Mommy Takes Me to the Doctor Ch. 03


A quick note: My stories aren’t for everyone. If you don’t like petite women with huge breasts, incest or totally unrealistic scenarios (including the use of the word “Mommy”), they probably aren’t for you. If you like those things, great — vote and leave a comment if you want! If you don’t like them, go elsewhere. Thanks. (All characters are over 18 years old.)


NOTE: This is part 2 — the final chapter — of an epilogue to Mommy Takes Me to the Doctor. Enjoy.

After a quick cleaning up and putting back on of clothes, the threesome — Brian, his girlfriend Bethany and his Mommy — entered the office. As they sat down on the plush velvet chairs that outfitted Dr. Morgan’s office, the doctor turned first to Bethany, her daughter.

“Well, it’s nice to see you again, young lady,” she said with a wink. Since graduating from high school, Bethany had worked for her mother as an assistant, but all of that had changed when Brian and his mother became patients. After participating in their epic first “treatment” session — during which Bethany had jerked off Brian while he started at his huge-titted mother’s body writhing in orgasm — she had, to her surprise, fallen for the younger boy. One thing had led to another and she was now basically spending all her time with the mother-son duo. She had become a second fucktoy for her young boyfriend. When she had decided to wear a “Please Fuck Me” t-shirt and short skirt to the appointment, it hadn’t even crossed her mind what people would think as she walked down the street — or what her own mother would think for that matter. She simply wanted to please Brian.

“Moooooom,” the young woman whined, rolling her eyes like a teen just told to clean her room.

“Oh, I’m just kidding around,” the doctor said. “I know you’ve been having fun with these two, as you should. He’s a VERY lucky young man. Sweetheart, you are a sex goddess. I know I shouldn’t take about my own daughter like that — especially in front of two patients — but I have to acknowledge it. You are stunningly beautiful.”

Bethany squirmed in her seat, happy, embarrassed, turned on. She rubbed her thighs together and cuddled herself, pushing up her huge breasts with her folded arms.

“I can’t help but think you are the most creature I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because I’m your mother. You’re gorgeous. Your body is so curvy. You have absolutely huge breasts. And yet you’re slender and tall. In very non-medical terms, you are extremely fuckable.” She smiled at her daughter.

“Thank you Mommy,” Bethany said, calling her mother that for the first time since she was a little girl. “It’s been super-fun wearing slutty clothes for Brian, making his penis hard. I really love it when it seems like he can’t stop himself from fucking me.”

“Sounds like you don’t need a t-shirt with that specific message for that to happen, but I’m not going to question your fashion choices.” Mother and daughter shared a laugh, and the doctor then turned to face Brian and his mother.

“And then there’s Brian’s Mommy. Ms. Pepper, I told you before you were a hypersexual being. That’s true. But I’ve never had a patient like you. For a young boy like Brian — a horny, veral young boy with a large penis that always seems to be erect — you are simply a dream fucktoy.”

Now it was Mommy’s turn to squirm in her seat. She began to lightly massage her huge, round breasts — something she had come to do regularly at home in a completely absentminded way, whether at the dinner table or while watching a movie. Brian knew the look on her face. That flushed face, slightly contorted with lust. He knew her pussy was soaked.

“In the first form he filled out before coming here,” the doctor continued. “Brian wrote about his ideal woman. The woman he had been masturbating too for many years. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was describing you.” She pulled a file out. “Shall I read it?”

The mother looked at her son. She shyly smiled, still visibly turned on. “I’d love to hear it,” she said, licking her lips. s

The doctor began to read. “Sweet, lovable. Incredibly pretty. Soft, round face. Soft, kissable lips. Sweet eyes — green and wet. Chestnut brown hair that falls in front of her face in a way that drives me crazy.

“A tiny body. Extremely petite. Like a teenage girl. But curvy. Cushy, round ass. And so very top-heavy. In fact, the largest, roundest breasts I’ve ever seen.”

The mother blushed. It was all true, of course. And she knew he knew it. But hearing her son’s words made her weirdly self-conscious.

“You understand?” the doctor said to the mother. “You are the embodiment of your son’s sexual fantasies. You are a living fucktoy for your own son. So beautiful. And for a boy who seems obsessed with large breasts: so very, very busty.

“We’re going to do some tests today, all three of you, but especially you and your son. I’m fascinated by you, Ms. Pepper. I’m very excited ankara escort that my daughter has fallen for your son. And I feel the need to study this situation. But I have to be honest — I really want to see you get — and this is again not medical terminology — seriously fucked.” The doctor laughed, and then got serious again. “There was something you wanted to tell me. What was it?”

Bethany, who had been simply soaking in the scene, spoke. “We think Brian’s Mommy has another hypersexual symptom.”

The doctor was startled and excited, but remembered her protocol. “Before you tell me what it is, let me ask you a few questions. How often do you and Brian fuck?”

Bethany turned to Brian. “Three? Sometimes four. We usually fuck when we get up and then a couple of times over the course of the day. And at night. We all cuddle and fuck,” she said, smiling at the other two. “It’s wonderful. Sometimes I let Brian and his Mommy have some extra-special time.”

The doctor turned to the young mother. “And how many time to do your son make love?”

“At least four,” said the mother, now slowly caressing her whole body, getting herself hot for what she knew was coming. “Sometimes more. We fuck all the time, pretty much. He can ejaculate a bunch of times, and the orgasms just sort of roll through the whole thing for me,” said the mother. She suddenly got shy and looked down. “He’s amazing. I love fucking him. His penis is so beautiful. I want to be his fucktoy. I want him to fuck me whenever he wants.”

The doctor interrupted. “It’s like you were made to fuck him, huh?”

“Exactly. I was built to fuck my son.” She reached out and began to stroke her son’s groin. “And he was built to fuck me.”

“Ok, so that’s a total of seven or more sexual sessions in one day. Truly amazing. Brian, you are one of a kind. Two insatiable women at the age of 18. I have to say it again: lucky boy.”

Brian nodded. “I love them.” Mother and girlfriend looked at each other and exchanged “aww” looks. “And I love fucking them.”

“You produce copious amounts of ejaculate, don’t you Brian?” asked the doctor.

“He does,” the mother interjected. “Lots of cum. In our pussies, all over our faces and bodies. We spend a lot of time cleaning up,” the mother laughed. “Can I change now, doctor?”

Brian was confused. Why was his mother asking if she should change clothing? She could have worn whatever she wanted. His girlfriend wore a “Please Fuck Me” t-shirt, for crying out loud. But the mother and doctor had something planned.

The doctor signed. “Yes, fine, go ahead.”

The mother slowly removed her clothes. She started with her tight black jacket, revealing her skin-tight button-down shirt, which was gaping with holes. Brian noticed she was wearing something under it, but he couldn’t quite make it out. She removed her skirt — being careful to leave on her shoes, 3-inch high heels — and then her shirt, revealing a sort of body suit. A white, slightly frilly thing, it just barely covered her pussy, then arched up over her massive tits, which now stood out, cantilevered foward and smushed slightly from the tautness of the outfit and the sheer size of the teats.

“I wore it for you, sweetie,” she said to her son, moving over to his chair and draping her tiny body around his. She began rubbing her hot crotch, with only the thin piece of fabric covering it, into his thigh. “I figured it would make your penis extra hard.”

“It does, Mommy. I love it,” said the boy.

The doctor continued. “Ok, Ms. Pepper. I’m nearly done. Tell me what the new development is and we’ll move on to the testing.”

Brian mother looked at him sheepishly and whispered to him. “Should I tell her?”

Brian nodded.

The super-busty mother turned back to the doctor, still rubbing her cartoonishly voluptuous body over her son’s. “I… My breasts… My breasts seems to get swollen at specific times.”

“Well, that’s not surprising, especially given your body type and sexual temperament,” Dr. Morgan said.

“But doctor…” She looked her her son. “When I get turned on, they swell a little.” She blushed. “Like right now.” She turned and sat her her son’s lap, then pushed out her bosom, the white fabric stretching over her massive, round tits. “See? But when Brian’s penis is inside me? Well, they get even more swollen. Like, really swollen. Then when I orgasm? I think they get even bigger. And –” she paused to take her son’s hands and guide them to her massive breasts. He cupped them, then began to caress and squeeze them through the thin material. “And then when he comes inside of me? I’ve never seen them bigger.”

Bethany, who had been holding back, in awe of the shockingly hot mother, piped up: “It’s true, Mommy. They get… well, even bigger than they already are, if you can believe that.”

The doctor paused, taking it all in. “Ok, then. I guess we know what our first test is going to be.


FIVE MINUTES escort ankara LATER

The trio was now in the exam room, the boy and his girlfriend sitting on an exam bed, holding hands, her head draped on his shoulder. They both stared at the sight in front of them: His mother getting strapped into a… contraption.

“This will only be my second use of this gauge. You’re lucky I even have it,” said the doctor, struggling with the device. “Come over here, Brian.” She stretched the contraption — basically a bra-like strap of strong but thin fabric that stretched across her breasts, pressing them slightly against her chest, the rock-hard nipples pointing through. “Help me strap this on your Mommy.”

The mother had her hands raised above her head. She was otherwise naked, except for the high heels; knowing they turned on her son, the doctor had suggested she keep them on. “Help the doctor, sweetheart,” she said. “This is embarrassing enough as it is.” She pretended like it was a hardship, but she loved parading her fucktoy body for her son, his girlfriend and the doctor. She knew she how sexy she was. The last few months had been a flowering for her. Though her son and his girlfriend, she had embraced her hypersexuality. She kissed her son sweetly on the lips as he came over to help the doctor.

The boy strapped in his mother, her breasts now wrapped in the device, which had a tiny wireless mechanism under one arm. The doctor went over to check the computer and then turned to the son and his mother.

“All looks good. You may proceed.” She walked over to the table her daughter sat on. “This is ok with you, right Bethany? We’re going to watch them fuck, and I’m guessing it won’t be quick.”

“Of course, Mommy. I love them so such, and I REALLY love watching them fuck.” She paused. “And I love you, Mommy. Maybe you can masturbate me and we can kiss a little while we watch them fuck?”

The mother smiled sweetly at her gorgeous daughter. “Kiss a lot,” she said. She leaned in and kissed her daughter, her tongue darting in and out of her mouth. “I’ll have to check the stats periodically, but otherwise I’m yours.” She smiled, then turned back to the son and mother.

“Go ahead, you two.”

The mother turned to her son. “Are you ready to fuck me, my sweet boy? I mean, obviously your penis is very, very hard.” She reached and began to caress his dick, encased only in thin jeans and underwear. “But are you really ready to fuck your big-titted Mommy? Your tiny little fucktoy?” She leaned up — way up, given she was 6 inches shorter than her son, even in her heels. “Your little busty sex doll?” she whispered into her son’s mouth as they converged. They two began to make out. Brian reached forward and grabbed her mother’s tiny, voluptuous body, pulling it into him. As he began to kiss her passionately, her body melted into his. He felt her giant tits push up against his chest, her hips grinding slowly against his crotch.

The boy shed his pants quickly, his large penis springing up against his mother’s taut stomach. She gasped with anticipation and, again pressing her mouth against his, began to slowly and softly play with his rock-hard dick. With her other hand, she again went to place one of his on her massive tit — but then stopped. She turned to the doctor, who was masturbating her daughter (having removed her little panties) with two fingers while they made out.

“Um, doctor? He’s allowed to feel me up with this… thing on, right?”

“Of course,” the doctor said, wiping her daughter’s saliva from her mouth and taking a breath. “Massage, grope, tweak. Just be careful of the gauge at the back.” Plunging her fingers back into her daughter, who let out a delighted squeal, she said, “Please proceed.”

The son looked down at his mother, who was still stroking his huge cock, now with both hands, staring into her loving, bright green eyes. He stroked her long brown hair, which fell casually over her delicate shoulders. He looked down at her breasts and, for the millionth time, marvelled at their immensity.

“Are you ready, Mommy?” he asked.

“Always, baby. Look how horny I am,” she said, taking one hand off his cock to show him her glistening pussy. He looked farther down and realized there were juices dripping down her legs.

“Please fuck me,” she begged in the little-girl voice she knew turned him on so. “Really hard, sweetheart. Mommy needs a super-hard fucking.”

With that, he did what he done numerous times over the last few months: grabbing her by her compact, plush ass, he hoisted her up — without much effort, the doctor noted, as she continued to masturbate her groaning, writhing daughter. As the mother threw her head back, closed her eyes and let out a long moan, Brian lowered her tiny body onto his prick, relishing in the amazing feeling. Her pussy gripped his cock like a warm, wet glove and immediately began to pulse around it. “Oooooh god, that feels SO good,” the young mother groaned. ankara escort bayan “Fuck me, sweetie. Fuck your busty mommy!”

Quickly moving his hands to her slim waist — so slim he could almost reach all the way around with two hands — he began to move her body up and down on his cock, essentially masturbating with her entire super-petite body. She continued to moan and coo, her body twisting slightly as she ascended and descended, her hair draping down behind her head, her magnificent tits thrusting outward toward her son’s face. “UUUUHHHHH! I’m so fucking horny, baby! Fuck me harder! I need your cock now. Oh god, I think my breasts are swelling a little, doctor.”

Dr. Morgan and Bethany had stopped kissing, mesmerized by the insanely erotic sight before them. The doctor leaned over to look at her computer. “Ah yes,” she said. It does appear your tits are slightly swollen. An additional two centimeters, it appears. Do they feel flushed?”

“UUUUGHGGHH. Yes doctor,” said the mother, still riding her son’s cock with wild abandon.

“Excellent. That’s blood rushing to them, a normal reaction — though the growth, of course, is not. Please continue your fucking session.”

The son began to really plow into his mother’s vagina. The room was filled with two sounds: their slightly sweaty flesh slapping together, and the occasional moans from all four people in the room. Whispering “I love you so much, Mommy” to her, he felt her body begin to vibrate in that way it did when an orgasm was impending.

“Oh my god!” the mother shouted, bouncing violently on her son’s prick. “I’m going to cum! UHHHHHH! Here it comes, sweetie! Mommy is cumming on your penis!! UHHHHH!! FUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Her ultra-tiny body was now visibly shuddering, her head thrown back ecstatically. “CUUUUUMMMMIIIIINNGGGGG!!!”

The doctor, who had been crouched down, licking her daughter’s pussy, paused and leaned over again to glance at her computer. “Amazing! That’s another two centimeters. Definitely another cup size or so.”

As the mother came down from her orgasm, her son, still fucking her, though more gently now, carried her over to an exam table just across from where his girlfriend and doctor. As they made out like teenagers, the son laid his mother down onto the table and hovered over her. He broke contact with her mouth and, as she panted, stared down at her massive, heaving chest.

“You know, Dr. Morgan, there’s only one problem with this… setup.” He began to squeeze one gigantic tit, making his mother again moan loudly and throw her delicate face back in pleasure. “I usually end up suckling at her nipples when we fuck. I’m really missing that right now.”

“Ah!” the doctor exclaimed. “I have a solution to that problem.” She rose from licking her daughter’s pussy — a panting Bethany took the opportunity to begin rub her clit while continuing to stare at her boyfriend and his tiny but insanely top-heavy mother, mouthing the words “I love you” to the boy — and walked over to the duo. She removed Brian’s hand from his mother’s enormous breast and lowered a flap that neither son nor mother had noticed before. Out popped the mother’s extremely engorged nipple. She pulled down a flap on the other breast and the other long, bright-red nipple was revealed.

“This won’t affect the results of the testing,” said the doctor. “And now you can suck to your heart’s delight.”

The son smiled, leaned his head down and began to suck on one of the distended nipples with a fury. His giant-titted mother moaned and pulled her son’s head into her massive bosom. “OH GOD, SWEETHEART. THAT FEELS SO GOOOOOOOD. Please fuck me more. FUCK ME FOREVER!”

“Your wish is my command,” the teen said, as he again began to thrust his prick in and out of his mother’s tight pussy. They were now both dripping with sweat.

“OH MY GOD, HERE COMES NUMBER TWO,” the mother squealed. Again, her body began to vibrate and the boy could feel her vagina pulsing around his cock. As she visibly shuddered in orgasm, the doctor, back at the computer, said, “Still at 4 additional centimeters. Amazing! Your breasts are clearly swelling every time you orgasm.”

As the mother came down from her orgasm, the teen said, “Ok, time for some serious rutting, Mommy. I’m going to fuck you like the tiny little sextoy you are.”

“Isn’t that what you’ve been doing?” asked Bethany with a smile. “Mommy,” she said, turning to her own mother and peeling off her own “Please Fuck Me” t-shirt, “why don’t you finally take off that lab coat and show Brian your body?”

“Yes sweetheart,” said the doctor without hesitation; she unbuttoned her coat and let it fall to the floor. Brian’s eyes popped out of his head: under that coat, Dr. Morgan had a lovely, slim figure and wore nothing except a pair of panties and a shiny red push-up bra. Her breasts, while not the monsters his mother sported, or even the huge ones on his girlfriend, were sizable: at least a DD, he guessed. “I know my body isn’t quite as pornographically proportioned as your mother’s or my daughter’s,” Dr. Morgan said to the teen as she leaned down to simultaneously squeeze and suckle on Bethany’s huge tit and rub her clit, “but I hope it’s too your liking.”

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