Melanie Loves Her Dad


Melanie Loves Her DadFrom the time Melanie was small, she loved to sit on her parent’s laps and cuddle from time to time. By the time she was e****n her mother said, “Melanie honey, you’re getting kind of big for my lap. How about you just sit on Dad’s lap from now on?”So from then on, occasionally when they watched television in the evenings, she cuddled on her Dad’s lap.It was also when she was e****n that she discovered masturbation. And loved it.When she was t****e the thought occurred to her that maybe she liked it too much and was doing it too often. Her mother had told her that any time she had any questions about sex, to come and ask. So she did.”Mom, how much sex is too much?””Too much? What do you mean, too much?””Well….can people do it so much that….that it’s bad for them?””No Melanie, people have sex as much as they want. If they want a lot, they have a lot. If they don’t want much, they don’t have much. It’s different for everybody depending on what their body desires. You masturbate don’t you? How often do you do that?”Melanie turned red. “E-every second day…or so” she said in a small voice.”Do you orgasm every time?”Melanie turned redder. “Yeah””So if you orgasm every time it would seem you’re doing it just the amount that your body desires. For you that’s not too little and it’s not too much, it’s just right. If you wanted more you could do more and then that would be just right.””OK” She paused, and then “Do other people do it less than me?””Some do, everybody’s different. For example I’d be satisfied with sex just once a week. But your Dad would like it three times a week, so I do it more than I need and I enjoy it just the same.”So Melanie was relieved and happy that it was all well and good to masturbate to her heart’s content.When she was th****n she went to her mother with another concern.”Mom, some of the girls say when you have sex with a guy, he orgasms every time but the girl doesn’t. Is that true?””In some cases, maybe even a lot of cases yes, that’s true.”It’s not fair” said Melanie. “When I do it to myself I can cum every time but when I finally get to do it with a boy I won’t? When I masturbate I’m always thinking about doing it with a boy and it’s great, but when I do it for real with a boy it won’t be?”Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the boy or man. Many boys, maybe most of them are so turned on and excited when they first start having sex that they have no control. But there are others who are more concerned about the girl’s orgasm than their own. Your father makes sure I orgasm every time before he does. Maybe you’ll be lucky and find someone like him.The next time she sat on her Dad’s lap she became aware of him as a man, not just her Dad. Her mother had basically told her that he was a good sexual partner. She had never thought of him that way before, even though she knew her parents did it. Now, sitting on his lap with his arms around her waist caressing her with small movement, she was very aware of him as a masculine sexual being. She didn’t know if that was a good or bad awareness, but she did know that this was one sexual question she would definitely not ask her mother about.From then on, her masturbation wasn’t as satisfying as before. It felt just as good to do, and her orgasms were just as pleasurable, but afterward she felt somewhat let down. She always masturbated to the fantasy of having sex with one of the better looking boys from school, but after cumming as she came down from her orgasmic high, the thought always occurred to her now that he probably wouldn’t be able to bring her to orgasm for real, and it was disappointing.Then one evening as she lay in bed with her fingers bringing pleasure to her pussy, as she approached orgasm she realized the person in her fantasy was her Dad. “No!” she thought and switched back to the boy she had been fantasizing about, but suddenly as her orgasm pulsed through her clit, it was Dad again. And this time as she came down from the high, there was no disappointment, because she knew he would have made sure she came.Thereafter, while she continued to masturbate to fantasies of the boys at school, they were displaced more and more by fantasy Dad. By the time she was fo*****n her Dad was the fantasy for almost all orgasms.One evening as she cuddled on her father’s lap, she realized that his hands caressing her waist were mere inches from her breasts, and even closer to her vulva. She felt the movement of his hands and transposed that feeling to her breasts and vulva. It took little imagination. And then she realized that her vulva was probably within one inch of his penis, separated only by a few layers of cloth. Her imagination working overtime, she started to become aroused. Her breathing got deeper and faster and she felt herself getting wet. This was the first time that it occurred to her that her father could actually have intercourse with her for real. By the time she went to bed she was far hornier that she had ever been before. She stripped off her clothes as fast as she could, turned out the light and threw herself on the bed, her hands going to work on her pussy immediately. Within 5 seconds she experienced the strongest orgasm she’d ever had. Lying there panting with her hands still on her pussy, she realized that she actually wanted her Dad to take her virginity. The realization stunned her a bit, but also exited her, and she began working her fingers in her pussy again and brought herself to a second orgasm.Now she viewed her father as an object of sexual desire. She wondered how she could get him to see her in the same way. Well, she would just have to make sure he could see her as sexually desirable. She thought going braless would be a good start, so she started taking it off as soon as she got home from school every day. On the weekends she didn’t bother putting one on when she got up in the morning. Only if she was going out somewhere – shopping with Mom, to the mall with friends – did she put one on, and then when she got home again she took it off.After a week her mother commented, wondering why she wasn’t wearing one. Melanie said, “I just like the feeling of being free, and it’s safe to do it here at home, I always wear it away from home.”After another week her father mentioned it to her mother. It took him a while to notice the first time because her breasts weren’t large and didn’t jiggle overmuch without the bra. Once he’d noticed, he found himself looking on subsequent days to see if she was still unconstrained, and she always was. He was a little concerned that he found it enjoyable to see. After all, he felt it was his duty to protect his daughter from males. “What’s with Melanie going braless?” he asked. “Oh don’t worry about that” said her mother, “she just likes the feeling of being unconstrained. She never goes without it anywhere but here. At home she feels safe and secure enough to cut loose.” Jim was reassured, but still not quite comfortable with the idea of enjoying the sight.As the months passed without her father making a move, she wondered what more she could do. Then it was summer and she was braless almost constantly. She was almost certain he noticed, how could he not? But she never caught him staring.Every summer, her parents rented a cabin on a lake for a three day weekend in August. This might be an opportunity, she thought. So for the whole time they spent there, she was almost always dressed only in her bathing suit. Although it was a two-piece it wasn’t a bikini (to her disappointment) it was a bit small on her and still showed off her body well. After months of seeing her braless, her father was primed to ogle her body and he certainly did notice and appreciate it, though he never let on. She also noticed his body when he was in swim trunks. He wasn’t overly muscular and he wasn’t ripped but he was in shape. She liked what she saw. Then to her disappointment, the weekend was over and he’d made no move.Back at home life continued as before, and she began wearing clothes as revealing as she could. She would wear blouses with some buttons undone and then find excuses to bend over in front of him, giving him a view down her front. She wore T-shirts that clung to the contours of her braless breasts. She would occasionally stretch sinuously in front of himJim certainly appreciated the show but as a father, restrained himself. One day as she sat on his lap while they watched TV, his eyes dropped down to her breasts clearly outlined in the fabric of the T-shirt she wore. This time it was him who realized his hands were mere inches from them, and he wanted so desperately to slide them up and caress those boobs that were so near and yet so far. Along with that came the idea of slipping a hand inside her pants and caressing her pussy. He felt himself getting hard – thankfully it was constrained by his clothing. That night he tried to relieve the frustration by having great sex with his wife, and although it was good, afterward he didn’t feel completely satisfied.The newfound awareness that he desired his daughter repulsed him and attracted him at the same time. It was a desire he dared not act on. A father was not supposed to feel that way about his daughter, and besides, she probably was innocently unaware of what she was doing and the effect it was having on him. So he continued to act as though he noticed nothing, and she continued to act in ways to make him notice.And so another year passed, and it was August again. As they prepared for their annual three day cabin rental, Melanie informed her mother that she needed a new bathing suit, so they went shopping.The day came when they arrived at the lake and got settled in. This year their cabin included an outdoor hot tub jacuzzi on the main floor deck. That would be nice in the cool of the evening, and they looked forward to it. But now in the heat of the afternoon they decided to go for a dip in the lake. They went to their rooms and changed into swimwear. Jim and Joanne were already in the water when Melanie came walking from the cabin. Jim thought his eyes would pop out.”My God Jo, she’s practically naked!” he exclaimed.”Calm down Jim” said Joanne, “that’s her special occasion bahis firmaları bikini, only to be worn when we’re with her. She has another more modest one for the rest of the time.””Why did you buy this for her?” he asked.”We’d already picked out the other one when she saw this and wanted it so bad. I gave in on the condition that I would keep it with me and only give it to her to wear when she’s with us..””Well I don’t approve” he said.Melanie was wearing a tiny red string bikini. The top consisted of two triangles that didn’t quite cover her breasts, he could see the swell of them on the outsides and insides. The bottom was a slightly larger triangle that Jim thought wasn’t big enough to cover her pubic hair, he assumed she’d shaved At least it wasn’t a thong, he discovered when she turned around as if modelling it for him, but the rear triangle only covered about half or her butt cheeks. Jim thought that if he hadn’t been in the cool water he would have gotten hard.After an afternoon of swimming and sun bathing, they started to prepare a barbecue meal. Jim and Joanne changed out of their swimwear but Melanie stayed in her bikini. Jim enjoyed the view while at the same time, being disturbed by her near-nudity After the meal they cleaned up and decided to take advantage of the hot tub. Jim and Joanne changed back into their wet swimwear and they all got in. Jim sipped on a scotch while Joanna nursed a glass of wine. Melanie asked for wine and they allowed her a glass. As the day darkened, they leaned back and watched the stars appearing in a clear, cloudless sky. Jim found himself sneaking looks at Melanie as much as he was looking at the stars. After half a day looking at her firm, nubile body, he was horny! After an hour sitting in the tub and sipping drinks while looking up at the stars and the occasional satellite passing by, they got out and towelled of, and headed for bed. As soon as Jim and Joanna got into bed and the lights out he was all over her body. After minimal foreplay he rolled on top of her and inserted his hard on. He felt harder than he had ever been since he was se******n and he drove it into her, slamming his pelvis against hers. It didn’t take too long with such aggressive intercourse and Joanna came hard, followed shortly by Jim’s orgasm deep in her vagina. Afterward as she snuggled up to him, Joanna said, “It felt like you were trying to pin me to the bed!””Yeah” said Jim, “I really needed that.”It didn’t occur to Joanna to wonder why.——————————————–The next morning Jim was both happy and disappointed to see his daughter was wearing jeans and a blouse, and that she also wore a bra. They were going to a nearby resort that had horses and trail rides, and she was dressed appropriately and modestly. After an enjoyable trail ride they had a leisurely lunch at the resort before returning to the cabin. Once again it was time for a swim, and once more Melanie donned her teensy bikini. The day clouded over but stayed fairly hot so when they’d had enough of the water, they could lie on the beach without fear of sunburn. That meant there was more time for Jim to ogle his daughter’s near naked body. The sex the previous night wasn’t enough to keep him from getting horny again.After the barbeque meal, they sat inside and watched a movie together. Jim watched his daughter just as much as he watched the screen. Just like the day before, she was still in her bikini. After the movie, they ended up in the hot tub with drinks again. The sky had cleared and the stars were sparkling in the sky. Joanna didn’t stay long in the jacuzzi. She finished one glass of wine and announced she was tired and was off to bed. Jim poured himself another splash of scotch and Melanie helped herself to a second glass of wine. They made small talk and watched for satellites passing overhead.Melanie was a bit frustrated. She knew the bikini had made the impact she wanted, but still her father made no move, even when they were alone together, the perfect opportunity. She couldn’t just throw herself at him, he might not respond the way she wanted, he might reject her and then she’d be in trouble. He had to show some sign, make some move that made it clear he was willing to be seduced. Well, there was one move she could make that would hand him the opportunity, a move that was a bit daring. She was nervous, her heart was pounding but she said, “I need to be cuddled” and she left her wine and got up and went over to Jim and sat on his lap, leaning back against him with her legs straddling his, just as if they’d been watching TV at home. Jim didn’t know what to do. His hands automatically went around her waist as always, but this time they encountered bare skin, a lot of bare skin. On top of that, her naked legs were against his, her naked back was against his naked front and he was looking down at her breasts disappearing into the little triangles of her swim suit. “She has to be doing this deliberately” he thought, but he couldn’t be sure. Suddenly he realized that his hands were caressing her waist as usual, but they were moving a lot more than they ever had before. Then Melanie abruptly raised her arms, her left arm going around her Dad’s head pulling it against hers, her right arm reaching behind her own head and clasping her fingers together.Jim realized that this gave him unimpeded access to her body, and he thought it must be deliberate. So he let his hands roam farther and farther in his caresses, going both higher and lower every pass until they came up her sides and touched and passed along the bottom of her bikini top. Then he slid them down her abdomen until they touched and passed along her bikini bottom. Melanie showed no sign of objection, so he carried on.Meanwhile, Melanie was thinking, “He’s doing it, he’s making a move.” but she did nothing because she wanted to be sure.Jim brought his hands up again, but this time when they reached the bikini top, he passed them right over her breasts before moving them back down. “He did it!” thought Melanie, “it’s going to happen. Abruptly she leaned forward. Jim thought, “Oh shit, I’ve gone too far, she’s going to scream pervert.” But all she did was reach behind and untie the string of her bikini top, and then she lifted it over her head and threw it on the deck. Then she leaned back and put her arms around her father’s head again. At this point they both knew what was about to happen. Jim looked down at her perky little B-cup sized breasts and slid his hands up her from her abdomen and cupped them, feeling the nipples harden, feeling how firm, yet soft they were, caressing and massaging them. He was in heaven. He slowly slid one hand down toward her pussy but she abruptly got to her feet before he reached it and untied both strings of her bottom, throwing it on the deck with her top. Jim pushed his swim trunks down to his knees and put his arm around her waist as she sat down again, guiding her to a position just above his hard-on. This time she kept her arms by her side. Jim returned his hands to her breasts for a while then moved his right hand down to her pussy. It was completely shaved as he had guessed. He moved his hand down and cupped her pussy, pressing his middle finger into her slit. It was slippery with her vaginal fluid and he moved his finger back and forth in her slit, then pressed it into her vagina up to her hymen.Melanie was excited and nervous, what she had imagined for two years was finally happening. She was extremely aroused, breathing heavily and Jim realized there need be no more foreplay. He put his left arm around the bottom of her rib cage and hoisted her up. With his right hand he reached between her legs and positioned his hard-on at the entrance to her vagina. He lowered her down slightly while thrusting up slightly, but because they were in the hot tub, much of the lubrication was washed away. He waited with his little head against the entrance to her pussy, wiggling it slightly with his hand. It didn’t take long for her fluids and his combined to provide sufficient lubrication and bit by bit he entered her, coming up against her hymen. He made a few small in and out moves and then thrust in a couple inches, taking her cherry. Melanie drew in a sharp breath, but that was all. Making small in and out movements, he gradually pushed farther and farther in until she was sitting down on him, his erection as far in as it could go.With his left arm still around her ribcage, his right hand on her pussy, manipulating her clit he began to fuck her with slow small moves in and out, taking it easy so he could last longer. He revelled in the sensation of his rod sliding through her sheath, his hand enjoying the feel of his boner moving through her hairless pussy lips while stimulating her clit.Melanie had imagined what it would be like countless times, but never had her imagination been able to live up to the real thing. Being held in his embrace, feeling his naked body moving against hers, the thick feel of his hard-on moving inside her while her pussy experienced waves of pleasure from his expert fingers. After a time she began moving in sync with his movements, pushing down when he pushed up, and up when he moved down. Lost in the sensations, she began moving her butt around and around, pressing down, her hands gripping his wrists tighter and tighter as she felt her orgasm approach. Jim started moving faster and deeper in response when suddenly she hunched forward and jerked and shuddered as her orgasm slammed into her pussy. Jim gave three more pumps and then he emptied his load into her in the most intense orgasm of his life.They sat unmoving as their breathing slowed and Jim’s hard-on wilted and fell out. Jim had a momentary thought, wondering if they changed the water after every guest. He hoped so. Melanie swung around and sat sideways on his lap, tucking her head into his neck, and Jim wrapped his arms around her and held her close. After a few minutes Melanie said, “I’m falling asleep, I should get to bed.” and she got out of the tub. Jim watched her towelling off not three feet away, her lithe body twisting and flexing as she dried herself, her hairless kaçak iddaa pussy and firm breasts on full display for him. When she was dry she said, “Good night Dad.” and picked up her swim suit and walked naked into the cabin.Jim pulled up his swim trunks and sat back, grabbed his scotch and downed it. Looking up at the stars he asked, “What have I done?” Full of trepidation he got out and dried himself and then headed for bed. Joanne roused when he got under the covers and was relieved when he didn’t want sex. She quickly drifted back to sleep. It took Jim a long time to drift off.The next morning Jim was nervous, wondering if Melanie would turn on him. He needn’t have worried, she was happy and cheerful, acting normal in every way through the day’s activities. In the afternoon they went swimming and Melanie wore the teensy bikini again, grinning at Jim when she caught him giving her the once-over. After the swim, they packed up and headed home. Once home, they slipped back into their regular routine. Neither Melanie nor Jim said a word about their coupling, nor did either of them make a move toward another liaison.In September Joanna announce that she would be attending a ceramics class on Thursday evenings. “It’s something I think I’ll enjoy” she said, “and I’m going to make pitchers and platters, serving bowls and beer steins for the house. It’ll be fun.”So the next Thursday at 7:00 pm, she headed off to her ceramics class. Jim had a 1932 Ford five-window coupe that he was slowly restoring in his shop in the back yard. As she was driving off, he was headed out to his shop. Melanie was in her room, doing homework. Nearly an hour later Jim was lying underneath the engine when he bumped a coolant hose rather hard. He’d installed it earlier, but hadn’t remembered to tighten the clamp. When he bumped it, it came off and drenched him with the sticky coolant/anti-freeze. He managed to re-attach the hose and clean up the mess, but he was in too much of a mess himself to work on it any longer. He closed up the shop and went in the house, heading for the shower of the ensuite of the master bedroom.After his shower Jim thought there was no point getting dressed again this late in the day, so he just threw a bathrobe on and went to the living room to watch TV until Joanna got home. He was watching the TV and sipping on a scotch when suddenly Melanie was standing directly in front of him, and she was wearing a bathrobe too. Before he could say anything, she undid the tie and dropped the robe to the floor, standing there in all her naked beauty. Without saying a word, she reached down and untied Jim’s robe, opening it up and exposing him. She then climbed onto his lap, straddling him and put her arms around his neck, and planted a kiss on his lips. Jim returned her kiss, their tongues entwined. His hands caressed her back and her butt. He slid his hands up her sides and felt the sides of her breasts. She broke the kiss, breathing hard, and leaned back enough to give his hands full access to her boobs, and he took full advantage, caressing and kneading them. He slid one hand down to her hairless pussy and found it sopping wet.”No more foreplay needed” he thought to himself, and wrapping one arm around her, he hoisted her up and with his other hand, reached over her leg and maneuvered his erection to the entrance to her vagina, then lowered her down. Melanie felt his rod at her entrance and sat down, taking it all in. She wrapped her arms around his neck again, hugging him tight and started thrusting back and forth, pressing her pussy hard against him to get maximum stimulation to her clit. Jim had his arms wrapped around her waist and hardly contributed any movement, he knew that her aggressive thrusts would get her off quickly while at the same time, the movement of his cock inside her was minor, meaning he’d have no trouble lasting.For Melanie, the sensations of pleasure were intense, the building orgasmic sensation in her clit, the feel of his fully embedded boner in her tunnel. She added a circular motion to her thrusts, resulting in even more stimulation and pleasure to both of them. Melanie, with her face buried in his neck, started making little mewling sounds.Jim felt his orgasm rapidly approaching. “Stop or I’m going to cum” he said.”No no no I AM cumming” gasped Melanie as waves of pleasure jolted through her clit. Jim came immediately, pulsing his load deep into her pussy.They stayed clasped together as their breathing slowed and Jim’s hard-on wilted and then fell out of her. He could feel fluids dripping from her cunt onto his cock. After a couple minutes he said, ” We’re playing with fire.””It’s OK Dad” said Melanie, “Mom put me on the pill in spring. She said she was NOT encouraging me to have sex, I’d better NOT have sex, but she thought better safe than sorry. So it’s OK.””Well that’s a relief, but still, we shouldn’t be doing this.””Why not? You want it, and I want it. So we’re doing it.”Jim sighed. “It’s still not right, you know what I mean. We’d better get cleaned up, Mom will be home soon.””Yeah, she will” said Melanie, climbing off him, “Next week come in a lot sooner so we have more time.”Jim grabbed a wad of Kleenex and wiped up the mixture of cum and pussy juice that had run onto his cock and balls and his robe. Melanie wiped a bit of cum that was running down her leg, then wiped her pussy. She ran to the bathroom and washed it with a warm damp cloth. Jim joined her in the bathroom and washed himself down, then they washed the cum out of his robe and dried it with a hair dryer. It was almost dry when they heard the garage door opening. Melanie quickly dashed naked to the living room, grabbed up her robe and scampered to her bedroom, grinning all the way. Jim was entranced by watching her run naked and almost forgot to put on his robe. He had just managed to get it on and sit down when Joanna walked in.”What are you doing in a robe?” she asked. Jim explained how he’d been soaked with anti-freeze/coolant and had to shower, and there was no point getting dressed so late in the evening. “OK that’s sensible” she said, “Melanie in bed?””She’s in her room, I don’t know if she’s in bed. How was ceramics?””Lots of fun, I’m going to enjoy it.””Good.” said Jim, and he thought to himself, “Melanie and I will enjoy it more.”——————————-The next day when Melanie was alone with her mother she asked, “How many positions are there?””Positions?” asked her mother.”Yeah, you know, for sex.””Oh. I don’t know, about half a dozen basic positions. There’s a limit to being able to line up the two. But dozens and dozens of variations on those, I’ve heard. Why, what brought this on?””I’m just curious Mom, I was thinking about sex and I wondered.””Well when your time comes, you’ll find that men like variety so you’ll no doubt get to experience all the basics, and you’ll find that you like some more than others.””Ooo, sounds like it’s gonna be fun!”The following Thursday Jim headed out to his shop at the same time Joanna left for her class. A quarter hour later he was back in the house and found a naked Melanie waiting for him.”Come on” she said, and grabbing his hand, led him to her room where they both removed his clothes. This time they did the missionary position. Melanie thoroughly enjoyed it, but she thought the sensations weren’t quite as intense the week before.The next day she asked her mother, “Do men like the missionary position best?””I really don’t know” said Joanna, “I imagine that different men have different favourites, but I do believe it’s the most often used position. Why?””Just wondering Mom, girls talk about it but we don’t know. I thought you might.”The next Thursday Jim didn’t even bother going out to his shop. After Joanna left for her class they headed for Melanie’s room and necked and made out fully clothed for a quarter hour, then they ripped off their clothing. This time they were lying on their sides facing each other when Jim pulled her knee up over his hip, reached over her leg, guided his hard-on to her opening and entered her. Then holding her he rolled onto his back so she was lying on top. Melanie found that position very satisfying and decided it was her favourite…so far.The next day she asked her mother, “What’s the best position for a woman to get maximum pleasure?””Every woman is different, and so are their preferences, but personally, I find lying on top the most satisfying. Why?””Just planning my sex life, Mom.”Thursday rolled around again and Melanie said, “Let’s do doggie.””I like doggie” said Jim, “but many women can’t cum that way, so I always do it after she’s cum by some other method.””What method?””Well, usually this one.” and he started sucking on her breasts and massaging her pussy. Gradually his mouth worked its way down her torso, paying particular attention to her belly button. When he kissed and licked and sucked his way lower she knew what was about to happen and she was more turned on than ever before. Jim’s mouth reached her pussy and he nibbled and sucked on her outer lips, teasing her. Melanie was almost out of her mind with the sensation, knowing that it would get even better. Jim was between her legs, his hands cupped her breasts and he was licking between her lips, from the bottom of her slit to the top where his tongue passed briefly over her clit. Melanie moaned every time he did, and she was about to beg for more when he planted his mouth over her clit and inner labia, working his lips and tongue vigorously. Melanie was in ecstasy, approaching sensory overload when her orgasm slammed into her pussy. She cried out as she bucked and twisted and writhed in reaction to the intensity. Jim kept his mouth working on her pussy until she pushed him away, crying “Stop, stop, Dad stop, I can’t take any more!”Jim moved up beside her and took her in his arms, holding her tight as she came down from her orgasmic high. When her breathing slowed to normal, he asked, “Would you like to try doggie now?”Melanie drew back and smiled at him. “I really don’t need any more Dad, but yes, I’d like to do doggie now.” and she rolled away from him, onto her hands and knees, legs spread.”Down on your elbows kaçak bahis works better than on your hands” said Jim, moving behind her, his erection dripping pre-cum. He entered her as she dropped down to her elbows, finding it easier. Jim fucked her slowly, wanting it to last. He grasped her by the hips for a time, then slid his hands forward and caressed her breasts. After a while he leaned forward and just rested his hands on the bed, not holding her at all while he pumped his cock in and out. All too soon he felt his orgasm building and decided not to hold back, Melanie had already cum, she might be feeling like she had enough, though he knew she would never say it. So he sped up his strokes a bit and came strongly deep inside her. He pulled out and they laid down together, facing each other. He wrapped her in his arms and she snuggled in tight to him.”I like that” she said, “but I think it would have been better if I hadn’t cum already. Not saying I didn’t want you to eat me out, that was fantastic. But I would like to try to cum doggie.””Well” said Jim, “I don’t know if this will work, but maybe if you do the extreme submissive doggie, it might. That’s where you’re not on your elbows, you get right down, your shoulders on the bed, as low as you can go, and you arch your back and point your pussy up as much as you can, your clit might come into contact with my balls, and that might get you off.””I’m up for it, next Thursday.” she said.The next day she asked her mother, “Mom, is it true that most women can’t cum if they do doggie?””Melanie! What is going on with you? Do you and your friends talk of nothing else?””Yeah, lots of things, but sex is on our minds quite a lot. So is it true?””I think so. I know I can’t.”How about extreme doggie?””I’m starting to think you know too much Melanie. What is extreme doggie?””Well” said Melanie, feeling a touch uncomfortable in educating her mother about sex, “it’s when the woman is on her knees, but her front is lying right down on the bed, and her back arched back as much as she can so her pussy is pointed up as much as possible and then when the man is….you know…..uhm…fucking her, his bag rubs on her clit, maybe she can cum that way””My God Melanie, you girls have vivid imaginations! I have no idea, I’ve never tried anything like that. Tell you what, when the time comes, you try it, and you let me know if it works.”Melanie giggled. “OK I will. Sorry to shock you.”For the next few days Joanna wondered what was going on with Melanie. All the explicit questions about sex. And always……always….yeah, always on a Friday. “What happens on Thursday that would spark those questions on Friday? Why didn’t she ask them on Thursday before”…..before Joanna went to her ceramics class. “What is going on when I’m at ceramics? Is she having boys over, is she…no, Jim’s here, she couldn’t get away with that. Wait a minute, Jim’s here, Jim and Melanie? No, couldn’t be.”But she couldn’t get the thought out of her mind. It couldn’t be Jim and Melanie, yet something was going on. “I’m just nuts, I’m paranoid” she thought, but there was a way to find out. When Thursday came and she left for ceramics, she “forgot’ her purse. She drove around to the other side of the block and waited. After 15 minutes she returned home and parked by the curb. She let herself in the front door and quietly walked into the house and picked up her purse. There was no sign of Melanie or Jim. She quietly walked slowly down the hallway toward the bedrooms and then she heard it, a soft moaning that sounded like it came from Melanie, and other soft, rhythmic rustling noises. She crept to Melanie’s room. The door was half open. She looked in and saw Melanie in the extreme doggie position she had described, and Jim was kneeling behind her, grasping her by the hips and thrusting into his daughter.Joanna drew back and leaned against the wall. Her worst imaginings had come true. She should be hysterical, screaming and ranting and raving, but curiously she felt rather calm. She needed to think about the situation, to think about what to do. Quietly she let herself out of the house and drove to her class. She was moody, her mind was not on her work and she got little accomplished. When she got home, she said nothing about it to Jim. She went to bed with him as usual and she knew he wouldn’t be wanting sex from her. The next day before Melanie could ask a question, Joanna asked her, “So did it work?””What?” asked Melanie, “did what work?””Extreme doggie. You said when you tried it, you’d let me know if it worked. So did it work?”Melanie blanched. How did she know? “What are you talking about?””I forgot my purse last night and when I came back to get it, I saw you and Dad.”Melanie bent over and hid her face in her hands. “What are you going to do?” she whispered.”Right now, you and I are going to talk about it. To start with, did it work? Did you cum by extreme doggie?”Melanie was scared and confused. “Yeah not really…well sorta. I was so close, so close I thought I was just starting to cum but I didn’t quite, so I finally reached my hand down and gave my clit a couple rubs and then I came, so I think it could work but I’m not sure.””There, see? We can still talk about sex. Don’t worry, I’m not going to punish you, you’re not in trouble, but I do want to know what’s going on. So how long has this been going on?””Since the weekend at the lake.””How did it happen?””The second night, when we were in the hot tub and you went to bed, we did it in the hot tub.””Who’s idea was it, who made the first move?””I did. I went and sat on his lap, hoping it would turn him on because I was almost naked.””Ah yes, the teensy bikini” mused Joanna, “So you wanted me to buy it for you to help you seduce your Dad?””Yeah.””How long have you been wanting to fuck him?””Two years.””Since you were th*****n?? I guess that explains no bra and the skimpy clothes around the house. How could I have been so blind. That was all for him, right?”Yeah.””But why him? Why not a boy closer to your age?””Because I really enjoyed sex by myself, I loved masturbating and orgasms and from what I knew, I thought it would be disappointing with a beginner boy. And you told me how good Dad was and I knew it would be great with him. And I knew I was safe with him. And I’ve always been close to him, I loved sitting on his lap and cuddling, and then one day I realized that he was… A man who could have sex with me the way I wanted it to be, and after that I just couldn’t stop thinking about it and wanting it. I didn’t want any of the boys I knew, I wanted him.”Joanna smiled. “You know, I can see that I probably put that idea into your head. So how was it? Was it as good as you hoped? Is he as good as I said?”Melanie squirmed. “Gee Mom…””Oh don’t be embarrassed now. Tell me, did you cum every time? Did you cum the first time?”Melanie blushed. “Yes, it was really good, I came every time. The first time in the hot tub too.””Well I suppose now that you’ve become sexually active and you thoroughly enjoy it, you’d like to continue having sex.Melanie squirmed. “Do I have to answer that?”Joanna smiled. “You just did. And I think it’s safe to say with the same partner.”Melanie focussed her gaze on her feet. “What are you going to do…to Dad?”Joanna frowned. “Nothing for now. I need to digest everything you told me before I decide what to do. In the meantime, not a word of this to your Dad. He doesn’t know I know, and I don’t want him to know I know until I decide how to proceed.””OK Mom.”Three days later Joanna took Melanie aside. “I’ve decided on what we’re going to do. I’m just starting my period, so I want to trade places with you. I’ll sleep in your room and you can sleep with Dad till it’s over.”Melanie’s jaw dropped. “What???””I know it sounds strange, but if Dad is having sex with you I don’t see it as really cheating on me. Both Dad and I love you. You’re a part of this family as much as we are, even more so because you’re literally a part of both of us, so by doing it with you, he isn’t straying outside the home. You really, really want to keep having sex with him. I don’t need sex more than once a week, but Dad wants a lot more. As long as I get as much as I want, I don’t see any reason why the two of you shouldn’t have sex the rest of the time. I’m thinking we should buy a queen size bed for your room so Dad can sleep with either of us. This is the perfect solution for all of us.”Melanie shook her head. “Mom, you don’t mean it!””Yes dear, I do.””Has Dad agreed to this?””He still doesn’t know. Here’s what we’re going to do. We won’t say a word to your Dad. We’ll just go to bed, each other’s bed, before he does. Then when he finds you naked, waiting in his bed we’ll see what kind of reaction he has. It should be hilarious.”Melanie giggled. “Oh it’s going to be fun.”Jim was blissfully unaware of the plans being hatched. That evening as they watched TV, Melanie climbed onto his lap as she sometimes did, sneaking a conspiratorial grin at her mother. When it came close to her usual bed time, she yawned and said, “I’m going to bed.”A few minutes later, Joanna said, “I think I’ll turn in too.”A half hour later, Jim entered his bedroom and saw his daughter lying in his bed, apparently naked.”What are you doing here?” he horse-whispered. “Quick, get out before you mother comes and finds you! Hurry!”Melanie giggled. “Mom’s on her period so we traded places, she’s sleeping in my room.”Jim was aghast. “What are you talking about, what’s going on?””Mom saw us on Thursday. She knows everything and she’s OK with it.””Can’t be” said Jim.”Sure can” said Melanie jumping out of bed and confirming that she was indeed completely naked. “Come on.” And she grabbed his hand and pulled him along to her room. Joanna was sitting up in her daughter’s bed, reading.”I’ve been expecting you” she said to Jim as her naked daughter sat down on the bed beside her, grinning. “You seem rather shocked and scared at the same time.””I..I guess…I…I guess I am” he stammered.”Well relax. Melanie’s told me all about what you two have been up to and I think this is the perfect solution. Off to bed with you two. Melanie can explain everything that ‘ve decided, how we’re going to proceed, how we’re going to live and love together. And when she’d done that, you two can fuck your brains out all night long, if you’re up to it.”And so they did.

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