Love Me ’til Dawn Chapters 3,4 and 5


Love Me ’til Dawn Chapters 3,4 and 5Chapter 3. The coffee shop respite.Laden with carrier bags the two girls battled their way into the coffee shop.Alice struggled as she tried to hold the door open for Lorraine and accidentally dropped one of her acquisitions in front of it as she tried to prevent it from closing. Lorraine giggled at Alice’s predicament and managed to wedge her foot against the door before it did any permanent damage to the contents.The bulky purchases seemed to have a vendetta of their own as the two girls fought their way towards a vacant table, dragging with them the empty chairs before finally being deposited on the floor.The bags relaxed; glad to be rid of their careless owners.“I’ll get the coffee,” volunteered Alice, “Cappuccino?”“Oh Yes please!” was the quick response.“Wow! What a day!” said Alice enthusiastically as she returned a few moments later holding a tray with two large cups upon it.“Isn’t it fun taking the credit card for a marathon?” laughed Lorraine, and Alice joined in the laughter as they both gave their feet a well-earned rest.Anyone sat at a table nearby who dared to look and revel in their joviality would have found it difficult to ascertain the relationship between them. An innocent bystander could easily be forgiven for believing that they were mother and daughter, but a closer inspection would have cast doubts upon that assumption.Alice was a petite-framed young looking woman with long, straight blonde hair and sparkling hazel eyes, and appeared to be the more mischievous of the two. Her olive skin and blonde hair, combined with a pretty face, made her a magnet for most full-bloodied men.Lorraine however was pretty in a different way and her pale complexion contrasted with the more greek-like appearance of Alice. And it was obvious by her looks and more restrained attitude that she was older, but her long, curly red hair and freckly face made it impossible for the observer to determine if they were related or close friends. In fact they were neither, for they had met only once before.Six months earlier they had both been on vacation in the Caribbean when a chance meeting first acquainted them. And they instantaneously bonded. On vacation everyone meets new people and makes promises to keep in touch and, very often, after a couple of exchanged Christmas cards that is the end of the so-called friendship. This time however was different and extremely rare, for they had each found their spiritual counterpart and discovered that they thought alike.If one of them thought of a sentence, the other spoke it.At first this stunned them into silence, and as it continued to happen they giggled and then laughed before it eventually dawned upon them both that that they were somehow bonded. A true friendship had been created.They had had a lot of fun together on the Caribbean Island but yet they knew very little about each other and their lives, they knew only that they enjoyed each other’s company. This rare kind of friendship was once more being re-enforced. The venture into to town on a shopping spree had allowed them to re-acquaint and now, relaxing their weary feet, they were having a good old girlie chat.The casual observer on the next table paid his bill and left, soon to be replaced by another. Neither Lorraine nor Alice counted the observers as they sat and drank their coffee and eventually departed, for they were now engrossed with each other.“So what have you been doing since we last met Alice? Whatever happened to that guy you were with on holiday? This new guy Dave is a bit of a dish isn’t he? How long have you been going out together?” Lorraine began the parlance.Alice laughed at the sudden flood of questions and the hunger for information, and she needed the personal attention, for she wanted to share everything with this girl.“Yes and I want you tell me more about you too Lorraine, your life, your job and how the hell you can afford a villa on San Monique,” replied Alice.Lorraine smiled back, “We have the rest of the afternoon my dear, and I want to share it with you.”“So…the villa? Come on Lorraine; spill the beans. Is it really your villa?”“Of course it is.” Lorraine replied with a smile and a look of admiration for her friend. “I’m what some might describe as a self-made woman. I run a very successful business and the villa is part and parcel of its assets.” Alice returned a blank stare, as if thinking deeply. “I am quite well off in other words.”Alice raised a smile and leaned forward. “You mean you’re a snob?” She laughed mischievously and grabbed the empty coffee mugs, and then dashed to the counter to have them re-filled, leaving Lorraine thinking about her comment.One of the shopping bags fell over. Lorraine watched as the transparent plastic container containing an assorted number of coloured thongs rolled across the café floor and stopped as it hit the leg of a chair occupied by a middle-aged man. He looked down and picked it up, then walked over to return the item.“Yours I believe?” he asked. Lorraine was still thinking of Alice’s remark and she looked at the man smiling at her. She took it off him and placed it on the table, politely apologising for appearing to ignore him. “No problem.” He looked at the container on the table. “It’s amazing what you can buy knickers in these days.” Lorraine simply smiled as the man returned to his place grinning.Alice came back with more coffee and digestive biscuits, set down the tray and looked at her friend still thoughtful about that previous comment. “Do you really think I’m a snob?” “I was joking. Honestly….” Alice replied laughing. “It’s just that I always thought people with lots of money and posh things like big cars and villas in far away places were a bit snobby, that’s all.” “No, I understand. You see we know very little about each other. That is why we must spend this time together. Get more acquainted and learn everything there is to know about us.”Alice nodded in agreement, completely missing the fact that Lorraine had emphasised the “us” which was meant to send a clear message over to her. Lorraine had istanbul escort realised at that moment that this needed a little more time perhaps, to let Alice know that she felt something special about her. But how did Alice feel about Lorraine?“Come on…drink up. We have a lot to find out don’t we?.” Alice said. “I got us some bikkies to munch on. My favourites, digestives.” They happened to be Lorraine’s’ favourites too. “How long have you known you were bi?” Lorraine forced out the question quickly in order to get it out into the open. Alice returned that smile, that grin that seemed to portray her mischievous outlook on life. Lorraine waited for a cheekily loaded comment in return, but Alice surprised her somewhat.“Since I was thirteen, and I made love with my best friend.” Alice was testing for a reaction and she received one. Lorraine looked shocked, not with horror, but more inquisitiveness. She wondered if it was possible and assumed the obvious, that the best friend had to be another girl.“Tell me about it?”“Promise you will keep this to yourself?” Alice insisted.“Yes, of course. Not all the details, just briefly.”Alice turned and noticed the middle-aged man at the nearby table watching. He could over-hear their conversation and he became intrigued in the way it was going. She did not make a comment, but she knew he was listening. Suddenly she took Lorraine’s hand in hers and locked fingers. “I think we should go out onto the veranda and drink our coffees there. It’s a little more private and there is a lovely view of the river.”Lorraine noticed and it was obvious to her that the man was enjoying the prospect of over-hearing more of their girly secrets. “Grab these bags and lets move then. I’m sorry we bought so much today. We should have taken it to the car and dumped it into the boot first.”The man looked down at his cup and realised that his impending fun was over as the two picked up their bags to move through to the scenic veranda. Then Lorraine watched as Alice picked up the container of thongs and dropped it gently on the table where the man sat. He looked up at her and then at the container.“Here, you keep these. I’m sorry we haven’t had time to wear them first. Still, you can use your imagination I’m sure.”Lorraine did not expect that to happen. Alice shocked her even more and she realised there was a difference between them. A generation had separated both their lives. Alice was living in a different time frame to her, yet they both co-existed in the same world at the same time.When Lorraine returned to the table to collect the coffees she looked at the man staring at the container. “No chance dear.” She snatched the container from in front of him and swiftly returned to the quiet veranda.============================================================= Chapter 4. Alice’s ConfessionMeeting Lorraine again was just fantastic. She never thought that anything would ever come back from their chance meeting on San Monique. Those beautiful hours they had spent together were unforgettable and now here she was in England inviting Alice on this shopping spree. My first thoughts however were that this re-union was just a get-together more than anything else, but I could sense a need in her that she wanted to further develop our friendship, and I was in two minds about that. What we shared on San Monique was truly beautiful, but was I ready to embark on a bi-sexual relationship yet?My relationship with my current partner, Dave was already falling apart. He was so demanding and possessive and I was at the point were I could not breathe for myself. I’m just glad that my pregnancy scare turned out the way it did. A c***d into the relationship would make it difficult to make a clean split, which I was now anticipating.Once Lorraine and I had got re-settled on the veranda at the café, I wanted to get that part out of the way first. Let her know exactly how my situation with Dave was before anything else. The reason being was a secret affair that I was still harbouring with Eleanor, my best friend and lover of the past seven years. My life was certainly complicated.“Dave is a very handsome man.” I said. “It’s a shame his personality isn’t as highly rated.” Lorraine looked at me and smiled, I had distracted her attention from the view of the river basin, which the veranda overlooked.“I sense that you two are not getting on very well?”“Yes, that is putting it simply I suppose. I’m planning on leaving him. We have out-lived our relationship I think. He is starting to suffocate me.”“You haven’t known him that long have you?” Lorraine asked.“Too long.” I sat back in the relaxing chair and closed my eyes to think. Then she told me that my relationship with Dave was not really that important and she did not want to know. Her interest was with my first bi-sexual experience, which I was happier to talk about.“Do you still see her?”“Eleanor? Yes. Not as often as I would like to though. She married two years ago and her husband would go crazy if he found out that she was seeing someone else behind his back. But we still love each other.” And we did. That was not a lie. I explained that Eleanor was special to me and the time we spent apart just made our love stronger. I just wished that it were not so secret.Eleanor and I were as different as chalk and cheese. That first day we met at High School, we were both still innocent c***dren. Innocent to all things sexually physical as two eleven year olds could be. She was the tallest in the class of twenty-five k**s and I was the shortest. Both of us total strangers and from different backgrounds. She was from the city and I from a small town close to the open moorlands. But there was one thing we had in common from the start; both of us shared a common love of nature’s simplicities.The bond grew closer as we developed our friendship over the years that followed. I not only admired her, but without realising it, I grew to love her and I began to notice the way we were growing up into adolescents. Infact we learned avcılar escort about each other’s minds and bodies as part of that bonding.I began to have sexual feelings about boys just like any other thirteen-year-old girl would. But I began to look at Eleanor in a sexual way too, which was strange, because each time I began to fantasise about her I would use my own body and sensations as a part of those fantasies. I could only imagine what it was like for boys with their penis driven desires. I found myself experimenting in masturbation. And then one day I got the chance I always wished would happen. A chance to share my feelings with Eleanor.I looked at Lorraine, engrossed in what I was telling her, leaning on the table with her head resting in her hand. “Don’t stop there.” She said. I sat up and reached for her hand and we both held hands for a while, looking into each other’s eyes. And I saw the same kind of love in them as I did with Eleanor.“The toilets. They are inside aren’t they? I think these coffees are beginning to filter through.” Lorraine explained, breaking that intimate and sharing moment. I pointed out where they were, as I knew the café as a regular customer. She stood up and knocked one of the shopping bags over and the plastic container of thongs, which I thought I had left with the man inside, rolled across the wooden decking and came to rest at the foot of an elderly lady sitting at one of the other tables.I began to laugh as the elderly lady picked up the container and held it with wrinkled hands, studying it with curiosity. “Are these yours dear?” she asked. Lorraine nodded and smiled sheepishly retrieving the container. “I don’t think they fell out of my bag, besides my arse is too big for those and will admit it would be fun to see my hubbies reaction on seeing me wear those.”With respect for a feisty old lady, Lorraine looked at her and opened the container asking; “What is your favourite colour?”“Red.” The elderly lady replied. Lorraine picked out a red and a pink thong and handed them to her. “Go for it…test his reaction, you never know.” The lady held onto her hand as if trying to communicate something, and looking directly at me as I watched.“I was just listening to your friend’s story, I’m sorry I wasn’t prying, but I couldn’t help but overhear, and I was moved by it.” She told Lorraine. I folded my arms and thought that the idea of being overheard about something as personal as that was maybe a little nosey? And I noticed Lorraine look at her with affection. The lady was in the autumn of her life, but she seemed to hold a council of wisdom over such matters.“Look, I’m on my way to the toilet…quite desperate really.” Lorraine replied. “Can I help you in any way?”“No, but can I ask you one thing? Tell your friend the truth, tell her everything. You two are a unique entity and you should hold nothing from her. It’s your turn to tell your story now, I’m sorry I won’t be here to listen to it but I think I know it anyway.” Lorraine turned and smiled at me with a wink and then dashed off to the toilet. I looked at the lady and shrugged at her. She smiled at me holding the two thongs in her hand then walked towards me. “I have to go now. But I am really very sorry for overhearing what you were saying to your friend. Trust me, I wasn’t prying.” She turned to pick up her shopping bag and then looked back at me, handing me the two thongs. “I have had my time in life when I could have worn these with confidence and enjoyed the results they would have provided…with both sexes. I understand, your sexual feelings aren’t new you know.” She smiled again and picked up her bag, then walked slowly away as I watched on, thinking about what she had said.“Thank you.” I whispered to myself.=============================================================Chapter 5. Lorraine’s ConfessionLorraine stood in front of the mirror in the restroom looking into the eyes that reflected back at her own. She was not looking at herself, the woman she is now, but at the girl she once was fifteen years ago. Her reflection was laying down a challenge and demanding that her story be heard, a story known only by one other person.“Why should anyone else need to hear your story?” she asked of her reflection.“For you have just shared Alice’s intimate story and she expects you to do the same” came the reply, “and, the old lady told you to tell her everything.”Lorraine closed her eyes quickly to sever the vision but accepted the arguments her past was telling her. She returned to the table soon after with more coffee and two plates of toasted sandwiches.“Here you are!” squealed Alice with delight, “what a good idea. Food was on my mind as well,” she declared.Alice relaxed in the warm sunshine as she listened to the rhythmic flow of the river and the birdsong along the bank. But when she turned her gaze back to Lorraine she noticed that she had hardly touched her sandwich and appeared deep in thought.“What is it my love?” she asked as she reached out and held her hand, “is there something you want to tell me?”“Yes,” she replied. With initial hesitance she finally opened up and poured out the story that she had kept hidden inside for so long…“It was while I was at university,” she began, “usual story; boy meets girl. We went on holiday together to Scotland. I’ve always been a level headed person, I rarely take risks.”Alice immediately saw what Lorraine was about to say, “You got pregnant?”Lorraine continued, “I had come off the pill because of medical reasons and as we were going on a mountain walk we had not even considered that sex would be on the agenda. But it was a perfect day in an idyllic spot. The side of an isolated loch surrounded by mountains with not a sound to be heard and not a soul in site. It was a very romantic.” “Oh my God, I bet it was!” intercepted Alice in admiration of the conception, “but you said that you were still at university…” her words drifting away as she considered the implications.“Yes, Jason was born in my final academic year.”“Abortion?” Alice asked tentatively, şirinevler escort “did you ever consider it?”Lorraine concentrated on her own nervous hands that were playing with each other’s fingers before taking a deep breath and looking up at Alice. “Yes. We looked at every option my love, from abortion to giving up my final year. Everyone seemed to have advice and knew what was best for me, from parents to father, from his parents to family advice clinics. I was being driven insane by well-intentioned advice!”Alice kept perfectly silent, not wanting to interrupt the thoughts that were now being laid bare, she cupped Lorraine’s hands in her own to offer comfort.“It was my friend Catherine,” continued Lorraine oblivious to the tactile response that had been offered, “who allowed me to step back from it all and see a solution to the self-inflicted problem….“Abortion I could never accept, especially after the way he was conceived; I wanted to finish my final year and have something that I could use for the future; above all I wanted to give him a life. I rejected all paternal and parental advice.“I was a student with no money and even less with a c***d to feed. I did the only thing that allowed both my son and myself to survive.”Alice saw the tears welling in Lorraine’s eyes and held her hands tightly, “What was that my love?” she asked.“Catherine helped me in my hour of need,” Lorraine responded to the heartfelt squeeze of Alice’s fingers, “together we brought up Jason for his first six months. She was an angel, not only was she my friend but she also became my lover during that time … and for many years after. She helped me to finish my degree and also to get Jason adopted.”There was a long pause while Lorraine reflected and Alice dared to ask her next question.“Where is Jason now?” Alice eventually asked.“I don’t know,” came the tearful reply. “I have never seen nor heard of him since that day.”Suddenly Alice could see the pain and anguish that Lorraine was suffering, to have created life but never to have seen him grow, never to have known the ‘person’ she gave life to. She pulled Lorraine forwards across the table and nestled her head in her shoulders for comfort, sharing her tears both physically and emotionally.They were drawn to each other, their eyes met, their lips hovered and they kissed. Not a kiss as two friends would, but a kiss reserved for lovers. They did not care whether anyone else was watching, for no one else mattered to them at that moment in time.“Come,” suggested Alice, “let’s go home.”And as they picked up the shopping bags and battled out through the inside seating area towards the main street, the bags retaliated to the neglect to which they had been treated. They took their revenge, ensnaring themselves upon every chair that they passed.“Oh I’m so sorry,” apologised Lorraine to an elderly lady, at the same time as Alice said exactly the same to the gentleman sat opposite her.Both Alice and Lorraine were stunned as they both looked first at the couple and then at each other. It was the same gentleman they had met earlier inside and the same old lady they had met outdoors.“Meet my husband,” she said.Alice put her hand into one of the bags and pulled out a tube of thongs. “No arguments this time, they’re yours … you deserve them, both of you.”Back at Alice’s house they prepared for the evening out. They showered together, rubbing the lather over each other’s bodies, kissing and caressing. No demands were made; neither of them felt as if they were taking from the other. They shared both their love and their bodies willingly.They were both in the kitchen in bra and panties as Alice sat down to put on her make-up. Lorraine asked if she could help. “Sure” she replied. Pulling up a chair and placing it parallel, Lorraine sat down, faced Alice and began brushing her hair. With each stroke a warm tingle passed through Alice’s body, she had never felt so relaxed.As the cosmetics were applied, the close proximity of their faces and the feel of each other’s warm breath began to arouse them both. Lorraine gently kissed Alice on the lips, then her neck and down to the soft flesh of her breasts. She noticed that the myriads of tiny hair follicles were standing erect. And, without speaking, Alice stood, and took Lorraine by the hand and led her upstairs.The love that had grown between them that day was now being unleashed. Lorraine had never wanted sex so badly before. When they had made love the first time in San Monique it had been warm and tender, this time it was hot and frantic. Their tongues entwined feverishly, they bit and squeezed each other’s nipples and they huddled together in 69 to drink the oozing hot juices of their sex.One orgasm did not suffice…they each wanted more. Alice smiled devilishly and reached into her bedside drawer, pulling out a huge dildo. “You were right about the handbag,” she laughed. And Lorraine’s eyes were agape as she looked at the massive object. It was a double-ended dildo, about two feet long and flexible in the middle. “Lie back” demanded Alice.Lorraine parted her legs as Alice slowly inserted the b**st deep inside of her. Crouching on top of her, Alice bent it and inserted the opposite end into herself. Lorraine squeezed Alice’s breasts as they experienced mutual penetration, rocking back and forth for maximum pleasure. The final orgasm was the most explosive, they both screamed with pleasure as the contractions forced out the dildo like a cork from a champagne bottle.Later, Alice came downstairs to the lounge where Lorraine was waiting. “You look gorgeous,” complemented Lorraine as she eyed her up and down in her new outfit.“Thanks, but you outshine me. Come on, let’s go and eat.”The evening was pleasant, the food was good and the conversation was relaxed. Despite having talked incessantly during the day they still found many things to discuss. Only one thing dampened both their spirits, that of Lorraine’s departure the next day.That night they slept together, a deep satisfying sleep, happy to have each other. And it was early when Lorraine awoke. Alice was still sleeping. She looked at her and thought to herself, how beautiful she was. She leaned over and kissed her cheek gently, trying not to waken her. “I love you so much” she whispered tenderly, and with tears in her eyes she rose, dressed and left for London.=============================================================

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