Mom’s Private Photo shoot By Son


Mom’s Private Photo shoot By SondeleteddeleteddeleteddeletedMy mother was working in a private company in the native place and she had 8-10 months left for retirement. She also had a lot of leaves remaining which she had to take before her retirement.So she decided to take leave from work for almost one month and come and live with me along with dad. Mom called me and told she and dad will be coming to my place in Bangalore. I was super excited as my mom was visiting my place after almost 6 months. Even mom was very happy and I could feel that while talking on the phone.After a few days, my parents reached Bangalore and I had gone to pick them up. My parents were living in the other bedroom which didn’t have attached bathroom. Since I had an office, I asked my parents to visit relative’s house during the daytime. I also made an arrangement for their traveling.I had only one day to spend some time with my parents and that was on Saturday. It was also the day my dad had to return to the native. So we had dinner at 7:30 pm and then I went to drop my dad whose bus was to depart at 8:30 pm. When I returned home after dropping my dad, it was 9 pm. As I was tired, I went to my bedroom, became naked and slept. I usually sleep naked when I am alone.The next day morning when I woke up, it was 9 am already and my mom was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I straightaway walked into the kitchen without wearing anything. She had just taken a bath and her hair was partially wet.I slowly went behind her where she was standing and lifted her nightie from behind. To my surprise, she was not wearing pantie and I could see pussy hairs from behind. This time, her pussy hairs were like a bush and my dick was already looking like a rod. I had never seen my mom’s pussy hairs fully grown. She would usually clean shave once in a week.The moment my tongue touched her pussy lips, she melted there itself. While doing so, bahis firmaları I licked a few water drops from her pussy hairs. I made her lie on the kitchen floor and continued licking her pussy. My mom likes her pussy getting licked by me. I also removed her nightie. She was not wearing a bra too.I started biting her one nipple while squeezing the other. After some time, I got tired and asked my mom to give a blow job. I was relaxing while my mom licking my balls. It was the first time my balls were getting licked. Now my dick was full of mom’s saliva and I started to insert my dick to the pussy hole. My dick slipped into the hole without any extra effort unlike before.I fucked her for 5 minutes and her pussy was filled with my cum. I cleaned my dick and mom’s pussy with her underwear that was in the laundry basket. All these days, I was not knowing my mom’s body stats but that day, I saw the size of her bra and pantie. It read 34 and 36 respectively.After having breakfast, I asked my mom to help me in removing the body hairs and giving a bath. I had a lot of hairs on my chest and back side. Then I went inside the bathroom with the trimmer, wearing only an underwear. I was done with removing the hairs from the chest.I called mom to remove the hairs from the backside which were near the shoulders. She came inside with a bath towel wrapped around her bust. As she was moving the trimmer from the backside, her bushy pussy came to my mind and asked:Me: You usually shave your pussy regularly. Why have you allowed to grow that much this time?Mom: Your dad doesn’t like hairy pussy. So I would shave it regularly. But these days, we don’t have sex and it’s almost 2 months ago I guess we last had sex.Me: Oh.Mom: Do you like hairy pussy or cleanly shaved one?Me: I like your hairy pussy.After removing the body hairs, she started giving me a bath. I was sitting on a small stool and she was applying shampoo kaçak iddaa on my head. When she turned and bent to get some water from the mug, I saw her ass as the towel could not cover her ass fully. I quickly grab hold of it and removed the towel in one pull. She was surprised and shy at the same time.I turned on the shower and we both got wet. Then I went on my knees and made her stand in one leg so that I could get a full view of her pussy. She kept her other leg on the tap. Initially, I teased her by inserting my finger and she started moaning. Gradually, the sound increased.As I put my tongue into her pinkish cunt, she started screaming in pleasure. Hopefully, the sound didn’t go out of my flat. I continued for a few minutes and then made her suck my dick. While sucking, I applied shampoo and started massaging her head.While the shower water was continuously flowing, I made her lie on the floor and started stroking my dick into her hole. I had never stroked for that much time before. But this time, maybe because of the cold water that was cooling off my sexual heat inside me, I was able to fuck her longer. A lot of cum washed away in this process.After that, we took a proper bath, cleaning each other’s body. I was only applying soap to the boobs and pussy area. Seeing this, my mom teased me saying she had other parts in her body too.After I took the bath, I thought of taking a few nude pics of my mom with my DSLR camera. At first, mom did not agree as she was afraid of those pics going online somehow. Then I convinced mom that I will click photos of her body and not her face. We thought of having the photoshoot in the master bedroom.Initially, I was wearing only boxers and after a few clicks, my dick started paining because of the erection after looking at my mom. So I removed my boxer and was fully nude now. I clicked pics of mom wearing only a nightie, with her nightie zip open. I asked her kaçak bahis to bend so that I could take pics of her cleavage and hanging boobs. Also, I clicked pics with her nightie raised just below her pussy, revealing her beautiful thighs.Then I asked her to pose like a dog, raised her nightie from behind. I took some close up pics of her ass and also the pics of her hanging boobs. Then I asked her to remove the nightie. Soon she was fully nude. I took a few close-up pics of her boobs and pussy area. I also took pics of mom wearing only a pantie, only a bra and then both. Then I also took a pic of mom pissing as I have never seen any women pissing live.I asked her whether we can remain without wearing clothes all day. She did not agree by saying our neighbours may come anytime to our house. I told that we will close all the doors and windows and remain naked. She finally agreed and I was very happy. For the initial few hours, she was feeling uncomfortable and later on, got comfortable.I was very horny that day. The naked body of my mom while cooking food made me mad. I was going behind her everywhere. I was fingering her pussy standing behind her. That day, I even fucked my mom in doggy style. That was the first time I was experimenting. But I like the missionary style as I get to see the boobs juggling.For the next three weeks, she wore only a nightie with nothing inside while inside the house. She would only wear the undergarments only if she had to go out. She was also sleeping in my bedroom and most of the time, her nightie would be above her waistline, giving a full view of her ass and pussy as she usually sleeps without the blanket.Also, she would bath keeping the bathroom door open, I use to join her often and we would bath together. And if anyone was in the mood to have sex, we would start there itself. Most of the time, I will be in a sexual mood. Once I even wore my mom’s panty.A few times I have also seen the milkman staring at my mom’s boobs. He gets a clear view of those melons while pouring milk into the vessel as mom’s nightie had a very deep neck cut and she doesn’t wear any bra early morning.

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