Mother’s Migraine


Mother’s MigraineJane, my mother suffers from severe migraines, during the day she would soldier on after taking medication, hoping it would suppress the pain. In the evening she would go to bed early, close the curtains, change into a nightdress, taking at least one sleeping pill, depending on the severity of the migraine, spend all night lying on top of the bed. She always left her bedroom door open I assumed a habit from listening out for me when I was a baby. Before getting into bed I would stand at her bedroom door watching her while she slept, hoping that her nightdress would have ridden up or slipped down to expose some part of her body.Becoming more adventurous sometimes I would stand at her bedside leaning over pretending I was kissing her. The first time I actually made contact with her lips, was accidental, while leaning over pretending to kiss her, slightly lost my balance and our lips lightly touched. Backing off immediately I froze expecting some reaction. Subconsciously she must have felt my touch because her lips moved in a sort of puckering fashion, but fortunately she didn’t wake up. When the opportunity arose, I would kneel at her bedside and apply light kisses on her lips, terrified in case she woke up and discovered me, however, excitement overcame my fears. Certain she wouldn’t wake up I became more confident, leading to a greater sexual awareness, which increased my determination to experiment on my mother. The kissing persisted for quite a while as I enjoyed watching the movement of her mouth, afterwards thinking perhaps she was searching for my lips. One night I dribbled a spot of saliva onto her lips and watched her tongue slowly sweep across her lips drawing it into her mouth. Another night as I kissed her, I ran my tongue across her lips and became amazed as she partly opened her mouth sufficiently for me to insert my tongue.Some nights while I knelt beside her, kissing and watching her mouth, I would slide a finger across the top of a nipple as it became swollen beneath her nightdress. I loved to watch her nipples become enlarged knowing it was a reaction to the attention I was paying them, wondering if I dare give them a little squeeze. Becoming bolder, occasionally, when she was wearing an appropriate nightdress, one with shoulder straps, and lying in a convenient position, I would slip the strap off her shoulder, pull it down her arm, dragging the material to uncover her breast, to expose it. I would lightly touch her breast, feel her nipple and sometimes gently suck it. It was about this time that I began to masturbate at the bedside while touching her. Of course I had been masturbating for several years but I needed to work out how it could be done while I touched her and without it shooting all over the place and soiling the bed covers.It would often be necessary for me to run errands to, and for Mrs. Brown, also a widow and a friend of my mothers, who lived just around the corner in the next road. Sometimes to give her a message, sometime to take things around to her, occasionally to collect from her. This particular day it was early morning when my mother sent round to collect something. Mrs. Brown answered the door still wearing her cotton nightdress that couldn’t be seen through, and believe you me it was far from sexy. The problem was Mrs. Brown had these huge breasts, much bigger than my mothers whose are fairly big, but they had always fascinated me. Usually they were slung in a bra but that morning they were roaming free, swinging, bouncing, jumping as she walked, she was one big bitch. She sat at the table preparing something for me to take back to my mother, her tits were resting on the table or more like the table was holding them up, I just couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Looking down the open neck of her nightdress I could see some cleavage, and also her large nipples noticeably standing out beneath her nightdress, I was mesmerized, unable to take my eyes off her. She caught me staring at her and challenged me. “Are you looking at my breasts young man?” It felt like I was blushing, and then began to perspire, stuttering as I tried to answer. She laughed, “It’s alright Mark I like men looking at me and I especially enjoy you looking at my breasts, I know you do it all the time. Would you like to see them?” I nodded. She slipped her arms out of the nightdress and lowered it to her waist. Looking at them in the flesh they were big and not as pretty as I expected, but I told her they were beautiful. She asked me if I would like to feel them and suggested that I should sit in the armchair and she would sit on my lap. They were surprisingly heavy, not at all what I was expecting, although they felt soft and spongy and I enjoyed fondling them. She lifted one up to my lips, “Would you like to suck it?” The nipple felt fantastic in my mouth, and with my nose buried in her flesh I was really enjoying myself.Mrs. Brown, Irene is her name, placed her hand in my lap, obviously checking to bahis firmaları see if I was aroused, and she wasn’t mistaken I had a hard on which she found immediately. I felt her undo my pants and fumble around trying to get it out as I sucked one tit, and squeezed the other. Pulling her nipple from my mouth, dismounting from my lap, she knelt between my legs, unbuckled my belt and pulled my trousers and jockey shorts down. I may have surprised her because she gasped when she saw that I certainly wasn’t small in that area. She placed her nightdress over me and began to jerk me off while I continued to fondle both breasts. “Kiss me Mark, please kiss me” I kissed and played with her tits until I shot my load in her nightdress, she wiped me clean, stood up, allowed me to pull my pants up, hugged and we kissed before suggesting that I had better get home. “Mark you mustn’t tell your mother what we did, and if you like you can come back anytime and we can do it again, would you like that?” I said I would. Irene said that she knew I went out a lot of evenings with my friends, but if I would prefer I could go around her house instead and we would spend the evening together. We arranged to meet Friday evening. Friday evening I thought Irene looked sensational, beautifully made up, hair immaculate and her clothes were really sexy. Semi-transparent blouse which allowed a limited visibility to her bra, a short billowing skirt and nylons. “Mark how nice of you to call.” I never answered as she slipped her arm through mine and we headed towards the sitting room. She stopped turned towards me and said, “How do you think I look?” I told her that I thought she look beautiful. “Then you must say that you think I’m beautiful not just say nothing. We’ll go back and start again.” We walked back to the front door, she stood in front of me. “Mark how nice of you to call.” She slipped her arm back through mine just as I was saying “Irene you look beautiful tonight” and replied as we headed for the sitting room “Thank you darling.” And so began my training, my gentleman training as Irene called it.We sat and talked for a while then she asked if I would like a coffee and suggested we have it at the table. Then we went through the routine of assisting a lady to sit down by holding her chair then easing it in closer to the table. Continuing to talk we drank our coffee, then after I had to assist her to stand by easing the chair out from behind her. We sat on the sofa together continuing to talk only this time Irene was explaining how to recognize all those little signs which shows a woman is interest in the man. She then showed me how a man can get a woman to become receptive to his advances, stopping at the point when I put an arm around her waist. We played the whole thing starting at the front door over and over again. It didn’t look as though I was going to get any further that night, it looked as though the breast thing, the reason for my visit, wasn’t going to happen. However just before I had to leave and we were sitting on the sofa when she allowed me to progress with my arms around her waist, to pull her close and kiss her. Of course then we had to practice kissing which included the French kiss. Finally the last couple of minutes she allowed me to unbutton her blouse and caress her breast through her bra. When we kissed goodnight she said there was some improvement.It was well over a week before I saw Irene again, not being sure whether our assignation was a regular thing or just a one off. My visit was only because mother had asked me to take a message, and when I arrived Irene was more concerned as to why I hadn’t contacted her, than the message. When I explained that we had not agreed a second visit and I wasn’t sure whether she wanted to see me again, with that in mind, she said “I want you to visit me at least once a week so that we could progress our sexual activities.” I appreciate that we had been kissing, and allowed to fondle and suck her tits but that was the first time sex had been mentioned, and now I was becoming intrigued. She asked me to stay, but I couldn’t mother was expecting me to return home almost immediately. We had a quick kiss and cuddle while I unbuttoned her blouse, and a quicker squeeze of her tits, before going home, leaving her lying on the sofa, blouse open wide and her bra up around her neck.Some progress was being made, but not always in the direction I was expecting or hoping for. My next visit saw the start of my ballroom dancing lessons, Irene considered that it was a good way to meet girls, with an excuse to hold them close, and always be comfortable in their company. Over a couple of years she taught me most of the ballroom dances but they only became a prelude to foreplay and sex. Usually after a lesson we would lie together on the sofa kissing and cuddling ending with me sucking her nipples. It was after the third lesson when we retired to the sofa, and had reached the stage when I was sucking her kaçak iddaa tits, she asked me to put my hand up her skirt. She told me to slowly slide my hand up her leg, then tell me to stop and slide my hand back down, then slide it up again but a little higher. Each time I slid my hand up higher, she spread her legs a little further, until my hand came in contact with her panties.I thought she had wet herself, her panties were saturated, I called her a dirty bitch for pissing herself, she rammed her lips against mine; apparently she enjoyed being verbally abused, but caused me some embarrassment when she explained the real purpose of the excretion. Irene suggested that we finish our session upstairs on her bed as it would be more comfortable. Once on the bed it didn’t take me long to get my hand up her skirt, while she lay there, blouse wide open, bra around her neck, holding her breasts together to prevent them from flopping down her sides. She asked me to slip a finger inside her so that I could feel for myself the effect her natural lubricant had on her body. Fumbling with the crotch of her panties to push it over to one side, then having a little difficulty to find where to insert my finger, it took a little while. Irene was getting frustrated, but you have to bear in mind, that was the first time I had ever attempted to finger a woman. Even with everything going on with Irene I was still enjoying my mother when she had a migraine and taken a sleep pill, but had progressed no further than when I last spoke about her.My training was proceeding quite nicely, after my gentleman training which I include the ballroom dancing, we would end up on Irene’s bed. We had passed the fingering stage, the undressing each other stage, and masturbating each other and masturbating in front of the other stage, for the first time we were to have intercourse. I wasn’t very good at it, Irene said I needed a lot of practice, which she guaranteed, it was then she introduced me to Literotica. Reading the stories helped my sexual performances, giving me more confidence when I realized a lot of people were performing similar things as me, and knowing that that Irene and I weren’t two weirdoes. According to Irene I became quite proficient at making love, getting her to orgasm several times in a session, only because she showed me how to treat her. However, with other women I would need to find their vulnerability, the thing that got them going, with each women having different needs. We had reached the point where she was talking about oral sex. I was really looking forward to receiving it, but not too sure about giving it. Irene asked if I could find a way to stay overnight, I told my mother that I was having a sleep over at one of my friends to help him with his college work. At her suggestion we went to bed early I could tell she was excited. First we showered together preparing each other with a few kisses and a little fondling for a night of passion. She asked me to remain in the shower while she dried herself off and prepared for bed. When I entered the bedroom Irene was standing in front of her dressing table obviously waiting for me to comment on her sexy attire. She was wearing the shortest purple satin chemise trimmed with white lace, which just about covered the sensitive parts of her body. She walked over to me pulled me close and we kissed, and breaking the kiss said, “Take me to bed darling.” In bed we continued to kiss and fondle each other, me sucking a nipple and working my fingers inside her, she stroking my cock. Pulling her nipple from my mouth she lowered herself down the bed kissed me and said. “I’m going to suck you, and I want you to cum in my mouth.” She continued to work her way down my body until she was able to take me in her mouth. It was my first experience of oral sex, Irene was very competent and gave me pleasure beyond all description and immense satisfaction. I needed time to recover before returning the complement, but return it I did, with her guiding me as I alternated between her clit and pussy. It was one long night of passion, with me getting her so wound up she began to confide in me by telling me her most intimate secrets and a lot of them concerned my mother. Apparently my mother and Irene had their own sexual sessions, not that they were confirmed lesbians, it was just a safe sexual release, each giving the other sexual pleasures, without the threat of a man taking over their lives. While we laid on the bed with me applying all the seduction techniques she taught me, I persuaded her to give me a rundown on a typical session. Irene told me that they bought sex toys between them, they had several strap on dildos, single dildo’s, sexy lingerie with my mother keeping all her sexual paraphernalia at Irene’s house in case I started nosing around in her bedroom and discovered her secret. Consequently all their sexual sessions were carried out at Irene’s house.It was a shock at first, then I took it as a complement, kaçak bahis only to become aroused when Irene told me that whoever was wearing the dildo would be referred to in their love making as Mark. “So are you telling me when you’re wearing the dildo my mother calls you Mark?” “She does, and I call her Jane, she won’t have me call her any other name, and goes catatonic when I call her mommy. Your mother is in love with you and wished she could sleep with you, and desperately wants you to make love to her, but because you are her son she punishes herself by staying away from you. Oh and when she wears the dildo, she calls me Jane and she becomes Mark and talks dirty to me, and makes me talk dirty to her, she loves it.” Having learnt of my mother’s infatuation for me, wondered if I could progress our relationship further. I was twenty two when my first opportunity arose to begin seducing her, having been invited to a wedding of the daughter of a family friend who had moved away, by some distance, the year before. It was about a seven hour drive and I thought about the time mother and I would spend together in the car. We also needed to travel up the day before, spend two nights in some motel, including overnight the day of the wedding, before driving home the following day. Having explained about our overnight stays, mother was still keen to go, now whether her thinking was as mine, about the time we would be spending together, I couldn’t be sure, but hoped so.We traveled up on the Friday, stayed overnight in a motel, had dinner together in the evening, but there wasn’t any sign of mother relaxing her role as a parent even though I provided a touchy feely evening taking her arm holding her hand, that sort of thing. We attended the wedding and the reception after, by the time the evening wore on, mother had a drink, I had a couple and the disco music was phased out for a slower, more sedate rendering. A waltz was played I asked mother if she would like to dance, she looked puzzled, “To this, you want to dance to this?” I said, “Of course.” So we danced. Irene was right about taking a woman in your arms, as we danced I could feel her breast pressing up against me. Next came a quickstep we remained on the dance floor and made a pretty good job of it, then came a slow tune one to smooch to. Mother was prepared to walk off the dance floor, but I held her tight to prevent her. She didn’t object when I pulled her close as we slow danced, and when we finally left the floor the grooms mother said we looked good together as a couple. Mother glared at me when I said. “Did you hear that Jane? We looked good together as a couple.” Our overnight stay and drive back the following day was as uneventful as our drive up and first overnight stay, but after our dancing together she did ask where I learnt to dance so well, I just said that I picked it up here and there. I think mother was having problems keeping herself honest as a parent. I got the impression it wouldn’t take much to tip her over the edge. Our lives changed one Saturday night when her migraine was unbearable and said that she would take two sleeping pills, which I knew would knock her out for about eight hours. On my way to bed I stopped by her door to make sure she was okay, she was lying on top of the bed wearing a short purple chemise identical to Irene’s. Standing in my bedroom naked, having thrown my clothes on the bed, made my way back into mother’s room. Standing beside the bed I leant over and kissed her then eased the straps of her nightdress off her shoulders pulling them down her arms, again dragging the nightdress with them to expose her breasts. From that point I was in unknown territory. Carefully, I climbed on the bed worked my way up her body to kneel straddling her stomach sufficiently close to slip my erection between her breasts. I slapped her breast and rubbed her nipples with my cock but what I really wanted to see, was just behind me,Slipping back down and off the bed, found her legs close together with her nightdress covering everything. Pulling her nightdress up, began to massage her body as close to my target as possible. Slowly her legs parted allowing me to slip my fingers closer to her pussy. Bit by bit her legs spread wider, inch by inch my fingers slipped between them, until her legs were reasonably spread allowing me to crawl between them. From the end of the bed I slithered up between her legs until I was able to slip my tongue inside her and tease her clitoris. I was nervous, what if she should wake, my heart was racing but I couldn’t stop, it was like an addiction. Mother began moaning which frightened the life out of me because I thought that she was waking up, but no she must have been dreaming. Having licked her for so long my tongue and mouth were beginning to suffer, so I began to look for alternative means of satisfaction. Would I dare to slip my cock inside her just to see what it would be like, she was certainly lubricated sufficiently, and I may never get another opportunity. Kneeling between her legs I guided my over eager shaft to the entrance of her pussy, then as I leaned forward, watching what I was doing, carefully guided the head inside her.

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