Mama’s girls.


Mama’s girls.I probably should have been full of questions, and later on I probably would be, but for right now the only thing I was thinking of was the pulsing wetness between my thighs.Mother stood back and watched as Sheri kissed my neck. I held my mother’s gaze while Sheri’s hands swept in an upward motion over my waist then my abdomen then my ribcage until finally she brushed her palms over my nipples. She pulled my nipples between her fingers and pinched them as her teeth grazed my neck. I moaned her name and turned to face her. Lifting her shirt over her head I tugged her left nipple between my teeth as she pulled the garment over her head and tossed it to the ground. Sheri arched against my mouth and gripped my hair as if trying to pull me closer. My hands fumbled at the waist of her jeans as I undid the button. Sheri spread her legs for me but I wasn’t ready to take her yet. I knew Mother was watching and I planned on giving her a good show. I caressed my sister’s hips and pushed my hands into the back of her pants kneading the flesh as I switched from one nipple to the other. I thrust my led between her thighs and maneuvered her hips so that she was riding the upper part of my leg. Sheri was panting for me and I knew she would climax soon. I gripped her ass harder and pressed my thigh more firmly between hers as I rocked her hips. I could feel her body tensing as I pulled her nipple between my teeth. Tugging as I caressed it with the tip of my tongue. Sheri gripped my shoulders so hard; I could feel her fingernails digging into my shoulder blades.I pulled back not even bothering to give her a chance to calm down I knelt in front of her dragging her pants over her hips and thighs. She kicked the pants away after stepping out of them. She had decided once again to go without panties. I leaned forward and inhaled her scent before opening my lips over her wetness. I felt her knees tremble a little as I pulled the slick flesh between my lips and sucked lightly. Sheri moaned and pulled my head closer while simultaneously grinding her hips. She rubbed her pussy all over my face, leaving her scent and wetness on my skin. I gripped her thighs lessening the motion and resumed control. I spread her lips and sucked her clit into my mouth. Pulling hard and slipping to fingers into her cunt. The pressure from my lips and the penetration of my fingers had her shaking and moaning again. She was panting like she had just run a marathon when I heard a moan from behind me and turned away from her. Mother was sitting in a chair facing the two of us with her legs spread. Her amber eyes had been fixed on Sheri and I as three of her perfectly manicured fingers disappeared into her pussy. Her lips were slightly parted and she was moaning softly as her other hand pinched and rolled her nipple. Leaving Sheri where she stood I crawled toward my mother on my hands and knees, when I was between her thighs she pulled her fingers from her sex and rubbed them over my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked her hand clean one finger at a time as I looked into her eyes. Then I leaned forward to taste her more fully. I pushed my tongue into her savoring her flavor form the inside. Mother hips jerked forward as my fingers rolled over her clit and my tongue fucked her. Her taste was richer and deeper than Sheri’s but somehow the same.I was so engrossed in the taste, feel, texture and scent of my mother that I didn’t hear Sheri approaching. I was mildly surprised when I felt her hands circle my waist and undo the button on my pants. She pulled the pants down to my knees taking my panties along with them. I spread my legs and arched my hips as much as the garment would allow and buried my face deeper between Mother’s thighs. Sheri ran her tongue over the crack of my ass and I moaned we hadn’t gone there karabağlar escort yet and she couldn’t possibly know that my ass was so sensitive. I thought I heard her laugh a little but I wasn’t sure. The next moment I felt her tongue wiggle into my ass and I nearly screamed as her fingers pulled and rolled my clit. I could already feel myself going over the edge. Away from Mother’s pussy and fastened my mouth to her clit pulling and stroking the sensitive bit of flesh rapidly. Mother was saying something and for a moment my lust-ridden brain couldn’t decipher the words. After a moment what she was saying registered. “Raine you’re such a good girl, Mama loves her good girl.” The words were simple enough and in the past as a little girl they had been more than enough to make me smile. In this context they along with Sheri’s tongue and fingers sent me over the edge. I laid my head in her lap moaning as I felt the tight spiral of passion that had built in me coil, then snap. Sheri spread my ass cheeks and placed a kiss on the tiny puckered hole before lowering her head to lick and suck the taste of my passion from my slick sex. I finally managed to get back to the task at hand, I spread mother’s pussy again licking and sucking her clit and redoubling my efforts. I pushed two fingers into her and then worked in a third fucking her hard and fast. Like Sheri, Mother grabbed my hair gripping it tight as I worked her over. Just before I felt her pussy convulsing around my fingers she locked her thighs around my head. Her hips jerked and her muscles tensed as she moaned. The taste of her filled my mouth and her scent was all around me. I licked nibbled and sucked until I felt her thighs sweat and she pushed me away. I knelt smiling at her as Sheri ran her hands over my breasts from behind. Mother leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, sucking her taste from my tongue. When she pulled back her eyes were slightly glazed. “Sheri, was right you’re damn good.” I leaned back and turned my head to the side and looked at my sister. Her fingers were still toying with my nipples. She kissed my cheek before pressing her lips to mine briefly. “Mama’s girl.” She whispered. “Motherfucker.” I replied laughing. “Photos was looking at the two of us smiling. “Come on you two.” She rose and walked from the room. For a moment I stayed where I was admiring the view. When I rose I turned and helped my sister to her feet, before collecting our clothes and following mother. She was in her room sitting at the foot of her bed. She held her arms open and I straddled her hips and sat on her lap. Sheri spread her legs and sat behind Mother resting her legs on the outside of mine. I leaned over mother’s shoulder and captured my sister’s bottom lip between my teeth. She kissed me hard and I could feel her hands pushing between mother and I to tug Mother’s nipples. Mother moaned and bit my shoulder as her hand trailed down my belly to my cunt. She spread my lips open and pressed into me easily. She moved slowly in and out rubbing my clit with her palm. I moved my hips trying to make her go faster but she pulled back teasing me. Sheri’s hand crossed under mother’s arm and she began to stroke mother’s pussy from behind, while slipping her other hand into her own sex. My lips switched from my sister’s to my mother’s as I rolled Mother’s nipples between my fingers. Pinching and pulling hard. All three of us were moaning and jerking our hips. Mother had mercy on me and speed up the movement of her hand. Sheri was apparently doing a great job because both her and Mother were panting nearly as hard and fast as I was. I know I only had one orgasm but the strength of it hit me again and again making me shake shudder and break out into a sweat. When I was karabağlar escort bayan spent and had regained my breath and composure both Sheri and Mother were staring at me. I blushed a little, embarrassed to have lost control like that. Mother looked into my eyes and ran her hands over the side of my face.”You’re such a beautiful girl.” I smiled at her glad that she found me beautiful. I embraced her and whispered my thanks in her ear. Sheri rested her forehead against mine and looked into my eyes. “Absolutely beautiful.” She added I remembered her saying those same words months earlier in reference to the tattoo I had penned on my inner thigh and pelvic bone. Mother had to have seen it when I approached her as she sat on the bed but she hadn’t said a word. We sat in silence for a few moments before rearranging ourselves in the bed.Mother was lying between Sheri and I with the comforter pulled over us, looking very satisfied. She was the first to speak. “I’ve finally got both of my girls.” I looked at her wondering which questions to ask her and Sheri first.I figured I’d start at the beginning and work from there.”when did this all start?” I asked. I was surprised to hear a hint of jealousy in my voice but I put it aside wanting to know the answer. Mother fixed me in her gaze. “Don’t be jealous baby.” She chastised me lightly before kissing me as if to ease any hurt feelings. I smiled a little because she had caught the hint of envy in my voice. She knew me so well. After kissing me she went on.”it started nearly three years ago.”I was shocked and wondered how they had hidden it. Then I remembered how rarely I saw my family. Holidays certainly wouldn’t constitute as quality time. I shrugged no use regretting the past now. I waited to see if Mother was going to add anything. Apparently not she fell into silence. I stared at Sheri and she just smiled an enigmatic little smile before closing her honey colored eyes. Mother kissed Sheri’s lips lightly then turned to me. “We’ll talk later, besides I have some questions about those tattoos.” I smiled I should have known she wouldn’t let it go without at least commenting. She kissed me on the lips and ran her hands between my thighs just resting her hand on my pussy. She cupped my sex in her hands and closed her own eyes. I clenched my thighs loosely around her still hand and closed my eyes as well. When I opened my eyes Sheri was already awake; watching mother and I with her head rested on her upturned hand. She smiled when she saw that I was awake before shifting to lean over mother and kiss me. Her hand cupped my breast and as she ran her tongue over my nipple she slipped her tongue into my mouth. I parted my lips for her, sucking her tongue between them as my thigh clenched around my mother still hand that was still cupping my sex. Mother had awakened sometime during the kiss I shared with my sister and when I relaxed my thighs her fingers ran up and down my slit. I spread my legs and arched my hips for the contact. Mother laughed and slid her middle finger into me easily. I was already wet and ready; She slipped another finger into me and stroked in and out. She curved her fingers putting a slight pressure in my inner walls, I arched my hips and thrust to meet Mother’s strokes.Sheri pulled her lips from mine and pressed them to Mother’s shoulder. Mother replaced Sheri lips with her own giving me a sloppy open-mouthed kiss as she teased me with her fingers. She sucked and nibbled my bottom lip and I moaned into her mouth. When she pulled back her head a little to look into my eyes I begged her to make me come She kissed me once more before trailing her full lips over my neck. She consumed me with her lips and left tiny puddles down my abdomen, When her lips touched my pussy I sighed escort karabağlar and she moaned and flicked her tongue out to taste me. After spreading my lips open with her fingers she ran her tongue over my clit. I pressed my hips upward and locked my ankles behind her head. Sheri was moaning out loud by then and when I turned and looked at my sister, she had her legs spread and her hand in her puss while the other hand pulled and tugged at her nipples. I could almost smell her scent and suddenly I had to taste her wetness.My hand was on her thigh when I spoke. “Let me taste you Sheri.”It was a demand more than a plea and she seemed more than happy to comply. She put one knee on either side of my head and straddled my face.Putting my hands on her hips I guided her cunt to my lips and kissed her long and hard savoring her taste. I pushed my tongue into her core as she ground her hips against my mouth. I could feel her shuddering as I stroked my tongue in and out of her. Sheri leaned against the headboard using one arm to support herself while the fingers on her free hand rolled her clit in hard tight circles. The taste and wetness of my sister was amazing but I was having a hard time concentrating on savoring Sheri, while my mother was stroking my clit with the tip of her tongue. Mother pulled the sensitive pearl of flesh between her lips and shook her head rapidly from side to side causing my entire pussy to vibrate. I stopped eating Sheri and just moaned into her slick sex. Not missing a beat Sheri simply grabbed a fist full of my hair and ground herself against me riding my face. I could feel her tense a moment before her wetness covered my face, I moaned into her core again as I felt my own climax. When I was spent I felt physically exhausted and slightly lethargic. It took nearly all my strength to smile as Sheri leaned over and licked her come from my face. Mother stayed where she was but turned her head slightly and rested it on my thigh. I could feel her running her fingernails over the image of the weeping willow tattoo. “What possessed you to get a tattoo here girl-c***d?” She asked softly.I shrugged my shoulder a little then realizing she couldn’t see the motion I spoke.”I just thought it was pretty.”She pressed her lips to the leaves for just a moment before repositioning her head on my thigh. “You were absolutely right.” Mother responded.We were all silent for a few moments, then mother stood and told Sheri and I to go and make ourselves presentable. Apparently Daddy would be home soon and she wanted everything to appear normal. Sheri and I rose and kissed mother on the lips before leaving. I followed Sheri down the hall and into her room. There was a bathroom in my room as well but I wanted to shower with her. I hadn’t asked but Sheri didn’t seem to mind my being there. The warm pulsing water felt good rolling over my skin and Sherri’s hands felt even better. She stood behind me and rubbed soapy circles over my wet skin as I leaned against her. I liked the feeling of her breasts against my back, I turned my head slightly and reached around and pulled her head toward me. We kissed slowly and gently. This time there was no passionate rush but the ever-tightening coil of arousal in my stomach was still there as I felt her tongue slipping between my lips.I turned to face her and wrapped my arms around her neck. I was rubbing my soapy body against hers and nibbling her jaw-line, “We need to talk.” I murmured against her skin.”I know.” She said brushing her mouth against mine. “Later”I couldn’t have argued if I wanted to since Sheri pushed her tongue into my mouth and ran her hands down my back to cup my ass. I pushed my thoughts aside and spread my legs letting my sister thrust her thigh between mine and have her way with me. I was surprised to find that an entire morning of sex did not quench my desire for her. After she pushed me over the edge I knelt in on the floor of the shower and tasted her as the hot water ran over us. After our shower I returned to my room to get dressed before joining my Mother in the kitchen where she was already busy preparing lunch.

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