Meeting Jane


Meeting JaneI have been invited over to my friend’s house to meet his wife for the first time, just a few drinks and a chat, hopefully will be a good evening as my mate K is always a good laugh so hopefully his wife will be as well.Once I got to their house K let me in, after taking off my shoes and coat he led me into the living room. He introduced me to his wife Jane, to say I was amazed is an understatement, she is a gorgeous looking lady, I guess late forties, red hair wonderful figure and legs you just want to stroke, she had a little cleavage on show, I gave her a hug as a greeting, enjoying having those lovely tits pressed against me just for a moment.They both sat on the sofa and I sat in a chair, we had a few drinks as we chatted and it soon seemed like I had known Jane for years as we got on so well, I think we must have been chatting for almost two hours when Jane moved and her skirt rode up enough to reveal a stocking top and a tiny amount of bare thigh above it. I was finding it difficult to not look as we talked, after a few minutes I decided to mention it to her. She apologised and started pulling the skirt down, I told her it was not a problem at all, in fact it was wonderful to see as it is so rare these days for a lady to wear stockings. I asked if she would mind me taking a photo, she looked at K who nodded and Jane agreed.I got my phone out and took a couple of shots, K told her that her stockings were barely visible and that she should pull her skirt up a bit more, which she did, and I took some more photos. She then turned to face me and parted her legs; I knelt on the floor and had a superb view almost as far as her panties and did not waste any time getting some very sexy photos. K suggested she should give me a full view. Jane stood up, slightly unsteady on her feet due to the drink. She pulled her skirt up to her waist showing me her very sexy red and black panties matching suspender belt, I was so turned on by the sight of her I almost forgot to take any photos, I kept telling her how wonderful she looked and how grateful I was for being allowed to photograph her. She seemed to be really getting into the modelling next thing I knew she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, she got a cheer of encouragement from both myself and K. She turned her back to me and bent over showing her panties tightly stretched over her magnificent arse, I so wanted to pull them down and kiss her arse cheeks, but I carried on taking photos. She turned back towards me and undid a button on her top, leaning forward to show even more cleavage. K was yelling with delight encouraging her to do more. Jane then undid another two buttons this time her top hung open enough to reveal her matching bra. By this time my cock was hard and I so much wanted to touch her and more, but as yet Jane had given no sign that it would be alright to do so, no way was I going to spoil the fun by trying to touch her.Jane then undid the last of her buttons and let her top slip away to the floor, she posed for a few more minutes in just her stockings and undies. Then told us that was enough, I must admit I was a little disappointed, I had hope she would continue her strip until she was fully naked, but it was not to be. I sat next to K so I could show him the photos while Jane was having a drink. I was very pleased to see she was not getting dressed again.Jane said she wanted to look at the photos as well, but there was not enough room for the three of us to sit, she then totally amazed me by sitting on my knee and putting her arm around me. My cock was hard before but was throbbing now as I had this amazing sexy lady almost naked and sitting on me. We started back at the beginning of the photos, after the first few Jane took the phone from me so she could get a better look at the photos, she seemed to like what she was seeing and was commenting on almost every photo.While Jane was busy looking at the photos, I found my bakırköy escort hands were free and I just could not resist touch any longer, I put my arm around her and rested my hand on her upper leg, I waited for a reaction but she just continued looking at the photos, I very slowly started to stroke her leg, continuously on the alert for any reaction, but she carried on reviewing the photos. As my confidence grew I let my hand slowly slid down between her legs, making little circular motions with my fingers I gradually edge higher up her inner thigh, until I felt her legs closing giving my hand a little squeeze, she said nothing but I knew I had reach her limit, I changed direction moving away from her panties and could feel her relax.I took my hand off her leg and started stroking her back instead, from her bra strap down to the waistband of her panties and back up again. Jane tried to take a close photo of her bra covered breasts but when we looked at the photo it was a little blurred. She then said she knew I would like a photo without the bra on, so if I could undo it with the one hand I was stroking her back with then she would do braless photo, that was a challenge I had to take on. It took me awhile, but I managed to do it, Jane then stood up holding her bra in place and lay face down on the floor, she pulled the bra out from under her and threw it to one side. She was an incredibly sexy sight with just panties, stockings and suspenders on. I took a few photos including a close-up photo between her legs as she had her legs slightly parted. I was hoping she was going to turn over onto her back, but she said that was all for the photos. She reached for her bra, but she had not noticed K had taken it away, she looked around, realising it had gone she started laughing and calling us naughty boys. She told me to give her the phone or she was staying down there all night. So, I handed her my phone and sat back down on the sofa. She got up with her back to me I waited in anticipation she stood with her hands on her hips, then looked over her shoulder at us and said “really” K just nodded, Jane shrugged her shoulders and turn towards us, the wait was more than worth it, her tits are just superb and I noticed her nipples were quite swollen as well.She sat on my knee again and continued looking at the photos on my phone, I put my arm around her and found my fingers were resting on the edge of her breast. I held my fingers in place not moving them and Jane said nothing, when she saw the photo I had taken between her legs she laughed and told me I was very naughty, I was pleased she did not ask me to delete it. Once she had seen all the photos, she put the phone down telling me no more photos from now on, I was a little disappointed but having her almost naked and sitting on my lap was far more fun than taking photos of her.The three of us continued to chat and Jane leaned back onto me resting her head on my shoulder, all this time my fingers had been touching the edge of her breast, so I thought it was time to be brave seeing as she had not said anything and must be able to feel where I was touching, I slowly moved my fingers up and down just stroking the edge to see if she would stop me, she did not so I eased my hand around under her breast and lifted her breast so there was no way she would be unaware of what I was doing, she carried on chatting as if nothing was happening.Now I knew she would allow me to touch I started have a good feel, lifting, stroking, squeezing and pinching her very swollen hard nipple. Jane asked K if he was sure he was alright with this, he told her to stop worrying and feel free to do whatever she wanted as he was loving every minute of it. Jane twisted herself around in my arms looking me in the eye and moving even closer, I then realised she wanted to kiss, I leaned towards her and she gave me a light kiss on the lips, then again beşiktaş escort a little firmer, then each kiss become longer and pressing in harder until we were open mouth kissing tongues exploring each other’s mouth, I no longer had my hand on her breast as I could not reach in this position, so I let my hand explore her body, I could not get between her legs either but made do with stroking anywhere I could while we kissed. After what seemed like a minute or so but I am sure was well over ten, Jane stood up looking at K she said “last chance, do you want me to go on with this”, K had a big smile on his face “hell yes Jane, I am so turned on watching you” Jane then put her fingers under the waistband of her panties and very slowly eased them down while standing right in front of me. My next surprise came when a bush of red hair came into view, I had assumed she dyed her hair, but I was wrong she was a natural redhead. Then her pussy came into view, I was licking my lips with anticipation desperate to touch and lick her stunning pussy. As I reached out to touch, she took a step back and told me If I wanted to continue, we would have to go upstairs.We both followed her upstairs, I was walking behind her she was an amazing sight in just her stockings and suspenders, it was very difficult to resist groping her sexy arse as we went up the stairs, but I kept my hands to myself. We went into the bedroom and Jane told me to stand by the bed, she then began to slowly undress me, I thought I would be a bit self-conscious getting naked in front of K, but the way Jane was undressing me quickly took my mind of those sort of thoughts, it was not just a case of removing my clothes, it was a very sensual experience as she touch, stroke, licked and kissed me all over as my clothes gradually came off.When I was finally naked Jane was kneeling in front of me, she licked my balls then up to the very tip of my already hard cock, she then eased my cock into her mouth, slowly taking more and more of me in as she moved her mouth up and down on me, she was good in fact she was very good at it, I could so easily let her keep going until I filled her mouth with cum, but I had resisted touching for as long as I could and could wait no longer.I asked her to get on the bed where I joined her, we lay in each other’s arms kissing, touching and stroking. After several minutes I rolled her over onto her back and slowly kissed my way down her neck over her chest and onto her breasts, her nipples were fully hard as I licked and sucked them, Jane was stroking my cock and balls. I continued down reaching her red bush, she spread her legs wide for me, and I kissed and licked her inner thighs, I paused to have a close look at her pussy her lips swollen and opening for me, she was leaking juices which trickled out of her. I pushed my face in to get my first taste of her wonderful pussy juice.Pushing my tongue between her lips probing into her, licking up and down, sucking her lips into my mouth, moving up to her clit, flicking my tongue over it, nibbling and sucking on it, Jane was now pushing her pussy into my face as she moaned in pleasure, her juices flowing ever faster, giving me a very sticky face. On and on I licked and sucked harder and faster pushing my tongue as deep into her as I could, I put a finger against her tight little back hole, pressing against it, letting her know my finger was there, she made no attempt to pull my finger away. I pressed a little harder wiggling my finger as I continued licking her, she started to open up allowing the tip of my finger in, Jane was pushing back at my finger and it gradually slid inside her very tight back passage. I soon had my finger all the way in as I licked and sucked her pussy and clit and wiggled my finger around in her arse, Jane was bucking and thrusting at me now losing herself to her mounting orgasm, shoving my finger in and out her bum, beylikdüzü escort sucking her clit hard, Jane thrashing around screaming at me to fuck her, telling me she needed my cock inside her, I carried on licking pushing her nearer and nearer to Cumming, until she let out a scream and her body erupted juices pouring out over my face as I struggled to keep my mouth on her pussy as she writhed and bucked.As her orgasm subsided I moved back up to kiss her face, I lay on top of her kissing her face and neck, nibbling her ear lobes, as her breathing returned to a normal rate she told me she needed my cock in her now, she pulled her legs up until her knees almost touched her face and said “fuck me” my cock was resting against her very wet pussy, so it was very easy to get the tip of my cock between her juicy lips, I held it there a moment giving both of them time to change their mind, the only word I heard came from Jane it was a long drawn out “please!”I slowly pushed my cock into her it felt so unbelievably good, knowing her husband was sat on the edge of the bed watching me fuck his wife made it even better. I gently slid in until I was balls deep inside her, I held it there, enjoying the feel of her wet pussy gripping my cock while I kissed her. She then wrapped her arms and legs around me pulling me tight against her, and I began to fuck her, nice and slow pulling back until my cock popped out of her, then pushing back between her lips and sliding all the way in again. Then got into a steady rhythm in and out, kissing each other hard slowly increasing the pace as I pump my cock in and out of her.Thrusting harder and faster until my cock is slamming into her, I can feel my balls are getting close to exploding, I pause and ask if we can change position, mainly to take a slight break as I did not want to cum just yet. I get off her and she gets on all fours, arse sticking up and juicy pussy inviting me back in. As I slide my cock back in K appears in front of Jane he is naked, I have no idea when he got undressed as I had only had eyes for Jane, I could see his cock was fully hard so guessed he had been wanking while watching us, he pushed his cock into Jane’s mouth as I continued to fuck her wonderfully wet pussy.Holding on to her hips and fucking her hard my body slapping against her bum cheeks again and again as I pound her pussy, knowing we have turned her into our sex slut for the night is an amazing feeling, and my balls can not hold back much longer as I bang her hard. That tingling feeling is there as I am about to release and I know I should really pull out to cum, but I cannot, so I keep thrusting into her, my balls erupt hot jets of cum deep inside her, K is fully aware that I am Cumming because of my moans, and it pushes him over the edge his cock spews cum into her mouth.We all collapse onto the bed, I see Jane’s face is covered in cum so he must have pulled out while Cumming, we rest for a few minutes, touching and feeling each other, Then Jane takes my cock in her mouth to try and get me hard again, but instant Hardon’s of my youth are long gone, so the three of us kiss lick and suck anywhere and everywhere. Gradually my erection returns, and Jane again takes me in her mouth and works wonders on me bringing my back to fully hard. She gets on her back legs spread wide for me and I plunge my cock back into her and fucking her at a more steady pace this time while her husband sucks her tits, she is so wet I can feel her juices trickling out over my balls, I keep going and going until I am nearing ejaculation, I pull out and K takes over, he fucks her harder and faster than I was and soon pulls out again, I take over again I follow his lead and give it to her hard and fast, Jane is writhing, bucking and screaming, finally she is there and I am lucky enough to have her cum on my cock. The feeling is incredible as her pussy pulsates gripping my cock, her juices gushing out onto my balls and thighs, I keep thrusting into her until she is totally done. I pull out of her and we both then wank our cocks over until with give her a cum bath, covering her tits, face and hair in spunk.By that time, we were all exhausted and had a bit of sleep before getting cleaned up. That was my evening with my beautiful new friend Jane.

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