Memories, part one

Big Tits

Memories, part oneIt all started when I was about eight, far too young at the time to understand what went on, but years after one can piece it together and realize the explosive situations I was involved in.Firstly a bit of background.I was brought up by my father’s parents, he was a merchant seaman and I was told, when I was old enough to ask questions, that my mother died.My aunt, father’s sister, was a businesswoman and she used to give respite to my grandparents during the summer holidays, my uncle and aunt used to rent a villa by the seaside where they would spend, on and off, the best part of three months, with me and my cousin and my grandmother in permanent residence.My grandmother used to insist that in the after lunch we go to our bedrooms to take a nap, she would do the same, and even if we did want to take a cat nap it would have been impossible with her snoring!One particular summer, a new guest to the summer residence was my uncle’s brother and his family; they only stayed for a fortnight, but when they returned to the city they left their daughter with us for the duration of the school holidays.I better start to put some names and ages (at the time) to people, so that one doesn’t get too confused.I am Henry (8), my cousin name is Pat (12) and her cousin is Vicky (14).One afternoon I was in my bedroom, listening to the snoring of my nana when Pat and Vicky crept in….they were giggling and Pat put a finger to her lips intimating me to keep quiet.They came to my bed and laid down on either side of me.Vicky asked me bakırköy escort if I ever played “mums&dads”, I shook my head … to more giggling, and then she said she was going to show me.She and Pat stood up, pulled up their dresses and took off their panties, then came back on the bed, and asked me to do the same….to which I obliged.I remember being fascinated by the fact that both my cousins had hairy pubes (I generally associated hairy body parts with men) with Pat having less and more whispy hair.Vicky was the first to start touching my prick, followed by Pat….and for the first time (at least that I can clearly remember) I had my very first erection.Vicky asked me to caress her pubes and to do the same to Pat, as they would turn around and started putting my cock in their mouths.I was really surprised at how wet their pussies were, and the hair did not feel as coarse as I expected….my father used to sport a full beard, and when he hugged me his beard felt rough on my face….and for a second I thought that they had pissed themselves, and I told them that I was really worried because if nana found my bed sheet wet she would have thought that I wet the bed and would be in for a spanking.Vicky was breathing quite heavily, and sort of groaned not to worry about it, because for a start it was not urine and secondly it was trapped inside her cunny …. Then she asked me if she would like me to kiss her in that special spot…..I wasn’t particularly keen, but since they were kissing my willy beşiktaş escort (and it felt nice) I might as well return the favour.After a few minutes, as Vicky was giving me instructions and what to do and how to do it, she started shaking, her leg muscles tightened up so much that I felt my head held in a vice, then all of a sudden she went limp whilst emitting a nasty gurgling sound….I was really worried, as I thought that somehow she had died….only years later I realised that she was one of the many women who experience “la petite mort” when orgasming.Vicky eventually rolled off my chest and her place was taken by Pat, who got the same treatment, which had the same effect, except for the fainting…..then I experienced my very first orgasm, be it a dry one, which was half way between heaven and hell, it hurt, but in a nice way.This game of “mums&dads” carried on for the rest of the summer, at the end of which I had started producing my first spurts of spunk, which the girls were overjoyed with and wanted to lick and swallow.I also started enjoying licking their pussies, and acquired a taste for pussy juice that to date is still there…..very much!So that is I how I started my sexual revelation journey, having oral sex with my cousins, playing with their tits and not forgetting watching the two of them getting down on each other.The following year no summer residence for me, my father decided, after meeting a woman called Nadia, to get married and find a land based job.While beylikdüzü escort he was considering the various job offers….times were different in the late 50’s early 60’s, one had a choice of jobs to go to if one had the qualifications, and my dad, being the chief engineer on large tankers, wasn’t short of job offers… and my step-mum were staying at my grandparents home.The only problem with that is that it was a two bedroomed affair, which meant that I hade to sleep on a brand new sofa/bed in the living room. Not that I minded, since I was “forced” to stay awake and watch TV (yes my family was wealthy) until the programs ended…..which caused a few problems in the morning when it was time to go to school.Eventually my father accepted an offer to go and work for Edison, a turbine engine manufacturer/installer, as chief engineer, which meant he had to go and supervise the construction of a hydroelectric power station in another country.My step-mum then decided that it was not fair for me to sleep on the sofa, and with my help and that of my grandfather, she took apart the twin beds, which at one time were my bunk bed then set side by side to form the matrimonial sleeping arrangements, and I was told that I could go back to my bedroom and share with my new mother.Fortunately my (or should I say our) bedroom, was at the opposite end of the house from my grandparents, so the snoring wasn’t heard as loudly, the vibrating noises sounds absorbed by the living room, the kitchen-diner and the bathroom.One night, the first of many, Nadia told me that she felt cold, and would I mind going into her bed and keep mummy warm…..I must say that she was a very kind person, years after I found out that her dad, also a widower, had remarried, and Nadia and her sister Maria were victimized by their step-mum, and she would not do so to me….(but that’s another story).

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