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Masseur ExIt was mid November when my wife and I decided to get away for a while and visit asia. We ended up in a really beautiful island resort filled with white beaches and clear blue ocean, not to mention the resort itself with great big wooden buildings and room service for all.A few days of total luxury and great food calmed us down and made us happy wandering around the resort, and then a european looking guy walked up to us and called my wife by her name. We both spun around surprised as we knew no-one there only for my wife to smile and hug her ex-boyfriend who turns out to be the local masseur.After a while of catching up and drinks at the bar, my wife and I both scheduled a massage for later in the evening after all the good reviews she received from her ex about how wonderful the oils are and how relaxing it leaves you afterwards.After a day of wandering and site seeing, we both returned to our room for a well needed shower. We both undressed and stepped inside the huge shower cubicle and turned on the warm water, soaking ourselves while I soaped my wife from head to toe and paying very close attention to her small but firm breasts and tight ass.Covered in soap lather, we pressed against one another and kissed softly, holding one another close and letting our hands wander around each others skin. She reached down and wrapped her hand around my penis, sliding it back and forth in her soap filled grip. It felt so nice, all slippery and wet as we kissed more passionately, tasting each other while I moaned softly into her mouth while she played with my hard cock.We slid around one another for quite some time, kissing and fondling, soaping and washing one another while playing with and caressing cock and pussy. I turned her around and kissed her neck, working my way slowly down her back and to her ass, then parting her cheeks slowly, I flicked my tongue up and down her wet slit, hovering on her little bump and feeling her warmth on my tongue.She moaned against the tiled wall, water spraying all around us as I licked her more and more and made her so wet. I held her istanbul escort waist and got up, positioning myself and gently pressing the tip of my cock against her lips. I slid forward as my head disappeared inside and was surrounded by warm soft flesh that squeezed all around and felt so good…. We heard a knock at the door … Damn!I quickly got out of the shower, wrapped a soft towel around myself and answered. It was my wife’s ex come to give us both our scheduled massage. Oh! well, playtime would have to wait until later that night. I invited him inside and he was pleased that we had both taken a shower beforehand, all clean and ready for moulding he said.He took out a huge rose coloured towel and laid it across the bed before asking who’s first, to which my wife appeared from the bathroom naked and dove face down onto the towel saying “Me me me!”. She was cute. We all laughed as she laid their, wiggling her butt in the air. So I left them both to it and walked around the huge room to the sofa which was out of site, so that I could air-dry myself and wait my turn while reading a book that I had spotted earlier.I could hear small talk being exchanged at the other end of the curved room before going quiet and hearing soft moans as her massage began. I slowly read onward, hearing little moans and groans in the background, which sounded almost sexual further into the massage. I decided to sneak over and have a peek and see how my wife’s massage was progressing.I softly tip-toed along the room and peeked around the corner, hoping to be quiet enough to watch without disturbing them both. To my surprise my wife was laying face down naked and shimmering with oil while her ex was massaging her ass cheeks with one hand and the other was between her legs fingering her wet little pussy. Oh man! what was happening?I watched intently as she squirmed and moaned with every touch. Her ass was raised slightly in the air as if inviting him to play, and I could see that he was indeed ready for his shorts avcılar escort could only hide so much. His cock was definitely visible beneath and almost protruding from the flimsy material.I swallowed as my throat grew wet, and somehow I was excited seeing my wife in this position with her ex. I saw him stroking her more as her moans turned to soft groans under her pacing breath. Her hand reached back and slid against his shorts, stroking his ever growing member as he pleasured her with his oil soaked fingers.She pulled on his shorts, tugging at them, inviting him to come closer and be closer. He accepted as I saw him pull his shorts off and letting my wife fondle his cock as she did to me earlier. Maybe she was still excited as we didn’t get to finish our playtime in the shower. Hmm! I watched on.Her hand slid up and down his manhood, all wet and slippery with oils as she pulled tight and drew him closer. He leant forward and kissed her neck as she lay their smiling, moaning and wet. He pressed himself against her slowly, laying almost on top of her, his oiled cock hanging between her thighs and pressing against her wet lips.He slid up and down her body, covering himself in oil with every move, and then reaching down, he positioned his huge cock at her entrance and slid inside ever so slowly. I heard a loud moan and was suddenly startled and moved back behind the wall, thinking I had been spotted watching. I waited… nope, It was fine. I continued hearing more soft moans and groans as I peered once again.I watched as his muscular and hairless body slid against hers, moving up and down to a rhythmic beat as he fucked her slowly from behind. Her moans sounded so sexual now each time his cock disappeared inside, gaining speed as his pelvis pressed against her firm ass cheeks. It must have felt so good.Their legs side by side, playing footsie as he made sweet love to my oil covered wife. Both moaning softly now as the pace quickened. He continued kissing her neck and cheek as her arms lay underneath and tried fondling his cock şirinevler escort as it slid inside. Fingers touching him lightly as his girth disappeared in and out, in and out, shiny with oil and her wetness.She started to buck her pelvis upwards, taking him so deep inside as a shudder suddenly filled her body and she hid her orgasm in the pillows. I heard a muffled sexual moan then groan as he pounded her deep, slapping himself against her hard as I watched his balls play against her and his cock being swallowed ever deeper.I could hear him breathing hard now, he was close also, pounding fast, fucking my wife and kissing her more and more, on the neck, cheek, lips, tongues connecting and then both kissing each other so passionately as his load exploded inside her and I saw whiteness revealed from her lips.Their pace slowed, his cock fucked her deep with every stroke as they lay there panting. I saw cum between her legs as it oozed from her tight pussy and onto the towel. His cock drenched also, whiteness covering him, shiny and wet. He slid over and stood up as my wife reached up and held his cock once again, putting it to her lips and sucking him hard, moving her head back and forth and swallowing him deep as he came a little more into her mouth.He held his breath, shut his eyes tight and held back a massive groan as he blew once again inside my wife as she wrapped her lips around his head and suckled him. Her hands wandered his cock, stomach and ass, massaging the cum into his skin as he did the same, hiding any evidence of white amongst the oils already used.He stepped into his shorts and pulled them up once again, covering his tired cock as he smiled at my wife while she lay their on the bed, tired herself… I tip-toed back around and sat on the sofa once more, picking up the book and flicking through some pages. I could hear him walking towards me, then he appeared.”Your wife is sleeping. I think she loved her massage” he said while smiling at me, then said “I seem to have ran out of oil, would it be ok if I did you another day?” to which I nodded and said “Yeah, no problem”. I walked him to the door, thanked him for his services and went over to my wife who was sleeping soundly on the bed.I smiled and thought to myself “She had a good time. I’m happy she enjoyed herself” then lay beside her naked and cuddled into her, smelling the oils covering her soft skin and the gentle hint of musk in the air. We slept.

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