Married women 7 – Juliana 2


Married women 7 – Juliana 2You’ve already met Juliana, and I’ve already told you that her visit that ended with a surprise fuck wasn’t a one-time experience. Indeed we met after that a couple of times, and the following was the second time.Only a few days after our first re-meeting (remember, she had once been my girlfriend) the telephone rang, and it was Juliana again. She simply asked one question: ‘Can I come to see you?’ I guess you can imagine my enthusiastic answer: ‘Sure, any time!’Half an hour later she was at my front door again, her eyes shining with anticipation. I let her in quickly, because there were people in the staircase, and I’ve always been a very discreet man. She took off her coat and her shoes, and I offered her a coffee or a tea, because it was really bahis firmaları cold outside. Soon we were sitting on my couch, talking about t is and that. We’d been a couple many years before, and we had lots of memories we now shared.When I’d finished my tea I put my cup down. There was a little break in the conversation, which we used to look deeply into each other’s eyes. She’d always had large, dark eyes in which I loved to get lost, and today they were shining like stars – so I grabbed her, laid her on my legs and kissed her feverishly! She retaliated so passionately that I was almost afraid my tongue might get hurt … I massaged her breasts through her t-shirt and felt her hard nipples ….Only moments later she was naked, while I was still fully dressed. I got kaçak iddaa up and gazed at her for a moment … her well-trained body, her beautiful breasts … her swollen vagina … her deep eyes … then I knelt down and started to treat her pussy …. I knew very well what she liked, and I gave it to her until she climaxed, breathing very hard ….Then I got up again and undressed. Of course my cock was fully erect … her legs went apart … and in what seemed like a pretty impossible position (she was half lying on my very low-lying couch, I had to bend my knees pretty much) I shoved my throbbing cock into her wide open, married pussy ….The situation was a bit special … my neighbours could have seen everything, had they been at home … and the fact that my married kaçak bahis Juliana apparently didn’t get what she wanted at home and I could fuck her now … well, I was really very aroused! Her pussy made loud, wet noises, her second orgasm was obviously not far away … I pulled out and turned her around … her magnificent, well-trained butt shone like a full moon … again I sank inside her, this time more comfortably, because she stuck her ass high up in the air … and only moments later we both came … without thinking I shot spurt after spurt of my heavy, thick sperm into her married cunt … and collapsed on top of her ….After a few minutes of panting, groaning and getting our senses back together, we sat up again and smiled at each other. She seemed happy and relaxed, and that made me happy as well. Not much later she left, however not without asking: ‘May I call you again?’ I kissed her tenderly: ‘Sure! Any time of day or night!’And she did … but that’s for another time ….

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