Mary’s Furtive Flatulent Fetish Part 2

Mary’s Furtive Flatulent Fetish Part 2Mary was getting used to college and living in a dorm. Her roommate Amy was nice enough, but Mary was always too shy to hang out with her. Being shy, Mary usually stayed in her dorm room alone, while Amy went out and about. This gave Mary some free time to enjoy her secret fetish….Since a young age, Mary loved farting. Mary particularly liked hearing other girls fart, but she rarely got to enjoy that. The only times she ever heard another girl fart was by accident, and Mary had to act like she wasn’t turned on.At the moment, Mary could only make do by farting by herself and enjoying the sensation of it.Now that morning classes were over with, Mary decided to chow down on greasy cafeteria food, and enjoy her hobby at her dorm alone. Mary served herself extra helpings of gaseous beans, cabbage, and eggs. She ate quickly, and sprinkled everything with cheese. Feeling full and satisfied, she decided to take a walk around campus until she started feeling the effects. Mary loved holding in her farts until the very last moment. It was something of a game to her; how long could she hold it in?Mary walked around campus and contemplated timing how long she could hold in the gas, until she felt the internal rumblings bahis firmaları of her intestines. She groaned and rubbed her abdomen, sometimes the grumbling cramped her insides. Mary continued walking until her stomach emitted another large rumble. This one cramped her insides enough that she had to stop and take a deep breath.”C’mon, Mary,” she thought to herself, “You can hold it in,” Mary got wet with anticipation, thinking how full and gaseous she felt. At any moment, her ass could explode relieving her of all the pressure inside. Mary held on as long as she could.”Prrrrffffftt” went her ass, finally letting go of some gaseous contents. Mary wanted still to hold on to the losing end, so she waddled carefully, clenching her bubbly ass cheeks together.”Prrft. Pbbblt, plblt.” went her ass with each step. It was no use, thank goodness no one was near to see her at it!”Oh darn…” thought Mary, “I should get to the dorm before its too late.” Mary fondly remembered the times she held on too long and accidentally shit herself. Remembering this made her more excited, and eager to get to her dorm to relieve her bloated insides. Mary waddled and put-putted all the way to her dorm. She would only allow her ass cheeks to give way to small amounts kaçak bahis of gas at a time. Once she was alone in her dorm, she would let it all fly!Mary finally made it to her dorm. She checked to make sure she was alone and that the door was closed. Once all that was checked, she sighed and let a long rumbling fart from deep within.”Plrmblblblllprrrrrrrrrrrblbt” she sighed deeply letting go of all the gas. It felt so good to get rid of it, she was starting to feel like a hot air balloon. The smell was so horrendous, and her asshole burned from the noxious gases. It felt like evil was leaking out of her body.”Engh,” she grunted and strained and let out a popping chain fart, “Prprp prr pfflblbphurrrrrrt”.”Ahhh” she sighed, she sat down and lifted one side of her ass up. She grunted again, straining her face and let out a louder chain fart.”Prrop! Prrrp! PRRBLBLBLBTTT!” This one echoed against the dorm walls.”Oh dear!” She thought, “I better be careful!” Still, desire was overwhelming, and she just couldn’t resist trying to make an even louder one. Mary got on all fours of her bed, stuck her ass up, and pushed for all she was worth. Her ass emitted the rudest, foulest, and loudest fart she had done in a long time. “POOM POOM POOM PRRRFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRTBLBLPBPBPT!!!” kaçak iddaa One would’ve thought the noise came from a flatulent hippo or elephant, not a petite college co-ed. Oh my god, Mary!!” cried out Angie, when she cam back to their dorm room “I can’t believe you did all that!” Mary thought she would die, she was so embarrassed by being caught in her shameful hobbies.”I’m so sorry!” she cried out, “I just…couldn’t hold it in…” she whimpered.”Oh Mary,” sighed Angie, taking pity on Mary for being so embarrassed. “Its okay” she soothed, “I’m used to it, really. I’ve grown up with three older brothers, you know gross boys can be right?” Amy chuckled remembering her brother’s antics. “Sheesh, my bros could sure leave some stinkers behind, so I’m used to it, Mary, please don’t be embarrassed.”Mary was still red as a beet, but she felt a little better. Amy hugged her and chuckled;In case you didn’t know, I’m lactose intolerant.” Mary stared at Amy with widening eyes.’Yep,” said Angie, “I have a very strict diet so I don’t stink out the place like you just did. But if I stray from it a little…whoo boy! Watch out! I can really clear a building.” Mary stared in disbelief at her lactose intolerant roommate. Amy laughed carelessly, “Heck, maybe you and I can get into a contest sometime. I bet I could just blow you away with my ass bombs! Then again, after smelling this mess, I’m pretty sure you can hold your own too!””Is she for real?” Mary wondered.

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