Mother and Daughter Ch. 04


Couple of days after Mehta had gone to Maheshwari’s house and had a good time with her, he came across the mother and daughter in the market. He rushed to greet them and was taken aback by Vandana’s charms. Very much like Maheshwari. He invited himself to their house that evening. Maheshwari requested vandana to stay back for the evening fun.

Answering the knock on the door, Maheshwari was surprised to see Mehta bringing his friend. He introduced him as one Mr. Aslam bhai. Aslam bhai was much younger to Mehta…almost same age as Maheshwari. He was very tall and thin looking.

As they sat down to the pleasantries, Mehta shifted his seat next to Maheshwari. She moved a bit away. Mehta closed in on her and put his arm around her shoulders. Maheshwari sprang away immediately.

“What do you think you are doing?” she spat out her displeasure.

“It’s okay dear, Aslam bhai is a good friend”.

“Get out now! Don’t ever step inside this house here after. Get out.”

Even Vandana was taken aback by her mother’s out burst. Mehta exited quickly followed by Aslam bhai. It long for Maheshwari to get back her composure. Obviously she did not want to advertise her affair with Mehta to anyone else.

After an hour vandana opened the door to see who was knocking. It was Aslam bhai. He stood out with an apologetic attitude. He said, “sorry Madame! I saw the photo on the wall. Is that your husband?”

“Yes”, Maheshwari replied curtly.

Aslam bhai opened up, “Madame, your husband Aravind was my senior. He was the one who recruited me to the company. He trained me thoroughly. He taught me everything. It’s because of him that I am well settled halkalı bdsm escort in life. Before he passed away I had taken a loan from him. I came back to repay it back. Please do not mistake me”

The Ladies were stunned. Silence. Aslam bhai was still standing in the door way. They invited him in. He stepped in hesitantly. Maheswari had tears rolling down her cheeks. Aslam bhai was feeling all the more miserable. Maheshwari assured him that she will be fine. He said he would come tomorrow with the money. Without waiting for an answer he exited.

Mother and daughter had a long discussion. Vandana called Rahul and relayed the happenings. He was very apologetic. She flatly told him not to come to their house here after.

Next evening vandana came in followed by Aslam bhai. He gave Maheshwari a huge bundle of currency notes. Both ladies flatly refused. They were impressed by Aslam bhai’s sincerity.. He was accepted by both of them.

It was on his third visit things took a turn. As he entered their house, Maheshwari came out of the shower with her hair tied around in a towel. She looked fresh, clean and alluring, her curves well visible. She did not wear anything else except a blouse and saree.

She served him tea. Aslam bhai had an instant erection showing in his pants. He crossed his legs to cover up but failed miserably. He blurted out, “sorry Madame, you are very, very beautiful…I am unable to control”.

Maheswari smiled and sat near him, her thighs touching his thighs. Aslam bhai kept the tea cup down and openly pressed down on his erection. Maheshwari gently caressed his tent. She was taken halkalı elit escort aback by its length and width.

She asked him to stand up. He unbuttoned his trousers and let fall to his ankles. He was not wearing anything inside. His cock sprang out straight. Maheshwari looked in astonishment. She had never seen a cock like his. It was circumcised. It was not very thick, but it was too long, unusual for a human. She kept staring at it.

Maheshwari asked, “how does your wife manage this long cock?”

He replied, “I never got married for this reason. Your husband Aravind knew about my condition. He helped me in lot of things.”

Maheshwari was oblivious of his words. She held his cock by both her hands. The tip was red and bulky. She leaned forward and licked the tip. His cock twitched. She could get the bulb and a few inches inside her mouth. She started licking the bulbous head all over. She went down and took one of his balls and sucked on it.

Aslam bhai closed his eyes held her head and gave himself to her ministrations. She sucked the other ball burying her nose in his hairy manhood. She came up took to licking and sucking on the wide red head. He moved his hips forward. She felt the tension building in his tool. She held the head of his cock to her mouth.

He came spurt after spurt. She hungrily swallowed his cum. The last drop emerged after a few jerks. She licked it clean. She looked up and smiled at him. He was so grateful to her.

She rose up and moved to her wash room. He followed. She rinsed her mouth and stood aside for him. He held his cock to the wash basin and washed it. halkalı escort She came behind and hugged him from behind mashing her breasts to his back. His cock immediately responded…back to it’s stiff long muscular length.

She had seen such long one’s on donkeys, not on a man. Amazing it was. She led him back to her bed. She undressed quickly and lay sprawled with legs open. He removed his shirt and sat on her stomach. He kneaded her ample breasts. She pulled his head down to suck her nipples. He took long. Both her breasts were red.

He moved back and put his cock at her cunt opening and pushed. She was wet enough. Only three fourths went in. She felt his cock head hitting the most tender part inside her. Her body jumped on it’s own. He pulled out and plunged and set up a steady pace. Her whole body shook. She brought her legs together and held him tight.

He kept on, her breathing hard and laboured, both going equally strong. He mashed her breasts and pounded her relentlessly. She held on meeting his thrust with an equal upward meet. He came. She held him to herself and kissed him, biting his lips, sucking his tongue. Only when his cock was shrinking their bellies met each other. She sucked his cock with her vaginal muscles.

They rolled away from each other. Washed and sat relaxed.

“Madame, Doctors told me that I was a freak with such a long cock. They told me that I cannot get married. It will be too difficult for a girl to bed me. So took to watching and reading porn. My brother Karim also has the same size. He went ahead and married. She divorced him within a month. You are the one who gave me a chance and forever I am grateful.” Maheswari smiled and hugged him.

After Aslam bhai went out, Maheshwari became nude and sat spread eagled on the sofa. Cool air from the ceiling fan cooled her cunt lips which were still warm and tingling. She closed her eyes and savoured her every moment with Aslam bhai. She had a lot to tell her daughter Vandana.

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