MILKING THE BRUTEIn a derelict industrial area of docks and warehouses, there is a tavern where blue-collar workers gather for lunch or a beer. Most of the men that go there are middle-aged, and some are unemployed. A friend told me that some of the unemployed men who frequent the tavern are available for sex as long as you pay them. “This is how it works,” my friend said. “Go to the tavern and tell the owner that you want to have a word with him. Tell him that you need some ‘milk’. He’ll know what you mean.”The following week I went to the tavern with some trepidation. I did what my friend said. The tavern owner gestured to me to follow him into a back room. As soon as he closed the door, he asked me what kind of man I had in mind. I told him I was looking for a husky man. He said: “I have the right man for you. He’s an unemployed stevedore… he’s built like an OX and HUNG like a BULL!” “Just what I’m looking ısparta escort for!” I told him. The tavern keeper went on: “It will cost you 100 dollars for the “milk” and 50 dollars for my commission.””That’s quite a hefty price” I protested.The man replied: “You want HEFTY balls, your pay hefty price – Take it or leave it!” I thought for a moment and then I said “I’ll take it!” while thinking of “bulls” with over-sized balls.The following Friday, I went to the tavern at 4.00 p.m. The tavern owner led me to a back room. It was a small windowless room with a table in the centre, a chair, and a couple of glass tumblers on the table. As I waited, I thought of the squalid neighbourhood I found myself in; the rough rednecks at the grubby tavern; the dingy room I was waiting in; and the sleaze and lust I was about to indulge in.After a while, a HUSKY, BURLY BRUTE came in without saying a word. He locked the door, escort ısparta took off his clothes, and climbed on the table. He knew what he was expected to do. He knelt on all fours in the doggy position, lowered his head on the table and turned it sideways, raised his backside all the way up, and DISPLAYED his HUGE balls from behind. I placed my hand under his balls – they were SO HEAVY and SO BULKY! I was turned on like hell! I took off my clothes in a hurry, drew the chair to the table, and placed my face directly behind the brute’s butt.”Show me your ass-hole!” I begged him. He spread his ass-cheeks and displayed ASS-HOLE. Mad with lust, I buried my nose between his ass-cheeks and BURROWED deep inside his hole, like a pig frantically digging for truffles with his snout.The kneeling brute grunted in approval. I grabbed his HUGE balls from behind and pulled them downwards gently but firmly as if ısparta escort bayan I were MILKING a GOAT! I played with his THICK, MEATY cock as I SMELT his ass-hole.I massaged the man’s THICK cock with forward urgent strokes while aiming it towards one of the glass tumblers under his cock. I put some of my saliva in the palm of my hand and smeared it all over his cock-head. The brute moaned with pleasure as I continued to TUG at his balls from behind. His cock grew THICKER and FATTER and his moans grew more plaintive. I knew he was close to cumming. I MILKED his balls with deliberate, persistent tugs in a downward direction and I aimed his FAT cock towards the glass tumbler.Deep, prolonged GRUNTS of BESTIAL LUST filled the room as the Brute SHOT JET AFTER JET OF CREAMY SPUNK into the tumbler. I continued to SIPHON the “MILK” from his balls until I had about an inch of FOAMY SEMEN in the clear drinking glass.After I had drained his balls, the man turned his head sideways and watched me as I held the glass to my mouth and SIPPED HIS PRECIOUS SPUNK! ——————————————————————————————————————

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