Missed Flight


Missed FlightMissed Flight(Jade)Jade was sobbing like she had been for the last two hours. Tori decided to take everyone on a trip but ‘forgot’ to give her the right time so she was left out. Tori hijacked all of her friends and boyfriend leaving her all alone.She hated being alone it drove her insane. When she can’t be with Beck she went through withdrawals. He was her heroin and now she was sitting in Beck’s RV in pain. ‘Why did Tori do this to me?’Jade knew she could be hard on Tori but just in a rival way, nothing truly evil. She was on Beck’s bed trying to get a hold of herself.(Robbie)Robbie was so mad he slept in and missed the flight all because Rex forgot to set the alarm. Since everyone was on vacation he needed something constructive to do. He thought for a while before remembering that he left his PS3 at Beck’s last weekend. Beck was nice enough to give him a key.(RV)Robbie had just put the key into the lock as he heard sobbing deep sobbing. Like someone was torturing someone it scared him.Robbie slowly opened the door and looked over the ledge to see Jade on Beck’s bed crying her heart out. He approached carefully, “Jade?”Jade didn’t hear him cone in but heard him call her name. “Robbie?”Robbie was at her side, “What happened?”Jade wiped her eyes franticly, “Fucking Vega gave me the wrong time and gate so I missed the flight.”Robbie just shook his head, “I doubt Tori-“He was cut off by Jade’s hands around his throat. “Yes she fucking did. I hate it when Beck takes her side and I will not sit here and take it from you. She has every guy under her spell because she flips her hair and wears short shorts that makes even me question my sexuality sometimes.”Robbie was struggling to breathe, “I… I’m s… or… ry”. It was hard to get it out with Jade squeezing harder whenever she mentioned Tori.Jade let go to see him gasping for air. She actually felt a little bad, “I’m sorry.”Robbie cut her off, “No I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have taken her side it is just hard to believe with her giving me blood and stuff.”Jade looked away, “Robbie, the first pint she gave I made disappear.”Robbie looked shocked, “I needed surgery and you did that so you can play a part in a play,” he was really angry even though everything turned out okay he was still in a lot of pain while he waited for that blood. “I can’t believe you Jade. What if I had died? I just can’t believe you don’t care enough about me to help me.”Jade started to cry again, “I am sorry. I just wanted to come clean.”Robbie stood up off the bed, “Well I have some things to confess to also Jade. Your play that that Asian lady paid for wasn’t her money… I paid for it. When I did Robberazzi Sinjin had a picture of you topless and wanted me to use it but I erased it. I also bought tickets for your play Clowns Don’t Bounce. There, happy? I’m glad our friendship means so much to you,” Robbie then stormed out of the RV not even caring to get his game console.Jade was in shock that he did all that for her and that Sinjin had a pic of her topless. ‘I can’t believe he did all of that. Jesus Christ I’m a terrible person how did I not notice how much he cared even though I make fun of him,’ Jade then went back to crying.Robbie on the other hand was pissed ‘How could she care so little of me? She is just a selfish bitch who uses people for her own gains.’Robbie just kept driving and didn’t stop for hours. He finally decided to get some comfort food in the form of ice cream.He sat in a booth in an empty Freezy Queen. He slowly ate his ice cream out of a bowl while stabbing it with a spoon. He didn’t even notice the cute blonde that walked next to his table, “How is everything?”Robbie just shrugged, “Fine,” he said in such a weak and pitiful voice that the girl sat across from him.”Come on let’s start with your name.”He just looked at her, “Robbie,” he said as little as possible.”Okay, Robbie. From the look in your eyes I think it has something to do with a girl.”Robbie smirked, “You are very good, but this isn’t just any girl it’s a girl who purposely stalled my surgery causing me extreme pain and possibly worse. She did all of this to get a part in a play.”The Goth just raised her eyebrows, “That isn’t that bad at least she isn’t cheating on you.”He just frowned, “She isn’t my girlfriend.””Wow. I know what you need to do.”He just shrugged uncaringly, “Tell me.””Apologize.”He nearly yelled, “You bahis firmaları don’t understand how much I have done for her and then she does that.”The girl shook her head, “If you ever want a real relationship you have to learn the woman is always right.”Robbie slumped, “I know that, but that rule doesn’t apply to life threatening situations.”Jade giggled, “Your funny. I am just saying go apologize.”Robbie took a bite of his ice cream, “I will after a day to let her stew.”Jade just shook her head, “You don’t want to do that the sadder she is the angrier she will be.”Robbie sighed, “Fine I guess I should she was pretty sad when I left.”(Jade)Jade was still in Beck’s RV trying to pull herself together. She tried calling everyone and couldn’t get a hold of anyone. Robbie was the only friend and he left her. She just kept sobbing praying for Robbie to forgive her.(Robbie)Robbie was pacing outside of the RV; he didn’t know what to say to her. ‘Should I just apologize then leave or run now?’ He finally opened the RV door and looked inside to see Jade clutching a pillow to her chest.He slowly walked over, “Jade I just want to say I’m sorry.”Jade looked up with bloodshot eyes, “Why are you saying sorry?”Robbie sat next to her, “I shouldn’t have snapped at you. I know how hard you have it since Tori came along.”Jade just nodded, “I am sorry that I didn’t see how much you’ve done for me.”Robbie started to rub her shoulder, “I do it because we are friends.”Jade finally stopped crying, “While you were gone I finally realized that you have done more than Beck has ever done.”Robbie looked away, “Jade I know you’re feeling lonely but Beck is your boyfriend, he should be here for you.”She sat up with fire in her eyes, “If Beck was a real boyfriend he wouldn’t have left without me. Do you know that during sex I’m lucky if I can get an orgasm?”Robbie’s mind went blank for a second, “Jade… I don’t want to talk about your sex life.”Jade looked him, “Have you ever had sex?”Robbie started to sweat knowing that this conversation will not end well. “Yes Jade I have.”She chuckled, “You sounded so formal like you haven’t.”Robbie started to get a little angry, “Jade, I am a sex addict.”Jade blinked confused at that, “What do you mean?”Robbie started to rub is face in nervousness, “I like to have sex a lot. I am friends with benefits with two girls in school, and we go at it for hours at a time.”Jade gasped ‘hours, that’s amazing. If only Beck could go an hour without finishing.'”Who are the girls?”Robbie started to look around, “Um… Trina and a girl from ballet class.””TRINA?! You had sex with Trina?”Robbie nodded embarresly, “Yes we do it every week last. Saturday we did it from 2-8 o’clock. She was so exhausted she nearly passed out.”He then almost forgot that he was talking to Jade and started to have some sexy flashbacks about his sex with Trina Vega.Jade was just gaping, “How could you? She is such an annoying thing, and treats you like crap?”Robbie just sighed, “She is just misunderstood.”Jade turned away from Robbie, “So you’re a man whore,” It wasn’t a question.”Jade I have a problem, and I talk to Lane about it every Wednesday. I’m not the only one with problems look at you.”Jade started to cry again, “What? You don’t know what you’re talking about.”Robbie leaned over her and gave her a small hug only to feel her stiffen in his arms, “I am sorry. I like you Jade, despite what you say and do to me.”Jade turned around and hugged him, “Do you like me more than a friend?”It was now Robbie’s turn to stiffen, “I can’t lie, yes I do. I have liked you since the day I saw you.”Jade kissed him, “Show me how much.”They started to kiss franticly while tugging on each other’s clothes. They were soon naked grinding on each other.Without warning, Robbie shoved his hardened member inside of Jade. Jade cried out as Robbie started thrusting his hips with amazing speed and force. Jade shut her eyes as tightly as possible and moaned through her teeth. She couldn’t fight the blush that formed across her cheeks as she felt her breasts bouncing up and down with every thrust Robbie made. Jade’s arms were pinned somehow; Jade found her hands holding her thighs as Robbie savagely thrust.”I- I can’t believe it,” Robbie grunted between thrusts. “I’m fucking Jade West!””Idiot, d- don’t say things like that,” Jade barely managed to say. It embarrassed her to hear kaçak iddaa something like that, especially from Robbie who wasn’t even her boyfriend.Robbie pulled back and thrust deep within Jade’s sex, causing Jade to cry out. “You don’t like to hear that Jade? Don’t you like the fact you’re being fucked by me?”‘Wow Robbie talks dirty. I like it.’ Jade blushed and screamed as Robbie continued his relentless thrusting.She was enjoying it, but to admit it was shameful for the Goth teen. Suddenly, Jade was rolled over quickly. She almost didn’t have enough time to put her hands out to catch herself. Unfortunately for her, Robbie continued fucking the gothic girl less than a second after she did.’God no,’ Jade mentally screamed to herself. ‘This is my favourite position!’Jade’s back arched, causing her to stick her bouncing breasts out as Robbie thrust deep inside of her sex. Robbie was slowly losing himself in the sea of pleasure. With each plunge, Jade got increasingly weaker. Her arms began to shake violently under her own weight before they eventually gave out. Jade fell onto her elbows, allowing Robbie more leverage as he leaned further forward to go deeper inside her. Jade clenched her jaw as tightly as possible, but eventually the pleasure got the better of her. Her mouth opened up, her tongue hung out and she moaned and panted heavily as Robbie violated her.”T- t- t- this feels amazing,” Robbie shouted, a perverted, satisfying grin coming over his face. “Doesn’t this feel good Jade?” Robbie leaned forward to look on Jade face and he was rather surprised. Jade’s breasts were puffed out and her tongue hung out from her mouth. Robbie grinned deviously then leaned back and continued thrusting as hard as he could. “You like this, Jade?””I love it,” Jade shouted. “Your dick feels so good Robbie! Fuck me more!”Robbie snickered proudly to himself then continued pounding away. Jade moved one of her arms underneath her body, using her index finger to play with her clit. Robbie grunted with shock as he felt Jade tighten around his member.”J- Jade,” Robbie choked out. “You’re getting so tight!” Robbie panted heavily as he thrust as much as he could with Jade squeezing down on his cock. Jade let out a shaky moan as Robbie groaned, tightening his grip around Jade’s waist. “I’m gonna cum Jade!”Jade either didn’t hear or care. Robbie thrust his hips three more times before his hips bucked and his cock twitched. The boy’s rod twitched violently before it started spraying Jade’s womb with his cum. Jade’s eyes widened as she felt Robbie cumming inside her.Jade arched her back, threw her head up and screamed with the warm sensation that filled her womb. Robbie leaned forward, lying on Jade’s back as he continued little thrusts into her sex, firing as much cum into her beautiful body as he could. Jade raised her arm up and turned her head, bringing hers and Robbie’s lips together as the boy filled her up with his sperm.”So much cum,” Jade moaned out. “This is the best. I like cum.””I’m not finished with you yet Jade,” Robbie exclaimed as he pounced her again. “I’m going to fuck you until the sun comes up!”With that said Robbie entered Jade’s pussy again and commenced fucking her.Jade sighed heavily as she watched Robbie lying on the bed with a huge grin on his face.”Fucking amazing Jade… That was so good,” Robbie moaned out as drool poured from his mouth.”Good lord,” Jade sighed as she looked at the boy’s still hardened cock.Jade sighed again as she dragged Robbie to the corner of the room. She sat Robbie up against a wall, his cock sticking straight up in the air. She lied down on her stomach and removed her bra, allowing her breasts to bounce freely. Jade wrapped her melons around Robbie’s cock and started to rub slowly, allowing the moisture of their bodies from the sex to act as a lubricant. She started to increase the speed slowly, feeling Robbie’s cock throbbing and heating up like crazy. Jade blushed before Robbie started to fire long strings of cum all over her face. Jade closed her eyes and blushed even more as the boy’s dick kept firing. Jade opened one eye, and realized that she was still rubbing Robbie’s cock. She quickly pulled away, leaning away from the boy who was still grinning and moaning to himself.Jade then got a string of cum on her finger, still blushing furiously. Beck’s thing never heated up or throbbed whenever Jade kaçak bahis gave him a boob-job, or whenever she did ANYTHING for that matter. Not only that, but Beck was never able to cum this much before. She put her finger in her mouth and licked Robbie’s cum off, her face burning brightly with embarrassment. Hell, the boy even tasted a hell of a lot better than Beck. Jade looked at Robbie’s cock, and it didn’t wilt in the slightest. ‘I guess he was serious about the sex addict thing.”Okay, so, he appreciates my body more, he has more cum than Beck, tastes better, and doesn’t go limp after one shot maybe I should reconsider boyfriends.’Jade moved up to Robbie than positioned herself in his lap. She had one hand on his shoulder, using the other to line herself up. Slowly, Jade lowered herself, allowing Robbie to enter inside of her. Jade groaned through her teeth, surprised as could be at how big Robbie was inside of her. Jade went all the way down until Robbie was completely inside of her. She started to breathe slowly, trying to get use to the boy’s shape inside of her. Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed her by the waist. Jade gasped and looked down, seeing Robbie’s hands grabbing her.”What the…?”Robbie started to thrust his hips upward, causing Jade to cry out with shock and pain. Robbie soon started to pound Jade’s sex with all his might, driving Jade crazy. Jade placed her hands on the ground behind her and started to bounce, deciding it would be better than Robbie hammering her pussy relentlessly. Jade’s eyes rolled up in the back of her head as she bounced, her breasts jumping up and down, on Robbie’s cock.’H-how is it that this feels so good?'”Jade’s pussy,” Robbie droned to the naked women with him. “It feels so good.”Jade blushed at Robbie’s word as her sex started to tighten around Robbie’s dick. She felt Robbie’s cock throb like a drum before it started firing again inside of her. Jade threw her head back and screamed with ecstasy. Jade lowered herself completely on Robbie’s base again and let him fire his cum inside of her. She didn’t move an inch, but Robbie’s dick was firing endless amounts of cum inside her. Jade moaned shakily as the last few rounds of cum went off inside her.”Oh god that felt so good,” Robbie grinned and chuckled to himself.(Another hour later)Jade was wrecked Robbie had just blown another load inside of her and she was out of it. “Robbie, I feel warm inside.”Robbie laid next to her and pulled her closer, “Jade that was the best sex ever.”She just nodded, noticing the feeling of cum seeping out of her pussy and onto the mattress. “Robbie, I have never had that kind of sex before. I love you.”Robbie was shocked, “What about Beck?”She laughed, “Fuck Beck. You made me feel a million times better than he ever did, or could.”Robbie smiled at the compliment, “Does that mean you want to date?”She smiled, “Yes. I don’t want you to ever have sex with another woman again. Including Trina.”Robbie laughed, “Then you better be ready to fulfil my every desire.”Jade just kissed his neck and huskily whispered, “Yes, I want to have a permanent limp.”He kissed her temple, “I will do that.”They both laughed and had another round of sex before sleeping.(3 weeks later when the gang got back)Beck couldn’t find Jade and since he came back in California. He couldn’t get a hold of her since he was in prison.He knew Jade wouldn’t go home since her parents hated her and since she wasn’t at his RV where could she be. He called Robbie only to get his voice mail.(Two days later back at H.A.)Beck saw Jade by Robbie’s locker with a smile bigger than anything he ever seen before. He walked over, “Hey babe.”Jade glared at him, “Beck.”He noticed the cold tone, “Sorry I couldn’t get a hold of you I was in prison.”Jade shrugged, “I don’t care. I just want to say it’s over between us.”He was shocked, “What do you mean?””It is over since you were gone I got closer with Robbie and we’re dating now.”He started to chuckle, “Good one Jade.”Jade just glared daggers, “I’m not k**ding, ever since you’ve been gone he’s been fucking me senseless so I’m done with you.”Robbie then walked over to Jade and kissed her hard then looked at Beck, “Hey Beck.”Beck lifted a fist only to have a pair of scissors in his face, “Try and hurt the father of my c***d and I’ll kill you.”Robbie nearly fainted, “You’re pregnant?”Jade turned and smiled, “Yup, three weeks, the day you and me got together.”Robbie hugged Jade making Beck leave, pissed off that he could threaten Robbie. But secretly happy for them.Robbie kissed her, “I love you.”Jade smiled, “I love you too.”End

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