Mommy’s Brood Pt. 01


Warning: This story contains m/m acts between brothers, including oral sex and prostate massage. If you do not wish to read about these acts, they do not happen in Part 2.


I awoke to a familiar sensation: my gorgeous son eagerly sucking at my breasts, squeezing them gently with his broad hands. The gentle pressure of his suckling sent a delightful shiver through me, his tongue dancing over my aching nipples.

“Greedy boy.” I stroked his light hair, soft and faintly curled, more blonde than my own. He moaned in response, and I realised why he was so eager as his hand gripped his cock, stroking it against my leg and leaving a sticky trail on my skin. “Are you horny, baby?”

He nodded, looking up from my right breast. “You’re so sexy, I can’t help it.”

“Did I say you could touch your cock?” I raised an eyebrow, and he gave a frustrated groan as he stopped, though his thick member still rested against my thigh, pulsing crudely with his heartbeat. “Good boy, sweetie.”

My pussy was already slick from his attention to my sensitive nipples, but seeing my eldest son force back his powerful desire so that he could obey me sent a warm ripple through my cunt. Caleb had always been tall for his age, and in his late teens his dedication to his body had been rewarded with corded muscles and impressive strength.

I’m sure he felt his responsible when his father left, leaving me alone with Caleb, the twins, and Mia, and he had tried to deal with that anger by getting into fights. I’d slowly realised that the best way to help him was to let him have access to my pussy, making him swear that he would stay out of trouble in return.

He had been true to his word, and it thrilled me to see my powerful son so easily obeying me, though his startling blue eyes couldn’t hide how much of a struggle it was for him. “Please Mommy.” He reached between us to brush his rough thumb over my clit, his gorgeous face splitting into a grin as I moaned. “You know I’ll make you come first.”

I considered denying him for a moment, but he was already rubbing his firm cockhead along my slit, lubricating his fat shaft with my juices and his precum. I needed to feel my son back inside me, emptying his heavy balls into the pussy that had brought him into the world.

“Fine, you can fuck me.” I barely finished speaking before he began to ease his cock inside me, stretching out my walls with his formidable size.

We moaned in unison, his strong hands lifting my ass up to give him better access. “Come on, Mom, you can take it, just a bit more.”

No matter how much we fucked, it still astounded me to feel how huge he was, and his shaft barely fit all the way into my cunt before the head was resting against my cervix.

“You grew so big, baby.” I pulled his face to mine, his tongue invading my mouth briefly before he edged back, his eyes mischievous. “What is it? Are you excited for Mia’s birthday?”

He resolutely shook his head, drawing out a shudder from me as he rubbed my clit in firm and deliberate circles. My knees weakened as my pussy clenched, which made my son gasp and gently pump his cock inside me.

“I only want you. Let the twins have her, I just need you.” He lowered his mouth to my left breast, resuming his licking with relish as he fucked me faster, teasing me further by placing his fingers on either side of my swollen clit, lavishing it with soft strokes.

“You’re my good boy, honey.” Both the twins had also begun to fuck me once they had turned eighteen, but only Caleb had the privilege of sleeping in my bed – both of my younger sons had far too much energy.

As if on cue, their voices rose outside the door, typical of the two of them; they were always loudly arguing or loudly fucking. Caleb sighed against my tit, but didn’t slow either in suckling or rubbing my clit, my pussy almost itching with its need to come around his huge prick.

The door flung open, and Jace stormed in, his dark eyes still fixed on his twin for a few moments. “Mom, it’s not fair, you said-” It was almost laughable how quickly his lean face passed from shock to arousal, rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts as he watched his brother pump into me. Both he and his brother only wore loose blue shorts to sleep, though I doubted they stayed on for long. My twins were identical, and had taken more after me than Caleb had – tall and slender, with light brown hair and tanned skin from beylikdüzü escort the summer they had spent running around in the fields near our rural home, naked and beautiful with their faint muscles and shining sweat. Just over a year older than eighteen year old Mia, Jace and Luca seemed much younger in attitude than twenty-two year old Caleb.

Luca rushed in to stand next to his brother, giving a low whistle of appreciation. “I thought we weren’t allowed?”

“You’re not allowed, not me.” Caleb raised his head to glare at his younger brothers.

“Boys!” At my reprimand, they all murmured apologies to me, though I could see the twins were just as excited by seeing Caleb fuck me as he was to do so. “No fighting, not today.”

“Relax, Mom. These two can at least help me out.” Caleb pulled back so that there was a reasonable amount of space between us, and the twins barely needed any encouragement to join us. Jace lay on the bed next to me, his head close to my pussy, whereas Luca settled closer to Caleb.

“Shit, Caleb, you’ve got such gorgeous balls.”

“If you love them so much, Luca, why don’t you suck them?”

“Fine, I’ll do it better than you.”

“I eat pussy better anyway.” To prove his point, Jace gave a slow lick to my clit, the need in my cunt building as I tensed. It was typical of the twins to be both incredibly competitive as well as horny, and Caleb and I enjoyed this as they licked us. Jace was indeed skilled in eating pussy, and he sucked my clit into his mouth, his tongue dancing across my swollen bud as his brother’s cock rubbed against my G spot, making my legs shake beneath him.

“Ah, ah shit.” Caleb’s breath hissed appreciatively, and I forced my eyes open to see Luca tonguing his shaved balls, drawing first one into his mouth, then the other. He pulled his dick from me, holding his younger brother’s head in place as he slid his cock into his throat. “You like that, you fucking slut? You like the taste of Mom’s cunt on my cock?”

My pussy desperately squeezed in arousal as Jace swirled his slick tongue on my clit, my excitement heightened by watching my two depraved sons. “Go on, Caleb, I think his throat needs fucking.”

“You heard Mom.” There was a wild glint in his eyes as he held Luca tighter, driving his prick deeper down his throat. His brother took it well, only gagging a little on Caleb’s fat cock, thick strings of saliva running from his mouth as he groaned in arousal. I loved to see my twins squirm under each other or Caleb, their slutty moans betraying how much they enjoyed being used so forcefully, and Luca’s arousal only fed my own.

I placed a hand on Jace’s back, rubbing his smooth skin where the faintest remnants of acne were fading from his tanned skin. “Mommy’s so close, honey.”

He moaned into my cunt, licking me with long and steady strokes of his tongue, my clit dripping with my juice and his saliva. My own moans grew, my skin tingling, the tension in my pussy stretching like a taut thread, so close to snapping.

“Shit, sorry Mom.” Caleb’s hands were suddenly gripping my hips again, pulling me desperately onto his cock. He slid inside me, his fat prick slippery with his younger brother’s saliva, and the sensation of his smooth cockhead nudging against my G spot was too much to bear.

“Fuck Mommy, baby, fuck Mommy’s cunt.” I babbled deliriously as Jace kissed my clit, over and over, his lips soft and dripping with my juices, and the gentle impact paired with Caleb’s cock drove me over the edge. Waves rippled through my cunt, my whole body clenching and releasing over and over, driven by the loving attention of my sons.

“Can I come inside you?” Caleb’s voice was strained, his hands shaking on my hips as he tried to restrain himself; not an easy feat as Luca was sucking on his taut balls again.

As my orgasm mellowed into a pleasant glow, I considered my eldest, gasping with the struggle of holding back, veins popping on his neck and arms. As much as I loved watching him keep control, however, I equally enjoyed seeing him lose it.

“Go on baby, come in Mommy.” I raised my hips up further, my son’s body quivering against mine, his moans shaking as he thrust fiercely into my dripping cunt.

Caleb cried out, his thick cock pulsing as his cum spurted into my pussy, coating my cervix in my son’s seed. Shot after shot filled my cunt, and Caleb impaled me beylikdüzü eve gelen escort again and again on his impressive cock, moaning beautifully in his satisfaction.

“You’re the best, Mom.” He leaned down to kiss me, holding me close to his muscular body. I knew he was partly doing it to exclude the twins, and as my tongue lapped against his, I pulled him closer, stroking his soft hair.

I loved all my children equally, but I knew that Caleb needed me in a way the others didn’t; he needed to feel special to me, to know that I would always be there to support him.

His breathing slowed as his orgasm subsided, and I kissed his cheek, drawing briefly closer to whisper to him. “Mommy loves you so much, honey.”

He grinned broadly at me, suddenly almost childish in his enjoyment. There was a reason only he shared my bed – he was always incredibly appreciative of getting to fuck me.

He eased up, then pulled his cock from me, coated in his viscous cum, and his face took on a devilish edge as he turned to Luca. “You want some of this, whore?”

He chuckled as Luca eagerly grabbed at his cock, sucking him into his greedy mouth to clean it of his seed. Jace slid between my legs in response, licking his older brother’s cum from my cunt with soft moans. “I miss your pussy so much, Mom.”

“I know baby, but you’ll get to try Mia’s soon.” The poor twins were close to climbing the walls; I hadn’t let them fuck me for the best part of a month, in preparation for Mia’s eighteenth birthday – I wanted them as desperate for her as possible. My daughter deserved to feel longed for, and the thought of watching her getting pleasured by them later sent a delicious shiver through me.

Jace moved back, his eyes fixed on my face. “Can I have her first? You know she’s always liked me more, I-“

“That’s not true!” Luca angrily took Caleb’s cock from his mouth, glaring at his brother. “Stop trying to get round Mom to get her first.”

“You tried to get round Mia!”

“Yeah, because she wants me more.”

“Boys, I’m not going to warn you again.” I sat up to watch them arguing at the end of the bed, Caleb moving to sit beside me, pulling me to him possessively. “Have you spoken to Mia about it?”

Luca grinned triumphantly, nudging his twin with satisfaction. “She said she wants me.”

“No, she said she didn’t mind, but you just offered to go first.” Jace’s voice took on a pleading edge as he looked up to me. “It’s not fair, Mom.”

I bent down to kiss him, then his brother, my presence calming them slightly. I was partly tempted to tell them that the world wasn’t fair, but I didn’t want their argument poisoning Mia’s day. It was still early, and I saw no harm in making the twins work for the prize of getting to fuck her first.

I coaxed them up, taking their cocks in each hand, both rock hard and flushed in their excitement. They weren’t as thick or long as Caleb, but still stood at a decent length, both with a slight curve. They groaned, their anger soon forgotten as they were pleasured. I turned to Caleb. “Get the massage oil for me, sweetie.”

He did so, liberally pouring it onto the twins’ twitching cocks, and their moans grew louder as I rubbed the oil over their pricks. I peeled Jace’s foreskin back first, massaging the oil onto his sensitive head, then repeated the gesture with Luca, both of them futilely trying hump my hand to gain a faster release.

“No, not yet. You need to prove to me you can behave for Mia. It’s her first time with us, I don’t want you rushing in and upsetting her. You’re brothers, you shared my womb together, I don’t want to see you fighting.” I withdrew my hands from them, quickly silencing their protests. “You wanna get off? Stroke each other, show Mommy you can play well together.”

They eagerly agreed, groaning as they took each other’s cock, stroking them quickly in unison. Luca moved his mouth to Jace’s neck, kissing him in a way that made his twin moan louder, gripping Luca’s cock harder in turn.

“Don’t you want to hear what your challenge is?” I laughed softly as they fought their lust to look at me, their hands slowly pumping each other. “Whoever comes last gets to fuck Mia first.”

They moaned in a mixture of pleasure and frustration, clearly trying to outdo the other as their hands nearly blurred in their urgency. I have to admit that I knew beylikdüzü masöz escort that Jace had a slight advantage – he loved having his ass played with, and came quickly with a cock or fingers inside his greedy hole, but carefully manoeuvred to make sure that his twin couldn’t access him.

“Dirty little slut.” Jace gently bit Luca’s neck, drawing a desperate moan from him. “You wanna come? You wanna come all over me?”

“Shit, Jace, don’t.” Luca reached down to squeeze his twin’s balls with his other hand, his fist gripping his cockhead tightly in an attempt to force an orgasm.

“That’s not what you usually say.”

“Maybe I should bend you over and spill my cum in your ass.” Luca’s eyes lit up as Jace groaned, clearly turned on further by the thought of being fucked. “You want that? You want me to rub against your prostate and make you spurt all over us?”

“Fuck, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? Getting covered in cum, licking it off us?” Jace wasn’t going to give up without a fight, and moved to lick his brother’s neck again, murmuring to him as he placed his cockhead against Luca’s, rubbing their cocks together. They were slick with a mixture of oil and their precum, and I could tell how this tormented Luca as he bucked his slim hips in frustration.

Jace continued to torture him verbally, knowing exactly how to get his twin off. “Think of little Mia. Her pussy must feel so good, right? I know how jealous you got seeing her with those shitty boyfriends, knowing how much better you could fuck her, yeah?” Luca could only give a longing whimper in response. “She must be so tight, and Mom will get her nice and wet for us. Think of our little sister begging for your cock.”

“Jace…” Luca gasped, trying in vain to stroke Jace’s cock faster in turn, but their pricks were still rubbing together, my two boys lost in a fog of lust.

His brother was relentless, however, taking both their cocks in his hand to stroke them together. I suppose I should have intervened, but I was far too turned on to think of that. “I know you wanna come first anyway, don’t you?” Jace smiled wickedly. “The only thing you’d like more than Mia’s fresh cunt is if I’d come in it first. Don’t you want me to push inside her and feel my cum spilling over your cock?”

“No, I don’t- I don’t-” But Luca’s half-hearted protestations were drowned out by his high moans, his cock jumping beautifully as his cum shot out, covering his twin’s taut stomach and cock in a thick glaze. “Fuck you, Jace.”

“Ah, come on, you know I’m right.” Jace grinned, though his face was still pinched as he yearned for his own orgasm. “Come on, help me out.”

Luca gave a faint huff, but caught my eye, and resolved to take a peaceful route. He coated his fingers in more of the massage oil, and I pulled Jace onto the bed, settling him onto his hands and knees and taking his cock in Luca’s place. His twin began to massage his pert ass, teasing him by giving light strokes to his tight asshole.

“Such a whore.” Luca grinned though as he circled his brother’s hole with his greased thumb, making him moan into the bedsheets. His cock was weeping in my hands, so wet that it was almost difficult for me to keep hold of it. With the slightest pressure, Luca’s index finger entered Jace’s asshole, quickly followed by another finger.

“Oh, fuck.” Jace excitedly thrust against my hands, and with a determined look on his face, Luca moved his fingers precisely, thrusting into his twin with deliberate strokes. Jace squirmed beneath him, panting as I rubbed his cockhead into the cum covering his stomach.

My cunt was pulsing again as I encouraged Jace, longing to see him come. “Good boy, baby, come all over yourself for Mommy. I want to see your cum mixed with your brother’s. You’re my sweet little slut, aren’t you? Do you like your brother playing with your boy pussy?”

“Shit, I do Mommy, I love it so much. Ah, I’m gonna-” With a long moan, a rope of cum shot onto his stomach, the force splattering it across his chest, and we all watched in fascination as Luca massaged his prostate, forcing powerful shots from his tensed balls.

Finally, my boy was drained, and he rolled onto his back, his cock twitching still as he recovered. He looked so beautiful, coated in both the twins’ cum, and it was a struggle for me to get up to leave them.

“Well done, sweetie.” I kissed all three of my sons in turn, then pulled my black dressing gown on, the satin soft against my skin. “You all need to get cleaned up, I want you to look your best for Mia’s birthday.”

Caleb watched me, frowning a little in confusion. “Where are you going?”

I gave him a broad smile, knowing that we had only just scratched the surface of the day’s depravity. “To wake your sister up.”

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