.

I loved watching this happen to her. I used to feel guilty that I got so much enjoyment out of watching her essentially become a mindless sex toy, but she told me I was silly.

“Daddy, I love sucking your cock and being a mindless little fucktoy. I feel safe when I do it. I know you won’t hurt me. It’s a safe space for me. So don’t be so silly and enjoy it,” she told me.

So I did.

I finished my omelette and toast and then sipped from my coffee. The noise made her look up at me, and I took a spare hand and scruffed her hair behind one of her ears. Her eyes lidded again and she purred.

“I have such a good little Kitten,” I said. “She’s sucking my cock like a dumb little fucktoy.”

She began moving up and down my cock a little faster, trying to take more and move it. She wasn’t 100% at being able to deep throat me at will, but since her breakthrough last month, she was getting a lot better. She also took one of her hands off my leg, reached around and placed it on the hand I had on her head. She placed pressure on it letting me know she wanted her head forced down.

Kitten had been sucking my cock for 15 minutes deneme bonusu now and I could feel the pill coming in around the edges. I could feel my cock start to swell more, I was getting more flush and there was the beginning of a headache coming on. I was also feeling more aggressive. I know the pill had little to do with that, but I could feel the urge to dominate her coming on. I put down my coffee and put both hands on her head and began to push her down on my cock. She groaned, and I could feel drool beginning to come out of her mouth and as she worked harder and harder.

“Take all of your Daddy’s cock, you silly little Kitten. I’m going to paddle your ass if you don’t get all that cock in your throat,” I said, growling a little.

That seemed to do the trick. My cock slid an extra inch or two and I could feel it going into her throat. I kept my hands on the back of her head, and she looked up at me with wide eyes. But she wasn’t panicking…yet. I kept my hand on her head for a few seconds and then I let go. She pulled back, coughed and started gasping for air.

The Daddy in me wanted to kneel and make sure she was ok and apologize if I hurt her. The dom that she wanted right now had to look down at her and not make a move. Finally, she looked up at me and smiled.

“Kitten took all your cock, Daddy. She’s a good little girl.”

Jesus Christ.

“Yes, she is. Does she want more?”

She nodded her head.

“Can Daddy cum in his Kitten’s mouth now? She’s awfully hungry.”

Who was I to deny my little girl? I stood up and looked down at her. She looked a little uncertain about me standing like that, but I put both my hands on her head and moved it forward until her lips found my cock again. It quickly slipped past them and I could see her eyes dull again as she became submissive and mindless.

For all the sex we’ve had in the last nine months or so, I’ve rarely cum in her mouth. It wasn’t because she hated the taste. The couple of times I had, she really liked it. She simply preferred I cum in her pussy.

I began fucking her mouth, moving my cock back and forth as she frantically sucked on it. I could feel the building of an orgasm. My moving her head back and forth became more erratic.

“Close, Kitten,” I managed to gasp out.

Suddenly, she pushed forward, wrapped her arms around my waist, and I felt my cock back into her throat. That’s all it took.

“Jesus, Kitten!” I cried out and came. I could feel my cum pulse out of my cock. She swallowed it all like it was a favourite treat that had been denied to her for too long. She pulled back suddenly and I let her go and she collapsed back on the floor, gasping for breath. I flopped back on the chair with my head spinning. I’m always shocked at how intense it is when I cum from one of her blowjobs. I love fucking her, but I could get seriously addicted to her blowjobs.

Once I could focus again, I looked at her. She was still on the floor and had a glazed look, but was coming back out of it. Her face was flushed where she hadn’t been able to breathe.

“Are you ok, Kitten,” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she managed. “Thank you for breakfast, Daddy. It was yummy.”

Kitten ungracefully made her way back on her feet. I moved to help her but she waved me away. She picked up the tray of dirty dishes.

“Kitten will clean up, Daddy. You sit here and enjoy the sun while she prepares our picnic lunch,” she said.

“Picnic?” I asked, and then thought, oh God, she’s pushing her luck with food today. At some point, I was going to end up in hospital.

“Uh-huh,” she said, wobbling dangerously on her heel as she headed inside. “Kitten thought it might be nice to have a picnic at the pool under the falls. That way she can show you her new bikini.”

My cock, which had never really softened after her blowjob, began to harden again.

“Give Kitten an hour to get ready, ok Daddy?”


Kitten and I had been to the lookout area of the falls many times this summer. It always made me feel good hearing the stream run and the water go down over the falls. I’d been told it slows down during the summer if there wasn’t much rain, but there had been a decent amount this summer, so it was still going strong.

But trying to access the pool was a whole other thing. It was mostly a 10-foot tall rock cliff on the sides. There was one small area where you could walk into the pool, but you had to go down a steep slope and cut through some dense trees to get there. We’d tried once and, while it was nice, it had been a hassle to get there. I could have hired someone to cut a proper path, but I didn’t want people to find out about it. I liked the privacy and didn’t fancy having strangers crawling over the spot during the summer.

Still, Kitten wanted a picnic next to the pool, so who was I to say no?

If nothing else the walk to the pool gave me quite the view. Kitten was swinging a picnic basket she’d acquired from somewhere. She had exchanged her cat ears for the wide-brimmed hat with mouse ears she wore to Disney. She was wearing some kind of water shoes and a long Hello Kitty shirt that dropped to mid-thigh and covered up whatever bikini she was wearing. She also kept her tail in. I was curious to see how that was going to work when she went swimming.

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