I was sitting at the edge of the bed, working on something on my laptop. Jordan was laying back, her head on the pillow, alternately reading a book and watching television. Perhaps I wasn’t paying enough attention to her. More likely, I had replied sarcastically to something she said. Possibly with a hint of chauvinism (I was wont to do that now and then to get a rise out her). I may have even made a joke at her expense. I was well aware, nonetheless, that I deserved it when the pillow struck the back of my head.

I turned toward her grabbing the pillow and fixing her with the most menacing glare I could muster. She stuck her ground, smiling sweetly at me. Her eyebrows raised, silently asking me, ‘what?’

“I’m trying to get this done,” I told her, trying to sound stern as I tossed the pillow back to her.

Soon after turning back to my work, I heard a muffled giggle, followed shortly thereafter with the strike of the pillow to the back of my head, harder this time. I quickly placed the laptop on the floor at the foot of the bed and spun toward her. She didn’t have time to react as I quickly pounced on her, straddling her torso.

She struggled vainly as I held the pillow aloft. Glaring down at her, I told her to behave. She bucked harder under me, but my weight was too much for her. I tossed the pillow beside her head and rolled off her. “Don’t make me play dirty,” I added, in hindsight this was adding fuel to the fire and to be honest, I was probably aware of that then as well.

She never gave me a chance to retrieve my laptop, striking my head with a solid blow from the pillow once again. I wheeled quickly on the bed to find her laying back, laughing uncontrollably. I may never know her motives, or whether she truly thought I wouldn’t respond as I did, but her defenses were down and I took full advantage.

I, once again, straddled her torso, this time pinning her arms to her sides. Her giggling stopped suddenly when I hovered both hands near her sides and wiggled my fingers, silently threatening tickling.

“No,” she said pleadingly.

“Are you gonna knock it off and behave,” I asked.

She responded by bucking her hips hard, nearly catching me off guard with the force of it. I recovered and began tickling her torso. She thrashed beneath me, laughing nearly to the point of tears. Her situation was hopeless, I was twice her size and had her arms pinned, she was at my mercy and the look on her face showed she was well aware of that fact.

“STOP!” she managed to cough out between laughing fits. I lifted my fingers off her and stared down at her.

“Are you gonna behave,” I asked again. She glared at me silently.

“Jordan, are you done?” Again, my query was met with silence and a deepening glare.

“Fine,” I said and resumed tickling her. Her shrieks filled the room. She thrashed violently beneath me. I had to hand it to her, she was a fighter. She was not going to give up easily. I could almost see the wheels turning in her head as she searched for a way to gain the upper hand. I was equally resolved in not losing it.

After awhile her struggling ceased, she was again able to cough out one word, “OK.”

Stopping my tickling assault, my eyes met hers and I said, “Had enough, Jordan? Do you give?”

She glared at me once more, I glared right back. “I can keep this up all night, baby,” I told her, “Just say you give and I’ll stop.”

Taking a deep breath she locked her gaze on me and muttered, “Fine.”

“Fine what,” I asked. Her gaze narrowed. “Say it, Jordan. Say you give up.” Her eyes bore holes into me, I pushed it further and lowered my hands to her sides again.

“Jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkke,” she pleaded.

“Jordan,” I said softly, “All you have to do is say you give and I won.”

She made an indignant sound and stared up at me. I slowly splayed my fingers open on her torso with a grin.

“Fine, fine, fine,” she muttered as her own grin flashed across face, “I won.”

I chuckled and resumed tickling. She did her best not to react, but I could feel the gentle movement of her hips beneath me. Determined to up the ante, I raised one hand from her torso to her chest. Finding her nipple through the t-shirt she wore to ataşehir escort bayan bed, I pinched it between my fingers. I wasn’t surprised to find it already hardened.

“Arghhhh,” she groaned.

I pinched harder, harder in fact than I ever have. I could see a slight wince cross her face. “Just say, Jake…I give up…you’re the best baby,” I said with a grin, thinking I was close to breaking her.

“God, it gets worse every time,” she complained.

I tightened my grip on her nipple and she groaned. The idea suddenly came to me. I’m not sure she noticed the grin that lit my face as the thought formed, if she had, she probably would have begun struggling to free herself with renewed vigor.

Keeping her nipple pinched between my fingers, I lowered my lips to her ear. “Mercy, Jordan,” I whispered, “One word and this can all be over, baby.”

Her eyes met mine as I rose back above her. “Please,” she breathed.

I shook my head. “Mercy,” I said, “Ask and it shall be yours.”

Her eyes rolled back in her head as she heard my newest demand. To push the matter, I slowly started twisting her nipple between my pinching fingers.

“One word, baby. That’s all I want.”

Her eyes shot open and flashed her renewed resolve. I hadn’t conquered her yet. Keeping my fingers on her nipple, I reached back with my free hand and slowly ran the fingertips up her thigh.

“Mercy, Jordan” I whispered.

The look in her eyes told me she knew where my fingers were heading. She let out and exasperated sigh and raised her eyes to mine.

“Fine, come here” she said. I know she wanted me to believe she just wanted to whisper her acquiescence but I took note of the absence of defeat in her eyes. I lowered my head cautiously.

“Closer,” she whispered. I lowered more.

“Closer, baby.”

My face was now mere inches from hers, I moved my hands to her shoulders and held her to the bed. As her neck craned upward and her lips approached mine, I caught sight of her curving smile. My wits aroused, I was able to pull my face back in the nick of time, my lips barely grazing her parted ones and escaping what I’m sure would have been a death lock on mine.

She groaned in frustration at my escape, but I didn’t give her time to dwell on it. My fingers pinched tightly on her nipple, as I shifted my body to allow my other hand to find their way between her legs. My fingers encountered her soaked thong and stroked firmly over it.

She suddenly realized that when my body shifted it had freed her arm. She quickly shot her hand under my t-shirt and found the ring in my nipple. It was a noble, if feeble attempt to halt the inevitable.

I gritted my teeth at the sensation of her tugging my nipple ring and ran my fingers more firmly over her thong, pushing deeper into her slit with each pass. I stopped pinching her nipple and merely stroked my thumb over the hardened nub. I watched her face as my hand teased over the soaked fabric covering her sex.

Soon, her tugging on my nipple ceased and she merely held the ring between her fingers. Her eyes had closed and her head tilted back. Small moans escaped her lips. I could feel her hips slowly gyrating under me. When I was sure she was past the point of no return, I suddenly withdrew my hands from her body.

Her eyes shot open. “Awwwwwww, Jake,” she moaned, “Pleassssssseeeeee.” She tugged hard on my nipple ring for emphasis.

I suppressed my own groan and locked my eyes with hers. “You know what I want, Jordan” I said with a grin.

“Jake!” she wailed, “That’s mean.”

“Mercy, baby.”

“Grrrrrrrr,” she growled. I could feel her hips rising off the bed, desperately seeking some form of release. I held firm.

“Mercy, Jordan” I said once again. I lowered my hand back to her chest and slowly ran my palm back and forth over her nipple. She moaned at this touch, but it was halfhearted. She needed more.

“Baby,” she pleaded. I returned her silence from earlier. A look of resignation crossed her face. She was torn between her pride and her need. When my thumb flicked over hardened nipple she lost all her remaining resolve.


It was a barely audible whisper. My lips curled escort kadıköy in a satisfied smile. She looked at me as if to say, ‘are you happy now?’

A new flash of brilliance crossed my mind at that moment. I shifted my body forward until I was straddling her chest. I could feel her breasts against my inner thigh, rising and falling with her heavy breathing.

“You know, baby” I said, “They say to the victor go the spoils.”

I was grinning broadly when her eyes met mine. I lifted up onto my knees slightly and made a show of slowly pushing my boxers down until my hard cock sprang free. Her eyes lit up and she swallowed deeply when she realized what I had in mind.

When I reached down and grasped my turgid shaft, she moaned softly. I shifted forward some more and guided my erection toward her lips. She kept her lips pursed as I ran the head over them. Slowly they parted as I pushed my cock head against them. After her initial resistance (if it was that at all) she opened her mouth completely and allowed my cock entrance.

Almost immediately her lips closed tight around my shaft and she began sucking without moving her head. I groaned at the feeling. I kept inching my hips forward, pushing my cock deeper into her warm wet mouth. I soon felt her lips sliding up and down my shaft, her tongue lashing the underside.

My hips soon began moving back and forth, slowly at first, meeting her own movements. The head of my cock pushed against her throat and she gagged slightly. She pulled her head back until just the head was between her lips and suckled. I couldn’t hold back the moan this time. She gave the head a few loving licks before taking me into her mouth again.

As my cock slid deeper, her hand reached around to my ass and squeezed, urging me deeper. As I reached her throat it relaxed and I sank deeper still. I groaned loudly as her throat muscles massaged my throbbing cock. Without the conscious thought I was soon thrusting my hips, my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, pushing into her throat and feeling her tongue drag along the underside on its way back. She began making appreciative little noises as she lavished my cock lovingly.

After awhile, I could feel myself nearing the point she was at not so long ago. I thought briefly how I would love to cum in her mouth and see my seed escaping her lips and running down her chin, but I was determined to claim all my spoils from this victory.

With some effort, I was able to extract my cock from her wonderful mouth. She let out a disappointed groan as I rolled off her, kicking my boxers completely off. I tugged my t-shirt over my head and lay on my back.

“Get that thong off and get over here,” I ordered.

She stood and quickly pushed her soaked thong down and kicked it aside. After pulling her own t-shirt off she crawled across the bed toward me, her eyes never leaving mine.

“Where,” she asked.

“Right here,” I said, indicating my face as I held my cock upright enticing her. She swung her leg over my head and slowly settled onto my face. I immediately pushed my tongue into her wet pussy and licked the length of her slit. She moaned louder and louder as my tongue pushed deeper. I was aware of my cock being unattended and pulled my face back.

“Remember I won, baby” I said as I waved my hard cock side to side. Her mouth immediately descended onto me and her hand replaced mine around my shaft.

I busied myself with lapping up her flowing wetness. My face was covered with her. My tongue darted through her smooth pussy again and again. I was vaguely aware of her mouth gliding up and down my shaft. When my tongue touched her clit, I felt her moan around my throbbing cock.

As my oral assault became more aggressive, she pulled me from her mouth and stroked my shaft in time with my tongue on her pussy. Her moans of pleasure filled the room. My hands found her ass and pulled her pussy tighter to my mouth, I greedily sucked in all I could. Her taste was intoxicating.

Her mouth descended again, this time finding my balls and bathing them with her tongue. I groaned into her pussy. My hands were now squeezing her ass cheeks as I sucked her clit between my lips. She moaned loudly against bostancı escort my balls before sucking one into her mouth. I could feel her breasts and hard nipples dragging over my stomach as she rocked back and forth on my tongue. As the pleasure overtook her she pushed herself up from my cock, while continuing to stroke it.

I spread her ass cheeks and pushed my fingers in between. As my fingertip teased her asshole she rocked harder on my face. I could tell she was getting close as I slowly pushed my finger into her ass.

“Oh, God” she screamed, “FUCK! Jake, baby!”

I kept lashing her pussy with my tongue, while sliding my finger in and out of her ass. She kept rocking back and forth, moaning louder and louder. I knew she was on the edge.

“Fuck baby, I’m so fucking close. Don’t stop.”

I took those words as my cue and pulled my finger from her ass and pushed her off my face. She groaned in disappointment as I rolled out from under her and rose to my knees. I pointed to the headboard of the bed as I moved around her.

“Grab that baby,” I said.

She obediently grabbed the headboard with both hands and I closed in behind her. With one hand on her hips I guided my cock to her pussy and buried myself with one hard thrust.

“FUCK,” she screamed as my hips slammed against her ass, burying my cock fully inside her. I wasted little time establishing a rhythm, pounding my cock in and out of her. She pushed back against me enthusiastically as I fucked her.

Our flesh slapped together louder and louder. The only words escaping her lips were fuck and yes, over and over in some variation. I was grunting as I slammed my cock into her pussy harder and harder.

Eventually, her hands dropped from the headboard and her head lowered to the bed. She continued to weakly try to push back against my assault, but all her strength seemed to have drained from her. I held her hips firmly as I kept pumping her steaming pussy.

Knowing my own stamina was sapping, I finally grunted, “Cum for me baby. Cum on my cock. Cum Jordan. NOW!”

As soon as those words left my mouth she had pushed herself up on all fours and screamed loudly as her pussy tightened its grip on my shaft. I slowed my thrusts to a stop as her pussy flooded my cock.

When her body stopped shaking from her orgasm, she began pushing back against me again.I quickly pulled my cock from her pussy and pushed it between her ass cheeks. Her cheeks became lubricated with her own wetness. She turned her head and our eyes met. I saw her recognition of my intentions.

“You okay baby,” I asked.

“Oh god yes,” she groaned, “Do it. Fuck my ass baby. Fuck me.”

I needed no further encouragement and quickly spread her ass cheeks and guided my cock head between them. I pushed firmly, but gently against her asshole until it relaxed and I was able to slip in. She loudly sucked in a deep breath as my cock slowly entered her ass. I held still when I was fully embedded inside her, allowing her to adjust and relax.

Once her ass relaxed I began thrusting slowly in and out. It was so tight around my shaft. I didn’t want to hurt her, this may be my spoils but I wanted her to enjoy it. I need not have worried. In moments she was pushing back against me and we developed a steady rhythm.

Her upper body, once again, fell to the bed, her strength and stamina finally deserting her. I thrust into her with long deep strokes, my hips slapping against her, pushing her forward.

My own strength was rapidly waning. I thrust a few more times, before burying my cock deep in her ass.

“Fuck,” I groaned, “I’m gonna cum baby.”

I heard her moan and felt her body shake softly as I’m sure she was cumming again. I felt my shaft swell inside her and my first rope of cum shot into her ass. Using all the energy I could muster, I pulled my cock from her ass and finished shooting my seed across her ass cheeks and back.

My whole body shook as I came down from my orgasm. I settled my shaft between her ass cheeks and slowly slid it up and down. After a moment or two, I leaned over her exhausted body and placed a soft kiss on her shoulder, then her cheek. I then collapsed beside her, breathing heavily.

Her body dropped completely to the bed and she rolled beside me, her arm draping over my heaving chest. She scooted closer and softly kissed my collarbone before turning her eyes up to mine. With a weak smile and a glint her eye, she spoke one word.


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