Mourning Mother Fulfills Her Dream


Consoling in strange circumstances

_____Consoling friend’s grieving mother_____

Life is more dramatic than drama

Some events appear to be abnormal, crazy, extraordinary, diabolic, taboo, unethical, unbelievable, and even perverted and unacceptable to societal norms. Analyzing the behavior of people involved in such incidents without bias opens a door and reveals human psyche. The persons in the story happen to fulfill their inner psychological need and physical desire the basic instinct. Some people may call it animal instinct and indecent but the desire to satisfy hidden, craving physiological need erupts despite all reasoning, logic, traditions, religious fears, and possible consequences. The story describes love and romance triggered in strange circumstances which made them happy and consequently lead a normal satisfied life without guilty complex. The story is based on real life incident. Names have been changed for obvious reasons. But the essence of what happened is described revealing the inner thoughts and feelings of the people involved.

Chapter 1

It was Sunday early morning, hearing loud noises from the Hostel corridor, I came out of my room and learnt to my shock and surprise our classmate Gandhi was found dead in his room, obviously committed suicide. An arsenic bottle and handwritten suicide note was found besides the bed.

He hails from a wealthy family, the only son of his parents and doing well in studies He married six months earlier Madhusmita studying B.A. No one could imagine the reasons for his suicide. The Chief Warden informed the Police and the body was sent for Postmortem.

His parents arrived the following morning from their native place. His father accompanied by the warden and some of our friends went to the hospital to complete the formalities and take his son’s body to their native village.

Being the closest friend, I stayed back to take care of grieving mother, took her to the University Guesthouse. She was obviously exhausted after travelling. I requested and cajoled her, to take bath and she went to the bathroom. In the meantime I brought breakfast and coffee in a thermos flask for both of us from hostel Mess. She was looking better and refreshed after bath and changed into fresh saree. She combed her hair standing in front of full length mirror. Her hair parted neatly in the middle, I was fascinated by looking at her oily long thick jet black luxurious lustrous smooth wavy shining hair reaching her mid thighs. It took a while for her to disentangle her long thick hair with a wide toothed comb and arrange into a loose bun resting on her back between shoulders. She sat on the sofa, I requested her to have breakfast but she did not have breakfast, but on my insistence had a cup of coffee.

I told her if she wanted to take some rest, I will leave her alone. She said, don’t leave me. She started crying and tears were rolling down continuously her cheeks and on to her saree. I said, I could understand the agony she must be going through ever since she heard the news of her only son’s sudden demise. I was so sorry to know the sad incident of Gandhi. We have so many fond memories of him hanging out and but most of all we’ll remember the beautiful days we spent. I talked about some memories and the good times I shared with her son. I said, he became my closest friend in the college and I miss him very much.

She was listening and crying and said, he is a nice man. He earlier told her that I was his best friend and she asked me, ‘did he not even share with you any of his thoughts or feelings that led him to take such a drastic decision to end his life’.

I said, no, had I known the reasons I would have helped him in whatever way I can. He did not tell me about his problems. It is a mystery to me and I cannot see any problems which could not have been solved.

She got up from the sofa said, I wish he could have told me, shared his thoughts and feelings, his fears to me, confessed to me whatever his problems were. I could have helped him, comforted him, and counselled him to overcome and solve his problems. I brought him up with so much love and care and provided everything he wanted. He has everything, property, money, social status, good education and so much life ahead to enjoy with his beautiful educated wife. What more any young man wants from life? ‘Shiva, did he have any issues academically or otherwise,’ she asked.

No, Amma, no issues I am aware of, actually he was good in academics, I said, he should have told you about his problems. Who can understand a son better than his own mother?

She continued to uncontrollably cry, tears rolling down her cheeks. Not knowing and not having any clue how to console a mourning mother to comfort her placed my hand on shoulders and wiped tears from her cheeks. She leaned on my chest. I hugged her and then put my hand on her head stroking to show empathy as gesture of sharing her agony and thought ‘let her cry out.’

I was stroking with my fingers running through her thick oily hair. She hugged me tightly, an intimate hug, her hands encircling me and enveloping me reaching fully around me. The grasp was soft and gentle yet firm. My hands on both sides of her face, my fingers running through thick smooth hair, into her big hair bun and caressed her hair innovia escort and nape affectionately hoping that such a gesture would comfort and relieve her tension.

Her Hair bun got loosened and her luxurious long soft thick jet black smooth lustrous shining beautiful wavy hair cascaded down and spread on her back reaching mid thighs. I ran my fingers through her thick hair from top downwards along the length of her hair affectionaltely feeling the oily silky smooth texture and softness. Feeling her beautiful silky smooth long hair, erotic smell of her body aroma and her body touching and pressing against mine sent electric waves though my body. I continued stroking, running my fingers through thick stands of her wavy hair, while she was hugging me, an intimate whole body touching hug. I was hugging and cuddling her closely. Slowly and gradually her crying reduced to sobs.

I have always been attracted to and an ardent admirer, and incurable romantic lover of longhaired beautiful women irrespective of their age. Seeing a longhaired woman with thick, black, grey or salt and pepper itself is a pleasure. I observe the thickness the texture, the luxurious volume, the smoothness and every detail of women’s longhair. I could not help but appreciate her beautiful long hair dressed in a braid, bun, pony tail or left loose.

We were locked in an intimate and tight embrace. The hugging became more indulging, intimate, intense, inciting, invoking, invigorative, and seeking feeling each other’s body. Her large voluptuous heavy and huge breasts were pressing against my chest. Every part of her whole body was closely touching mine. We were completely entangled and encircled in each other’s arms. It was as if our two bodies trying to unite and become one. I could smell her erotic feminine body aroma. Despite the odd circumstances, my cock fully erect rigid turgid throbbing and pulsating was pressing at her mound straining thorough my lungi. My blood ran faster in my veins into my cock. I hugged her more closely and tightly moving my cock forward cupping and pressing her arse cheeks with my hands towards me.

I could sense that she felt comfortable, protected, loved and excited in our intimate indulging and tight erotic embrace. She did not try to disentangle; instead moved her body forward even more closely pressing herself, her whole body against me. I could feel the heat and pressure of her body saw her back pushing forward against me and her heavy breasts pressing against me in the front. Our arms were encircling and enveloping each other. I could hear her breathe heavily, feel her heart beat, smell her hair and invigorative distinct erotic exciting body aroma. I looked at her back and there was no doubt in my mind, seeing that she was thrusting herself against me, feeling, gyrating her mound and rubbing against my hard cock.

I cupped her soft big round arse cheeks with my hands, pressing, squeezing and pushing further towards me, while my hard cock pressing against her mound. I could feel her body tensed and her finger nails were digging into my back. The softness of her thick long silky hair touching my hands further aroused my basic instinct, banal, carnal and an uncontrollable physical desire. My hands pressing her soft hips travelled slowly and gently upwards on her back. Her saree pallu already dropped down to the floor. She was not wearing a bra and I ran my hand touched her shoulder with the tips of my fingers and then stroked them downward with a bit more force. I also ran one finger along her shoulder. I used both hands to firmly push into the area above her shoulder blades to knead out some of the tension in her body.

I gently placed my hands on the side of her face and stroked her cheek, her ear, her hair, and the side of her face along the jawline. I stroked the back of her head, massaged her scalp, running fingers through strands of her hair, brushed the strands of hair away from her eyes as I made eye contact, leading her to want something more. I liked the feel, stroking her oily long thick luxurious lustrous long smooth shining silky jet black hair. I tucked some strands of her hair behind her ear to give her ears an extra caress.

I took her face into my hands gently with love, desire and empathy. I wanted to possess and own her. I could see in her wide expressive eyes pleading desire to be taken, to be owned, to become united, to be filled, an unmistakable urgent need. Her large expressive eyes wide open looking into my eyes, were inviting me silently. I kissed on her forehead, eyes, eyelids and cheeks with my lips. I ran a finger on her juicy soft thick lips and gave her a soft kiss, paused to caress her lips by holding the kiss for a few seconds, caressed her thick beautiful pouting wet juicy soft top and bottom lip. Her face upturned conveniently to receive as I kissed, licked, and nibbled lovingly, delicately, slowly and passionately all over her neck, cheeks and face. I licked and nibbled at her earlobes my fingers caressing at the back of earlobes.

I touched her earlobes, the sides of her ear, and the area behind her ears, slowly and gently. I cupped her face, slide my hand under her hair, and stroke her ear as I continued to kiss and also brushed my lips along her ears and nibbled her earlobes taking into my mouth. istanbul escort I lovingly stroked the sides of her neck while kissing, tossed her hair back so I can caress her neck a bit more by running the sides of my fingers up and down her neck, down to the base of her shoulder and all the way up to her earlobe.

She was accepting and receiving and my sensuous loving kisses moving and turning her face closely to receive as I kissed each and every inch of her fore head, the cheeks, chin, neck, shoulders and all over her face. Finally I ran my tongue between her wet juicy thick pouting inviting lips. Her mouth opened as my tongue slipped into hers, exploring her mouth, touching her inner cheeks, her tongue and deep into her throat. Slowly her arms snaked around me. Her mouth found my lips and our tongues caressed each other. She took my lower lip into her mouth and started sucking, chewing and biting, all the time pressing her against me. In turn I took her lower and upper lip one after another alternatively chewing and sucking them gently. Our bodies were touching each other and hearts beating faster, blood running through veins at high speed. Our tongues entwined, exploring and sucking each other alternatively, drinking nectar. It was a long drawn erotic, exciting, enthralling, enduring, exhaustive, exhausting and invigorating lip locked nectar sucking kiss.

The intimate embrace, cuddling, kissing relieved her agony but her mind and body seeking togetherness made her melt in his embrace. His overpowering maleness made her submit herself to him. Her whole body was aching with unbearable desire for him. She became aroused and excited, the blood running fast, her nerves electrified and tensed, her pulse and breathing quickened. Her breasts swollen, nipples became hard and jutting, her clit engorged, and her cunt lips enlarged and pussy became wet with juices. She could not think of anything else except desire to be quenched. She was like volcano.

There was no need for words. The intimate embrace and togetherness, silent unspoken desire well communicated through her eyes and body, prompted and encouraged me to lift her in to my arms. I scooped her up, carried her to the bedroom illuminated by soft sunlight diffused through white curtains, I lowered her to the downy rose-and-white comforter that covered the bed. Yanking off my shirt and lungi I undressed completely. I could see myself in a full-length mirror; I could see Padma behind me, on the edge of the bed. Her huge breasts were heaving and large pink areolas and big nipples engorged and jutting. Her hair spread on the bed. I could see how beautiful and sexy she was, the flawless glowing skin, straight full voluminous breasts with large dark areolas and hardened jutting upright erect big nipples, the rise and fall of her abdomen. I turned around. She was lying back on the bed obviously fascinated by seeing my erect long thick big cock, as I walked toward her.

She saw the enormous size of the cock in surprise and disbelief.

I sat next to her, cupping, stroking and feeling her huge voluminous firm breasts. I slowly removed her blouse and bra hooks as she lifted her hands up willingly to remove them. Her heavy breasts were firm and big engorged nipples were stiff jutting out. I bent down to kiss her breasts.

She leaned towards me, carrying to my mouth in the gesture of a nurse, the dark tip of her breast. In the movement she made by taking her two hands to bring it towards me, a drop of milk appeared at the extremity. I began to drink it eagerly, seizing that heavy breast in my mouth like a fruit. And I suckled in a greedy and regular way. I passed both my arms around her waist and Ie sucked on with slow sips with a movement of the neck, similar as the children one.

Suddenly she said: “That’s enough for this one, take the other now.”

And I took the other with docility.

She had placed her hands on the back of me, and she was breathing forcefully now.

I sucked on her big brown heavy engorged hard and jutting nipple, while stroking the other and squeezing it. I kept on sucking like a hungry baby sucking milk from mother’s breast while her hand was below my head holding it like a mother breastfeeding her baby son. She was like nursing mother, breasts heavy with full of milk, aching and wanted to feed her hungry baby son, to relieve unbearable ache caused by milk. Her mother instinct triggered hormones in her mind and body was responding with uncontrollable need to feed, her breast to be sucked. I sucked on her jutting nipple while caressing her breast I could feel juices coming out of her breasts. I sucked on more intensely, and could taste her breast milk juices. I sucked on the other breast, and her breast milk drop by drop coming into my mouth. I was suprised that milky juices coming from her breats and happily sucked on. She was moaning with pleasure.

I could feel and understand the her love and desire to breastfeed her son, her immense desire triggered oxytocin hormones to produce milk. I continued sucking her breast milk juices from both the breasts alternatively. I was surprised that she was having such intense reflexes that her breasts were became so big and her nipples grew enormously swollen and oozing out milky juices.

At that moment, I remembered kadıköy escort reading about adult breast feeding in some book about this phenomenon that woman can give breast milk without being pregnant, while aroused producing love hormones. Breast feeding invoke more feelings of intimacy and fulfillment, helps make them feel more feminine, and may even cause experiences and feelings similar to the higher state of consciousness achieved in yoga or mediation. These feelings are attributed to a change in the balance of a woman’s body chemistry, particularly in the balance of chemical neurotransmitters in her brain. The hormone oxytocin released by lactation is called the bonding hormone and promote a sexual desire in women. The hormone is known as the “love” hormone and is the same one that is released when making love. When it is released in the brain it enables nursers to feel trust or bonding with the nurse. It is released in your body when you feel excited to be with a lover, when you make love or at many other significant pleasurable times and especially when you breastfeed. It makes one feel warm and peaceful, helps to grow trust and is very pleasant. This hormone keeps us loving and trusting each other. Breastfeeding releases the hormone prolactin into a woman’s system, which is a natural relaxant

While I was sucking, she came around on her side, felt my rigid long thick erect, thick, hard and turgid cock into her hand, feeling it, and held it until her hand was full and able to contain only part of its hardness. It was the first time in her life to see such a big enormous sized cock.

She was stroking my cock, her hand running along the shaft, and she took hold of scrotum, feeling the balls and then her fingers reached the knob of my cock. She wants this big maleness to fill her. Shiva, Oh! I can’t wait, Do it. Come into me. I want you inside me,” She said, holding my stiffened cock.

I got up, took off her sari and petticoat. Her thighs spread wide, her wet cunt flower was inviting, glittering stiff big clit engorged. She has beautiful thick cunt lips and long triangle of thick black soft pubic hair.

I was over her between her fleshy thighs, and entered into the vaginal opening, slowly and slowly, and deeper and deeper between the clinging lips of the vulva. She raised her bottom slightly as my cock entered her juice drenched inviting cunt with all my energy. My cock entered slowly opening and widening up her tight cunt walls, as if a knife slicing a soft butter slab smoothly, reached her bottom, filling her cunt. Her cunt muscles were gripping my cock tightly like a fist.

When my cock entered her, it was the first time in her life she had ever experienced what it was like to feel a man from the inside her cunt. She never felt that way with her husband. She could feel the cock filling insider her cunt. My big long thick enormous cock filled her cunt to the bottom. She never knew such a big cock. Her cunt muscles opened up, stretched and were tightly encircling and gripping my cock. It was as if she wanted to take myself into her. I looked into her eyes. Her hands on my hips were pressing me into her. I took her breasts into my hands fondling them. It was a moment of unison, of our bodies and souls.

It was delicious, this entry, and as I slid back and forth I was aroused to a bursting point. I thought that I might come right away, and slowed, fighting it, until the wave passed, and then I settled down to a steady, relentless rhythm, fucking her straight and hard.

She urged me, I started fucking. Oh, my son, fuck me, fuck your mother, fuck me, my son, fuck me hard. I have been hungry for you; give it to me all the way in. She was repeating the words again and again, cooing and crying, while moving herself up to meet each of my strokes. I lifted both her legs placed on both sides my shoulders and fucked her slowly and steadily. And fucked fast with all my energy digging into her deeper and deeper opening her cunt with each stroke with more and more energetic thrusts.

She was responding thrusting with equal vigor and enthusiasm making erotic sounds. Our bodies with each stroke were trying to unite with each other, attempting to be united, to become one, to achieve oneness. It was an ultimate expression of love and desire between man and woman and their souls to become one, and achieve oneness. Her hands around me, her legs spread wide and inviting me, receiving my cock each time. After few minutes her hips began to rise and fall with me and made undulating circular movements that quickened and heaved, and she began to emit throaty erotic exciting orgasmic sounds. She squirmed and moaned as I pulled almost all of the way out and then thrust back in to hilt with force again and again rapidly gaining speed. The rhythm became faster and faster as I placed my hands under her ass cheeks bringing my cock into her cunt deeper thrust to the hilt. She came, violently crying out loud as if a simmering volcano erupted, as if an earth quake occurred and shook her, her whole body in frenzied uncontrollable spasms, as she dug her nails into my back scratching drawing out blood. Her orgasm was visible in her reaction of complete abandon, her legs and pussy tightening around me in a squiring movement. Her ass was moving back and forth and wiggled tighter and tighter. Her cunt muscles gripping and releasing my cock like a fist, over and over. I pumped mindlessly faster and faster. I massaged her clitoris until she lifted her hips and came again. After that, I massaged her cunt and clit smoothly inserting my fingers and she had three more orgasms and wanted no more

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