Me and Jenny


Me and JennyIts a nice hot sunny day around the pool and my friend jenny and I are very horny.. we see you sitting in that chair next to the pool.. your hairy chest glistening in the sun. We look at each other and nod.. yes you will please us.. you will become our slave. Your eyes are closed as we approach you so we decide to be very quiet.. Jenny leans down and kisses you.. waking u up as u kiss her back she is straddling ur chest as i crawl onto the bottom of the chair and running my hands up your thighs and to that nice bulge in ur suit. jenny is pinching your nipples as u grab her waist and run your hands up and down her young tanned body… she reaches back and unhooks her bikini top revealing her large round breasts… then swinging her hair to one side she leans down and starts sucking your nipples putting her finger to your lips as u start to speak telling u to not say a word. I have removed your bathing suit revealing an already solid cock oooh nice baby very nice ..mmmmmm as i lick ur inner thighs then lick from tip to base and nibbling on the tip before taking you deep in my throat.. sucking and licking you and using my hands and mouth i am pumping you hard and fast and paying special attention to that area just below the tip sucking it and using my teeth to tease you once you are hard. While I am sucking canlı bahis you .. you have pulled jennys hips toward ur face and pulling her suit aside you are licking her clit and making her pussy so wet.. i hear her moan and i start sucking harder and squeezing your balls mmmmmm they are getting so full baby.. I am soo thirsty i want ur cum in my mouth nowwwww mmmmmm you start to moan and ur hips are rising as i suck u hard enough to pull u off the chair.. u are still sucking jenny’s clit as she reaches down and licks her own hard nipples.. she reaches down holding her pussy open and then sits on ur face telling u to fuck her with that tongue of yours ooooo fuck she yells out as she starts to cummm with u holding her ass in the air darting that tongue in and out in and out as she rubs her clitt… after u cum for me one time and i lick it all up i have climbed onto you and am just placing the head inside my wet pussy..damn baby u got us both sooooo hottttt … i raise up and fall down hard on that cock screaming out as u fill me up.. I am so tight u moan and shout FUCK MEEEEEE ooooh SHITTTT ooooohhhhhhh! I notice jenny is having trouble holding on as i am riding you hard and she turns around to face me but still sitting on ur face she tells me she is in love with that tongue of yours and i need to try it.. i reach bahis siteleri down and grab her tits and start licking them damn they are perfect and bouncing up and down as she fucks your tongue and I fuck your cock …ooooohhh dammnnn baby im cumming already.. u feel me tighten around you as jenny starts to cum again her cum running down your face as she raises forward and starts rubbing that hot wet pussy on ur chest as she is now licking my hard nipples fingering my clit as my ass starts shaking as i cummm so hard yellling outttt fukkkkkk mee u bastarddd yeessssss oooh god yessssssssssssssssssss ooooo then i raise up.. ready to let jenny take her turn on this ride… we are sweating so much by now and you decide you want to change positions so u stand up and jenny leans forward and you spank her ass and ask her how she wants it..she tells you she likes in the ass and fuck her hard shes been a bad bad girl and she deserves to be punished…. so you slap her on her ass and grabbing her hips you enter her hard and fast pulling her back on you so ur as deep as u can go making her raise up and scream out in pain… but u just keep going as she yells out “you fuking bastard u think that hurt me..fuck me harder dammit she pushes back against you with each thrust… making you moan as she pulls u back with her..she güvenilir bahis has a tight little ass and she knows how to use it… i am enjoying the show sitting on the chair rubbing my clit and fingering myself .. still quite sated from your fucking…then jenny gets closer and i see her head between my legs and tho i am not into that i decide to see what will happen… i close my eyes still rubbing my swollen nipples and i feel a tongue on my clit then feel it slide inside my wet pussy..making me cum almost immediately.. i start to lift up as i feel her hands go up under my ass to hold me still while she licks my clit and then runs her tongue up and down as my hips rise and fall then i feel her fingers go inside me..and her tongue still on my clit and i reach down and grab her head pushing it down harder i am moaning , she is licking and moaning only stopping long enough to scream out as I hear her starting to cummmm ..damn this is good but i want your tongue inside me baby.. as i cum for her while watching you … she lays down unable to hold up anymore she came so hard for you she is lying down as u lean forward on top of her pumping hard and fast as u are about to cummmmmmmmm fukkkkkk u yell out then pull out spraying her back and cute ass with that cumm..damn baby theres a lot of it… mmmmm i see something i want and I come over and proceed to lick it off of her and then she turns around and starts sucking you and then we pull u to the pool we ask if u would like one more round.. bcz we arent thru with you yet…

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