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monsters worldAs an avid hiker, I knew my way around the back hills of my small town. I knew every trail and every distinguishable outcropping for miles. I spent years combing the feet of the Appalachians and up its mighty boulders until I couldn’t proceed without actual climbing gear. So, when the day came that I finally managed to get myself lost all I could say was, “Shit.””Perfect,” I muttered quietly to myself. That’s what I get for leaving my GPS unit at camp. But I wasn’t going to get anywhere by simply cursing my impotence. I set off towards my back trail in search of some sign of life. I knew how to track, but my path had brought me over rocky land which isn’t the greatest for following a trail. I decided that I needed to move farther east as the best approximation of my camp site. I tried to retrace my steps quickly, but soon watched as the sun sank lower on the horizon. Soon enough I’d be left with the stars and moon as my only guidance, and I was not as well versed in night navigation as I’d liked to be.I stumbled along between and over massive boulders. My sudden desperation to make headway before nightfall drove me recklessly forward. I should have been watching my footing better. But I slipped on an outcropping. My foot slid sideways taking me with it in a rough tumble down the side of the rocks. I rolled down the crag barely managing to wrap my arms around my head to keep it from slamming into the dangerous rocks. I felt the hard natural knives scratch into my arms through my gloves. The world became an amber blur as the setting sun filled my vision as it whirled with my body. I crashed through the underbrush of the surrounding forest. The brambles and bushes slowed my momentum, but not quite enough. My back smashed into a tree trunk. The air burst from my lungs leaving me gasping. And the sudden rush of pain forced darkness over my eyes as I passed out. I came to several hours later and could no longer see the burning sun. I lurched achingly to my feet and took inventory of myself. Was still a little dizzy which I did not take as a good sign, but my back only seemed sore, not broken. And my clothes mostly protected me from my headlong crash into the wilderness. Of course, now I was lost in the dark with no idea which way to go. And my head was still buzzing. I took a few steps in the moonlight forest trying to clear my head. Suddenly, my foot sank in to the knee in the soft dirt. I grasped for something to hold me up, but it was too late. I fell into the ground and felt the earth swallow me as I collided into it.The dirt in front of me was only a few inches thick and I sank into emptiness falling once more. The rush of adrenaline made the fall seem like an eternity, but I eventually splashed down into a deep pool. My face did a tremendous job of breaking the smooth surface of the water, and I quickly cursed myself for never learning how to swim despite spending much of my free time outdoors. I managed to right myself in the liquid, but I could not see anything. In the spare starlight filtering down through the hole I created all I could see was water splashing about as I floundered. My struggles were to no avail as I could feel my head sinking lower. I started gulping in clean water and thought that I would drown.Suddenly, a vine from out of nowhere hit my wrist. I could have sworn that there was no nearby debris before, and my panicked splashing would have surely driven any flotsam away. But I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. I clutched at it instinctively and pulled myself along its length. I could feel the vine grow thicker as I Finally I came up onto the edge of the sinkhole and spat out water as I heaved myself out of the underground lake. As my breathing returned to normal I heard a quiet rustle of movement by my hand. I turned to see the vine that had saved my life retreating into the undergrowth. I followed its apparent path through the gloom and caught site of a beautiful woman. In the soft illumination of the stars her face was strikingly white. Her blonde hair poured over and down her shoulders, but somehow didn’t get caught in the nearby brambles. As soon as she noticed that I was staring at her she gave a small squeak of surprise and crawled away into the dimness. The starlight splashed against her smooth bare back as she dove into the scrub brush. Plodding wetly after her I tried to calm her down.”Wait,” I called into the emptiness. “I just wanted to thank you for saving me. If you hadn’t thrown out that rope I never would have survived.”My hope that she would listen to my pleas was answered by the glint of a pair of eyes in the bushes. “I’m Cliff, what’s your name?”Out of the darkness I heard, “I call myself Sandra.”Her voice had a curious quality about it. Her esses seemed to resonate through her tongue. It didn’t sound like any dialect I was familiar with. And the rest of her words sounded perfectly normal. But the esses felt like they could reach out and wrap themselves in my soul. With a shiver I continued my cautious questioning.”Why did you run?””Most of your kind are not very nice when we’ve met in the past.”Again her soft words appeared to coil around me like a towel fresh from the dryer. Even the soft cee of nice carried with it the effect. But, despite the beauty of her voice her statement puzzled me. What “kind” was she talking about? Did she have something pendik escort against men?”Well I would certainly be a terrible person if I didn’t thank you for saving me. But, if I make you uncomfortable I can leave.”I took a quick look around in the gloom. Despite the entrance I happened upon I couldn’t make out walls or even the ceiling except for the open hole that let me in. “That is if I can find a way out.” I muttered to myself as I turned. “I can show you the way, but first I would like a favor.”Her voice came from right behind my ear. While I was searching out my surroundings she had slipped up behind me. I spun instinctively towards the sound, but she matched my movement circling around behind me again. She clearly had the advantage of speed and after the first impulsive spin I calmed down. I could sense her body near my back. Despite the water dripping from my clothes I could feel the distinct press of her breasts against my shoulder blades. A little thrill pulsed through me at the close contact. But something still seemed a little off. My musings were cut short; however, as my brain recognized she had asked me for something.”Sure, anything. I owe you my life.””Well, I have seen your type kissing up on the surface. You seem to enjoy it immensely. I wanted to give it a try. But you have to keep your eyes closed. I don’t want you to see me.”I let out a slow breath. On the one hand her speech was odd, and I was getting very curious. On the other, she saved my life and deserved far more than just a kiss. My curiosity would have to be ignored. Besides I am a guy and from what I saw she was hot. So from my side of the bargain I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity.”Okay, you have a deal,” I responded. I closed my eyes tightly and turned to her. I grasped her head and guided her lips to mine. Even without sight I easily found her lips and pulled her into me. Her lips were cool to the touch, but the feeling was electric. I gasped at the welcome feel of her lips to mine.She tangled her hands in my hair and pulled me into her body. I could feel my growing erection rub against my damp shorts between us. Despite the passion of her kiss she was still hesitant. I slid my hands down to her lower back and caressed her skin. I wanted her to enjoy the contact as much as I did. Just as my first glimpse suggested she had no clothing on her back. Her skin was smooth and warm to the touch and I traveled all over her bare back caressing her and pulling her into my body. As my hands travelled down to her ass I could feel her hands tense against my skull.But before she could protest I grabbed her rump and pulled her into the kiss. Unlike her back, her ass did still have clothing on. It felt like some type of alligator skin jeans or something only soft as silk. But it was so tight it moved seamlessly with her flesh underneath. Fascinated, I played with the scales underneath my fingers. I stroked each soft scale with my fingers until Sandra’s mouth opened wide in a pleasurable gasp. I took the invitation to slide my tongue between her teeth and pull her hard against my body. I felt her whole body become taut as my tongue slid over hers. I immediately retreated and pulled back from her lips. “What’s wrong,” I asked fighting desperately to keep my eyes closed.”I just . . . I’m self-conscious about my tongue. It’s . . . different.””I don’t care,” I replied softly. “I just want to enjoy this kiss with you in case I never get to kiss you again.”I felt the pulse of air half a second before her face once again met mine. She mashed her mouth wondrously against mine and opened up to me sliding her tongue out to meet mine. For a few moments I couldn’t understand what she had been worried about. Her tongue seemed to be the same as anyone else’s. But then it finally dawned on me. It felt like she had two separate tongues exploring my mouth at the same time. Initially lost in the bliss of her body against mine I missed it at first. But now I could feel the two organs exploring my mouth and tongue. Each one licked and tasted my flesh as they danced between our connection. Though as I conducted my own in depth exploration I could tell it wasn’t entirely two separate tongues. With my tongue I could feel where the two independently moving muscles joined together before becoming one within her body. She had a bifurcated tongue and it was amazing.I could feel her tongues wrapping around mine and hugging it between them. My hand continued to caress the scales on her ass while the other cradled her neck and pulled her against me. Our movements became even more fervent and I had the strong desire to pull both our pants down and impale her on my erect cock right that second. My hand extended down her legs exploring the unique texture of her clothing. Without warning she jumped back and pulled my hand from her body. Startled, I forgot about keeping my eyes shut and finally gazed upon her. I was wrong about the jeans. She wasn’t wearing any clothes at all. She also didn’t have any legs. The same angelic face I saw before was attached to the most perfect female torso I had ever seen, but at her waist her body changed into dark scales. Even in the dim light I could see the scales cascade down into coiled body underneath her. Her body was half snake, but by the time I registered what I was seeing her face mutated into a look kartal escort of pure terror and rage before she darted off once more into the bushes. Once more I found myself chasing blindly after her pleading with her not to run. An exposed root brought me crashing to the ground. As I got to my feet I called out into the blackness.”I’m sorry that I broke my promise. But I’m not sorry I saw you. You are the most exquisite woman I have ever seen and I wouldn’t give that back for the world.””You just need me to take you out of here so you don’t have to be with me anymore,” she accused.Her voice trembled with anger, but it still had the same impact on me. “No, I was honestly enjoying being with you. You having no human legs doesn’t change that. It just means that I wouldn’t be able to do what I was thinking right before you broke away.”A soft chuckle drifted in on the breeze. “And what would that be?””Honestly, your kiss was so amazing I wanted to take off my pants and let you have your way with me.””That could still be arranged,” I heard from even closer. “But you have me at a disadvantage now. You have seen my whole body, but I haven’t yet seen you completely.”I couldn’t make out exactly where her voice was coming from, but I easily understood what she was implying. My clothes were already soaked anyway. I peeled the dripping fabric from my body and dropped them at my feet. Then I waited for her to make the next move. My still hard pole stood out proudly from my body like a dowsing rod seeking pussy. And I didn’t have long to wait. Sandra exposed herself soon after I did. Her magnificent torso rose from the ground brought up by her strong coils. My eyes flicked back and forth between her firm breasts and her divine face. But I soon found myself drawn to her eyes. Our eyes locked and I couldn’t look away. She slid over to me, her lower half undulating to propel her forward. Her eyes held me rooted in place like a snake charmer’s pet. But she stopped several feet away. She glowed in the moonlight as the tip of her tail rose up to caress her face and breasts. “I suppose we are even now,” she cooed. “Now I should show you what I meant.”In my appreciation of her movements I had completely forgotten our recent talk of sex. Even with her words caressing my ears I could barely concentrate on what she was saying with the distraction of her tail playing with her body. But my vision tracked the novel movement of her hands as she reached down to the junction of her two halves. Her fingers toyed with her scales right where a normal human woman’s crotch would be. As I watched her fingers pull at her body I saw a drop of fluid glisten in the starlight. I followed it with my eyes as it slid slowly down her scales. It was quickly joined by more and more dripping juices as her fingers plied her scales. It wasn’t until they disappeared into her flesh that I recognized her labored breathing. While my breath was growing ragged with desire hers was catching from fulfillment. “You see,” she cooed as her fingers plied her flesh. “I have seen hikers like you having sex as well in these hills. And I long ago learned how great it could make me feel. In fact . . .”Her voice trailed off as her tail wrapped around her waist. Her fingers pulled back from the hole and pulled the scaled lips wide. Staring into her waiting crevice I could almost taste her on my lips. I took a step forward but stopped short when her tail intruded on my vision. It slid in from the side and pierced her waiting snatch. Her breath surged from her body and a visible shiver coursed through her body. It spread all the way down her tail until it vibrated into her body as she pressed it further into her flesh. The shaking tail only served to increase her pleasure as her shaking body turned her into her own vibrator. A knowing smile graced her lips as she closed her eyes and gave in to the sensations. But despite her obvious bliss I couldn’t contain myself any more. I took the few steps between us and gently grasped her tail. I could feel it pulsing beneath my fingers as I held on to it. And I finally realized that this wonderful tail was what had pulled me from the lake. But I was too intent on my own desires to think about that. I pulled slowly on the massive tail and watched it slip from between her lips. I heard a moan of negation breathe from her lips, but I was determined. I kept the pressure on the slick appendage as it was released from her cave. As the tip finally pulled free I wrapped my lips around it. I suckled at her liquids still dripping from the inserted tail. She tasted much like a human woman, only earthier. It was the best thing I ever had slide down my throat. I greedily sucked at the dribbling fluids until her tail was completely clean. But I still wanted more. I turned my attention to the source of my delight. I knelt at the base of her body and met her lips open vagina with my tongue. I pressed deep into her as I pulled her body against mine. The taste of her fresh nectar coursing across my tongue was intoxicating. From the first lick I knew that I wasn’t going to stop any time soon. In contrast to her cooler mouth, her pussy was burning hot. I could feel her warmth pulsing through me from my lips and tongue and down into my stomach. My tongue drilled into her twat sucking out her fluids like a straw as her moans grew maltepe escort louder in my ears. Her hands moved from pulling open her lips to grasping my hair and pulling me harder against her body. Without the opposition, her vaginal lips closed around my tongue as it penetrated her body. The smooth scales slicked with her juices caressed my muscle as it slipped into her. My passionate tonguing found her clitoris and rolled it into my mouth. I sucked on the tender bud eliciting a wave of shivers through Sandra’s body.These shivers also made me notice that she had slowly twisted her immense tail around my body. In my delirious assault on her woman hood I didn’t notice that her tail had curled around my waist encircling my member and gone halfway up my chest in tight coils. Now that I noticed I could feel my cock rubbing between two of her bindings as she gently stroked my body with the elongated tail. For some reason I wasn’t afraid of the huge bands wrapping my body. Even though they could probably crush me easily, I still lapped at her exposed clitoris like a starving man at a buffet. I could probably say that I knew she wouldn’t hurt me. But let’s be honest, I was too damn horny to care. So much so, that I heard myself give an involuntary cry when I felt my face being pulled from her cleft. Her prehensile appendage lifted me bodily up to her face for a mind shattering kiss. She burbled happily as she licked her own fluids from my cheeks and chin with her forked tongue. Then before I adjusted to the change in altitude, she swung me upside down. I once again found myself face to face with her quivering cunt. I returned to my ravishing assault as the blood rushed to my head. I didn’t need my hands to hold my position at all so I could use them freely to peel back her lips and suck at her clit. After just a few laps though I felt her cool lips kiss my manhood. The coolness suffused my cock and sent a pleasurable shiver down my spine. Before I had a chance to react, her mouth opened wide and engulfed my member. Her split tongue twined around my rod as she sucked me into her throat. Much like the coils encasing my body, her mobile muscular tongue wrapped around my inserted pole. I groaned deep into her crevice as I slaked my thirst for her fluids. Her hungry mouth engulfed my entire cock and she nuzzled her nose against my leg. I could barely concentrate on the tastes at hand as she sucked and licked my rod. I lost control entirely as her tongue snaked out of her mouth and curled around my balls. I could no longer maintain my connection with her pussy as she teased my cock and balls with her expert mouth. Her tongue pulled at my testicles wrapping them in her cool splendor. Instinctively I started to hump into her mouth. I couldn’t control my lust any more. But she pulled me out of her with her strong tail and turned me right-side up once more.”If you’re going to be that impulsive, there’s someplace far better for you to stick that weapon,” she whispered in my ear.Without hesitation she pulled me to her body spearing herself with my erect cock. The quick change from her cool mouth to her burning snatch was intense. My breath exploded from my lips, and she took the opportunity to meet my lips with hers. Her tongue slithered into my mouth and twisted around my teeth.Taking her suggestion to heart though, I thrust into her wet opening using her own coils for leverage. I wrapped my arms around her body and pushed deeper and deeper into her orifice. I could feel the soft scales of her vulva slide against my penetrating dick. Before long she used her own tail wrapped around me to slam my body against her. Our bodies became a writhing mass of limbs and scales thrusting in time to our lust. Her cunt saturated my groin with its heat while her cool mouth chilled my breath. The two warring temperatures collided inside me with a torrential storm of pure ecstasy. Despite my desire to remain like that forever, I could feel my sperm bubbling in my balls yearning to be free. Judging from the constant quaking of the tail around me I had the feeling that Sandra was getting close as well. With all of the willpower I could manage I fought against the orgasm threatening to burst from my cock. Finally, her mouth broke from mine as she hissed out her pleasure. Her voice rattled out into the night as her appendage crushed me against her body. Unable to thrust I rode out her orgasm as her pussy trembled around my rod. Her milking organ was too much and I shot my seed deep into her body. She must have felt the coursing semen splash against her walls because at that moment she grasped my head once more and pulled me into another lingering kiss. Both of us exhausted, the coils slipped from my body and we both tumbled down onto the ground. I woke up coiled in Sandra’s body with her softly singing to me. Once she realized I was conscious she kissed me softly and unwrapped herself. The sun was coming in brightly from the hole I had made the night before, and my clothes were drying on some branches by the pool. I got dressed silently not knowing what to say to my amazing lover. But she quietly led me up a short passage and up to the surface. We kissed goodbye and I walked off into the woods. I barely made it ten feet before I came to the clearing I had set up camp in the day before. I didn’t even have the chance to think about being lost. Fate must have been guiding me when I picked that spot. I quickly grabbed my GPS and rushed back to the hidden opening to Sandra’s home before I forgot the way. With the coordinates saved I resolved to return as soon as I got some food in me. A man needs to keep his energy up out in the wilderness.

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