Moving to a new area 2

Moving to a new area 2The next morning I gave my wife money and instructions and sent her over to Dave and Sam’s house.Stella was going to take Sam shopping and get her some nice sexy clothes to come back and model for our pleasure.As the door opened Dave stood there amazed at how sexy his new black neighbour was, she stood there with her large black breasts contrasting against the yellow top she was wearing, Dave didn’t want to look too long, but he was sure her nipples were peaking out of the top of her bra and poking through the thin material.He invited her in the walked behind her checking out the curve of her narrow tight ass. He called his wife Sam letting her know Stella was here to take her shopping.Sam came down and looked a little confused.Stella said Charles told me all about his great time over here last night, and said you had told him you would be happy to take me shopping and show me the best shops. Stella looked Sam up and down and licked her lips then smiled deeply making eye contact with Sam and winking.Sam said come with me we can chat while I get changed.She looked at her hubby and said what time are you going to watch the game, he said I will be gone when you get back, she said well I will probably stop over at Stella’s until you call me to let me know you are coming home.Dave said I will pop over and ask Charles if he wants to come, Stella said he is locked away in his study finishing off some big project for work, that is why he wanted me out the house. I would leave him to it, he gets a little grumpy if he is disturbed, we will stay in the other end of the house out of his way and have a girly night with a bottle of wine.With that the ladies went upstairs.Once in the bedroom Stella said Charles has told me to get you some sexy clothes for tonight, as he wants to fuck you this time, not just get his cock sucked, with that she walked over to Sam and kissed her on the lips, Sam just stood there and allowed Stella to kiss her lips then neck and then down to her breasts, she lifted Sam’s top up over her head and sucked her large white halkalı escort breasts deep into her hungry mouth.Stella was now pushing the gym pants down over Sam’s ass and following them with her tongue, she was licking and sucking onto Sam’s smooth bum cheeks.Once Sam was naked Stella told her to dress in a loose skirt and top with no bra or knickers, Sam did as she was told without any question.Stella said good girl Charles said you were easy to dominate, now come over here and suck my tits.Sam did as instructed and sucked and groped the black woman’s small but very firm tits.Stella then told her to drop to her knees and push Stella’s skirt up and lick her ass and pussy.Again Sam did this without a word. Stella said good you have past the test lets go shopping.In every shop dressing room Stella would grope, lick, suck or finger Sam’s body and pussy.When they had finished Sam was dripping wet and her pussy now allowed Stella to get her hole hand into her in one go.Stella had small hands, but very long slim fingers, she it wasn’t any big thing when Sam noticed Stella had her hand fully inside her pussy as she looked in the mirror in disbelief.As the ladies were leaving to go home two large black security guards walked over and asked them to accompany them to their office. Stella demanded to know why, and the guards said they would let us know when we got back to the office.Once inside the guards put on a screen and displayed footage from a security camera showing Stella using my body for her pleasure in the reflection of the mirror in the dressing room where she had left the curtain slightly open.The guards explained this was an offence and we could get in trouble for it.Stella said quit the crap what is it you want.They said they wanted to have fun with us like we were having fun.Stella said she would allow Sam to suck their cocks while they played with her tits, but Sam’s pussy was for her husband when she took her home later.The guards smiled and walked over to Sam pulling her top off and playing with her tits, taksim escort the first one got his BBC out and pushed it into her mouth.Stella was amazed how easy it was to control Sam and make her do anything she wanted.Sam just allowed the black guard to face fuck her while his mate sucked and played with her tits, he soon shot his hot sticky load deep down her throat, then the next guard tit fucked her whilst she sucked on the head of his BBC, he pulled out and shot his load all over her white breasts and face.Stella puncher him in the arm and said hey I said her mouth, look at the mess you made, Stella then moved forward and sucked the cum off Sam’s tits and face then fed it into her hungry mouth.The guards escorted the women out to their car and placed all their shopping in the boot for them. Each one having one last feel of Sam’s round curvy white body.On the drive home Stella was instructing Sam on what she needed to do for Charles when they got back. She was to jump in the shower, clean her body and shave her pussy so there was no hair at all, then dress in her new outfit, once she was ready she was to walk down to the study, then knock the door and enter without saying anything, she then needed to crawl under the desk and suck Charles BBC, she would allow him to use her for as long as he liked, and let him do anything he wanted.They arrived at the house and Stella showed Sam to the bathroom which had a large mirror on the one wall showing Sam in all her naked glory as she climbed into the shower.Stella walked into her husbands study and informed him about the black security guards and the way they fucked Sam’s mouth. She then went to get dressed ready for the fun that was to come.Stella waited for Sam to enter the study then she came out from behind the living room door, she has thigh high red boots with red stockings and bask, and there it was her 9 inch black strap-on cock. It was already covered in lube ready to fuck Sam’s delicate tight little white married pussy.Stella walked into the study and there was Sam şişli escort on her knees sucking on Charles BBC.Stella walked over, got on her knees behind Sam and started to slide the black dildo into Sam little white cunt.It was around 3 minutes before Stella got around 6 inches of the strap-on deep into the little married cunt of her new friend, she knew she needed to loosen her up if Charles was ever going to get his 12 inches deep into that tiny little pussy.Stella fucked away at Sam for around 10 minutes until she felt the cunt lips loosen and allow the black cock to fill the pussy with all 9 inches, she smiled and said Charles darling she is ready for you.Sam was bent over the desk and Charles placed his now sticky spit covered BBC at the entrance to Sam’s white married cunt, he pushed in slowly allowing for Sam to adjust to his size, all the time Stella was sucking and pulling at one of the big milky tits slowly swaying to and fro as the BBC pumped into the white body.It was around 10 minutes before Charles had the whole of his cock deep inside Sam’s cunt, but once it was all in he slammed into her at a very fast pace, this caused Sam to thrash around on the desk yelling to be fucked by his big nigger dick, this made Stella and Charles smile and give a little chuckle.Stella told Charles she wanted some fun, so Charles sat back on the edge of his chair and told Sam to lower herself onto his BBC. As she did this Stella stood behind her and started to rub lube into her ass. Sam stiffened for a couple of seconds then relaxed as the finger slid all the way in, then there were two then three, then four, then they were removed and replaced by the large head of the strap-on.Stella slowly pushed the head into the tiny virgin white girls ass. She whispered in her hear, here you go slut feel my nigger dick fucking that slutty ass of your whilst my husbands big nigger dick fucks your slut pussy.Sam cried out as the orgasm rushed through her body, making it shake and thrust around under the pressure of both cock in her tight little holes.Charles could feel the cock in her ass rubbing against his shaft as it slammed into her as deep as it would go.Sam passed out and slumped into Charles as his wife fucked her up the ass with the big black 9 inch cock.They smiled to each other as they knew they had a new little slave to use and abuse for their pleasure.

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