Mom’s Friend in a Short Skirt


I was 19. I was going into my second year of college. I was a late bloomer. I was starting to fill out. I worked out and lifted weights. I was quickly gaining confidence.

I knew most of my moms friends. My mom was a stay at home mom that spent most of her time at the country club playing tennis. Most of her friends were in their 40’s but attractive. They were all also mostly married.

We lived in the suburbs. It was a nice area. The people were affluent. There were tons of places to eat and shop.

One day about lunch time I left the gym and went to a sandwich shop to grab some lunch to take back to my parents house. I walked in and saw my mom there with about 8 of her tennis friends. I started to turn around and walk out.

Then I heard my mom yell, “where you going?”

I turned and looked back at her. “Ummm…I am just not sure I want to eat here.”

My mom yelled “come on in, I’ll buy you lunch.”

I noticed her friends all turning back to look at me. They were all dressed in tennis outfits with those tennis skirts. All the tennis women loved to flirt. They were all quick to say hi.

I received a number of comments on how much bigger I had gotten. I even got some feels on my arms and chest. One of her friends even asked if I had a six pack. I laughed, but then she lifted up my shirt to see for herself.

One of the women I had never seen before. I noticed her as my shirt was being lifted up to show off my abs.

“And who is this?” I heard her say as she reached out with her hand to feel my abs.

I let her touch my abs and even played along a little. I flexed my abs muscles as she went in for the touch letting her know I was ok with it. She touched up near the top of my abs and worked her way down. For a moment I didn’t think she was going to stop. Her finger stopped as she hit the top of my shorts.

She was fethiye escort dressed in a short tennis skirt like the other women. She was about 5 feet 6 inches tall. She probably was about 120 pounds. She was a brunette and was very, very, attractive.

My mom walked over at this point and introduced me to her friends. I don’t remember even saying hi to any of the others but when she got to this woman I paid attention. Her name was Tammy. Tammy was married to a doctor and had two kids both in elementary school. My mom told them I had the same routine everyday. She said I would go workout until lunch and then come home and swim in their pool.

I was enjoying my summer visit and loved the relaxing after a stressful freshman year in college.

Knock, knock

I was changing into my swimsuit and heard someone at the door. I ran down and answered the door in just my swimsuit.

“Hi” Tammy said smiling at the door.

I was puzzled to see her. My mom had just left to go play tennis 2 minutes before this.

Still I little shocked to see her I said “Ummm…hi…how are you?”

“Are you looking for my mom?”

“Yes” Tammy said as she stepped into the house. “I have something for her.”

“She isn’t in. She just left to go play tennis. You just missed her.”

Tammy kept walking right into the house. She was carrying a bag and heading towards the kitchen. I watched her walk in and then noticed what she was wearing. She had on a nice top, but it was the skirt that got my attention. It was a tight, very, very, short black skirt. It was so short her ass checks were almost out.

“I was at the farmers market shopping the morning and picked up some fresh Vega tables for your mom. I told her I would drop them off. She said you would be here and to just drop by.” She looked back at me as she was in the kitchen standing at the refrigerator.

“Ok, escort fethiye that’s sounds nice.” Was all I could really say.

Tammy turned to the fridge and opened the door. She was looking inside. I was looking as her ass in that skirt. She was also wearing some black 5 inch heels.

She reached down to a bottom drawer in the fridge. Her ass sticking up as my, her skirt rising up. She continued to lean into the fridge. I saw a glimpse of white panties as she bent further and further down.

My cock was getting hard. Very hard. Very fast. Tammy put the bag in the bottom drawer and then stood back up.

Smiling Tammy said “sorry, this skirt is just way to short. I should have worn I different one.”

“I umm, I, umm, I like that skirt. I looks good on you.”

“You don’t think it’s to short?”

“Well maybe it’s a little short. You just have to be careful bending over.”

Tammy took two steps toward me and was face to face with me.

“Yes, I think you liked my skirt.” Tammy said as her hand reached out and grabbed my throbbing hard cock through my swimsuit.

Tammy kissed me on the lips while still holding my cock in her hand. I kissed her back. Tammy then pulled back.

“I’m sorry, your my friends son. I shouldn’t be doing this.” Tammy said as she walked across the kitchen away from me.

“No, it’s ok. I’m good with it.” I said

“I shouldn’t have teased this far. It’s just I thought it would be fun. I just wanted a little excitement. Your mom is my friend, what was I thinking? I’m sorry” Tammy said as she walked up to the bar in the kitchen facing away fro me, her head down.

Tammy was standing with one foot crossing the other. Her skirt was rising up so I could see the bottom of her ass checks. All I could think about was my throbbing cock. I was so turned on.

I walked up behind her. I put fethiye escort bayan both hands on her waist. I kissed her neck.

“I want to have a little excitement.” I whispered into her ear.

She brought her hand up to my head. I kept kissing her neck. She arched her back and her ass grinded right into my hard cock.

Her ass felt so good. I couldn’t take it anymore. I dropped my shorts and lifted her skirt. I then pulled down her panties.

“Wait. Hold on, I’m married” Tammy said as she stepped out of her panties.

“We can’t do this. I just wanted to have I little fun.”

I bent her over the kitchen counter. She didn’t resist. “I’m ok with you being married. I don’t have a problem with it.” I said as I was positioning behind her.

“No, you don’t understand, I shouldn’t be doing this.”

I hand both hands on her hips. The tip of my cock was just entering her pussy. I thrusted and pulled her hips toward me. My cock entered her.

“Wait…oh…ummmmm…oh, wait.” Tammy moaned as my cock went inside.

Tammy put her face down into the kitchen counter. Her legs spread a little more. Her body started moving to the trusts on my cock fucking her.

“Oh god. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Oh it feels so good. You feel so good inside me.” Tammy moaned.

I reached up and grabbed the back of Tammy’s hair. My cock got even harder. Tammy could feel how hard I was. Her hands grabbed the counter top. He body tensed up.

“Oh god…I’m cumming…oh fuccckkkkkk.” Tammy yelled as she was orgasming.

I was about to cum. Tammy could feel me on the verge. “Can I cum inside you?” I asked while fucking her harder and harder.

“No, pull out.”


“No, it feels to good, cum inside me”

“Ok” I whispered as I concentrated on fucking her.

“No…pull out. Maybe” Tammy said as she started to cum again.

“Of fuck” Tammy yelled “I’m cumming again. Oh fuck…oh my god…fuckkkk!”

The feeling of Tammy’s pussy cumming for the second time was all I could take.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming!!” I said as I can deep inside her.

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