Michael and Me


Author’s note: This story was inspired by one of my fans, Joe Blow. Hope you enjoy.


As I look at myself in the mirror I am sure that my date for tonight will approve. I wearing my white knee length skirt, my red blouse that matches my fire engine red painted finger and toe nails. Since my date is such a leg man, I splurged and bought a brand new pair of suntan pantyhose, his favorite color and have those on. Maybe later, I will let him see that I am not wearing any panties under my pantyhose. Feeling the snugness of the hose always causes me to take a pause and enjoy the slow building of my sexual desire.

On my feet are my pair of my 5″ Christian Louboutin heels. I mean if I am going to show off my legs I might as well go all out. I freshen my lipstick and apply some of my favorite perfume, Obsession to key locations, grab my purse and head towards the door. My husband sees me and barely looks up from his ball game, and I tell them that I have a meeting with the board and that we are getting dinner so I won’t be back until late. He waves his hand at me and I just shake my head and wonder why I didn’t take a lover sooner.

I arrive at the quaint little Italian restaurant and am escorted to a back table that is romantically lit with a candle. Michael is already there and gets up to greet me and hold my chair out for me. He said he already ordered for us and that the wine should be here shortly. As if on cue the sommelier arrives and pours us our wine. It tastes delicious and before we know it we are ordering a second bottle. Over dinner we chat, hold hands and just stare into each other’s eyes.

Michael truly adores me and understands my situation but really wants to takes things to the next level. I am in such a good mood, that after dinner he asks if I would like to go dancing and I readily agree. We go to a secluded club where we spend a couple hours dancing and I feel like I am walking on clouds I feel so happy. ataşehir escort bayan During our dancing on several occasions we kissed and during the last slow dance while he held my ass in his hands and we jousted with our tongues I could easily feel his hard on pressing into my stomach.

As the song ends he takes my hand, and we head out to his car and get in. Before I know where we are at, he pulls up to his place and he leads me inside. As I sit on his couch he heads into the kitchen to make us some drinks and I slip off my heels as I haven’t been dancing in quite some time. As he enters his gaze goes immediately to my hose covered toes and I can see his hard on twitch. I rub my legs together a bit so he can hear the rasping noise and he just about drops the drinks. I grin at him and as he sits down I close the distance between us and begin passionately kissing him.

As we kiss his hands are freely roaming all over my hose covered legs and I can tell he is getting more and more excited. I tell him to hold on for a minute, stand up, take his hand, grab my purse and lead him upstairs to his bedroom.

As we enter his bedroom he goes to start feeling me up but I tell him to stop and I seductively remove his clothes. First I slowly unbutton his shirt and pull it off him. Next I drop to my knees, untie his shoes, remove them and his socks and then while longingly looking up at him and licking my lips I reach up for his belt. As I unbuckle it he is beginning to pant rather heavily. I can’t tell if it is because of what I am doing or the fact that he can almost see my crotch as my skirt as ridden up.

Once I have his pants off, I hook my thumbs into the waist band of his underwear and pull out and down, slowly so that his cock is gently lowered to my waiting tongue. I give him a quick lick and remove his underwear. I then stand up and go back to my purse and pull out a pair of sheer energy suntan hose and toss them escort kadıköy to him. I tell him that since he has such a fetish for pantyhose I want to see how he looks in them. At first I think maybe I’ve gone too far, but then he just grins and sits down on the bed to put them on. As I watch I realize that this is not his first pair of pantyhose he has worn and smile to myself knowingly.

As he finishes putting on the pantyhose I turn my back to him and begin to do a little strip tease and remove my blouse, my bra and my skirt. Standing there in only my hose and heels with my back to him, I slowly turn around and show him the surprise I had for him. Not only am I not wearing panties under my pantyhose, but I have cut the crotch out and shaved my pussy bare.

He can’t believe his eyes and starts to move towards me, but I tell him to lie down on the bed. He reluctantly does so, but can’t take his eyes off my pantyhose framed pussy lips and readily complies. As I crawl onto the bed my large tits hang down and sway and he reaches up and brushes his fingers across my nipples causing them to stand out even more. I let out a low moan and continue forward rubbing his pantyhose covered feet and legs causing his cock to tent his hose even more than before.

I tell him how nice they feel and look and climb on top of him and rub my pantyhose covered legs against his. I eventually kick off my heels and start to grind my soaking wet pussy against his dripping wet hose covered cock while we passionately kiss. When I think he is going to explode he turns me around so we are in the sixty nine position and he begins to probe my slit with his tongue while he grabs and squeezes my hose covered ass.

As he works his way closer and closer he probes deeper and deeper until he has his tongue buried in my folds. As I grind down onto his face I rip a hole in his hose and release his monster and swallow it whole. He bucks and just about blows bostancı escort his load, but I hold him steady while I rack my nails across his thighs. Between sucking on my clit and probing my pussy he is panting very hard and I know he won’t last very long. And am soon rewarded with the first of many loads for the night. As he shots rope after rope of cum down my throat, my own orgasm rips through me and I flood his mouth with my own juices and cover his face.

Panting I turn around and we lay there basking in our sexual glow. I lean in and begin to lick my cum off his face, while he probes my pussy with his fingers and licks them clean. I tell him that I haven’t had an orgasm like that in ages and he just smiles at me and tells me that the night is still young.

When I look at him in surprise, he moves down to my feet and holding them uses them to excite his member. I realize what he is trying to do and proceed to give him a nylon foot job. Once he is hard again, he pulls me until my ass is at the edge of the bed. While holding an ankle in each hand he raises my feet and spreads my legs and places his cock at my entrance. As he rubs the tip along my folds I can feel my excitement growing.

Without any preamble he thrusts in and buries his entire cock inside me. As he smiles down at me our pantyhose covered legs rub against each other and that sounds causes him to begin pulling his cock out. As just the head sits inside my opening he smiles at me and begins to set up a nice steady pace.

Before long I begin to tell him, “Fuck me baby. Fuck me good!”

He doesn’t disappoint and picks up his pace and is slamming into me with all he’s got. As he does I reach down and begin to rub my clit bringing myself to an even higher state of excitement. That’s when I feel his mouth licking and sucking my hose covered toes. It isn’t long before he gives me one final thrust and pumps load after load into me, while my own orgasm causes me to let out a guttural scream.

As we come down off our sexual high we snuggle into each other and he drifts off to sleep. I enjoy being in his arms and wonder when we will be able to meet again. I certainly love a man with a pantyhose fetish.


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