MOM SQUIRTSThere’s no denying that my mother is a very beautiful woman.At 45 years old, she’s able to turn more heads touring my college campus than women half her age. And for good reason too, because simply put, she’s hot. I couldn’t blame anyone for checking her out because of how busty she looked with her voluptuous breasts and her shapely rear end. And as a real estate agent, she would always dress in tight fitting professional business outfits which brought out her curves even more. Her long wavy brown hair, blue eyes, and full lips, made her look even more desirable. But what made her even sexier was that she never tried to act sexy. She’s about as prim & proper and classy as a woman can get.Now I’ll admit, I’ve masturbated thinking about my own mother a few times in my life, and have had my fair share of naughty fantasies about her. How could I not? I lived with her and saw her everyday. And soon, I was about to find out a little more about her…My Mother SquirtsIt was early Saturday morning. I grabbed my small hamper full of dirty clothes are carried them down to the basement to toss in the washing machine, only to find that my mother had beaten me by a few short moments.”I had no idea you would be up so early on a weekend,” she said as she shoved her bed sheet in the washing machine. “I was going out to the gym later and I realized that I forgot to do my laundry,” I replied”Oh. I hope you don’t mind me going first. It won’t be too long.””I don’t mind at all. And are you washing your sheets again? Didn’t you wash them a few days ago?” I asked.Her eyebrows raised as little. “I did, but I was sweating all night because of the warm weather. And the last thing I want to do is lay on fabric filled with perspiration.”I couldn’t put my finger on it, but my mother seemed to be unusually evasive and dodgy on such a simple question.”No problem. I’ll come back in an hour.”***MOM’S SQUIRTING***When I headed back upstairs, I couldn’t help but notice something down the hall in my mother’s bedroom. It stood straight up on the counter right next to her bed, and it was shiny and silver. My curiosity got the better of me and I walked inside my mother’s room to find a vibrator on full display.My mind started racing with lewd thoughts as I held up her sex toy, which looked like it hadn’t been cleaned yet from her using it. Finding out that my conservative mother owned something like this was both shocking and erotic at the same time. She’s obviously human and has her needs like everybody else, but this was just something I never imagined her owning considering how modest a person she is. “You obviously weren’t supposed to see that,” I heard my mother say behind me.I turned to see her with standing by the door with a deflated and embarrassed look on her face.”It’s my fault for not putting it away,” she added. “I didn’t think you would be awake at this hour.””Mom, I’m so sorry for coming inside you room like this. It’s just that I…” I realized that I was still holding her vibrator, and when I turned back around to put it back on the table, I noticed a wet spot in the middle of her bed.”You weren’t supposed to see that either. God this is so humiliating. I feel like I’m having the worst morning of my life right now,” she said, shaking her head in disbelief.”It’s okay mom, lot’s of women squirt,” I replied, trying to make her feel better.”Great, this is exactly what I need right now- my son giving me reassurance about my bodily fluids,” she said sarcastically.”I was just trying to ease the tension. Honestly, I think it’s so hot.”Her eyes widened in surprise of my candor. “I really don’t know what’s gotten in to you this morning. Just because you saw something personal of mine doesn’t give you the right to make whatever inappropriate comments you want towards me.” “I wasn’t trying to offend you. I was trying to make you feel better because of how embarrassed you looked over it. And I really do think it’s hot. It’s one of my favorite fantasies,” I proudly admitted.”Well it’s good to know that there are still some men out there who actually appreciate it. Some of the men I’ve dated have ran for hills when they first saw it,” she replied “That’s a real shame. A woman like you really does need to be appreciated. Seriously, I think it’s an amazing talent that more people should enjoy watching.””And I suppose you’re referring to yourself,” she said with a skeptical look on her face.”Well not exactly. But now that you mention it, it might be kind of fun for the both of us. I’ve been dying to see it in real life, and you sound like you want someone to appreciate what you can do. So what’s the harm?”She paused for a long moment and gave me a look which only a mother could give; it was the look of a mother giving in to her son’s needs.”Fine…I don’t see a problem with that,” she said. “It’s been a while since I’ve entertained someone with it.”My mom lifted and reached under her night gown to pull her panties down to her ankles before kicking it away. She then grabbed the chair in front of her computer and pulled it to face the bottom of the bed.”You can only sit here and watch me on two conditions. One is that you never tell ANYONE about this- EVER.””Of course not. I would never do that to you” canlı bahis I told her, with my heart beating with excitement.”Good. And the other condition is that you drop your pants as well. You don’t have to get completely naked, just having your bottom off will do. I refuse to be the only one exposed here. And you can pleasure yourself if you want, I don’t mind.”I didn’t hesitate for a second in pulling my shorts and underwear off. Her eyes immediately roamed around my growing erection which she hadn’t seen in a very, very, long time, and I sat down on the chair as instructed.She reached over to the top of her dresser and grabbed a towel, which she unfolded and spread across her bed. She then lifted her gown, exposing her naked thighs and her neatly trimmed vagina to me, before sitting on top of the towel with her upper back pressed up against wall with her pillow behind her. Her knees were up and her legs were spread wide open, giving me an intimate look at her vagina from where I sat. She started off by rubbing her fingers up and down her brown labia. And each time she would rub herself, I was able to see a little bit more of her pink insides. And the more she would rub, the wetter she became. Her fingers, labia, and pubic hairs all started to glisten with traces of her clear fluids.My erection became even harder as she reached over to pick up the vibrator on her counter top. She turned it on and the room became filled with it’s buzzing sound. She slowly brought it down to her crotch and the moment she pressed it against her clitoris, her legs began to twitch and her mouth slightly opened, and her eyes widened. The buzzing tip of the vibrator circled around her engorged clit and more fluids seemed to secrete from inside of her. Soft and subtle groans began exiting her mouth.She spread her legs even further, opening her vagina. I was surprisingly treated to the sight of my mother’s tiny brown anus, but my attention immediately found it’s way back to her vagina as she pressed the active vibrator against the pink inside of her flesh. She suddenly pushed the toy in to her vaginal opening, causing her back to arch in the process. Once her canal had adjusted to the vibrating object, she slowly began to use it in-and-out of her body, masturbating with it for both my pleasure and hers.I couldn’t believe that I was jerking off to the graphic and surreal sight of my mother pleasuring herself with a sex toy. It took every ounce of my own strength not to jerk off furiously and cum right away. I did it slowly. I didn’t want to finish to soon. I wanted to watch my mother squirt first, so I savored the moment.After several long and tense minutes of her letting me in to her private little world, her toes suddenly started to curl and her feet clenched tightly. Her mouth opened even wider and loud moans escaped her lips. She clenched her eyes shut tightly and her legs began to quiver. She was cumming. A sudden rush of fluids began gushing out from the insides of her vagina and onto the towel below her. She let out a scream of pleasure as more streams of clear fluids shot out from her body, this time spraying far enough to wet the carpet, nearly touching my leg. Her body thrashed violently on the bed as her hand holding the vibrator continued it’s work. Once it was over, she took the toy out of her body, leaving behind an empty hole which was still gushing like a small water fountain, slowly dying down with every squirt. The shivering in her legs faded away as well, and the look on her face suddenly became calm.I furiously stroked my cock after I had seen my mother cum. And for the very first time since she started masturbating, she shifted her eyes towards me, watching me. My throbbing cock erupted with a huge orgasm of it’s own, shooting load after load of cum straight into the air and onto my body and floor. It was easily one of the best orgasms of my life thanks to my mother.She then used a side of the towel to dry her crotch before getting out and bed and walked towards me. If what we did wasn’t taboo enough, she put a single finger at the end of my now flaccid penis and wiped across my shaft, collecting my sperm at the tip of her hand before putting it on her tongue. “You taste good,” she said, savoring my cum in her mouth. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to shower.”With that said, she turned around and walked to her bathroom while I sat and watched her round ass jiggle as her legs moved.***THAT NIGHT***My mother called me down for dinner as soon as she came home after spending the day with her friend. Her back was facing towards me as she prepared the plates in the kitchen, and so I walked behind her and gave her a big hug, cupping her breasts in my hands. “I’ve missed you,” I playfully whispered in her hear, before kissing it.”Oh cut it out,” she said as she jokingly slapped my arm. “Don’t forget that I’m still your mother and not your girlfriend okay.”I gave her another kiss. “I know, but I’ve thought about you all day.”She picked up the plates and placed them on the dining table, smiling. “Believe me, I’ve thought about you all day as well. Come on, let’s eat.”I did as she asked and sat across from her. “Can I ask you something?””Of course you can.””Why did you let me watch you bahis siteleri earlier. I mean, I obviously loved it and I’m really glad I got to see it, but I was curious as to what you got out of it.” She smiled. “Maybe I liked having someone watch me; someone who appreciates what I can do down there. It’s a deal breaker for a lot of men because they think it’s weird or that I’m peeing on them or their bed.” “Yeah, most guys don’t know how to appreciate a woman who squirts. But for me, seeing it for the first time and so up close- my god. That’s something I’ll never forget.””I’m glad. And trust me, I’ll never forget that either. There are certain barriers that should be between mothers & sons, and that was definitely one of them.””I understand what you mean. I’m sorry if that part upset you.””Who says I didn’t like it?” she replied with a naughty grin.”Oh…you have no idea how much it turns me on to know that you got such a kick out of it.””Why wouldn’t it have?” she asked. “A few hours ago I masturbated and had a messy orgasm for my son’s viewing pleasure. Men aren’t the only ones with i****t fantasies you know?”Hearing my mother say that sent a tingle down my spin and got my blood flowing. “God, you have no idea how bad my hormones are raging right now. Is there any chance we could eat later and continue what we did earlier? Mom, I’m begging you.”She reached over and playfully patted my leg. “Well unfortunately I’m still drained after this morning’s show, so you’ll have to count me out for the night. But if I’m in the mood, who’s to say that we can’t try new things tomorrow?”***OUTDOOR FUN***”Wake up…I’ve got a fun afternoon planned for us,” I hear my mother say as she pulled my curtains open to let the sun’s bright rays into my room.”Jeez mom, it’s 7 am,” I groaned.”I know. But I thought we’d go for a long drive and then go for a hike, followed by a nice picnic lunch. And if no one is around, I figured we could, you know, have some outdoor fun….but if you don’t want to….”I immediately became alert and jumped out of bed. “Well why didn’t you say so?! I’ll be ready in 10 minutes.”***My mother and I had our picnic on an open field of grass. She was barefoot and wore a white sundress with pictures of yellow flowers on it. We had a nice casual conversation, but of course, my mind was on other things…”So what does it feel like?” I asked.”I’m assuming you’re talking about my orgasms.”I nodded.She paused for a moment, as if to think of a detailed and personal answer. “Intense. It feels intense. It feels like I’m ready to burst down there, but in an extremely pleasurable way – a pleasure that takes over my whole body. And when I reach my climax and those fluids squirt out of my body, there’s just nothing like it. The squirting is the best part.””I love how you described it like it. It’s so erotic listening to you explain this. Can you tell me more? How often do you use your vibrator? Do you squirt every time?”She smiled, “Your curiosity towards me is so adorable. And if you must know, since I’ve been single these past few months, I’ve been masturbating with my toy every-other-day at least. I usually do it in the bathtub so I don’t have to clean anything up, but it’s not as comfortable as doing it on my bed. And I can only squirt if I’m aroused enough.” “That’s so hot. And to think, I’ve lived with a woman like you my whole life and I never had a chance to appreciate your talent until yesterday.””Well like I said, I’m your mother and you’re my son, and there are boundaries we should have. I mean, if anyone ever found out about this; my family, my friends, the people I work with…I would be absolutely ruined…””Trust me, no one will ever know. And why should they? It’s none of their business. The only thing that matters is that we both had an amazing experience yesterday. And I’m not ashamed to admit it, but the fact that you’re my mother makes this whole thing even better. I know you feel the same way deep down.”She paused for a moment, and without saying a word, she got on her knees and wrapped her fingers around the bottom of her sun dress. And in a swift and graceful motion, she flung the dress over her head to reveal her nakedness to me. She had clearly been preparing for this moment between us.My eyes took in her bare body as fast as I could. Her skin was fair and smooth. She was voluptuous, with womanly curves around her hips and waist. And I noticed that her crotch was now cleanly shaven. But what excited me more than anything at this point was seeing her large breasts for the very first time. They hung straight down and sagged just the right amount and were oval shaped on the bottom. I especially loved seeing the contrast between the pale white skin of her chest, and the dark brown color nipples and areolas. Her areolas must have been around two-inches wide and her nipples were the largest I’ve ever seen.”Do you promise that no one will ever find out?” she asked with a mischeivious grin.”God no, not if that means we can’t do this anymore. Mom, you have no idea how hard I am right now. You’re body is perfect. You’re the woman of my dreams.”She smiled. “Thank you. And I’m glad you’re erect because since I don’t have my vibrator with me, I was thinking maybe we güvenilir bahis could use your cock instead.” My cock became even stiffer when I heard my mother say that. My life long dream of fucking my mother was finally about to come true. “The look on your face says you’re interested,” she continued. “So let’s not waste a second longer. Now take your clothes off.”I got on my feet and got naked for my mother in no time, sending my clothes straight on to a pile where her dress was. She held onto my hand and led me towards the trees. We were completely and utterly vulnerable for anyone who would have caught us at that very moment. We were far away from our clothes and were in the nude. It would have appeared to anyone who would have caught us that we were just a random couple having fun being naked in the outdoors, but no one could have guessed that we were in fact, mother & son.”Sit here,” she said, pointing towards the bottom of a tree. “Lean against it. I have an idea.”I did as she asked, sitting bare on the soft grass, while leaning my back against the smooth tree with my hard-on pointed straight in the air. My heart started pounding as my mother then stood over me and lowered herself onto my body. Before she was able to sit on my lap, she held my cock up and guided it towards her open vagina. A small gasp escaped her lips as I entered her. She felt warm and wet. She lowered herself until her entire body weight was on me and I had fully penetrated her with my manhood. We sat face-to-face with my arms wrapped around her for a moment while she was getting comfortable with me inside of her. “God this feels amazing,” I told her. “I’ve fantasized about doing this with you for so long. But I never thought it would actually happen.”She clenched her vaginal muscles as I said that, making herself feel even tighter for me- teasing me. “Don’t you think I know that? I’m your mother, I know more about you than you think. Besides, a woman knows when a man is turned on by her, even if he tries to hide it.”I let out a moan as she gave a small thrust forward with her hips. “Mom, please fuck me already. I can’t wait any longer.”Her eyes quickly became filled with lust and arousal. We looked deeply in each others eyes as she began gyrating her hips with my hard cock inside her. I moved my arms down to squeeze her ass so that we could fuck even harder, and we did as her hips thrusted even more. I had never experienced anything so taboo or passionate in my life than at that moment having sex with my mom. Our heart rates picked up and we could feel each others breath on our faces. She then leaned her body forward, pressing her full breasts on to me while continuing to gyrate her hips to fuck me.”I”m about to cum,” I moaned after several long minutes.She lifted herself off of me and brought my hand to her vagina. “Rub my clit…rub it…I want to orgasm so bad. I’m going to squirt so hard for you…”I pressed my thumb against her swollen clitoris and started furiously rubbing it up and down as fast as I could. Her eyes rolled back for a moment before she squeezed them shut, while her mouth opened as wide as possible. A sudden rush of fluids began gushing from her body as she yelled out loud for anyone to hear. Her orgasm was more intense than yesterday, and her squirting produced a lot more ejaculation as well, completely soaking the lower half of my body. After a few more long streams of squirt exited her body, the tenseness she had disappeared and she had a look of sexual ecstasy on her face, while small traces of fluids continued leaking from her vagina. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t hold back anymore and shot a huge load of my own cum inside my mother’s vagina. And the fact that her orgasm had subsided meant that my seed would be headed straight to her womb- the place where I was conceived. ***She laid her naked body onto mine after we both came together. We were still crying to catch our breathes when she then pressed her face against mine and our lips met for the very first time.”Thank you. That was the most intense feeling of my life,” my mother said in between kisses. I wrapped my hands behind her head and pulled her towards me so I could kiss her a few more times. “I’ve never felt anything like that either. It was so amazing.””I’m not on the pill,” she bluntly stated. “I didn’t intend on things going this far between us and I didn’t think I would need it.””So what you going to do if…you know…”She smiled. “I’ve never been with a man who made me feel so special. Whatever happens, I would be happy with the outcome. But for now, let’s enjoy this wonderful moment between us.”***EPILOGUE: SIX MONTHS LATER***My mother became pregnant after we had sex in the outdoors. She never told anyone who the father was. Whenever she was asked about it, she simply said that she went to a clinic to get fertilized, not caring what anybody thought of her.We also continued our i****tuous relationship with each other, and my mom never had to worry about finding a man to appreciate how much she could squirt. I later found out that she turned down several dates with other men because of how happy we were with together. Her getting pregnant made us even closer, both emotionally and sexually. The sex we had became more erotic as her breasts became heavier, and her large nipples and areolas became even larger. The milk that she was producing was also able to spice up our sex life with each other.But that’s another story… The End

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