Mommy and I Pt. 1 – family Davey Series


Mommy and I Pt. 1 – family Davey SeriesIf you don’t like family stories then this series isn’t for you, TURN BACK NOW!My name is Davey. I’m eighteen years old, I have an average athletic body, Blonde hair, Blue eyes,and an average size cock(8 inches).I live in Russia with my family. My Dad has inherited a huge estate and moved here to get a hugehouse and property. That day my Dad was in Germany on a business trip. My Mom was out with friends shopping, my brother and sister were at college; So when I came home from school I was alone in our house and decided to watch a movie. By the time 14:00 had hit I was bored and decided to masturbate.I went up to my room, jumped onto my bed, and opened up my laptop, that was stocked full of porn. I picked out a video that was of 2 girls in a school bathroom that where eventually caught be their gym teacher. Around the time the teacher was getting fucked I got hard enough to wank, so I pulled my pants and underwear down, took off my shirt and went to work.I grabbed my lube and squeezed it on the very top of my dick. The cold lube made mydick flinch. I rubbed my head and began to go down my shaft, slowly. When I got my whole dicklubed up I started to really get into it. Especially since I was home alone; I made lots of noises. moaning really loud. I gripped my dick hard and rubbed up and down. Being sure to jerk my dick, pulling my head down. After about 10 minutes of this I was close to cumming when I heardsomething; I looked up and saw nothing but a darkened hallway through my open door so I assumed I was loosing it. I continued masturbating, pulling down hard on my cock and massaging my balls. 5 minutes later I was coming close. My balls tightened up and my dick had a seizure! Hot white streams of cum squirted all over me. My cum was all over my chest. I took my fingers and licked my cum up. My cum was always hot and gooey; and for some reason always tasted like Cinnamon! I put my clothes back on and finished my video.When the video was done I hadn’t gotten another boner so I went outside to play some basketball. When I came in 2 hours later(around 19:00) and went up stairs to take a shower, canlı bahis I looked outside and my mom’s car wasn’t there so I figured she was still out. I went into my bathroom and took my clothes off to shower. I caught my image in the mirror and had a flashback to when I fucked my sister. I got really horny so I ran into my brother’s room and grabbed his Fleshlight. I got into the shower (my shower is about the size of a regular bathroom) and went over to the corner, put some of my lube on my cock, threw it out of the shower, slid the Fleshlight onto my cock and jerked my cock vigorously. I was in the shower for about 5 minutes before I started to get an intense feeling that someone was watching me, I looked around. From where I was I couldn’t see much… But I COULD SEE the MIRROR. I saw a pink bathrobe on the floor, which belonged to my mother.I was utterly shocked! There was NO WAY that bathrobe was there when I walked in! I had torealize that my mom was/is standing there watching me!I there was no way I could finish wanking now so I jumped up and grabbed my towel. My mom hadn’t expected this and I found her by the door, on the floor, rubbing her pussy with my lube bottle.“What the fuck?!” I said covering my eyes trying not to look at her pussy “Mom!?! What the fuckdo you think you’re doing??”I could tell my mom was shocked by the sound of her voice “Oh my God!” My momcouldn’t think of anything else to say.”Oh my God!””Oh my God!””Oh my God!””Oh my God!”My mom ran away to her room, whilst I stood there laughing… after all that happened Ishe forgot to take the lube bottle out of her pussy…I got dressed and went to my moms room. I could hear her crying. I opened the door andwalked in. She was sitting on the floor up against her bed. I walked over to my mom”Mom, what the fuck where you thinking?”She just shrugged her shoulders and sobbed.I felt really embarrassed for her so I calmed down and just asked her for my lube.”Um… Listen mom, I’m really sorry but I’m willing to forget this if you give me back my lube.”She looked up at my confused. I pointed down to her pussy and she saw. My mom laughed and handed it back to bahis siteleri me. I said goodbye to her and walked out.I kept thinking to myself ‘Why?’. Half way to my room I remembered the lube. It was stillwet. Really wet. I instinctively smelt my fingers. It smelled really REALLY GOOD; almost heavenly! I licked my fingers curiously and sure enough, it tasted better than it smelt. Even better than my sisters juice. I got really hard whilst licking my fingers… So hard I came right in my pants!I still don’t know why to this day, but I turned around and went back to my moms room,thinking If I fucked my sister, why can’t I fuck my mom? I came back to her room and she was still up against the bed but no longer crying. I got a really good look at her. I saw her in a way I never saw her before. She was really beautiful… Her blonde hair was so curly it was sexy! My moms face was like Kim Kardashian mixed with Megan Fox, just stunning!”Hey mom.””Oh, Davey… What are you doing?””I really don’t know…” I was debating over whether or not to run out or tell her “…I think I’ve changed my mind.””Davey, this isn’t funny.” Something told me that my mom was getting hopeful.”I’m serious mom… I can’t believe it either.”My mom stood up and I got a really good look at her body. At her age of 38, she was really hot. Her curves were perfect. You could stare at her hips and get a boner! But my moms chest was even hotter! Her tits were about a 34D and perfect as ever! Her nipples were even better! While her tits are the best part of her chest, her pussy was the best part of her body. Just from where I was standing I could tell how tight it was. Her pussy was in between a Predator Pussy and a Big Pussy. “Davey, don’t fuck with me!” Her voice got more hopeful.”I wish I was… But I really want you mom.” I explained that her juices made my cum.”I can give you much more if you want…” My mom reached down and rubbed her pussy.All I could do was shake my head ‘yes’.”Come to the bed, Davey.””Fuck yeah.”I went over to the bed and climbed on top of my mom. Her skin felt soft and smelled likepeaches:). I fell onto of her and we began french kissing for güvenilir bahis what seemed like 10 minutes. I was really hard by now and her tits felt really good in my hand. But I had to have that pussy squeezing my cock! I slid my pants off and stuck head into her pussy…”Fuck yeah son! Let me have it! Teach your mom a lesson!”Her pussy felt so good that something came over me… Something I could only describe as wild. I wildly began fucking my mom’s pussy, sliding my cock in and out of her tight pussy. With every thrust came a”Oh yeah!” or a “Fuck yeah!” from my mom. If I was thinking clearly I would have been moaning like crazy! But I was so distracted with my moms pussy that it simply wasn’t possible to think.At some point my mom gripped my ass tightly, digging her fingers into my ass. I became a gorilla! There was no stopping me. I thrusted so fast my mom couldn’t handle it! I still wasn’t thinking clearly, but I felt my mom’s pussy get really wet. I found out she screams loudly when she has an orgasm. Scream after scream, I was fucking my moms brains out! In the back of my head I counted 15 orgasms. I still had yet to reach one. But my fucking never stopped. I grew wilder and wilder trying to cum! After what seemed like an hour I finally felt it!My balls were tightening like nothing I had ever felt before! My hormones got the hold of me and I fucked her faster! She screamed her loudest scream, so loud it got me back into the real world. I felt like my dick was going to explode!”Fuck mom! I’m going to Fucking cum!!!””Fuck me Davey! FUCK YOUR SLUTTY MOM!!!”With that I thrusted harder than I’ve ever done before… I came like a firehose in my momspussy! I pulled out after 5 seconds and it was still going strong!”AW Davey! Give that here!”My mom took hold of my cock and guided it to her tits, it was still going strong. She aimed my dick at her mouth and swallowed all my cum just like a slut. When I was done my dick was as limp as it could be. I fell off my mom.I looked up and saw her coming at my dick.”Looks like I missed some Davey!”I put my head back down and realized how sweaty I was. I made an attempt to get backup but my mom’s mouth prohibited that. It felt so good to have my limp dick in her mouth! So good I closed my eyes and fell asleep…Like this story? Hate this story? Why not comment what you did/didn’t like about it?

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