Live cum tribute


Live cum tributeSo like many other guys I enjoy to cum on sexy women’s pics. The fantasy of it is very exciting. Especially when a woman has requested. The not cumming for a couple days, the build up, fantasizing looking at her pic and stroking for hours til you can’t hold back anymore and just unload all over the pic. Mmmmmm getting hard just writing. And even more exciting when you get her response on how much she liked it or watches it when she masturbates. I’m sure we all hope for a woman that enjoys chatting with us and requests tributes regularly, that you build a comfort level with. Well a good long time friend of mine whom we talked daily and tributed her regularly, I probably did at least 25+ tributes for her over time. Mentioned she’d like to have me tribute her LIVE. Said she had done that before with a couple guys and they always liked it and she got really hot. I had never done one before but heard and seen and was extremely excited about the idea, so we set a time both of us were available to chat. Mmmmmmm was I excited. All week the messages back and forth, the teasing and her telling me I better not cum til Saturday night. I was so excited I think I was aroused every day most of the day. I could barely wait. And she is such a tease sending me naughty pics of her, msgs about she can’t wait for my cock to be all hers and she can’t wait to see me cum all because of her. Saturday all day I’m anxious so anxious all day. Finally night comes and I log on and start samsun escort reading some of our messages and looking at her pics and am already “rock hard”. Finally about 1/2 hour later she logs on and ims me. Damn the nerves. I’ve never had someone watch me while I tributed them but the excitement my cock was pulsing, tingling. We spent a few mins with small talk just laughing and catching up. She then ims “are you ready?” “Because my pussy is tingling and I’ve been wanting that cock of yours all day”. Omg so I got all setup and she told me she had a special pic for me for this. Wow now I’m even more damn excitedShe sends me a pic of her kneeling holding her gorgeous tits and mouth wide open with a caption on pic – CUM here right at her mouth. I swear I almost came right then. I printed the pic and sent her my cam. Damn I was almost shaking. She accepted the cam and she wasted no time.”Mmmmmmm I see that delicious cock is already hard, pull it out and show it to me””Mmmm, good boy make it pulse for me show me how horny I make you””Grab that cock and put that head to my lips, you want me to suck it don’t you”?”Slap that cock against my face”. You could hear the thuds as I smacked her face with itThen I noticed her lips were wet, I hadn’t even stroked and already pre-cum. Mmmmmmm and did she notice”Look at that pre-cum on my lips mmmmm I want to taste it rub the head around my lips and cover my lips make them glisten”Damn this was getting hot I was siirt escort no longer nervous just trying to keep my excitement under control. “Show me that cock put the head right upto the cam, mmmmmmmmmm look at that precum leak out”Lick lick lick lick she says”Put that cock right over my pic and grab the base and I want you to slowly stroke up and down and when you get to tip I want you to rub that precum over it”Damn she had me slowly stroking for a few mins and it felt incredible, the head of my cock and shaft were soaked. I don’t think I could stop oozing precum. More had leaked out onto her pic and she loved it”Turn your hand over and overhand stroke it””Mmmmmm set your hand down on my pic and just thrust in and out like you were thrusting into my mouth”Omg I was sooooooooo hot damn she was driving me crazy with this and I did everything she said. My palm was soaked in precum, my cock harder than I ever felt and throbbing “Mmmmmmm I think I need some of that cum now, do you want to cum for me”I responded back “yes””Step back from pic a bit so I can watch you and I’m going to countdown from 10 and don’t you dare cum before I get to zero or we will never do this again”.Ok?”10, stroke it, stroke it fast”.”9, slow down long slow strokes twist up and down your cock””8, just stroke the upper half, stroke it fast””7, now just pump your hand, thrust back and forth in and out pump it””6, grab it firm and stroke all the way up and down, squeeze it squeeze escort bayan it””5, pound it stroke faster, faster, faster, faster”Omg from 5 to 4 took forever I can’t believe I coukd hold back the cum”4, slow down, show me that cock, mmmmm look at that precum just rub that spot just under the head”Omg the precum flowed again”3, use both hands stroke it stroke it””2, take off the top hand and stroke all the way up and down – don’t you cum don’t cum”Tell me how bad you wanna cum for meDamn my cock was aching my cock is yours I want to cum for you so bad, let me cum”1, pound that cock, harder, faster, faster, faster”Omg I was stroking so fast my hips were thrusting my knees shaking”Faster, faster, don’t stop not til I say cum”My gosh she wouldn’t let me cum just faster faster it felt like forever”0, cum”She didn’t get the “z” in zero out and explosion cum shooting past her pic all over my desk on her picSpurt after spurt after spurt after spurt I felt like I couldn’t stop cumming. This had to been the most, hardest, fantastic cum I’ve ever had. I looked down and her pic and my desk were soaked.”Mmmmmmm look at me you covered me didn’t you, but you need to control better because all that cum is for me””Next time you need to make sure my pic gets all that cum baby”Mmmmmm a next time, “yes, that was hot, we need to do this again”I was more than happy for that wow seriously I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard so much. I mean her pic and my desk were covered.We chatted for a bit longer and she told me she really enjoyed it, which I of course told her the same. Forget about nervous this was incredible. A few mins later my cock is still hard. We needed our chat and setup for round2 next weekLmk if you want to hear about Round 2. Hope you all likedL

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