Meeting Sammi – Part II


Meeting Sammi – Part II..Brad met Sammi accidentally (or so he kind of thought) – but feelings and emotions have come on hard – much like their sexual organs. This part continues from the previous. Warning – the sex starts almost immediately. They can’t help it…————————————————————————————————————————————-Brad didn’t speak, he just held on to her lithe body, periodically grabbing and squeezing any portions of her skin he could get in his hands. He grabbed and pinched hard – that’s how sexed up he felt. Sammi had turned onto her left side, so Brad’s chest now laid against her bare back as his arms wrapped around her torso, pulling her close, grasping and groping her skin. His face pressed against her right cheek, as his panting became heavier. He could feel the stirring in his loins as he felt the soft flesh of her skin against his, and the warmth exuding from her. He could hear her hard breathing against his mattress as his own head pushed against hers.Brad didn’t know what was happening to him. His logical, intuitive police mind was now being ripped apart by wild, wanton lust and sexual abandon. All he could think about was making love to this creature he held in his hands. 24 hours ago, he was Sammi, the produce clerk at Mooney”s Market. Today – he’s Sammi, the object of his wanton sexual desires – his lover.And he wanted it. He longed for it. He NEEDED it! HE LOVED IT!! He was actually growing more and more affection for this young creature of his lust and desire. Other women have made him feel wild with desire, but only Sammi seemed to sense his wants and desires and was totally in tune with his actions. She seemed to help him carry them out as she also fed her own needs and desires. He grew ravenous, and was absolutely wild with lust, pinching her nipples harshly, causing her to cry out soft whimpers of pain, then sighs of pleasure. He thought he was being too hard, then she would whimper “…unhhh – harder, harder, aaiieeeee – you’re fucking driving me crazy you fucking bastard!!! Fucking use me like the slut I am – use me as your whore you, fuckin’ man-slut!!” Her vocal charges were adding to his state of sexual tension. They were both covered in a thin sheen of sweat. He rubbed his face in her slightly sweat-dampened blonde locks that still carried the light, flowery scent of her perfume. This triggered more pheromones in Brad’s brain, triggering a rush of blood down to his groin and cock. He felt it swell against her ass cheeks, as he began humping his groin into her ass. His cock took its place in her ass-crack, rubbing up and down, still slightly slimy from the mixture of his sweat and cum, and her sweat and ass juices. “Brad…” he whispered into her ear, as he traced his tongue around its rim, then penetrated her canal with its tip. She moaned, and squirmed slightly to his humping motions. “I’m Brad, and I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for two weeks….I’m going to rip your ass and your whole body in half…” he spoke bahis firmaları softly into her ear as he huskily panted his hot breath into her ear. His mouth then took her whole ear into his mouth as his tongue shoved its wet slimy way all throughout her ear. Sammi squirmed more and giggled slightly. “That tickles!!” she squealed and then reached around her backside to take his cock in her hand. “You fucking stud-bastard, wreck my fuck-hole with this!!!” She wrapped her slight fingers around its girth and squeezed tightly. Sammi didn’t even know where or how these words just flowed out of her, but she felt such wild sexual abandon with this monster-cocked stallion of a man she’s trying to hook her reins on to and ride for all he’s worth, she didn’t give a flying fuck!!! She was trembling with pent-up lust and desire, and he seems to be doing all he can to unlock that magic gate to her innermost feelings, wants, and desires! He, along with his massive 11-inch key!Brad felt her choke the blood flow to the tip of his cock and hissed against her ear. “Aaaaiiiiyyyyyeeaahhh, yessssssss – fuckin’ slut whore. I love it!! I love you!!!!” He didn’t wince saying those words, but felt more wanton lust come over him as he left a wet trail of spit from her ear, hair and cheek. He trailed down her smooth skin with small, wet kisses and licks. He was consumed with unbridled wanton lust at this point, and would’ve kissed and licked any part of her at this point.His wet kisses and tongue found their way down Sammi’s tight chest and belly. He left several hickeys along the way as he worked his lips to Sammi’s hard cock. Brad began devouring her turgid member, then continued south to her balls and perineum. He licked, kissed and sucked his way to her asshole, which was still trickling fresh cum from his last deposit in her sweet hole. He eyed his prize, her wet, puckered rosebud oozing fresh cum. His mouth immediately clamped down fully on it, as he sucked and slurped greedily on it. Sammi screamed in surprise and pleasure at this delicious assault on her nether region. Brad attacked it like it was his last meal on earth…sucking, slurping, swallowing, gouging into its depths with his tongue…an all out oral assault on her delicious asshole!Brad continued his all out assault until he feels and tastes no more cum from her ass. He has already swallowed some of it as he sucked for more, but kept a load swirling in his mouth. He quickly moved up Sammi’s body and slammed his lips over hers. She had been writhing in ecstasy at his anal tongue and mouth assault, and was surprised when his lips covered her whole mouth, his tongue and copious fluids entering hers. She played the tongue dance with her lover as they shared their love juices. She was just as excited as Brad and began greedily gulping all she could down her throat. Brad then released his kiss, and scooted his ass up her stomach and chest until his asshole rested just above her mouth. She stared up into the landing strip between his balls and asshole and licked her lips. He settled his anus down onto her kaçak iddaa mouth as his ass cheeks covered her face. She instinctively grabbed the top of his thighs and ass cheeks to help him gauge the pressure she could take without having to raise him up and grab her breath. His ass smothered her face and she was loving every second of it! Brad felt his ass moisten with every kiss and sloppy, wet lick Sammi threw into his ass. She thought to herself, “If she could die with her tongue up his ass, her life was complete!”Brad reaches behind himself to grab Sammi’s erect cock. It is still wet from his licking and sucking just moments before, but he pulls one of his hands up to his mouth and plants a long, wet lick on his palm. He then rubs his spit along Sammi’s hard cock, and scoots back along Sammi’s body until his ass rests just above her cock. Brad is insanely wild with sexual desires right now. “Are you sure? I’ve never done anything – I don’t know what I should do!! BRAD!! Do you really want to, are you ready to do this???” Sammi pleads – because she’s actually scared that she won’t be able to do this and it would ruin everything, even though she’s crazy with lust at the prospect of fucking her love’s anus!Meanwhile, Brad places a hand on each of his butt cheeks, pulling them as far apart as he can He tells Sammi to hold her cock straight up and keep it there. Sammi complies, although she doesn’t even need to hold it, she’s just reveling in watching her man getting ready to be fucked by her!Brad feels the head of Sammi’s prick at the entrance of his hole, winces prematurely at what’s coming, and, while quickly pushing out with his rectum, guides the head into his hole. He moans involuntarily, then grunts in pleasure. He forces his way down (which he thinks feels too easy) until his ass cheeks slap against Sammi’s groin. He did this quickly, causing some pain and discomfort, then a sense of relief as he allows his asshole to accommodate itself to its newest tenant. He thought he saw flashes of light when he closed his eyes, and didn’t realize he was making grunting a****l noises. He begins moving up and down, grinding his ass on his lover’s fuck pole, letting it massage his prostate. Every time her cock rubs his prostate makes him groan and moan in sexual ecstasy. Sometimes, he swears he see stars… “This is too fucking good” he thought. He can’t get enough and lifts himself higher and higher, all while grinding and grinding. Sammi just laid back, unused to her being the fucker. She was neither the fucker or the fuckee until tonight, but she didn’t think she could satisfy her man. She was only hoping he would like it – then she felt the stirring in her balls and groin. “Oh, shit – oh, shit, I’m going to fucking cum!!! You fucking stud, I’m blowing a load up your fucking asshole!!!” she wailed.Brad just put his hands on her breasts/nipples, looked into her eyes and said “Go ahead, fuck me – cum inside me you whore!! Fill me up!!!”Sammi blasted off, shooting gobs of her cum deep into his rectum. She closed her eyes in ecstatic pleasure, letting kaçak bahis Brad set the pace for when he felt he was done. She let herself ride it out. Brad kept humping, slowed, then asked if she were done cumming, because he couldn’t feel anymore coming out. She sighed, then signaled she was done. He then lifted his freshly-fucked ass off her cock with a wet popping sound. He looked down between his legs and could see some droplets dripping from his anus between his legs.As he scooted back up her body, his cock bounced up and down as he was rock hard and needed a release. He set his ass down hard on her mouth. Now he didn’t give a fuck! “Suck me dry, bitch!” was all he said as Sammi tried to catch her breath while lapping her tongue up to catch her cum dripping from his freshly-fucked asshole. “Mmmmmmmmppphhhhhffffffffffff” was about all she could get out.She pawed and clawed at his ass cheeks, and he felt some sharp pains as her nails drew blood. He ground down hard and he felt her lips form a suction on his hole and he let his ass relax and release its contents.When he felt it was over, he lifted up as Sammi gagged and gasped for breath. Juices and sperm coated the lower half of her face, and Brad lowered his mouth to hers. He lovingly tongued and kissed her, and, after she gained her senses, she eagerly reciprocated. His sexual desire was still starving…he was horny!!!He then reached down to her legs, and grabbed each one behind the thigh. He pulled them up high and pushed them down almost against her shoulders. He was folding her like a pretzel and she could care less. She know what was coming, literally…His cock poked, then entered her hole for the second time that night. He leaned forward, letting his hands ride up her legs until they were holding her ankles down above her head. His pelvis poked, ground, and jerked in and out of her ass-pussy. His mouth fell onto hers in a wet sloppy kiss. He mouthed, kissed, and licked some of the fluids on her cheeks, then allowed his tongue to continue its assault on hers. The feeling crept up again, as he felt wanton lust and desire. He felt like he could fuck this girl forever!! He raised himself up, planted his hands by her sides to prop himself up, and pummeled her like there was no tomorrow. “Aaauugghh, aagghh, uunnhh – you fucking fucker – you fuck – you fucking stud!!! Breed me. make our baby!! I love fucking that monster of yours – ohhhh! Harder, you fuck!! Harder!!! HARDER LOVER!!!” she screamed at him. He trembled, feeling the release, then raised his head as his cock unleashed its torrents of cum into his newest love conquest. He didn’t think it would end, and he actually shot a few more streams out onto her belly when he thought he was done. Sammi then mumbled something incoherently, leaned her head back, and closed her eyes. Brad looked at her for a moment, then felt her sphincter still contracting on his cock, He leaned forward, felt her breathing, and realized she had passed out.He laid along her top and right side gathering his sense and his breath. Within a few moments, he heard her…”Ohhhh…..It;s Brad, then….”——————————————————————————————————————————————–The next chapter – where this road goes…

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