Mom’s Boyfriend Nick

Mom’s Boyfriend NickGod it was fucking hot. I hated having to walk home from school. It took me longer than usual because I was so sore from yesterday’s workout. Coach was really pushing me to up my weight before the start of the next season. I saw my mom’s boyfriend’s new Audi in the drive and nearly spat on the windshield. I can’t believe mom bought that for him. He needs to get a fucking job! When I walked in the house I immediately heard moaning from my mom’s rooms. Porn? Oh shit… was he watching porn?!? I walked up to the bedroom door which was wide open… I guess he didn’t know I was coming over. And there was Nick naked on the bed… one hand rubbing an enormous erection and he the other hand behind his back… it looked like… holy shit, he was playing with his ass? His eyes were closed and he was moaning like some little bitch…EW. I knew I should just turn around and go, but it was like I couldn’t look away. I was disgusted. But for some reason I felt my cock begin to stretch in my jeans. I couldn’t understand why, I’m not a faggot.I made to leave, when he brought his hand around holding a big dildo… fucking gross… he put the dildo in his mouth and began sucking it clean. I heard myself saying, “ugh” and apparently Nick did too. He looked up at me in terror dropping the large silicone penis and trying to use his hands to hide his erection.”Oh fuck Eddie” he gasped and he made as if to say something else, but his mouth just opened and closed soundlessly. Just then, the guy on the porno begged, “fuck my man pussy… make me your bitch” I turned around and walked out of the room.I was supposed to be at Dads this weekend, but he got called out of state on business, so I walked to my mom’s after school got out.I’d known she was away too, but she’d told me she’d tell Nick I was gonna stay at their place for the week. I guess she hadn’t had a chance. Nick was a fucking Joke. He was only 30 to my mom’s 47. He was fating her for her money and she loved him for his looks. He was good looking I guess. 6’2’’ toned and just slightly hairy. I mean, as a 18 year old jock, I’ve seen my fair share of naked dudes… and Nicks dick was pretty fucking big…. this was the first time I’d seen it of course, and to be honest… I didn’t have a lot of erect penises to compare it with.Nick may have been good looking, but he was stupid as fuck. A stupid trophy husband…and I hated him for trying to be my “friend”… Now I began to wonder if he hadn’t been trying to warm up to me because he wanted to fuck. I walked straight to the kitchen and took a bottle beer out of the fridge… something I did whenever I came over and my mom wasn’t home. I drank and thought about the time 6 months ago I had walked home from school, and Nick had offered me a beer asyabahis trying to seem like a cool guy instead of an authority figure. He was such a fucking b*o. I knew that he was just trying to score points, but I accepted anyway, and he told me that whenever I came over, I was welcome to any alcohol he had… so long as my mom didn’t find out.Thinking about the way he smiled expectantly…I turned and nick was behind me in boxers and a beater his erection only partly gone was still prominent through the cotton… he looked so scared, was I imagining that he was shaking. I half expected him to make some light “brotastic” comment about the beer being really stellar, but he didn’t. Instead, “Eddie, I wish you hadn’t seen that, I don’t know what to say, other than… please don’t tell your mom.””Faggot,” was all I managedHe turned and practically ran from the room I heard him sniffling as shut his bedroom door. What a fucking bitch.I downed this beer and grabbed a few more before heading into the living room. I turned on the TV mostly for the noise and flipped through the channels mindlessly. I had been really horny before I got home, and planned to spend the night edging in my room… now for some reason I was even hornier. My 7 inches was completely hard and after finishing my 3rd beer I took my dick out. There was some chick in a commercial that reminded me of my ex Rachel… and started dreaming up some fantasy of her… she begged, “Fuck my pussy… make me your bitch.” I was so into it, my hand was slippery with precum and I felt the incredible burning in my lower back that tightness in my balls – I was close to shooting a really satisfying load… Suddenly the image of Nick putting that dildo into his mouth – the sounds of him moaning – the slickness of his erection flashed unbidden in my mind and I shot the biggest load of life. It landed in my open mouth on my chest… in my hair. I was kinda freaked out… so I had another beer. Then another. I don’t know when I passed out. I woke up just before sunrise. In my own bed. Sill a little drunk and extremely hard. I rolled over and started to play with my dick… wait a goddamn minute… why the fuck am I naked.I sat up – a little too quickly – and after a moment of dizziness stood up and stomped into the master bedroom where Nick lie snoring. Flipping on the light, I yelled, “What the fuck did you do to me” Nick woke up with a jump and a rewardingly queer little yelp. It took a few moments for him to register what was going on”I didn’t do anything to you” he mumbled rubbing the sleep from his eyes.”Well, I was on the couch – and clothed earlier! How the fuck did I get into my room. Why the fuck am I naked?!?!” I holleredBoth Nick and I were silent for a fraction of a second, asyabahis güvenilir mi and then both of us together seemed to realize what I had said. I was naked… and I still had a semi. I looked left and covered my cock with my hands. Nick looked at my nakedness with suddenly awake eyes… strangely hungry – suddenly awake eyes.Now it was my turn to stammer noiselessly and shuffle awkwardly out of the room. As I lay in my bed I thought to myself, “Why am I the one who’s walking ashamed from the room. He’s the one who should be ashamed. He’s the one who wants to be my bitch.” I thought about the way he looked at me. Hungrily. I’d seen that look before… granted, only from chicks… he wants me to use him. I was stroking my cock. Imagining him moaning. And I found myself standing up… walking to the door and down the hallway. He was crying again. Fucking bitch. I’ll give him a reason to fucking cry.I stepped into the room still naked with the biggest hardon I’ve ever had. Nick, who was sitting on the edge of the bed in his boxer briefs looked up at me, and then at my hard dick. He stared at it for what seemed like forever. And I watched as a bulge apprehended in his pants and then grew. Larger and larger. I was silently amazed at how big this cocksucker’s dick was. Cocksucker. “Are you a fucking cocksucker?” I asked vilelyHe didn’t answer, he just slid from the bed to the floor and stared at my dick. I took a step forward and repeated, “Are you a fucking cocksucker?”He nodded, and began to rub his dick through the cotton of his underwear. I couldn’t believe how hard he was. This dude wanted me. I could see it in the wet spot that slowly appeared in his shorts. It was evident in his shuddering breath and the tightness of his torso. His legs began to tremble.I leered at him and stroked my dick which was literally pouring out precum. The room smelled like sex, I could smell my dick… and his. For some crazy fucking reason it turned me on.He continued to stroke his dick through his underwear and he said, “Yes. I am”.I walked over and started rubbing my dick on his face; smearing precum on his cheeks and forehead. I smacked him a few times all the while I stared at his hands on his erection feeling his eyes looking pleadingly up at mine. We made eye contact and I felt a surge of… something. I placed myself at his mouth gently pressing against his closed lips. “Open up…” I said slapping my dick against his lips and then forcefully parting them pushing myself into his mouth. He took all of my 7 inches down to the balls. I could feel his throat and then I slowly slid out of his mouth, and then all the way back in I grabbed the back of his head and forced it even deeper… holding him down on my cock. He took asyabahis giriş his dick out and started to beat off. And I was transfixed. Watching his hand move furiously up and down the length of his manhood and feeling him suck and slurp as I face fucked him. He wanted my load, and I wanted to give it to him. I couldn’t believe the excitement I felt it was a good blowjob… but that fact that this grown man was bitching himself for my pleasure made it all the more incredible. Suddenly he began to rock back and forth bucking and shuddering he blew his load all over the floor and my feet.I nearly blew too; I don’t know how I stopped myself, but I knew I wanted this nut inside his hole.As if reading my mind. He stood walked over to the nightstand and removed a bottle of baby oil. Pouring some on his hand he reached around a rubbed it on and into his ass. He never took his eyes from mine. I returned his intense stare because for some reason it made me so much hotter. He walked up to me and with his lubed hand began to stroke my dick. I pushed him back towards the bed. “On your stomach.” He complied and I stood rubbing my cock up and down his hairy ass crack. He moaned and reached around separating his ass for me. I slapped my dick against his hole eliciting another low moan. “You want this inside you?” “Yes. Please. Fuck me…” as he spoke he reached around and gripping my cock he lead me into his hole. I fell into him lowering all my weight into that first thrust. And he moaned, not a low manly moan but a high girlish almost whimpering sound. I stayed still for a moment deep inside of him, as his muscles squirmed and twitched around me. And he continued to whimper.“Fuck. Fuck. fuck.” was all he managed to say. And I obliged. I slowly took my dick all the way out of him and rammed it back in again, and again. Each time he screamed like a girl. And his whole body tensed with the forcefulness. Again I stopped deep in his gut just savoring the tightness of his ass. I started fucking him slow and long. Each stroke getting the entire length of my cock inside of him. As I sped up he began to fuck back up at me. Rising to meet each thrust and I began to lose it. This cunt is in heaven! His hips were arched up and I could tell he was playing with himself. I don’t know what caused me to do it, other than curiosity. I reached around to feel how hard he was. How hard I was making him. And I had hardly touched him when his whole body went crazy. His muscles tightened around my dick as his hips bucked back into me. He was shooting his second load, and it was too much for me.I shot my load deep into him. No girl had let me do that… not without a condom on. But this slut had no limits. I kept thrusting my load into him as I lay on his back pressing myself against his sweaty body. I realized that I liked the way his hard muscular back felt against my chest. I liked the power I felt in having spent myself in his big strong body.He trembled with each so stroke. And I realized that this wouldn’t be the last time I fucked him.

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