Melissa’s Breast


My daughter, Sandra, was nearly twenty when she moved out of home. She and Melissa, a friend of her of the same age, had finally decided to make the break and get their own place. They found themselves a relatively cheap flat, scrounged spare furniture from me and from Melissa’s parents and bought a few bits and pieces.

The girls were very independent, not wanting my help in the shift, though I noticed that my two sons got conscripted to do some of the moving. After they’d settled in I was finally invited around to look the place over.

It was a very nice little place and the girls had furnished quite nicely with what little they had. After I’d made all the right approving noises my daughter offered me a cup of coffee so I settled into their one lounge chair while she made it.

While I was waiting for my coffee Melissa came bustling into the little front room and turned on the TV. Then she noticed there was nowhere to sit because I had the chair. Rather than sit on the floor she calmly sat on my knee. Not an unusual occurrence. I’d known Melissa since she was small.

She wasn’t small any longer and she made a pleasant armful. I’d automatically put an arm around her waist to help hold her steady, and her wriggling around had pulled her top up slightly, so my hand was resting on her tummy.

I sat there, drinking my coffee and idly chatting with the girls. I’d just about finished my coffee when something unusual dawned on me. Melissa was wearing tights and a loose sloppy jumper sort of a top. What suddenly dawned on me was that Melissa wasn’t wearing a bra. I knew this because I’d just discovered that my hand had cupped her naked breast and was idly playing with it.

I swear I don’t know how it happened. I vaguely remembered rubbing Melissa’s tummy while I held her, but I could have sworn that was all I did. Apparently not, as I can still feel that firm young breast, the nipple peaked hard against my hand as I fondled it.

I could guess why my daughter didn’t notice. That loose top Melissa had on could hide a multitude of things. Any movement, therein, would just have been put down to Melissa’s breast moving against the top.

Melissa noticing was something else again. I think it unlikely in the extreme that she couldn’t feel a great big hand pawing her lovely breast. Or breasts, in this case, as my hand was already drifting over to assess the other one. It felt just as soft, with another hard little nub in the centre that seemed to quiver when I rubbed it.

And Melissa said nothing, just sitting there chatting away, apparently oblivious to her breasts being manhandled. The obvious thing to do, of course, would to be withdraw my hand and beat a polite retreat, assuring both girls that yes, cebeci escort they indeed have a lovely little unit. The other option was to sit there, continue talking, and hold Melissa’s breast. Which is what I did. If she wanted them back all she had to do was stand up. Until she did, they were mine.

What happened was that Sandra suddenly jumped to her feet. (She had been sprawled on a rug on the floor.)

“I finished off the milk making the coffee,” she announced. “I’m just going to run down the street and get some. Back in a flash.”

“Back in a flash my eye,” muttered Melissa as Sandra bolted out the door. “Her boyfriend will be finishing his shift down at Big W. She’ll hang around until he’s done.”

“How nice,” I murmured, my hand finally dropping away from her breast. I placed my hands on her hips and lifted slightly. “On your feet.”

With a sigh, Melissa rose to her feet. My hands left her hips and rose a little, right to the point where bare skin vanished behind her tights. My hands slipped inside her tights and started down, taking the tights with them. Melissa gave a muffled squeak as the tights went down, but didn’t try to stop me. I’m not sure if she realised her panties were going down at the same time. She lifted her feet when I tapped her ankles and let me roll them right off.

Straightening up I gave her top a slight tug.

“Off,” I said softly and Melissa took it off. Slowly, very slowly. I saw the smirk on her face before the top covered it as she pulled it up. Then she was standing before me, naked, and a very pleasant sight she was. I reached for her breasts and cupped them, watching her face. She was looking at my hand, a slumberous look in her half closed eyes.

I drew my hands slowly down, one moving around behind her while the other moved straight down over her stomach. Melissa was watching me now, rather than my hands, with a slightly expectant look on her face. It changed into one of sudden shock when my hand closed over her bare mound, cupping and squeezing slightly. I’d been right. She hadn’t noticed her panties going with the tights and had assumed that she was still wearing them. Her sudden realisation of her total nudity made her eyes open very wide for a moment.

As my hand trailed back up her body to capture and hold her breast again I could see the realisation dawning upon Melissa that this wasn’t just going to be a bit of naughty slap and tickle. I was quite sure she wasn’t a virgin and she fully understood what was about to happen. I looked for an objection, but it was rather plain that she had no intention of being the one to call a halt. That was fine by me.

“In case you’re wondering,” I said softly, while my hands continued cebeci escort bayan to wander, “in a few moments I’m going to stand up, bend you over the arm of this chair and proceed to ravish your nubile young body.”

I was smiling slightly as I looked her in the eye. Melissa was smiling back. Actually, I think you could say she was smirking, confident that she could handle anything I chose to dish out.

From the way her eyes widened when I stood up and dropped my trousers it’s possible her confidence took an unexpected hit. Not that she was going to admit it. She turned as I eased her over the arm of the chair, bending over with every show of confidence, but there was a faint uneasiness on her face as she turned to look at me. Well, not me, as such, but at my erection. While not of record breaking size, I have to admit I was reasonably generously equipped.

Then I was behind her, hidden from her sight, and I could feel her quivering slightly. Not being able to see what was happening was making her very nervous. She gave a startled squeak when I eased her lips apart and a gasp as I started to enter her. She stood very still as I pushed slowly in, stretching her to accommodate me.

I moved slowly so as to give her plenty of time to adjust. I didn’t want Melissa to suddenly panic and decide that she didn’t want this after all. I could almost see the point where she decided she wasn’t being attacked by a rampart monster and relaxed a little. The quivering stopped, then a tentative push came as she moved to meet me, accepting me.

I heard a faint sigh of satisfaction as I moved deeper, feeling Melissa relaxing. Then she started getting nervous again as she found I was still pushing home.

“Ah, that’s enough, isn’t it?” she mumbled.

“Don’t be silly,” I told her. “You’re young and healthy. You can handle more than that.” To prove it I pushed a little deeper, hearing her gasp.

Now that quiver of nervousness was there again, but I ignored it, just moving slowly deeper while Melissa found her passage stretching and filling and stretching some more. I think she about ready to cry “Stop! Enough!” when I finally bumped my balls against her pussy.

I stayed like that, letting Melissa get used to me, giving her time to relax. Or at least, time to relax as much as it’s possible with a very large cock inside you, wanting to play.

“Just take it easy,” I murmured, my hands reaching around to capture those lovely breasts of hers. I started stroking them, teasing them.

“When you’re ready just press against me. There’s no hurry.”

And that was true. There was no need to hurry. But I was quietly confident that my playing with her breasts was helping to get her worked escort cebeci up and ready for some more direct action. I have no doubt she found it nice to have my cock quietly filling her and my hands gently teasing her breasts, but that was all rather passive. Passion and lust cried out for action.

Melissa pressed against me, her groin gently pushing against mine. I reciprocated, pushing gently against her before drawing back a little. Another gentle movement as we came together again, followed by another.

I kept our movements slow and easy for a while, my cock just gently pulling away and then sliding smoothly back into her. I could hear Melissa’s breathing starting to quicken, and increased the tempo of our coming together.

Now I was pulling further out when I pulled back, driving home a lot more firmly. Melissa was starting to make little gasping sounds, squeaking whenever I drove home a little more forcefully. I increased the tempo again.

Now Melissa was pushing hard to meet me, babbling as I drove hard into her. It was a little hard to understand just what she was saying, but it was certainly approval of what was going on.

Having reached a nice rhythm I maintained it, prolonging the act while I could. Melissa’s bottom was bobbing up and down with great enthusiasm, but she still wasn’t satisfied, pleading for more, harder, faster.

I must have a slight sadistic streak in me. Instead of answering her pleas with another increase in tempo and really slamming home, I kept up the steady pace I’d established. I knew what I was doing to her. I had her riding the cusp of her climax, unable to quite reach it but knowing it was there, just around the corner if I’d only put in that extra effort.

After a few minutes of this she was swearing at me, knowing damn well I was doing this deliberately. She flatly accused me of it.

“True,” I whispered to her, “so enjoy it. With a bit more experience you’ll be able to drive a man wild with wanting, so it’s only fair that a man has a chance to do the same to you.”

I continued on my merry way, enjoying the sensations travelling along my cock and enjoying Melissa’s writhing enjoyment of what was being done to her.

Then she suckered me. I’m not sure what she did exactly, but I could feel her internal muscles starting to massage my cock in an unfamiliar way. The next thing I know I was ready to explode.

That didn’t leave me much choice. I started banging her hard, driving in hard and fast and often, pushing Melissa towards the climax she’d been wanting. She gave a yip of satisfaction and bucked hard beneath me, letting out a soft wail as she climaxed. So did I, spraying her thoroughly, just letting everything go.

We were dressed and watching TV when Sandra returned. (With boyfriend in tow as Melissa had foretold.) Melissa was back to sitting on my lap, and Sandra wagged her eyebrows up and down suggestively. I ignored her childish ways. She couldn’t tell that my hand was under Melissa’s top, holding Melissa’s breast.

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