Mary’s story Part 20


Mary’s story Part 20They soon arrived at the clinic, and Betty took Mary into the consulting room and told her to get undressed. She measured and weighed Mary and took her temperature and blood pressure.Mary looked around. There was a big desk in one corner, and a leather couch covered in paper. Mr Faisal came in. “On the couch, please.” Mary did as she was told. She noticed a video camera over the couch, and she saw a close-up of herself on a large TV screen on the wall. Almost instinctively, she opened her legs. She stared hard at her magnified pussy tattoo, with her dark brown inner lips hanging down. She reached down and touched her clitoris, pulling the skin back to expose its redness. It jumped hard and she came instantly on her fingers.“Very good,” said Mr Faisal, “at least the tattoo work has not damaged it too much. Let’s get you marked up for the piercings.” He started to mark her pussy with a purple pen. “Do you want to walk to the operating theatre, or do you need a chair?”Mary said that she would walk, and followed Mr Faisal down the corridor. Another nurse met her at the door, “I am Fatima, and I will be your nurse today. Climb on to the table, please.” Mary did so. Again there were cameras and screens, and she could see the nurse looking at one of the screens and adjusting the camera. The nurse came over and quickly strapped Mary’s legs into some stirrups, separating her legs and moving the lower part of the table away. Mary was fully exposed. Her pussy was centred on the screen. The nurse swabbed her pussy area and her breasts with a brown karşıyaka escort solution. It was cold and stung when the nurse pushed the swab right up inside her pussy. “The anaesthetist will be here soon, and then the operation will start. Do you have any questions?” “I expected that I would be pierced without an anaesthetic,” said Mary. “You must be immobilised so that everything is done accurately. Do not worry, Mr Faisal is a very good surgeon, he has operated on all my female relations, so you are in safe hands. We have very precise instructions about what is required and you will look so much better when he has finished with you.” The Anaesthetist came in and introduced himself. “My name is Dr Jones. You will have a short acting anaesthetic, just so you will not be able to move or speak during the operation. You may still be able to feel pain however, but I am told that you are quite pain tolerant though.”With that, he started to put a cannula in the back of Mary’s hand. “Mary, I want you to keep your eyes wide open for me, please.” Mary stared hard at the screen over her head. He connected a syringe to the cannula and started to inject the contents. He pushed a needle deep into Mary’s clitoris. She flinched, and he injected more of the d**g. Mary tried very hard to keep her eyes open. The needle was pushed deep into her clitoris again. This time she realised that despite the pain she could not move, although she could see and hear everything.She heard Mr Faisal come into the room. “All ready? Then let’s get on with escort karşıyaka it.” Standing between Mary’s legs, he picked up a scalpel, and a pair of tweezers. He pulled her left inner labia away from her body. Mary stared at her pussy. It was almost as though it belonged to someone else. She soon realised that it was hers as the pain started. Mr Faisal was cutting at her inner labia. She tried to scream, but of course she could not. He quickly cut a large triangle of her inner lip away, and carefully stitched the cut edges together. He dropped the cut skin into a bowl which Fatima was holding out for him. Mary watched as Mr Faisal started on the other side. Soon that was done the same, and he moved on to remove part of her clit hood. The pain was even more intense as he exposed her bright red clit. Watching intently on the screen, she saw that her inner lips did not stick out any more. Her outer lips were now lying very close together, but the end of her red clitoris was poking out between them. “Good,” said Mr Faisal. “That will keep the area smooth so that your inner lips will not get trapped in your piercings when you wear your rings. Paul will re-colour any slight scars when they are healed.” He picked up an instrument and fastened it to Mary’s left outer labia, lining it up on the marks that he had made. He gripped the instrument and there was a loud crunching sound. The pain was unbearable, but of course only Mary knew that. He removed the instrument, and through the blood Mary could see that a large hole had been karşıyaka escort bayan punched right through her outer lip. There was a burning smell as he applied what looked like a small soldering iron to the cut. The bleeding stopped, and he quickly put stitches in all round the hole. As he tightened the thread, Mary saw that the outside skin was being joined to the inside skin, and she could see straight through the hole. It looked huge. Mr Faisal changed sides. She knew what was coming now, but could not do anything to stop it, and soon she was looking at a matching pair of holes. She watched as Fatima took over from Mr Faisal and placed a short stainless steel tube in each hole. She screwed something on each end of the tubes to fix them into her outer lips; the tubes were a very tight fit, but the holes were now perfectly round. Mr Faisal moved up to Mary’s breasts, and clamped her left nipple. Again there was the crunch, and the burning smell. A large piece of plastic tubing was inserted into the hole. Quickly the other nipple was finished, and the Anaesthetist injected Mary again. Soon she could move, and she tried to raise herself off the operating table. Fatima went to help her.Mary was standing up, but her legs were shaking. She looked down, and could see her pierced nipples. The pain was worse than the pain in her labia, and there was a lot of swelling. Fatima was talking to her. “You must take care not to knock your piercings until they heal, and keep them very clean. Mr Faisal does good work, so you should not have any complications, but if you do, come back here, not to your GP.” That was something that she needed to sort out, Mary thought. There was no way she could go to her GP now, as she could not face her with all these modifications. Fatima carefully put a dressing pad between Mary’s legs, and tied the strings around her waist.

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