Love Me ’til Dawn Chapter 1


Love Me ’til Dawn Chapter 1Love Me ‘til DawnForewordThis story is a true representation of the evolution of love between three women.It was originally conceived by Sienna as an imaginative fiction to express her feelings towards Gaia. Gaia responded with her own. Suddenly there was a story to be followed and neither knew the ending. Alternating our chapters we wrote how we felt as our relationship developed. Yet there was another woman involved… Gaia at the beginning of the story was in love with someone else and we became a threesome…There are several paragraphs within this story that can be construed as gratuitous sex, even pornographic, yet we include these because they actually happened deep within a secret cyber chat room. These words are not invented, only edited for literary flow. The three of us would meet and share our love for each other; we now share them with you:With kind permission from Chelle © -:My head is still running.My loves, I’ve never met,Sounds silly but it’s true,I’ve seen not their faces, and yet,The feelings still come through.How can this be, one might ask,To love two that you have never seen,One might think, quite a task,Hard to explain, if you’ve never been.Yet, my love is real,My heart knows,Things the mind can’t feel,Like the beauty of a rose.Just for the two of you to be near,To feel their warm embrace,To this alone, I steer,’Tis the dream, I always chase.And if I never meet my lovers face to face,I know this to be true,Lovers, I love you both!===============================================================Chapter 1. Love Me ‘til DawnTo Lorraine…with love.Lorraine loved to be alone. It was her way of escaping the successful career and business that she had built up over the past sixteen years of her life, and for two long relaxing weeks each year, she would take a vacation on the tropical sun-kissed island of San Monique.The villa was best described as being moderate and not as luxuriant as the others that lined the south beach of the island. It was built idyllically for the purpose of blissful pleasure, overlooking the quiet beach and the soft crashing waves of the sea.She had lovers and in a respectable way, many of them over the years. She knew what she wanted to satisfy her desires and she always made it perfectly clear to each one that there was to be no ties, plain and simple loving friendships that would last for as long as she required.Clad in her red fashionable bikini, she took to the veranda as usual that afternoon, to admire the aqua-marine surf gently break onto the sand with the warm sun and breeze blowing gently over her face. But there was also something else which began to interest her that particular year. At the same time each afternoon she had noticed the regular appearance of one young woman who passed by, skipping playfully and sauntering in the soft breaking waves. From the veranda Lorraine would lean and sip her vermouth, watching through tinted shades as the petite young woman passed in her sky-blue bikini and wide brimmed hat. And as usual, the girl would raise her arm and wave to Lorraine before moving on further.At first, Lorraine did not know what it was that drew her attention to the girl. It was her youthfulness perhaps or maybe the manifestation that there was a sense of unrestricted freedom that Lorraine no longer afforded herself during those later years. But the sight filled her with a strange desire to be that girl no matter what. A feeling within herself that made her want to change places with her for some reason.Lorraine lifted her hand and waved in reply. But this time the girl stood watching for a while and then made her way towards the villa, leaving footprints in the damp sand as she came closer. Lorraine did not alter her stance and she simply watched, wondering why on that occasion the girl would suddenly go out of her way.“Hi…” The young woman greeted as she moved closer. “It’s a beautiful island don’t you think?” Lorraine straightened and held her glass in both hands, taking note of the girl’s features as they became clearer. “Is this your place?”“Yes it is.” Lorraine replied.“I would love to own a place here, so close to the sea. It’s so very quiet and peaceful.” The girl removed her hat and Lorraine could now see even more clearly the tanned face and bleached blonde hair of her unexpected visitor. She was in her late teens or perhaps early twenties with an impish smile that gave away her appearance of natural curiosity. “You must be rich?”“Well not exactly…”“Only rich people live here.” The girl continued. “Are you on vacation?”“Yes I am…”“I don’t understand rich people taking vacations. They have lots of time on their hands and they can always be on vacation whenever they want. Do you actually live here?”“No, I…”“I would love to own a villa like yours. But yours is smaller than the others. Why is that?”Lorraine quickly discovered that curiosity she had assumed as the girl began to ask question after question without giving way to any replies. “Can I say something?” The girl smiled and nodded in reply. “Why don’t you come inside and I’ll show you around?” And without any hesitation the girl dashed up the steps and brushed passed her, entering the villa’s front room through the patio windows.“Wow…this is so cool!”“Yes, that is what I like about this place. It can be very cool.”“No I mean it’s truly wicked. You have decorated it so nice and I love those masks.” The girl’s attention was drawn towards the many African tribal masks that Lorraine had collected over the years, hung on the lounge walls. Lorraine followed her as the girl then made her way into the kitchen and then into the adjoining bedroom. “It’s small but nice. Lots of space.”“I’m so glad you like it.”“Am I intruding?”“Of course not. I did ask you in didn’t I?”“If I’m in your way or anything just tell me to leave. But I do love those masks. Where are they from?” The girl returned to the lounge and felt the texture of one of the masks on the wall and Lorraine noticed her slender fingers that complimented her small yet slim physique. She reminded her of a close friend she once knew in high school. Someone that Lorraine grew fond of in those days gone by.“I’m Lorraine by the way. What is your name?”“Alice.”“Well it’s very nice to meet you Alice. bakırköy escort Do you live here in the town or are you on vacation?” Lorraine quickly asked, before another tirade of questions were fired at her.“Are you alone here?” Alice enquired, still taking in the detail of each of the masks. “Do you have a husband or partner? Or maybe a lover?”“No, I don’t have any of those at the moment. Can I get you something to drink?”“I don’t drink alcohol during the day. It makes me feel tired.”“Then perhaps an orange juice?”“Yes, as long as It’s fresh. I only drink freshly made fruit juices or coffee.”“Then coffee it is.”As Lorraine made coffee in the kitchen she watched Alice in the lounge admiring her other ornaments dotted around the place. She was taken almost by surprise at the strange girls outward behaviour as well as her curiosity. And then something else struck her about her visitor. She was not only youthful and full of zest, but also beautiful in her own way.She entered the lounge resting the tray on the low-varnished pine table and looked at Alice with her legs open and relaxed on the sofa. Something drew her eyes towards the girl’s crotch and then up to her small petite breasts tightly bound in the bikini top. Lorraine did not know what made her look exactly at those sexual references. Perhaps it was her own curiosity, and one, which took her back to those days as a teenager and that special friend that Alice, reminded her of.“Don’t you ever get lonely, being here by yourself?” Alice asked. Lorraine poured the coffee and sat down in the easy chair, allowing Alice to help herself to cream, lemon and sugar as required. “No…I like to be alone when I come here. Why do you ask?”“I would be so bored being here alone. The beach being so close is the only thing that I really like about this place. Don’t you have any visitors to keep you company?”“Well, this afternoon I have you here.”“No, I mean people you know?”“There aren’t many people I know here on San Monique. And anyhow, you didn’t answer my question earlier. Do you live here or are you on vacation like me?”“On vacation. I’m staying at the hotel in town.”“Who with? Parents or with friends?”“My partner. I’m staying with my long standing and established boyfriend.” Alice replied with little enthusiasm as if there was a problem with that which Lorraine picked up very quickly.“So where is he? Does he not join you when you take your walks along the beach?” The question made Alice decline into deep thought as she gripped her cup with both hands and eased further back into the sofa as if searching for some comforting security. “You don’t have to answer that. I’m sorry if I’m prying into your private business.”“No, its ok. We are not good together at the moment.”“Oh I see.”“He and I have been together too long I think. He was with someone else the first night we arrived here and all I wanted to do was take the first flight out and go home.”“Is he older than you Alice?”Alice rested the cup on her thigh and Lorraine’s eyes followed, noticing her smooth tanned skin, tight and free of any age related blemishes. “Yes he is. Fifteen years older and acts like my Dad sometimes. It so annoys me and the way he is just taking me for granted these days.”“Have you two been together long?”“Forever! Two years almost. Are you divorced or anything?” Alice replied and as usual attached her diversionary question, which Lorraine had now become used to. It seemed that Alice was trying to escape any enquiries about herself, sub consciously running from her own situation which Lorraine had now so observantly discovered.“Please help yourself to more coffee. There’s plenty of it.”“Do you want me to leave?” Alice asked.“Not at all. I quite like your company.” Lorraine replied with a reassuring smile.“I really do hate it here on San Monique. Especially this vacation. Everything seems to be going all wrong for me.”“I can understand that. Your boyfriend playing away from home with someone else is not something I would take so lightly myself. Besides I think you have a very good reason to feel the way you do.”Alice looked back at Lorraine and nervously picked at her manicured fingernails. Her face began to grow sad and eventually a solitary tear began to trickle down her face. And Lorraine empathised with her visitors feelings, lost for words of condolence that she wanted to say. The moment that followed needed no words to be spoken. Lorraine grabbed a tissue from the box nearby and handed it to Alice. Then she held out her arms to her and both of them embraced and comforted each other. Alice rested her head against Lorraine’s shoulder and sobbed almost in silence. There was a mixed feeling of contentment and shared anxiety washing through Lorraine as she comforted the little stranger. The natural scent of her hair, with a hint of perfume made Lorraine want to kiss it and she did, like a mother would to a c***d. “I’m sorry Alice,” she whispered gently. “You must be hurting so bad.” And at those words Alice began to sob even louder, releasing the anxiety within her, as both women gently rocked in each other’s arms.Suddenly Lorraine’s hands began to stray caressingly along the smooth skin of Alice’s back, until reaching the bikini bottoms. She was overcome by a desire to want to feel more and more, almost a wanton yearning to consume her completely. And in her minds eye she could see her best friend all those years ago when they had spent hours of intimate bliss together, holding each other naked. And it was those thoughts that made Lorraine gently squeeze Alice’s soft buttocks, making her visitor aware of such intimate contact. Alice looked up with tear soaked eyes and glanced at Lorraine. Her eyes were closed as if in a trance, until Lorraine realised what she was doing. “Forgive me, I am so sorry.”“No please, it feels nice, honestly.” Alice replied in almost a whisper. But Lorraine felt so embarrassed by her actions and so the embracing touches ended quickly. Lorraine reached for another tissue and handed it to her visitor before taking the coffee tray and returning it to the kitchen. Alice stood in silence, watching and wiping her face, blowing her nose gently.“Your boyfriend must be the same age as me I take it?” Lorraine beşiktaş escort asked from the kitchen, setting down the tray and clearing it. “The age difference can be such a pain, especially when you loose touch with each others feelings.” She looked over at the entrance and saw Alice leaning, arms folded against the doorframe.“Why did you touch me that way?” Lorraine gulped and tried to search for an excuse. “I…I…didn’t mean to do that. Please forgive me. I don’t know what came over me.”“Its ok, honestly. I think I understand…”“I don’t think you do.” Lorraine replied quickly. “To be honest I shouldn’t have even thought about doing that.”“But why not? I didn’t mind.”“I think we should forget what happened, if that is possible.”“No! I think you should talk about your feelings now that you have shown them.”“Alice, please. I don’t need to talk about my feelings. You are a stranger still.”“That is all the better for talking. Are you a lesbian?”Lorraine looked shocked at the classification, the label that she hated so much over the years. But it was one that only her own mind had given herself. As if guilty of her feelings towards other women. A secret desire that she could never come to terms with since Catherine disappeared from her life. “No, I’m not a lesbian. I never was.” “Then when why did you touch me that way?”Lorraine placed the two cups into the sink and thought a little more about it. Maybe Alice needed to know and perhaps talking about a part of her distant past may help in some way get over those constant recalling dreams that haunted her. “Maybe you’re right Alice. Maybe I should talk to someone about my feelings. But I doubt very much that you would understand me.”“Then come and sit down and try. You never know, I might even surprise you.”“I think you should leave now. Thank you for…”“No! I’m not leaving.”It was what Lorraine wanted her to say. That way it made it clear to her that Alice was prepared to listen. Afterall, there was nobody more apt than Alice to talk to because of what she wanted to express. Alice reminded her so much of Catherine, and it was Catherine she really needed to talk to.Both women returned to the lounge and this time Lorraine sat beside her visitor. Alice crossed her legs and looked at her, and that in itself reminded her of her friend. It was as if her friend had suddenly returned, not only in body but also in spirit.“Eighteen years ago…” Lorraine began to explain, “I had a very close relationship with someone I loved and miss so much. She looked like you in every way. Those same eyes, that same smile and…everything. And when I saw you on the beach everyday this week I couldn’t help thinking of her. Today, this afternoon made it even more apparent. You came towards me as a stranger, but inside my mind you were Catherine.”“You loved her sexually?”“Yes, so very much. At first we both thought that it was just a thing, a phase we were going through. But as the months and years went by it grew stronger. It became an obsession for each other and we could not bear to be apart for one second.”Alice glanced away for a while thinking and listening. Something became aware regarding her own thoughts. A certain friend that she once knew, that felt as if she was more than just a friend and what happened that afternoon became clearer regarding her own feelings of acceptance.“After three years, Catherine went away to find work in Germany. Then one day I got that phone call that I will never ever forget. The car she was sharing with another friend came speeding off the autobahn. They both died instantly.”Alice put her arms around Lorraine’s shoulders and now it was her turn to comfort her host as Lorraine staired, going back in her thoughts to that tragic day. “I’m so sorry…”“I missed her so much. I still do, but I never realised how much until this week and until you walked in here this afternoon. It was as if Catherine came back to me, but I dismissed those thoughts until I held you. Suddenly it all came flooding back to me.”Alice brushed her hand through Lorraine’s red mane with fingers touching her natural curls. Then Lorraine turned and both women once again locked into an embrace. “I do understand your feelings. Believe me I do. I’m not a lesbian either but I have also had the same feelings about other women.”“I still do. Despite Catherine, I still look at other women with those same desires. But I suppose I just leave it to my fantasies. My private dreams.” “I consider myself bi-curious.” Alice began to explain. “But again, like you I only have my fantasies and only when I am alone I use them to satisfy my desires. It can’t be wrong to have these feelings, surely.”“I don’t know. The only thing I do know is, I have had lots of men in my life and enjoyed their company and having sex with them. That I will never regret be able to go without.” She took Alice’s face in her hand. “But this is something I want to do also…” Slowly she drew closer and Alice responded until they kissed each other gently on the lips.Soon that gentle kiss became more passionate with each passing second, until both women were displaying a deeper intimate closeness. Tongues began to exchange places in their mouths and it was hard for them both to part until the passion broke. They looked into each other’s eyes as if searching out for something within. Then, Lorraine’s hand gently tugged at Alice’s tight bikini top, freeing it and releasing her small firm breasts, untanned and pale compared to the rest of her skin. “I have never touched another woman like this for a long time,” she said, holding Alice’s breast in her hand and thumbing the puffy nipple until it began to crinkle and harden.Alice closed her eyes, taking on board that feeling she longed for in her fantasies. To be touched in such a way by another woman and one which was twice her age. A sense that an older woman could make things more satisfying and more experienced. “Make love to me,” she whispered. “Oh please let me be your Catherine…please.”Lorraine smiled and for a moment she was pleased that this strange girl had walked into her life like some living dream come true. So much about her was Catherine and those words instilled a feeling of warmth and acceptance within her. “You are beylikdüzü escort my Catherine…you are…”The afternoon turned into evening. Both women made love as only they knew how. Each satisfying their desired needs and playing out their fantasies and half forgotten memories. Nothing else mattered to either of them but the intimacy and love they gained from the hours they spent together that afternoon and night.“Let me show you something.” Lorraine looked at Alice as she lay by her side. “You might have seen one of these before…” She reached across and opened a cabinet draw. She took out a large black dildo and shown it to her. Alice opened her eyes, still recovering from the contented feelings that washed through her sensorium, and gazed at the monster. She leaned up on her elbows as Lorraine touched her breasts with it. “Ever seen such a beautiful monster like this before?”It was atleast thirty centimetres long and eight wide. Alice knew such things existed in the many sex shops she had visited and quickly imagined what it would be like to have it inserted within her. “It’s big isn’t it?” she smiled.“Very big. Would you let me use it on you?” Lorraine asked. And Alice replied with a few quick nods, licking her lips and still savouring the taste of sex upon them. “Good girl. Lie back and let me do this for you.”Alice lay back as Lorraine ran the dildo over her stomach and down across her navel. She opened her legs wide and relaxed with both arms stretched above her head. The aroma of sex filled the air from dampened sheets as Lorraine pressed the head slowly and gently along Alice’s protruding lips, spreading the creamy petals wider with her fingers. There was no doubt about Alice’s expectations as her vagina opened up in anticipation of what was to come.Slowly, Lorraine inserted the head and watched as the dildo slid deeper. Alice gave a sigh that quickly turned into a satisfying moan as she began to grind. But, Lorraine knew that it would only go as far as it was possible, and already she had placed more than half it’s length within. “Now let me fuck you with it. This is something I love doing to myself. Who needs the real thing when you have a monster like this?” Alice could feel the dildo pushing in then out slowly under Lorraine’s gentle ministrations, sending waves of pleasure through her on each and every move. The monster caressed her clitoris and every other spot that gave so much sensuous pleasure that it had to be the ultimate she had ever had in sexual intercourse for both its size and effectiveness.Lorraine watched the dildo pushing in as deep as possible and then out, bringing with it the white creamy nectar that lubricated its passage. And Alice had learned so much about self-pleasuring that night, that it would change her sexual habits for the rest of her life.The way Lorraine had satisfied herself over the past years with her assorted collection of toys, made it clear that she valued her fantasies, especially those that involved Catherine. And later both women shared a bath together, cleaning away the remnants of their unrestrained activities.Alice took the sponge and sat with her one night lover between her thighs, washing her back and shoulders as they talked about Catherine. “Was there ever a time that you two never made love?”Lorraine laughed. “I know it sounds as if we were never apart, constantly making love, but there were times we acted just as ordinary friends. And people outside of our private world never really knew that we were lovers.”“You hid away the fact that you were lovers?”“In those days, although not that long ago, it was considered best to hide it. Unless of course we got ourselves into certain parties.”“Parties?”“Yes. There were times we were invited to special parties. Although just old enough to be considered as adults, it was difficult. But we went and there we could openly show our love for each other as others did.”“Lesbian parties you mean?”“Yes, but not only lesbians. Women like yourself, like Catherine and I, who were either bi-curious or shared a special relationship. They were times of discovery I suppose. Both Catherine and I never liked the label of being seen as lesbians. But, I have nothing against them. We were women who can love and equally hate both sexes, full stop.”Alice thought deeply about what Lorraine had told her. And as it was her very first time with another woman, she was at least now old enough to appreciate the speciality of such relationships. “Why then, did you deny your feelings for such a long time?”Lorraine leaned back and reached with her hand to feel the side of Alice’s face. “That is something I think many women do. I release myself from the restraint of those feelings, like you, I allow my fantasies to overtake me in masturbation. I think that these feelings are common place among all of us.” Alice smiled and leaned her head forward to meet Lorraine’s beckoning lips and they kissed deep and passionate, never wanting to stop. They had forged something between them that could not and would not last beyond the next few hours. Both of them knew empathically that their time together was limited and as soon as the dawn broke it was to be over.Eventually dawn broke. The sun rose like a bright red orange sphere, shimmering over the rooftops of the villas along the beach. Alice stood in front of the full-length mirror in the bedroom, admiring now the power of her sexuality as she dressed back into her bikini. Lorraine watched her from the doorway, d****d in a white silk robe, and moved towards her lover slowly. “Tell me what you are thinking?” she asked, running her fingers along Alice’s shoulders.“I am thinking,” she answered Lorraine’s reflection. “That I am somebody today I never really knew yesterday,” she turned. “And thanks to you I have discovered many things about myself and about my feelings I never really did understand. Now tell me what you are thinking?”Lorraine brushed the backs of her fingers over Alice’s face and smiled. “I am thinking that you were sent by the angels or maybe Catherine herself. And what happened between us was meant to happen.”“Fate?”“Something like that…yes.”Both women stood on the veranda and looked out towards the early morning tide. They both held hands and silently gazed at each other for a while before parting. Lorraine watched as Alice took her hat from the wicker chair and walked away down the steps until she reached the sand. A tear ran down her face as Alice turned, looked back, and waved goodbye…=============================================================

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