Me And Mrs. Jones


Me And Mrs. JonesSo I’m sure we all had a teacher we had a crush on in school, well mine was my second grade teacher. I assure you that this has nothing to do with c***d porn I’m not a sick fucker like that.Like I said my 2nd grade teacher was fuckin’ hot; she always dressed conservative not showing much but she had a nice pair of perky tits and a nice round ass, shoulder length brown hair and she was always done up with makeup.So years down the road I was at the bar having a few after I watched the Miami Heat win it all, happy not only because my team won but because I won about 1000 dollars on the series. Because the bar was so loud I went outside to make a phone call.When I hung up the phone I noticed this woman just staring at me. I put my phone in my pocket and walked over to her and introduced myself.“Hello, my name is Mike, and your name is?”She said, “Kim, nice to meet you.”Now when I was in second grade she was maybe 25 or 26 and I was 7 or 8 years old. Now that I’m 29 that would make her 47.So back to the story. Kim and I were talking but the whole time I’m thinking to myself that this lady looks so familiar I just couldn’t put my finger on it. We walk inside and she invites me to sit with her friends from work. She had me sit next to her and I introduced myself once again and we got on with talking and that’s where it hit me – one of her coworkers said that’s why the k**s love you Mrs. Jones and everyone started laughing.Kim grabbed my arm saying, “Let’s go smoke.”We walk outside and I said, “You don’t remember me, do you?”She looked hard and said, “You’re Mike from my second grade class, aren’t you?!”We sat down and talked for about 3 hours outside in which time all her friends had left along with her ride. She dug in her purse looking for her phone. tuzla escort I asked what she was doing and she said she needed to call a cab. When she pulled it out I snatched it out of her hand and told her I’d give her a ride. She smirked and said, “Why not?”Getting back into talking I told her I had the biggest crush on her when she was my teacher she started to blush and smile (she was wearing a pink blouse and some ass hugging pants, which by the way, her ass was nicer then I remembered it) while we were talking she was talking about how life sucks being single the only guy that was trying to talk to her was a 56 year old computer nerd and I said maybe you should try younger and she started to blush and smirk it was last call we ordered one more drink and a shot closed out out tab I helped her up and when I pulled her chair out I noticed her bright pink panties thong to be exact now me being a panty freak I immediately got an erections when she stood up and turned to me and he blouse was open she had matching bra and panties and her tits were still perky.We walked out to my truck stumbling and got in and when we both shut the door we locked eyes and a moment of awkward silence she leaned in and gave me the deepest wettest erotic kiss I ever had in my life she sat back in her chair smirked and said that since we both been drinking maybe I should stay at her house and also stated she had a king sized bed and she’s lonely.When we get back to her house we couldn’t keep out hand off each other we kissed all the way up to her front door she unlocked the door she slammed it shut and grabbed my belt and dragged me upstairs to her bedroom she said I had too much on and that it needed to change she walked into her bathroom and from the shadows I could tell she was getting tuzla escort bayan naked she walked back into the bedroom wearing just her pink silk panties.Her tits was like almost standing at attention and so was my cock she gasped when her eyes met it she almost fell to her knees and started lick the head shaft and my nuts moaning and slurping up all over giving me the sloppiest head I ever had only looking up once in a while to make sure I was watching.She stood up pulled down he panties to she me the little landing strip above her sweet tight looking pussy she straddled me and we crawled up on the bed I stopped she kept going up and up until her pussy was right in my face teasing me a little juice from her pussy dripped onto my lips and I felt a drip of pre-cum drip out.She sat down and let me suck lick and tongue fuck her pussy I was really sloppy she was moaning and screaming and she came like 3 times but it was a lot enough to glaze my mouth and beard she got up and told me how to fuck her she laid down on her back and spread her legs fingered me to get on so I crawl on top and let my cock glide in to her dripping wet pussy when I went balls deep she gasped and I felt her pussy squirt a little cum on to my balls I started to pump in and out watching her tits move up and down and her faces she made when I went all the way in She would cum over and over a lot almost like she was squirting but she wasn’t.She pushed me off and walked naked to the kitchen to grab us some water I herd her moan here and there when she walked back into the bedroom she turned the lights on showing me the amount of her cum was dripping down her legs we both drank the water and got back to it.When she laid back down I locked her left foot and leg all the way down to her pussy she escort tuzla was shaking by the time I got to her pussy and only stayed on her pussy for a few seconds the back up her right leg all the way up to her foot she giggled and laughed saying how much it tickled.I was on my knees and straddling her I told her to turn around and lay on her tummy I got on top of her and pushed my cock into her awaiting pussy she growled and almost purred it seemed when I started to fuck her harder and harder her screams and groans got louder and louder she was panting and breathing louder and louder I’m cuming I’m cuming oh my god I can’t stop cuming I looked down and saw he juices squirt out pushing my cock out of her … her legs shaking violently I got up she rolled over sat up and pulled my head down in between her legs as she was squirting all over my face and in my mouth.I sat up and she said give me a minute I sat back and started playing with my cock it was covered in her cum sloppy and slippery she looked up and it was like she was getting off my watching me play with my cock she opened up her mouth and started sucking my cock licking the balls she didn’t care it was covered in her cum and juices I layer back down and she jumped on my cock going up and down she was hugging me and telling me she wanted me to cum over and over. I want u to cum! She started squeezing my cock with her pussy and I could feel it get to the point that I couldn’t hold it any more told her I was gonna a come and she squeezed harder I started to cum she kept on fuckin I tilted my head back and my eyes rolled to the back of my head I could feel my cock squirt load after load after load we settled down she reached over to her night stand grabbed her phone started recording the video. She said, “Watch as your cock comes out how much cum comes out after.” When I pulled the head out it was followed by what looked to be a gallon of cum! I laid back she leaned over kissed me goodnight and said see you in the morning

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