Long weekend. Part 1 of 3 ( Fiction ) Bi, Trans,


Long weekend. Part 1 of 3 ( Fiction ) Bi, Trans,Long Weekend This contains Bi male and Transsexual. ( Fiction )It was Friday night and I needed to get out for a while. I headed to the Rave bar in town. It had been a long time since I had some Strange. When I got there the place was jumping and packed full. The night had a wild energy in the air and these people came to party. The dance floor was packed and every time the club opened another section, it was quickly filled. All four of the speakers were loaded with dancers. The lower speakers were lit from the top and the girls dancing there had light shining up through their dresses, showing all of their wares. Anyone that was a regular here knew about that. These were the girls that would go nude if it were allowed. The taller speaker had a mixed group of guys and girls on them. All of the private booths upstairs were full. Some had the curtains drawn but they were sheer enough to see in. Some wild things were going on in those booths. The movie theater was showing a Humphrey Bogart movie. Most of the audience was just making out. I got a drink at one of the three bars downstairs and walked into the Quiet Bar. It was called that because the volume was about half of that in the dance area. It was nice because it had sofas and over stuffed chairs to sit in and had a glass wall that looked out into the dance floor. There were just couples in there so I headed upstairs to the lounge. Seeing mostly couples and a few groups of women that never yielded any company because they were there together and wouldn’t leave with someone for fear of the talk behind their backs. I headed back to the dance floor. At least people were moving about and playing the field. Having a few drinks and dancing with a few women hadn’t produced anything for late company. I was upstairs leaning on the railing overlooking the dance floor when a guy with the looks of a Middle Eastern walks up and leans on the rail next to me. It felt kind of odd since there was room to not be so close. In a few minutes he said,” I have a hotel room across the street if you would like to party.”I have been approached before by men so it doesn’t scare me like it did years before. I looked him over and said,” Sounds like fun but I was hoping for a skirt tonight.” I looked at the time and it was nearing 1am. The club closes at 2am. I told him to follow me. I lead him to the lounge where we took a seat at the bar on some stools. This would at least be safe from him pawing me without first learning his name. I introduced myself,” How are you? I’m Gary.” and held my hand out to shake. He said,” Very well. I’m Max.” and took my hand. His hand was soft which told me he wasn’t a laborer. He was dressed in nice slacks and a button up shirt. He was looking like a office type. I asked where he was from and he responded Egypt. And I followed with, ” So what are you doing here in Atlanta?” He said his company sent him to do a audit of a company they wanted to acquire. It would take a few days and then he would be headed back to Egypt. I couldn’t help but notice that he had a package in his pants and it wasn’t hard. Just full. I asked when he had to be at work and he said Monday morning. That was a couple days away, so this could get freaky. I Asked him,” In stead of going to your hotel we could go to my house that is fifteen minutes from here. What do you think. You could get a few things of yours and spend the weekend.” He thought for a minute while looking me over and said okay. I told him to go get his things and I’ll pick him up in front of his hotel in fifteen minutes. I think the look he gave me was trying to feel me out as if I was just sending him away. As he walked away I watched him go. He was slim but seem to have good shoulders and tall. I’m hoping he has stamina. Ten minutes went by and I headed for the door. I got into my car and pulled across the street. He was coming out of the door and smiled. He was relieved that I actually showed up, I guess. He was pulling a small carry-on bag. I opened the trunk and he put it in, and he got in.We headed out and started up a conversation. He said that he had been watching me work the floor and was a little hesitant to ask, since I only approached women on the dance floor. I asked if he was straight gay and he said no, but over here in the US. it is easier to find the kink. I understand that statement with their thoughts on it in Egypt. I had to know, so I reached for his groin and placed my hand right where the bulge started. I found the beginning of a seven inch shaft and slid my hand down to the head and gave it a squeeze. I felt it jump to life and let go o it, to wander further down to the balls. When I reached them he squeezed his legs together to hold it there. He reached for my groin and started petting my bulge. It had started to grow but when his hand hit it, it jumped into full wood. I had to ask for my hand back so that I could drive. He didn’t let go of mine until I pulled into the driveway. We got his bag and entered the house. I showed him where the bedroom and bathroom was and went out to make us a drink.He came out of the bedroom with only his pants on. He had a nice build. Not too muscular but no fat. I could see now that he was in his late twenties. About half my age. He sat down on the sofa and I delivered the drinks. I put on some music and we got to know more about each other. He came to the same reasoning I did with the hand shake. My hands are the hands of a machinery mechanic. Not rough but very muscular from hard work. He is a CPA.The drinks were gone and he made the first move and started to remove my shirt. Why stop there? I removed my pants to reveal no under wear. My dick was pointing at my navel. He pointed the head down to inspect the top and started a slow stroke. A droplet of pre-cum dripped out of the tip. I was reaching for his belt when he stood up and helped pull his pants off to reveal a long shaft crowned with a beautiful mushroomed head. I was thinking ” This is going to feel good in my ass.” He had me to turn around and lean on the back of the sofa. He came down to my ass and began a slow lick down from my spine to my anus and rimmed it with his whole tongue. I felt like butterflies flying out of my ass. He reached in between my legs and pulled my cock back through them and held it pointing straight back. His tongue flicked my balls and traced a line out to the tip of my cock. I was so hard the pink bulbous head felt like it would burst. I felt his breath on my balls and then the head was engulfed into a soft, warm, Mouth. he held it there teasing me. I wanted more. malatya escort I was trying to rock back and feed him more of that pink cock. he just kept it right there with the head trapped between the roof of his mouth and his tongue. He began rubbing my crack and settling on the asshole. he would circle it, then give it just a little probe with a finger tip. It was like he was sucking my clit and teasingly playing with my man pussy. I felt his hand move from my ass and then right back but it was slick. He had gathered his pre-cum and lubed my pussy with it and his saliva. He stood up behind me and reached for my nipples. This placed his cock at the opening of my man cunt. It was right there. What was he waiting for? He stood me up and turned me around. As he pushed down on my shoulders, it came to me why he hadn’t entered my pussy. He wanted head.I dropped to my knees and he pushed his cock down to eye level and Said, ” You know what to do.” With one hand I grabbed his balls and the other went to this dark shaft. The hand on his balls went back through his legs to his ass and I rubbed the cheeks of his ass. I pulled down the cock level to my mouth and opened my lips and pulled on his ass to force him into my wet mouth. I took it half way down and stopped to feel his knees get weak. I had him in my control now. I began a slow withdraw swirling my tongue under his shaft as it came out of my mouth. Pulling on his ass again I forced it further into my throat. Making small thrusts into my throat I felt him go weak again. I circled the head with my tongue, pausing at the split to probe it as deep as I could. I got a treat of pre-cum and pulled away to have it stream from my tongue to the head of his cock. I hummed and plunged the cock down my throat. He said,” Oh fuck. ” as he almost lost his legs and crumbled to the ground, but caught himself on the arm of the sofa. I was pumping and sucking like a machine now. I was his whore for the moment. His balls were bumping my chin. I was being tea -bagged and couldn’t stop myself. I took my hand off of his ass and he kept up the pumping. I gathered my pre-cum with my middle finger and went back to his ass and with perfect aim i found and finger fucked his man cunt. His legs went weak and bowed open as he caught himself again but kept them open as my finger went to the hilt. His balls started to draw up and his pumping pace quickened. I found his “P” spot and rubbed up and down on it. Proof that I had found it was I caught the first taste of his cum as it leaked out of his cock onto the back of my tongue. Just rubbing small circles on it and my tongue and lips working his engorged head brought him to the point of no return. “I’m cumming , Ahhhhhhh shit.” came out of his mouth, as the back of my mouth was treated to a cum bath. I clamped down on his cock to make sure none fell out. As he started to come down I removed my finger and rubbed his balls to get all of their bounty.He let go of my head and collapsed onto the sofa, trying to catch his breath. I got up and went to my room to fetch some lube. Returning to him, he was trying to drink from a empty glass. I took it from him and went to the kitchen to make us another drink. He took his drink and had his limp cock in his other hand pulling on it as to try to revive it. He said,” Shit man! You can suck a cock.” I smiled and raised my glass to toast with him. I said,” From one cock sucker to another. Your next.” I spread eagle with my butt at the edge of the cushion. I pointed at my crotch which was displaying a massive hard-on. and pointed it at him.He pulled himself up and slid down between my legs, sitting back on his heels, taking my cock in his hands. Sliding them down, parting at the bottom, he kept one on my balls and the other went back up the shaft. Like he was admiring it, he kept a slow movement, watching his hand as it slid up and down. My glands were gleaming smooth , filled with blood from excitement, begging him to give it some attention. He raised up on his knees and pulled the cock down, pausing over it with O shaped lips, He fell onto it and began coaxing it to give up it’s treasure. He moved up and down the shaft like a artist decorating a cake, making sure not to leave out any details. It was soft gentle sucks combined with licks around the glands. I pulled him up to stand and coated his now hard dick with lube and pushed some into my ass. Pulling on his hips with one hand and guiding his cock toward my ass, he took my raised legs and lifted them over my head. My ass was lifted to receive his beautiful cock. It came into contact with my ass and I flinched for a second with anticipation. He began his assault with a steady push. The bulbous head moved it with a squish and me pulling him in saying,” Fuck yeah. Put it all the way in.” This was going to be such a release with this swollen cock head plowing my ass, rubbing my prostate. When he hit bottom it was like a fluid movement pulling back out to almost out and plunging in again. Then he pulled it out just past the anus and plunged in again. His head was rocked back as he felt my warmth wrapped around his shaft. He began a steady rhythm of driving me into the nether of space. My breath was caught in a half inhale and my eyes were being pulled into the back of my skull. His assault was relentless and I wouldn’t stop him for the world.My legs were now folded back to my chest sides. I could feel my toes curling from the spasms rolling down my legs. I was in the perfect position for him to pound my prostate. He let go of one leg and now had a hold on my swollen cock like a stick shift. he was meeting blows of his cock with the pumping of his hand. Cum was rolling out a droplet at a time as he pumped past my “P” spot with that wonderful dick head. My legs were moving like a jockey spurring on a horse. I caught my breath finally and let out a gasp with a sharp inhale, followed by exclaiming,” Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh shit don’t stop!” Max was saying,” You like that? My dick is good huh? You take it well. I’m going to fill your ass with my cum.” I came back with,” Fuck yeah. I want your cum. Fuck that ass. Come on, fuck it.” I was convulsing. Every nerve in my body was connected to my ass at this moment. My arms up around his rib cage. He’s leaning into me driving into my ass, balls slapping against my ass cheeks. My legs are still up to the sides of my chest, toes curled even more, I’m pulling him into me. A wave is starting to well up somewhere deep in my guts. I have never felt this before. it’s pushing down and radiating outward then receding. mardin escort Here comes the push again. it moved all the way to my nuts. I now know what is happening. I’m having a prostate orgasm, or about too. ” Fuck me!” I yell. Max is still holding my cock but not pumping. It is more like he is using it like a handle to pull me onto his cock. ” your about to cum my little whore, aren’t you?” Max claimed. ” I’m fucking you good. Come on. Cum for me.” he grunts out with each thrust. I now feel it and there is no denying it , I am his whore. ” Ohhh ahhhhh shit. Here it comes. ” I start spurting cum into the air and it falls back onto my belly and chest. I am almost delirious. My head is jerking. My legs are shaking, My arms fall from Max onto my chest. I feel my anus spasming. Max is growling, “Yes! Cum for me my little whore! I’m going to give you my seed. Ahhhhhgggg. I’m Cuming.” He is pushing his dick deep and withdrawing it to the tip and back again. You can hear the lube in my ass popping little air bubbles as he pumps his cock into me. With a final ram he buries it deep and holds it there. I can feel his cum splashing on my inner walls. Just holding it in me, not moving, I feel his cock in it’s last spasms. Twitching. Pulsing.Max is collapsed on me. I’m not willing to move. My body still tingling. I’m drinking in what just happened. There is a clapping coming from behind us. Max jumps up looking startled. I manage to look over the sofa to see my roommate standing there naked, clapping saying ,” Bravo. Bravo. ” I asked her how long she had been standing there. She said,” I didn’t need to stand here. I’ve been listening to you two for twenty minutes. I just had to come out to see the finale. I must say, I’m jealous and wish I had come out to join you.” Max was just standing there holding his cock and nuts. His mouth was hanging open, staring at her nakedness. I broke his trance by saying,” Max, meet my roommate, Fabiola.” Max couldn’t move. He was fixed on her dick that hung limp against her thigh. She walked over to him and reached to shake hand. He dropped cock to take her hand. They shook and she put her hand to her mouth and licked it. ” Mmmm. Nice flavors.” ” Gary, you could have invited me to join. I said,” I thought you were out for the weekend.” She said,” I was suppose to be but the schedule changed and I came home. how long is Max going to be here?” “He has to be at work on Monday morning.” ” Then we can party for the weekend.” she said.She grabbed Max’s cock and pulled him toward me. She told him to clean me off. Max was still stunned as she pulled his hand to my waist. “Get down there and clean him off.” she said sternly. Max knelt down between my legs and reached for a glob of cum. Fabiola slapped his hand and said, ” No. Use your mouth.” Fabiola was a dominate transvestite. She wasn’t cruel but stern with what she wanted to happen. We weren’t a couple but had our moments together. She knows I prefer women but will pull a cock when I need to. Max slowly moved to gather the cum off of my belly and chest. Fabiola was walking around us inspecting his work. When he got the last drop she reached under him and pulled his cock back and up to make him stand. Now she pushed him into me and said to me,” Clean your cum off of his dick.” Max was growing hard again. My ass wasn’t going to take it again so soon. I cleaned his cock as it grew to full erection. He stood up and I went to get another drink. It was going to be a long night. I’ve seen Fabiola like this before. As I returned I caught a movement in the direction of Fabiola’s room. She saw me looking and called out,” Bree, come in here.” A beautiful petite Tranny wearing a baby doll nightie and her clit sized dick sticking straight out came prancing into the room. Max Grabbed his cock again. I thought he was going to shoot a load right there between two beautiful women with dicks. I sat down on a stuffed chair to watch the show. “Bree, this is Max and Gary.” Fabiola said. Bree held her hand out for us to kiss. max took it and kissed it never taking his eyes off of her. I just nodded and took another sip of drink. Bree took Max’s cock and palmed it and said,” My. We need to do something about this.” as she bounced it in her hand. She pulled him to the floor and pushed him onto his back. She straddled him as to put in her pussy on his cock but knelt down bending her knees forward a ended up on his chest. Putting her hands above his head she directed her puffy nipples towards his mouth. He opened his mouth and began licking and sucking. Fabiola moved in behind her and knelt down, leaning over Max but licking Bree’s ass and crack. If Fabiola has been fucking that little tight ass, she is good, because Fabiola is large for a tranny. Bree was rocking between Max’s and Fabiola’s licking. She moved up and placed her clit right in Max’s mouth. I think it surprised him but he didn’t miss a beat. She was erect but it was only three inches long, with a small pointed head on it. Max was eating a boy clit. He had reached behind her and placed his hands on her ass and pulled her down onto his mouth. We couldn’t see the action but he must have been doing pretty good by the sounds coming from Bree. Fabiola slid down a touch and planted her mouth around Max’s ridged cock. He let out a loud hum and Bree coo-d in return. Fabiola was working that cock over. He was pushing up into her mouth and she went to his balls and licked them and sucked them into her hungry mouth. Fabiola backed up and taking max’s legs in each hand she inched up between his legs and held them open and back. She bent down and planted her tongue right in his brown eye. Bree got another treat when Fabiola did that. She started to climax and gave Max little squirts of clear seamen. She was shaking like a little vibrator and popping her clit in and out of his mouth.Fabiola moved up into position and was jacking hers and Max’s cocks off side by side. I threw her the lube and she poured it out onto their dicks and kept on jerking. The lube had dribbled down to Max’s man cunt and Fabiola caught it and rubbed it in. Bree was still on his chest feeding him more of her clit. Fabiola held his legs back again and started to press into his cunt. All you could hear was a muffled humming while he was flailing his arms in Fabiola’s direction. Bree started to vibrate again and fed him more clit nectar. Fabiola’s dick is long and has good girth but the head is slightly tapered. As she pressed in, it slid right past his brown door. Max was groaning. he was about to get stretched but Fabiola is no newcomer. She was elazığ escort inching it in with small pull backs. It wasn’t long until she was all the way home. Her nuts were resting on his ass cheeks. Bree stood up and came towards me. Max looked at Fabiola with wide eyes. She slowly pulled out about half way and started back in again. Max’s breath was short and rushed. She pulled out again a little further and pushed in again. Max’s hands went to her tits. He was rubbing and giving light twists to the nipples. Fabiola started to gain rhythm and now had the full stroke in action. He was getting in to it and began rocking what little he could. Bree started to lick my cock and I opened my legs to give her full access. She was so delicate with her moves and her soft mouth was delicately soft. She took a finger and was tracing my cunt. My cock bounced to attention. She stood up and turned around and sat back onto my cock. It slid right in to her tight pussy. She was murmuring softly,” Oh yeah. That feels good. She was pulling on her clit and bouncing on my cock with new energy. She fell back and started to moan and sprayed her juices all over her belly. She took a finger and wiped it off and fed it to herself and me. She was getting worked up and pulled me by the arm to get up. She walked over to Max and sat down beside his head and motioned me to sit on the other side. She said, “I want to see you feed him your cock.” I brought my dick to his mouth and Bree guided it in, pushing it through his lips. I couldn’t help but fuck his mouth when I felt the softness of his tongue. Max was being used like a whore and he was loving the sensations. Fabiola had been pulling on Max’s cock while she fucked him. She turned loose of it so she could hold his legs back and start to drive her cock further into his ass. Bree took over control of Max’s cock and played with the head while watching me fuck his mouth. She was rolling her fingers over the tip, gathering his cum and smearing it over the glands which made him jerk every time she past over them. The only time my cock left his mouth was for him to gasp at Fabiola or Bree’s manipulations. He was rolling his tongue around the head and keeping a suction on it. I felt like my nuts were being pulled through the tip. Fabiola was breathing heavy and that marked her cum meter at maximum load about to explode. She pulled out and sprayed Bree’s hand on Max’s cock, covering them with a thick goo. As she calmed down she moved out and signaled me to take over. I popped my dick out of his mouth and moved down into position between his legs. I entered easily and began a steady slow rocking. Bree had moved down to suck his cock and swung her leg over to position her clit over his mouth. her pre-cum was dripping on his face and he soon took the clit into his mouth and sucked it like a pacifier. He was fingering her ass and it made her wiggle her clit around in his mouth. His ass was giving way to my pumping. lube was dripping from his pussy as my head almost came out and started my thrust inward. Bree moved to lower herself onto his dick. She lubed her ass and he shaft and facing me she plunged herself full force onto his balls. They both let out a,” Ohh Shit.” She looked like she was on a Pogo stick. There wasn’t but a split second of hitting bottom before she sprang up, hovering over the tip that I could see the glands come out and then disappear once again. I had his feet in the air and plunging down into him. I changed up by lowering my ass to the floor and started a drive more towards his navel. This brought moans from him and smalls words of encouragement.,”Ah yeah. Bounce on that dick, girl. Fuck that ass. Ahh fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck yeah. Bree had small whimpers coming from her mouth. I reached for her clittie and rubbed it gently. In just a few minutes she rewarded me with a cum splash that hit my chest and ran down to my balls. This started a sloshing and helped with the lube wetness. Bree never quit her bouncing and was in a reel with Max’s cock dragging her insides. I spotted Fabiola in the chair and pulled out to join her. Bree immediately hooked her two middle fingers in his ass and found his prostate. Max went to moaning again with a new voice.I reached Fabiola and without hands, took her cock into my mouth. Her eyes widened with surprise and then narrowed with concentration. After a few moments I entered her ass with a finger. She hadn’t been penitrated tonight and it was tight. I found her prostate and began my assault on it. Her dick danced in my mouth as I rubbed it, with occasional droplets of cum being released into my mouth. She had a low groan coming from deep inside her diaphragm. I moved up and replaced my finger with my cock. The groan came out as a “YYYEEESSS”. My hips were working a small grind, when she grasp my hips and pounded me into her. Her big dick was flailing the air as we rocked together. Max had moved Bree into a doggie position and was driving her into another county. Her head was bobbing up and down with her mouth in the shape of a O , her eyes rolled back into her head with a constant Aaaaahhhh coming from her mouth. Max was holding one hip and the other was reaching around to pull on her clit. Fabiola had a grip on her dick and jacked in unison to my pumping of her ass. I knew she was racing toward a climax so I angled my dick toward her belly button and shortened my strokes to hit her prostate. Her eyes became wide again and I knew I had found it. Her head went back and words of Portuguese were streaming from her mouth. I didn’t know what they meant but the more I rocked the louder she got. Her head came back down and a look of a woman possessed came over her. I quickened my pace and tried to go deeper with almost pulling out and driving back in again. She started to loose control of her body movement as a climax rolled through her and started to thrash around. Cum was pouring from her cock, falling on hers’ and my belly. Seeing these big tits and cum flowing from her cock sent me over the edge and I released my cum into her ass.Max still had Bree bouncing back into him. He had rocked back onto his heels and pulled Bree back onto him. There’s no way knowing how many times Bree had cum. I think she had been on a constant climax since she sat on his dick. There were little puddles all under her. Bree pushed further back until Max was on his back again and she was riding reverse cowgirl. She reached down through her legs and put two fingers in Max’s ass. He let out a Oohhh. It was only seconds that Max gave out a groan and held Bree by the waist, pulling her down and blowing his load deep into her ass. Bree had this satisfied look on her face that stayed there for most of the weekend.We were piled up on the floor in front of the sofa when Fabiola said,” We need reinforcements.” as she winked at Bree. I’m afraid to ask what that meant. It was only Friday night.

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