Lord Roger’s Women: Monday


Monday was his favourite day most of the time. It was a time of the week he looked forward to after a Sunday rest. His woman on Monday was a petite maid of his wife’s and she was always eager to please.

Today Lord Roger strolled into his apartments to find his little maid in all her splendour knelt on the floor with her bare ankles showing as she groomed one of his wife’s lap dogs. With a smile on his face he realised that in some ways the maid was his lap dog. She turned at his footsteps on the wooden floor. She looked startled but relaxed at the sight of him, “Sir.” She bowed her head like the flirt she was.

It didn’t take him long to stride across the room to where she was by the fireplace. With one hand he pulled her up and swung her round, “You are a cheeky minx.”

“Mi’lord, I am no such thing.”

“Don’t play the innocence.” He retorted before kissing her hard on her red teasing lips. Already he could feel himself growing and he felt sure that she could feel it pressing bursa escort against her waist. She gasped as he released her mouth and clung to him as she always did. There was something about him that always made her feel weak at the knees. Maybe it was the fact that she was seducing her master behind her mistress’ back.

She let Lord Roger pull her into a window seat where he pulled the curtain shut to hide them from prying eyes. She knelt at his feet and untied his trousers and his cock sprang out. She took hold of it by one hand and ran her hand down its length and felt it jump with eagerness at her touch. His eyes closed and he moaned at the feel of her small hands gripping his thick cock. He could feel the blood streaming towards it at the thought of her little pink tongue teasing his manhood’s tip… and there it was. A shiver ran through him at it’s delicate touch before the maid drew his length into her mouth where the tongue ran round its width.

If he wasn’t careful he knew bursa escort bayan he would come there and then in her mouth. As she released his cock to take a breath he drew her up and pulled the strings of her bodice undone so that her breasts jumped out. He pulled her up on to his knees and bent his head to suckle at her plump breasts. She moaned and pushed her extended nipple further into his mouth as with his free hand he kneaded the other. She rubbed herself on his knees through her skirts and felt herself becoming moist.

She took his hand and guided it to the hem of her skirts, “Mi’lord, look what you do to me.”

While kissing her arched neck his hand moved under her skirts and smiled into her neck as he found her not to be wearing any underwear for once. He found her clit and began to rub it using the wetness oozing out of her cunt. She moaned and withered in his lap, “I want you.”

“I am glad to hear it.” He remarked as he turned her round. He sat further into the window escort bursa seat as she settled her skirts around his cock. He ordered, “Do it.”

She teased his cock for a second with the lips of her fanny making him moan into her neck, “Minx.”

Slowly she slid down his length and he felt the sides of her tight cunt clutching at his cock. He grabbed one of her freed breasts and squeezed it hard which caused her to pant from the pleasure of it. He nibbled at her ear as she slowly rose up and down his cock, never letting it leave her warm wet cunny. She leant back and began to play with herself under her skirts. He could feel her fingers rubbing herself and occasionally against his cock.

He couldn’t hold it any longer and grabbed her round her waist and pushed himself deep into cunt by holding her on his lengthy manhood. She moaned and gasped at the hint of pain it caused and he buried his face into her hair to stop himself from crying out. He exploded inside her before slowly becoming limp. Slowly she got off him and murmured, “Till next week sir.”

“If I can wait that long.” He teased and with a wave of his hand sent her off. Now he had Tuesday to look forward to down at the voluptuous Madame Carrie’s whorehouse.

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