MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 13CHAPTER 13: AFTERNOON WITH MOMThe next morning I am completely sluggish. The week caught up to me. Wonderfully, but still with the three dogs and a loving husband/Master every day and then both Tim and Mr. R last night with all that drinking … yeah, sluggish is a good word for me. As I walked naked through the house to the kitchen for coffee and something to put into my stomach, I grab my cell phone and manage to get everything out onto the patio. I sip my coffee and pick at the muffin as I think about my options. Yes, I have wanted more one-on-one time with her, anyway. She loves Cody and the other dogs are nearly as well trained and responsive.After refilling my coffee, I sit with my feet on another patio chair and hit “#M” on my phone, mom.“Hi, mom.”“Hi, honey. What a lovely surprise. I was just thinking about you.”“Really, why?”“Well … how do I say this? Do you remember when you were describing the events at the estate and you got to the evening with the young woman there? You stopped and said it would be better sometime just you and me. I have been itching about that ever since. I wanted to remind you but it seemed forward somehow … you know …”“Why? Because you’re my mom and you knew you wanted more than to just hear about it?”“Well, I … I don’t … how …”“Admit, mom, you want time alone with me and I do too. Actually, that is along the lines of why I called. That would be an excellent addition to the day but I also have three very demanding, even if well-behaved, males over here who have kept me very busy this week. Two are leaving tomorrow and I thought you might like to come over and ‘help’ your daughter out for the day. It looks to be sunny and pleasant, not too hot. With some well applied sunscreen, it should be lovely.”“Ooooooooooo, that does sound like fun. I’ll be right over.”“Leave you clothes in the car. I’ll have the sunscreen. I will probably be somewhere in the back.”Even though I spent most of my time naked around the house and yard, the dogs had become accustomed to a routine that seemed to make life manageable. I got work done in the morning and my running and subsequent fucking somewhere along the perimeter of the property was in the afternoon. Today wouldn’t be dramatically different since it would likely take mom an hour or so to get out here, touring the gardens, a light lunch and then … but mom doesn’t run. So we’ll go straight to the dog fun. No pretending to be taken along the run. And then, once they are cared for properly, mom and I can have some time. Sounds like a plan.I am weeding in one of the flower garden plots in back when I hear a car pull onto our gravel drive leading up to the concrete section in front of the garage doors. Of course, the dogs hear that, also. I glance back and see the two estate dogs following Cody around the side to the front. There is a hesitation before I hear a car door slam and assume that was the time it took mom to get out of her clothes. I am sure the dogs are sniffing this new female. Cody, of course, is familiar with her but the others will be interested if Cody is.Moments later I hear the dogs returning and look back to see my naked mother coming around the side and waving to me as she spots me looking her way. I return the wave and watch her. Not bad for an older woman. Still nice curves in the right places, her breasts showing some sag but still stand out and jiggle seductively as she walks. Her pussy is shaved bare just as she had seen her daughter’s. Her hair is loose and hangs to her shoulders, showing signs of graying but being stubbornly managed.I stand up as she approaches, brushing off my knees and taking off my gardening gloves. She throws her arms around me and hugs me tightly. There is more there than motherly. She steps back and looks me over. “Wow, Michele. You look amazing. What a tan, not a line to be seen. Dirty knees and feet, streak of dirt across your forehead where you probably wiped away some sweat. And so toned up and trim. This must be truly appealing to you.”“Oh, mom. I love this place. And so does Cody.” He and the other two were hanging close by. “Let me show you what I have been doing.” I took her on a tour of the gardens both flower and vegetable. Mom was always the flower person, I was always working, going places, too busy to share her interest. She was amazed at what I was doing. She gave some suggestions occasionally and wanted to know names of some plants she wasn’t familiar with. That really made me pleased. We were talking like equals on a subject that mom had always been the expert on. She loved what I was doing. She made me feel so good and I told her so.“Don’t be silly dear. This is amazing for such a short time. And you will find yourself experimenting and trying things and learning so fast. Someday I would love it if we could separate some of these for me to try in my gardens.”“Are you k**ding? Of course.” I hugged her and thanked her. As my hand went to her back and I pulled her into me, yes … we certainly were naked. And this feels very nice. I pulled my head back slightly, looked into her eyes, smiled, and kissed her. And not as a daughter. And my hands were not behaving as a daughter, either. One hand was stroking her back and along her side, glancing off her breast. The other was planted on, stroking and pressing into her butt. I wanted her tightly against me. Our kiss became more urgent, mouths opening slightly so the tongue could barely seek the other and quickly retreat back in. Then more mouth, more tongue, catching the other’s tongue and lip in my teeth or lips. Sucking on her trapped tongue. Breathing harder, hands more urgent, moving more, and embracing harder.And I pulled back, gasping, seeing her respond the same with some disappointment, frustration, but needing to regroup. I took her hand in mine and pulled her back to the house. Taking up our discussion after a dozen steps to recover my previous thoughts. I led her to the patio, sat her down and delivered her a glass of cold lemonade. I was going to take a very quick shower to clean the dirt off and then would get some lunch for kocaeli escort us.How interesting, I thought. Sitting on the patio under the umbrella enjoying a nice salad and fresh fruit lunch, talking about the things happening our lives. Only, we are both naked. Both catching each other looking at each other’s bodies. And, I am primarily bringing mom up-to-date on the latest sexual encounters and challenges I have been engaged in. Specifically, the three dogs on a daily basis and then dinner last night with Tim and Mr. R. Mom always gets excited hearing about the sexual parts but she was most inquisitive about the exhibitionistic activities like yesterday at Sharon’s boutique. She vividly remembered our shared experience at Sharon’s and the special thrill she experienced and the wild reaction I had at the shoe store afterwards. As a result, she asked questions, got the setting clear and went into detail on my reaction and the reactions of others. I thought it interesting that compared with plain fucking, the exhibitionistic potential was more challenging and thrilling for her.With lunch completed and our discussion somewhat taken care of, we were both itching for the unspoken action to come, yet. Neither of us had spoken of it, asked or referred to it. But a common look in our eyes and we gathered the dishes and bowls, placed what needed to be back into the refrigerator and the dirty dishes into the sink. I turned, stepped into mom’s arms and kissed her again. I ran my hands up and down her sides, intentionally stroking the sides of her breasts, down to her hips. I smiled at her still without saying anything. Just watching her eyes. She watching mine. Enjoying my touch, my kisses. She smiled back to me and nodded. I took hold of her hand and led her out onto the patio and continued out into the back property.The dogs were nowhere to be seen. Mom asked, “Where are they?”“Just keep walking. They’re here.”Not a hundred feet further the three came chasing out of the trees on the right. They came out so suddenly that mom actually jumped at the sound and sight. And they were at us, sniffing and licking. Sticking their wet noses into our butts and fronts. Licking with their long tongues on our hips, butts, and fronts.Mom giggled with the attention and I smiled at her as she tried to pet and stroke them as they bounced around her. I asked, “Are you ready for this, mom? I will say that they are almost as well trained as Cody. And, they are also almost as proficient as lovers.”“Yes, dear, I am ready. Having Cody has been wonderful. Multiple dogs should be more so.”I walked my way between the dogs to get to mom. Took her into my arms, again, and kissed her. “Then, now is the time …”I got down onto the ground and one of the dogs came to me immediately. I checked under him and he was far enough out. I got onto my knees and hands and wiggled my ass at him and received a lick from his tongue that started on my clit and went right over my cunt lips and into my ass crack. He continued this for minutes. I am sure I was already wet enough just from the anticipation, but I wasn’t going to refuse a good tongue. And all three of these dogs knew how to lick cunt. I spread my knees even wider and gave him as much access as I could and he took full advantage of it. His tongue curled and actually penetrated my lips and found its way partially inside my cunt. That wiggling tongue just inside was amazing. A shiver quickly went through my body.As he back off and prepared to mount me, I glanced back to mom and saw she was on her back, legs bent and spread wide. Cody was between them and licking her from her ass to her mound. The third as at her breasts and nipples. Mom seemed beside herself, already. While I watched, she moved the dog’s head from her nipples and rolled from Cody between her legs and presented herself. I saw her slip a hand between her legs to help him find her hole. My mom, the dog-fucking pro. But, she had him inside her. Evident by the open mouthed gasp on her face.I felt a furry body on my back and legs wrapping around my waist and I did what I had taught my mother; slipped my hand between my legs to assist this lover in finding my cunt so he could again make me his.I had already been taken by all these dogs numerous times this week and on other occasions previously, especially Cody who mom was enjoying now. But all these dogs really were very good and were very satisfying. They have nice sized cocks and knots and when they cum inside … mmmmmmmm, good. What a feeling.I have often said to those interested or curious that being fucked by a dog is not really much like being fucked by a man. Many men, Tim, Mr. R, Anthony included, are excellent and wonderful. They can instill love, tenderness, and caring into the act. Or, they can use force, power, and drive. But none match the shear frantic energy and dominance of being fucked by a dog. The cock and knot, being tied, are wonderful and can be overwhelming. But there is also a sense of being fully dominated by a well-trained dog, being owned and controlled for his use only. I am sometimes able to split my focus while being fucked by a dog and also suck a man or dog at the same time. But there are times, with a good dog especially, that everything stops except being fucked. And then I can re-focus on using my mouth. I thoroughly enjoy men, and women but that is totally different, but dogs … they are very different, special.And mom had learned that, also. She might have been shocked at first. But now she knows. It is the reason why she didn’t just come to the house while we were at the estate to feed and walk Cody. It is the reason why she took him to her house, to have him close by, to have him available when she needed it and wanted it. It is also the reason she is here now. Three dogs, two she has never experienced. She got down and didn’t care which one came to her. Yes, even mom was now at that point …Once he was inside me he immediately started pumping, thrusting with urgency and frenetic energy. But I kept my hand read for a moment or two to make sure he was well into me and would remain joined. kocaeli escort bayan All these dogs were experienced and that really seemed to make the difference. The dog in the park was an example of inexperience and uncontrollable energy that causes some dogs to fail to maintain the joining with their wild thrusting. All of these dogs, though, were experienced and with me. They knew to get well into me, let their cocks expand and lengthen before going completely crazy. As this one was doing. His cock inside me, moving in and out, was growing. Growing in length and size, leaking his pre-cum which made the movements just that much easier, more comfortable. And especially with the knot coming, the pre-cum prepared the way for it to more easily slip in and then move once inside.Despite the fact that he was making short, quick thrust into me, he was pulled up to me so tight and he was growing in length that he was still deep and the short movements stayed deep but I could feel him inside, sliding inside as his size also increased. Soon, the knot would make that sensation totally change. But for now the short, strong strokes did their job and caused his cock to grow and fill me more and produce the pre-cum. And, as the strokes stimulated him to increase in size, it also stimulated the development of his knot. And I could feel it now bumping my cunt on the outside. With each stroke the knot pushed against my lips, each stroke stretching my lips further.Even as often as I have experienced this, the knot of a dog pressing at me, it feels extreme, intimidating, the essence of being dominated. It is like my cunt is being forced to accept something large enough that it shouldn’t be put inside. But once inside, it has the effect of binding me, controlling me until released. But not by my will, but by its.But the knot is also pleasure and thrilling. And feeling the knot bumping into my cunt with each thrust, being pushed at me with more intention and deliberate effort to gain access, I too wanted it inside. Like I always do. So, rather than pulling away from it, I push back into it. Adding my efforts with the dogs, adding additional pressure to the pressure the dog is applying. And I feel my body, my lips, my cunt itself, stretching and yielding to the pressure. Slowly but steadily gaining more of the knot ball inside, passing my lips and into me. I move my hips in any direction I can to try to help the knot wedge in, gaining access on one side and then the other, the top and the bottom. Until, finally, with relief and satisfaction of effort, the knot pops inside. And we both stop for a moment. Recover our focus, reposition to again drive for the finish which isn’t much longer.I feel his legs holding me relax, then he shifts slightly, grabs me firmly again and drives hard and fast. The knot now moving inside me and his cock also several inches deeper after getting the knot inside. The pre-cum continues to leak, lubricating more for the knot to easily slide into me. My body is also reacting as I feel him build his intensity once more. I am getting closer and closer, nearing the edge that going over will send me into a wonderful orgasm. Then I feel him tense outside, I feel his cock jerk, and him drive it deeper, as deep as he can get, and the spurts start and as they do, my orgasm takes hold, sending me into my own bliss. My arms and muscles shake, the small muscles quiver. My cunt is flexing around the cock and knot, flexing and relaxing, over and again.By the time he stops spurting his cum into me, I am riding my orgasm down, feeling the glow and the minor aftershocks as he moves with the knot still lodged inside me. And he does, testing the tie, wanting to move, to turn around. I let him, not wanting to control him like I sometimes do with Cody to stay on my back while his knot shrinks. As he turns, he pulls and the knot twists inside. The knot is wonderful in itself. Bumping, pulling, pushing against it brings new sensations, new pleasure reactions. And I indulge as I so often do. Keeping the sensations going, holding onto the glow of an orgasm.But, finally, he has shrunk enough that the dog pulls in a test of the tie and the knot is slipping out. Pulling my lips outward this time. And in doing so, releasing the overflow of dog cum from my used and gaping cunt hole. I have felt it so often and never seen what it actually looks like. That would be so interesting, to put a visual to such a familiar experience.I look over at mom, she is still tied to Cody but he looks ready to exit her, also. And moments later, he does. And a great gush of cum escapes from mom’s gaping cunt.With the dog off me, I sat back and looked at mom. She looked up and smiled. She sat back also. I said, “One more to go.”“How do we do that?”“I have an idea that could be fun if you are interested.”“Absolutely. Dear, you’re turning me into a dog-slut like you. Well, maybe not quite that much, but give me time.”We laugh. I am amused as much by my mom’s openness to sex, fucking and dog-fucking as much as the comment. “Like daughter, like mom, is that it? Okay, I want you to take the dog on all fours. I will slither underneath you and lick and suck the two of you.”“That could be messy.”“Yeah. But I am fascinated to see the knot go in. And out, too.”She got back onto all fours, resuming the position. The remaining dog was upon quickly, licking at her ass and cunt. And with the leakage, he was getting a lot to clean up. Eventually, he mounted mom. And at that point I crawled and wiggled under her so my head was directly below her cunt, now with a dog’s cock inside. He was punching and I moved my hand up to guide him into mom’s cunt. I heard her gasp when he penetrated her. What an interesting view. Right underneath mom’s cunt with the dog cock partially in. I was just reaching up when the cock slipped out, pulling cum with it right into my mouth and onto my chin. I laughed, grabbed the cock and re-inserted it. This time he got seated well in mom and started fucking.I had felt this very action with dogs many times but the feeling was unique and there was not perspective izmit escort to draw from. This gave a whole new perspective. The shape of the cock, going in and out, the balls hanging, and the slow emerging of the knot from the sheath until it was out and now being banged into mom’s cunt. The whole time I can hear mom groaning, moaning, sighing and gasping as the dog pounds into her.Soon I see the knot and it is not being pushed at her lips. I reach up with my head and kiss, lick and suck on mom’s clit and lips, then the cock and knot as it goes back and forth. Mom is making even more noise and I hear her groan and see her legs and arms shake as she goes into an orgasm. I continue to lick and suck on her clit. I feel the cock and knot sliding over my face. I pull back inches and see the knot going in. I take hold of mom’s clit between my thumb and finger and squeeze and rub. She is continuing to moan and shake. I watch in fascination as the knot is pushed harder at her and I see the lips spreading, the cunt opening further as the knot is pushed urgently at her. As I am watching, it is almost in. I say to mom, “Push back hard.” She does and the knot disappears into her. One minute it is right in front of my eyes, the next it is gone. But as the dog begins his fucking I see the effect of the knot on the inside. As the dog pulls back to ram back into her, her cunt is pull outward, I see the base of the knot just peeking out from the lips and then it is driven back in.Mom is still pushing back and the dog is getting jerky in his thrusting. I reach up and take a gentle hold of his balls and massage them. He almost immediately starts cumming. Mom groans, moans and gasps. I am rewarded with leaking cum out of mom’s cunt. I reach up and begin to lick their joining, sucking up what I can. The dog stops and mom quiets down.And everything is quiet except for some feet in the field grass and soft male voices approaching. I slide out from under mom and look. This I was not expecting. Tim said Mr. R was leaving today, but walking up to us from the house is indeed Tim and Mr. R. And mom is tied to one of his dogs, naked (like me) and out in the middle of the field.Mom gasped and hung her head when she looked to see what I was looking at as the other dog ran towards them. Mom said, “Michele, you said he was leaving today!”“That’s what Tim said. But, I guess I didn’t factor in that he own his plane and his flight schedule is what he says it is.”“And what am I going to do now? They can’t see me like this.”“Too late mom, but it’s no worse than what they have seen me do.”“I am not you, Michele.”I laughed and hugged her because I thought she needed it right then, but I couldn’t resist the comment, “Well, from their view point right now there probably isn’t much difference between us.”The dog was struggling upon seeing his master and the knot came popping out. Followed, of course, by a flow of cum from mom’s open and red cunt. I helped mom to her feet as the men got to us. Mom put an arm across her chest and the other hand in front of her crotch. I giggled and I walked up to Tim and kissed him, then the same to Mr. R.I stepped back to mom and let her stand behind me, more away from Mr. R than Tim. I said, “Well, this is certainly a surprise. I thought you were leaving today, Mr. R.”“I am, Michele. In fact Tim was driving me out to the airport and I insisted that he swing out here so I could see for myself what you had done to the place. Tim has been so glowing, especially about the gardens. I have to say, Michele, I am impressed. The property looks wonderful.”“Thank you, Sir.”I smirked and said, “And, as you can see, Sir, as I said last night, your dogs are ‘fitting in’ just fine around here.”“As I could plainly see. Aren’t you going to introduce us, Michele?”“Sorry, Sir, but she was taken quite by surprise.” I laugh and add, “She seems to think it is one thing for me to be seen fucking your dogs, but not if it is her.” Mom slaps me quite hard on the ass. I step to the side to expose mom and say, “Mr. Rodriguez, Carlos, I would like to present my mother, Barb.”He reached out his hand. She pulled her hand from her crotch to shake it but he used it pull her in for a kiss on each of her cheeks. Still holding her hand he looked her up and down and back up and raised her hand to his lips and kissed it. He said, “I must say, Barb, I hope I can call you Barb, I can certainly see where Michele’s beauty and grace and composure comes from.”Mom was blushing profusely. “Why thank you, Carlos.”“And I do apologize, sincerely, for the intrusion. I certain did not mean to create any discomfort for you.” Mom was now standing casually, still naked, in front of this man she had just been introduced to. Mr. R was looking down at her left hand hanging at her side. “Forgive me if I am forward, but your husband is a very lucky man, Barb. Now, again, I apologize for the unfortunate manner of our meeting for the first time but I must say, I am glad I had the opportunity. Until next time, Michele. Barb, good to see you.”I looked at mom and she was watching them leave. “God, Michele! I see what you mean about that man. He is enticing, handsome, and smooth. Clearly used to getting his way but very easy about it. Nothing abrasive or ‘in your face’.”“You have that right about him. Many men in his position would lord it over others. He likes what he likes but he is considerate of others. He is devoted to those he brings into his circle.”“I thought I was going to die when they came up and then standing there talking to him and being naked. But he was so considerate of the awkwardness of the situation. I see why you trust him so much.”“That is the intriguing and exceedingly hot part of exhibitionism. At the moment you think you will die of embarrassment, your heart races, your body reacts instantly. But then you don’t die. Afterwards, you are just left with the rush, the excitement.”“You amaze me, Michele. All the things you get into. But I guess it is having the trust to count on.”“Yes, between Tim and Mr. R, I am lucky to have such thoughtful, caring, trustworthy, and loving men to control me. I did tell you that, right mom? We have also given Mr. R control over me? I get goose bumps thinking about what might be coming for me.”* * * CHAPTER 14: EVENING WITH SHARON AND JOHN will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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