Moving to Philadelphia


That summer day began like any other. Little did I know it would be a day that would change my life forever.

The Arizona sun was already shining fiercely as I went out to mow the lawn. Within minutes, the heat beating down on my back forced me to strip off my T-shirt. Another few minutes and I was had to whip out the handkerchief I kept as a rag out of my back pocket, and tie it, pirate style, around my head to protect me from the blazing sun. Despite the relentless heat, I managed to finish mowing the lawn in record time and popped into the house for a Coke.

My folks were both at work, so it was just me and my older sister, Pam, at home. She was older than me by ten months. We were both eighteen, but by the accident (I was the accident) of our births, I was a year behind her in school. She had just graduated from high school and was getting ready to go to college all the way in Pennsylvania. I on the other hand, had a year more of high school to suffer through.

When I had gone out to trim the grass, Pam had still been fast asleep, but now, as I bent to grab a Coke out of the fridge, I heard the water cut off and knew she’d finally gotten up and taken a shower. I just hoped she’d left enough hot water for me. I walked down the hall and into the bathroom.

“Dammit,” I muttered.

Sure enough, Pam had been here. The mirror was fogged even though it was a hot day, and there were wet towels strewn across the floor. I turned on the shower and stuck my hand into the stream of water. Just as I suspected; it was icy cold. I walked back down the hallway, intending to give my sister a piece of my mind.

I had just raised my hand to knock on the door when I noticed that it was already open a crack. I stepped back, not sure whether I should knock, or push it open, or just go away, when I heard a low, gasping moan. Coming from the bedroom. I knew I should go, knew instinctively what my sister was doing. How many times had I heard myself making that exact same noise? But, I couldn’t help myself. I stepped up to the door, and put my eye to the crack.

What I saw had me hard in an instant.

My sister Pam lay naked and writhing on her bed, eyes closed. One hand cupped a firm breast, tweaking and pinching at her already-hard nipple. The other hand was buried in the brown curls between her satiny thighs. Unconsciously, my hand went down to stroke my hard cock. Yes, I felt guilty about spying on my sister, but I had to admit she was the hottest girl I’d seen in a long time.

She was very petite, only five feet tall, but very curvy. She had started wearing a bra in about the third grade. I remember it being awkward at the time, but now she’d definitely grown into those amazing DD breasts. Her waist was tiny,and her ass, from what I could see, was totally grabbable. As if that wasn’t enough to set my dick throbbing, she was making noises

guaranteed to make a monk pop a stiffy. Her moaning and panting, and the wet slurp of her fingers as she plunged them in and out of her pussy were almost more than I could take. I eased my cock out of my shorts and wrapped my hand around it, stroking it until the fat, purple head glistened with pre-cum.

Unexpectedly, my sister sat up on the bed.

“Oh, shit”.

I was sure I was going to get caught. Hastily, I tried to stuff my cock back in my pants, but trying to cram a seven-inch boner with a mind of its own into shorts, even baggy ones, is not an easy task. Luckily, she wasn’t getting up, just rolling over, her back and luscious ass exposed to my view. She rummaged around in her nightstand and to my surprise pulled out a flesh-

colored dildo.

“Holy crap.”

I could not believe this was happening. It was beyond my wildest dreams, like something out of Penthouse Forum. I stood stunned, and rock hard, and watched as my sister, head thrown back, teeth sunk into her bottom lip, slowly eased nearly eight inches of vinyl cock into her pussy.

Man, how I wanted to be that dildo. But all I had was my own two hands. My dick was still hard and as I watched her work the dildo in and out of her dripping pussy it grew even harder. I knew I wouldn’t last long, but I tried to match her stroke for stroke. As she thrust the dildo into her sopping cunt, I slid my hand tightly down over my shaft. Thank goodness her moans and panting masked my own rough breathing. I could feel myself nearing a climax. I wished I had thought halkalı eve gelen escort to grab a couple of wet towels off the bathroom floor. Soon I was going to be shooting a load of cum, and I didn’t really want it to be in my hands. But there was no way that I was leaving before the show was over. I whipped the sweaty do-rag off my head and held it ready. None too soon.

On the bed, my sister was beginning to thrash around, bucking her hips against the dildo deep within her wet slit. Her grunts and moans as she came sent me over the edge. I spurted load after load of hot cum into my waiting hanky. I had never cum so hard in my life. My knees felt weak and I had to lean my head against the doorjamb to catch my breath.

Then I heard my sister stirring in her room. I put my eye back up to the crack of the door and saw that she was getting up. She was probably headed for the bathroom. After all that she’d need another shower and so did I. This time I didn’t think I’d care if the water was cold. Even after that climax I still felt horny. I jammed my semi-hard member into my pants with much less trouble this time and headed down the hall toward my room. I almost made it too. I was to the door of my room, when I heard my sister behind me.

“Hey, I didn’t hear you come in,” she said.

“Uh, yeah,” I replied afraid to turn around, afraid that she’d see my half-hard cock tenting my shorts. “Going to shower?” I asked.

“Nah, just going to fix my hair.”

I couldn’t help but steal a look at her. Even after all that thrashing around her hair looked fine to me. So did the rest of her. She was wearing a schlumpy old bathrobe, but now I knew what lay beneath it.

“Yeah, okay,” I muttered. “See ya’ later.”

I had to get into my room, to think about what had just happened and what, if anything, I was going to do about it. She slipped past me into the bathroom and I was able to escape into my bedroom.

The rest of the day was agonizing. I never did get to take my shower and my mind kept slipping back to what I’d seen through the crack of the door, causing my cock to grow as hard as a rock. I had to stage some strategic maneuvers to keep my folks from noticing what was going on. I managed to survive until bedtime, but my sister even haunted my dreams. That night, for the first time since I was like twelve, I had a wet dream, waking up with damp sheets in place of the usual morning wood.

The next morning I had planned to be first into the shower, but my Dad left me a list of chores to be done while he was gone. It included trimming the hedges and I knew I’d be sweaty. What was the point? Besides, it would be to my advantage to let Pam have her shower if it meant a repeat of yesterday. I made sure that I took a break around nine, the same time I’d knocked off yesterday.

I stepped into the cool kitchen, listening for the sound of water running through the pipes. No water…good sign. I stole down the hall and peeked into the bathroom. Yep, Pam had showered and left her usual mess. It was time. I snuck down the hall and paused outside my sister’s room. Was it my imagination, or was the door standing a little wider open than yesterday? I peeked in and sure enough, there was my beautiful sister, spread-eagled on the bed, her hand drifting through the neat triangle of brown curls between her legs. Once again, I felt myself grow hard and I knew I had to have her if I could. I pushed against the door, wincing as it creaked open. Fortunately, my sister didn’t seem to notice. It wasn’t until I shut the door behind me, and locked it, that she registered my presence in the room.

“Oh my God! David, what are you doing? Get out!”

I just leaned against the door and grinned.

“I need your help,” I told her.

“What?” She sat up and grabbed for her robe at the foot of the bed. Quickly, I walked over and grabbed the robe before she could get to it.

“I need your help,” I repeated.

“Give me my robe,” she demanded, putting her hands over her breasts and crossing her legs, trying to cover her delectable body.

“Do you promise to help me?” I asked.

“Yes, I promise. Just give me my robe or get out!”

“If you are going to fulfill the promise than you won’t need this robe.”

“No fair! What are you talking about?”

“I want to watch you.”

“Watch me what?”

“Watch you touch yourself.”

“What!?! halkalı grup yapan escort You freak!”

“I watched you yesterday…”

“You sicko! You watched me?”

Now that Pam was pissed she was making no effort to hide her body. Her huge breasts bounced around as she came off the bed and tried to hit me. I easily sidestepped her and grabbed her wrists, twisting them around behind her to keep her from scratching and hitting me. I bent down and whispered in her ear, her ass rubbing up against my already hard cock.

“I don’t want to fight with you…won’t you just help me…please.”

I nuzzled her on the neck, drinking in the smell of soap and woman. The please must have done the trick, or maybe it was my strong body rubbing against hers that convinced her, because she calmed down and asked, “How can I help you?”

“You know how to please yourself…and I want you to show me how to touch a woman.”

“Oh, please don’t tell me you’re a virgin.”

“No, but I haven’t had much experience with girls. You could help me fix that.”

It wasn’t a complete lie. I could use a few pointers on how to make a woman feel good. But mostly I just wanted to fuck her. Since I’d seen my sister masturbating yesterday I couldn’t get her out of my head.

She finally agreed to help me. I knew she was actually sort of turned on by the idea of me watching her. She had to be to even pretend to believe my stupid story. She reclined on the bed while I crouched at the foot of the bed for a close-up view. At first it was awkward. She wasn’t really comfortable with me in the room, but after a few minutes of rubbing her clit with a circular motion she began to relax and enjoy herself. Trying to keep to my “reason” for being there, I started asking her questions.

“Do you rub it hard,” I asked her.

“No,” she responded in a breathy voice, “you have to rub gently. Women aren’t like guys, we like a gentler touch. Flicking it just a little works too, but not hard.”

I sat back on my heels and enjoyed the lesson I was getting. Not to mention the hard-on.

As she got into it, my sister spread her puffy pussy lips wider using her thumb and middle finger while she used her index finger to massage her clit. As close as I was, I could see the juices accumulating in her pussy. When it was nice and wet, she stopped playing with her clit and slid her middle finger into her sodden pussy. Unfortunately, her fat pussy lips closed around it, obscuring my view.

“I can’t see,” I whined.

“You’ll have to help me then,” she replied. “I like to play with my nipples while I finger myself,” she told me, “and that requires my other hand.”

“I’ll do it for you,” I said.

“Fine,” she agreed.

I couldn’t believe it! She must be fucking horny, or just clueless, to allow me, her own brother, to help her out like this. Eagerly, I moved over to the side of the bed and grabbed a nipple. I rolled it between my fingers and tugged on it gently.

“Harder,” she said.

“I thought you said girls liked it gentle,” I replied.

“Not always,” she told me.

I tugged harder on her nipple, pinching it cruelly between my fingers, and was rewarded with a moan. I got up from the floor and sat on the edge of the bed where I could fondle her and still watch what she was doing down below.

Using her free hand, she spread her lips for me so that I had a great view of her digit sliding in and out of her wet slit. She moaned and wiggled around on the bed, but she didn’t seem anywhere close to climax. I, on the other hand, was about to burst. I didn’t dare touch myself or I’d explode. So I just focused on tweaking her nipples.

“I need…” she started to say.

“Yes?” I responded.

“Well, I…sometimes women can’t come from manual stimulation by itself, you know.”

“Actually, I don’t, that’s why I’m here,” I reminded her.

“Just shut up, and grab the dildo out of my drawer would you please?”

This was the moment I’d been waiting for. I gave her nipple a sharp tweak.

“Ow!” she exclaimed.

“Sorry,” I told her. “Maybe you should do that yourself. Why don’t you let me help you with the other part.”

“No,” she said. “You’ll push it in too hard.”

“Please,” I begged.

I was sure she wouldn’t go for it…I mean my sister is not stupid. She halkalı masöz escort had to know what I wanted…so when she finally gave in I figured she was too horny to care, or that she’d guessed what I had planned.

“Fine,” she said. “Just hurry up, I need something in my pussy now!”

I got up, rummaged around in her drawer and withdrew the fleshy dildo I’d seen her use before. It was perfect for what I had in mind…about seven inches long and an inch-and-a-half in diameter, almost exactly the same measurements as my own member.

I walked back to my previous place at the foot of the bed, climbed onto the bed and knelt between my sister’s legs. Spreading them wide, I gently rubbed the tip of the dildo against her clit, and then slid it down to her wet opening. I worked the head of it into her pussy, and she wiggled her hips, asking for more. Slowly, I slid the rest of the dildo into her without resistance, driving it in to the hilt. Then teasingly, I withdrew it, leaving only an inch or so buried in her flesh. She whimpered, and I drove it back home. Then again withdrew it. After a few more rounds of this she was literally begging for the dildo. Each time I’d thrust into her, she’d buck her hips against my hand trying to keep the plastic dick inside her, and moan, “Mmmmmmm, fuck me!”

As for me, I was rock hard and ready to put my plan into action. While I controlled the dildo with one hand, my other hand slipped down to my crotch and unbuttoned my shorts. I slid my cock out and let my shorts drop to the bed. Let me tell you, trying to get your shorts off when you are on your knees, on a bed, with only one hand is some experience, but somehow I managed.

So, there I knelt, naked, between my sister’s widespread legs, with a vinyl dildo in one hand and my own throbbing cock in the other. This time on the backstroke I withdrew the dildo all the way, and quickly replaced it with my own hard member. Her pussy was slick and offered no resistance as I slid into her. Man, she felt good, soft and wet, and forbidden. I have to admit some of the turn-on was the sheer taboo of the act. I was fucking my own sweet, beautiful sister. And loving every minute of it. As for Pam, she was so caught up in the feel of things, that, well, it took her a few strokes to realize that something was different. Her eyes flew open, and the shocked look on her face, man, it was priceless. Maybe my sister was more clueless than I’d thought.

“Oh my God, David?!? What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Exactly,” I replied and drove my hips hard into hers.

A look of disgust passed across her face, and she tried to scramble away from me, but I lowered my upper body onto hers, pinning her with my weight.

“Don’t fight me, please,” I begged her. “I’m already in, the deed is done, so we might as well enjoy it. Please, Pam, I want to fuck you so badly.”

Again, I don’t know if it was the please, or the puppy dog look in my eyes, or the fact that she wanted me too, but once more, my sweet sister gave in to me. She reached up with both hands, cupped my face and pulled it to hers for a penetrating kiss. I began to move inside her in earnest, ramming my cock in and out of her tight, wet hole while she kissed me hungrily. Her legs went up to lock around my back, drawing me even closer to her supple body. After a few minutes of hard fucking I felt her body writhing beneath me and I knew that she was close to cumming. I thrust into her as if my life depended on it and was rewarded with a loud moan. I could feel her muscles ripple against my cock as she came long and hard. I knew my own orgasm would soon follow and sure enough, I barely got my cock out in time to blow my wad across the smooth, warm skin of her stomach. Exhausted, I rolled off her and onto my side. Now would come the hard part, dealing with the consequences of what we’d just done. But again, my sister surprised me.

“I’ve wanted that for a long time,” she admitted.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No, don’t sell yourself short, bro. You are one hot guy. I don’t think I can call you my “little” brother anymore.”

I felt gratified, satisfied and justified. I had suspected that Pam might share my feelings, but it was nice to know that I was right. It eased some of my guilt, knowing that I wasn’t alone in my lust.

To make an already long story shorter…that was the beginning of the best summer of my life. When Pam left for college that fall, I was devestated. I saw her over the holiday breaks, but it was never quite the same. She isn’t coming home this summer…but I’m not worried. You see, I just graduated from high school, and like my sister before me I’ll be attending Temple University. That’s right…next week I’ll be moving to Philadelphia…the City of Brotherly Love.

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