Megan becomes vicky at a gloryhole spitroast.


Megan becomes vicky at a gloryhole spitroast.I was 19, and i had decided to go to a local gay sauna for one of their crossdresser nights. I only had a cheap french maid costume,some kitten heels,black lace thong and fishnets and latex gloves, with a dark brown bob wig.I stuffed it all in my bag and got the bus,sat in the front seat on the top deck watching crossdresser porn on my phone to keep myself hyped up. Get there and i can hear my heart pounding in my ears, and after half an hour nervously pacing past the door, go in. pay my entrance fee and get told if im dressing i can change in the back room .Go in and i’m the only one in their,so i take my time, slowly getting my costume on, talking to myself in a girly voice about how much i love cock to get myself really into the mood.Put on some cheap pink lipstick and pull on my latex gloves, then walk out into the main area of the sauna. Alot of guys wondering around in towels or naked, and maybe 2 or 3 older crossdressers.As soon as they see me,slim 19 year old in a sex shop maids outfit, I have a whole load of eyes following me.Can’t really get into the jacuzzi or steam room cus of my costume, so decide to go into the cinema and watch some porn. I walk in to the cinema room and it’s full,no where for me to sit and watch, but i see a few guys clock me. I decide i may as well fulfil my gloryhole fantasy once and for all and head straight for it. As i go towards it i can hear a few guys from the cinema room following behind, and i’m so excited i practically have to limp to stop myself cumming through my thong. I get into the booth, it’s dark and smells of cum. I get down on my knees and wait in silence, for what seems like an hour.Just as i think no one is there, i hear doors on both sides of me open and close,and see pendik escort two toweled bodies through the holesMy whole body is tense and i’m shaking hard ,i’m so close to getting what i want! I put my hands timidly on the rims of the holes to let the guys on either side know i’m the girl in this situation, and i feel one of them slid his own hand along my latex covered arm, up past the elbow,over my shoulder and then down my chest.he reaches down until his hand is on my thighs, and he’s gliding his fingers over the fishnets and around the brim of my skirt. The second guy i hear drop his towel, and i reach in through his hole to feel a hard, 7 inch dick against my fingers. I timidly wrapped my latex covered hand around it and began stroking it ,hearing him moan ,more with encouragement than pleasure as I squeeze a little harder and stroke a little faster. The other guy takes his hand away and i see through the hole his towel falling to the floor, revealing another thick dick, black, maybe 8 inches. he isn’t hard like the other guy who is now gently humping my hand, but he slides his dick through the hole and i reach up to touch it,feeling its heat and seeing it get harder just from my timid strokes.Now i’m on my knees,a 19 year old french maid sissy ,hiding a throbbing boner as i stroke two hard strangers dicks. I bit my lip with the sheer thrill of it and smeared my lipstick, so at that point i decided fuck it! I turned my head first towards the 7 inches and kissed the head, then licked it fast with my dripping tongue, covering his swollen head with my spit. Then the second guy, i slide his big back head into my mouth and run my tongue over it, humming as i do it to give him those good girly vibrations. I was moaning like a girl all the while, and now I’ve got dick escort pendik in my mouth i get higher pitched and start sounding like some teen porn slut.I kept sucking the big black dick for a while, smearing my lipstick all over it and getting my chest wet with spit and i gagged and drooled all over it. On th other side of me i’m stroking and jerking the 7 inch guy ,who has now slid his dick through the hole so i’m in the middle of them both. I stopped sucking a caught my breath after going deep on the black guy, feeling him press so hard down my throat it made me arch my back. I decided fuck it, i want to feel it all, so i took off my latex gloves which were now covered in my own spit from stroking the dicks as i switched between them.I reach up and feel both these now throbbing cocks with my bare hands, and the drool and precum from them both lets me glide over them easily as i spend a fe seconds sat between them,gagging for air,moaning,bouncing up and down with lust and jerking them both hard!I turned and figured i would give the 7 inch guy a treat, as i was now desperate for some cum.I faced him ,on all fours with my ass to the black guy, who to my please i felt grinding his wet dick against my hole through my fishnets.I leant in and in my best slut voice told him to call me a girls name, and then ,tongue out ,i slid his whole dick down my throat,until my face was against the gloryhole wall. As i did i pushed back against the black dick grinding my ass, spitroasting myself between the two holes ,moaning loudly like a good slut for both the guys. Suddenly i heard the guy in my mouth let out a low moan”Vicky”I almost came as he gave me a slutty girl name, and as he did i felt his dick tense hard and a hot load of cum shoot down my throat so hard i coughed! I got pendik escort bayan back on my knees and swallowed ,while cum ran down my chin and on to my chest,down my maids costume. I was gagging, breathing hard, and the guy wasn’t own, so i leant in and let him shoot his last few drops onto my face.Once he had done, i turned back around to finish off the sweet black dick i had been enjoying.I whisper in again and tell him to call me a girls name, and to cum for me. Through the hole i heard him say”Vicky is good for me babe”I get on my knees and get as close as i can, and with both hands i start pumping his dick.It was so hot and wet that my fingers slipped over it like they were lubed, and i added to it be regularly sliding his head deep into my mouth to be caressed by my tongue, or licking from his balls to the tip of his dick. After a while i start pumping him really hard with one hand while i slide him in and out of my mouth, faster and faster,humming and moaning for him while he calls me vicky and tells me im a good girl.Before long i hear him say he’s gonna cum, and i slide the tip of his dick to my lips, wrapping my tongue around it so h’s cum will dribble over me. He thrusts hard and pushed himself deeper into my mouth and i felt him fucking explode, hot cum fucking filling me. I swallowed twice before he has stopped, and then i let him carry on spurting and pumping into my open mouth, letting it cover my chin, my face my clothes, my thighs. I sat there as he milked every drop onto me and moaned,and i smiled and posed and thrust my ass out behind me like a good girl for him. And just like that he left, and i was alone covered in cum, harder than i had ever been an desperate for more.I got my towel from the corner of the booth and wiped myself, then stood up,shaking as i went, and made my way downstairs for a drink. On my way my ass was grabbed and i was invited to stroke a whole bunch of guys dicks, which i gladly did ,walking along like a little teasing cum covered slut.

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