Mother’s Story 4 – Anna’s 2nd Testimony


Mother’s Story 4 – Anna’s 2nd TestimonyPart 4. Anna’s Second Testimony (Read parts 1 to 3 first please)I’ll take up the story from here. Just to let you know that I was wearing a very pretty flowery skirt, just knee length, and a plain white blouse, similar to Jane’s, quite low-cut. Underneath I wore a plain white Marks and Spencer corset with a gusset that undid with catches that I had bought a few days earlier. It was very flattering to my figure, with suspenders (of course!) white seamed stockings and nice mid-heeled shoes. I felt sexy… Roy had told me I looked fabulous as we left my house and gave me a wistful look. We hadn’t spoken of our embarrassing (but wonderful, I guess for the both of us) session since “that night”!The responses from Joe had been as Jane described, he was clearly very interested in looking at me. So I was definitely feeling ready for something as we teased the boys in Jane’s lounge that evening. Once I got the agreed nod from Jane to move to the next stage, I took a deep breath and announced that Jane and I had discussed with each what had happened recently! Joe and Roy looked at me, and then at Jane, with scared expressions. Joe was completely shocked as his mother told him she knew about his peeping and she realised he knew she was putting on an indecent show for him. It was obvious that they didn’t know how this was going to go – were we going to punish them somehow? Quickly I told them not to worry, we had agreed not to tell anyone else. They looked relieved. Before either of them could speak, I said that both of us had enjoyed what had happened, and said we needed to discuss it more. We each told our stories so the boys knew what each of them had experienced. They listened with rapt attention and smiles at each other. We explained that our circumstances meant that we, as sexual beings also, had our needs and feelings and that we understood how things are for teenage boys, but that Jane’s show for Joe and my sexual encounter with Roy were not acceptable and couldn’t continue – they both looked crestfallen at this. But,,, that didn’t mean that, if the four of us were willing, Jane could still explore fun things with Roy and I could with Joe. What did they think? “Oh yes. Oh yes. Please!” in unison. Jane and I smiled lasciviously at them both.Then Jane got up and put the radio on, turning off the TV. It was tuned to a music station that provided soft background ambience. “I think Roy should experience what I have been doing for Joe,” she said, and slowly began to unzip her skirt. Both boys sat to attention, completely focused on her, but occasionally sharing “is this really happening?” expressions at each other. Jane removed her skirt, revealing a pretty underskirt. “I think you know what I have on, don’t you, Joe!” she teased and he went redder. My Roy seemed in a trance, and even I had a sense of anticipation as she opened her blouse and showed us all a well-filled brassiere, designed to barely cover her areolae. She moved around gently in time with the music, letting the underskirt fall to the floor, and revealing stockings, panties and suspender alsancak escort belt. Roy exhaled: “Oh my gosh, you look wonderful!” he said. Jane smiled at him and sat down on the carpet, stretching a leg out in front of herself and lifting the other knee enticingly, but keeping her legs together. She relaxed back on one arm seductively. “Come and sit next to me, Roy” she beckoned and my son shot down next to her. At that precise moment Joe came over to me and sat next to me on the sofa Jane had vacated, then d****d his arm across my shoulder, giving me a tentative smile – probably hoping I wouldn’t shrug him away. I didn’t. I looked over at Jane and Roy. She was allowing him to feel her bra and her bust. She looked ecstatic, and Roy, emboldened, was kissing her neck, then slipped a hand into her bra cup so he could fondle a nipple. Joe was watching this too, and he used his other hand, not the one across my shoulder, to begin unbuttoning my blouse! Taking his lead from Roy, Joe began to caress my bra cups too, then, with my help, he removed my blouse. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw the upper half of my lovely corset and the cleavage and support it gave my bust! He leant down and kissed my chest and the top of my bust, and I folded down the corset cups so my breasts were fully unbound and my nipples stood proud! Meanwhile Jane’s bra was now completely off and her firm bust was being adored and massaged by my son. Then he suckled and licked her nipples as Joe did the same to me. They were clearly enjoying watching what each other was doing (or being allowed to do!) and following suit. But I was still wearing my skirt, so I carefully encouraged Joe to leave off his attentions while I stood up and removed it. I returned to the sofa, but this time I reclined on it and put one leg up on the seat back and one leg on the floor, opening my thighs and making the corset gusset visible and available. Joe was entranced and soon began kissing my inner thighs, above my stocking tops, just below my crotch. Roy and Jane glanced over at us briefly, it was almost as if we were rivals or acting in unison! Jane lay back on the carpet, topless, and Roy began stroking her stocking-clad legs, before transferring his attention to her full-cut nylon knickers. These were very tight and shiny, with an embroidered panel on the front – she looked fabulous in them and I felt desire for her and for her son who was now rubbing my corset gusset tenderly. I was beginning to get exceedingly wet down there as his hand caressed my secret parts. Roy didn’t do the same as Joe though, instead he was trying to pull down Jane’s knickers, but without a lot of success as they held her tight. He managed to get them part way down and I could see his hands trembling with desire and excitement as her belly was exposed and just the very top of her pubic triangle was revealed. At this point she took pity on him and assisted him in removing them. I know Joe had seen his mother’s parts before, and Roy had felt mine, but this was going to be momentous for them both I realised – this escort alsancak was not some secret display in shadow and darkness, or a panicked fumble, this was up close, permitted and unpressured. Jane made the reveal into an event they would never forget. I nodded to Joe that it was OK for him to stop attending to me, at least for a moment, and he knelt next to Roy as his mother’s private and sacred places were about to be revealed. Jane had her legs tightly together as she pulled the knickers down, she bent he knees as she reached lower and guided them over her suspender belt and stocking tops. Still keeping them closely together she eventually kicked them off completely, her knees pressed against her chest. Then, looking both boys in the eyes she lay back again, stretched her legs out in front of her, her triangle fully on view. The boys were inches away from it, and both of them were sweating profusely, as she then raised her legs vertically, still keeping them tight together, then gradually began to open them. I felt stirrings in my privates and began to finger my own gusset as Jane’s vagina began to unfold and her moist inner lips and then even her anus became visible to us. She pulled her legs back against her chest again, but this time fully spread apart, juices dripped from her. Roy undid his jeans fly and got out his penis, then just as he was about to pleasure himself, just as he held it in his hand, with a groan he ejaculated powerfully and his sperm shot across Jane’s stomach. “Oh no!” he cried. “Don’t worry”, said Jane, there’ll be plenty more available soon I’m sure!”I was on the verge of orgasm myself as I surveyed the scene – Jane laying back, legs wide apart, my son’s sperm on her belly, Joe red-faced and sweating, his hand to his mouth, staring fascinated at his mother’s wet crotch as she began to finger and tease her clitoris. Joe didn’t seem to know what to do. I softly called him back to the sofa, and as he approached me I helped him off with his jumper, his socks and his jeans. Then I told him to kneel in front of me as I sat back, now with my legs wide apart and showed him the little clasps holding my corset gusset together. “Undo them for me Joe” I whispered, taking a hand and placing it on my bare thigh. Then I felt a fumbling as he, now his hands shaking, fiddled between my legs to get a purchase on the thin material covering my delights. Eventually he got a finger under the crotch and must have been able to feel my outer vaginal lips as he managed to undo the three small clasps. Then the gusset sprang apart and, in turn, it was my turn for my privacy to be intruded – all my sexual organs, my clitoris, my inner and outer vaginal lips and my anus on view. I slid forward to the edge of the sofa seat. I noticed Roy watching closely too, wiping himself with a handkerchief, and Jane seemed intent on seeing what we were up to – she had a satisfied look on her face and licked her lips slowly. I didn’t have much time to think now as Joe just sank his mouth onto my vagina and licked and sucked for all he was worth. I turned and lay alsancak escort bayan down fully on the sofa, making myself more comfortable as Joe continued his oral fun.Suddenly it became a free-for-all and our adventure entered another phase. To my surprise and shock, Jane came over to the sofa and positioned herself with a knee either side of my head, then she just lowered herself onto my face and I greedily took advantage of what she had on offer. Joe and Roy were mesmerised and Roy was ready to again, his erection massive. He stood next to Jane as she rocked slowly to and fro on my face. Then, she reached out and took him fully into her mouth. The four of us were locked together in a scene of debauchery. Joe’s oral skills and Jane’s heady vaginal aromas and her copious wetness had me on the point of orgasm, when I was aware of Joe freeing his penis from his underpants, moving his face off me and readying himself for penetration. I had to stop him. “Hold on Joe, you could make me pregnant… Jane, where are the Durex you said you’d get?”“Just here”, and she reached under the sofa cushion and produced a handful of the contraceptives. “Pop one on Joe!”Joe did as he was told, unfolding the johnny onto his erection. “You’re going to lose your virginity, Joe!” I smiled. “Just let me have that lovely bit of manhood up inside me!”“Oh lets do it at the same time,” called Jane, throwing a Durex at my Roy, “I can see you’re up for it again, come up me from behind!”“Good idea!” I echoed. I got off the sofa, knelt on the floor with my arms on the cushion, opened my legs and stuck my bottom out, then with one hand I pulled my bottom cheeks open, making what I realised must be an amazingly inviting sight for a virgin boy! Jane did the same, settling alongside me in front of the sofa – she also pulled herself open while the boys positioned themselves, erections to the fore, behind our ready and open organs. In perfect synchronisation both boys grasped our waists and slid their penises up us. They yelled with delight as they began to pump away at us, smiling and laughing together as they gave us their all. Joe felt enormous inside me, and I was loving it. It was disgusting and shameful but it had been so long for me to have had a sexual experience that I drank in the wonder of it. The boys thrust and pumped away for ages as I clenched and unclenched my vaginal muscles, adding to their sensations. Then I reached back and diddled my clitoris, which brought me to orgasm almost immediately. I screamed with pleasure and felt the contractions in my womb. Then I realised that Jane was orgasming too! We were both bucking and shaking together. It was too much for our sons and first Joe and then Roy ejaculated into their johnnies. We all collapsed onto the carpet and lay together in a sweaty pleased mess.Ten minutes later Roy said: “Can we do it again?” Jane and I looked at him in amazement and Jane said: “Come on boys, let’s not overdo it. Let’s all get ready for bed and maybe we can get together again in the morning. Let’s all have a nice shower shall we? Lets go up to the bathroom.”Joe looked at his mother and said, with a huge grin “Oh maybe there’s another little treat you can give Roy and me… I think I remember a rather wet display you accidentally gave me…” I looked quizzically at Jane, wondering what he meant.(Think that was hot? More to cum… If I get comments and views.)

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