Mrs. Adams lust for sex with young, straight sales


Mrs. Adams lust for sex with young, straight salesBy Dina PetroJulia, a middle aged woman of mid-thirties owned a women clothes shop, she happened to usually chose the best looking, younger girls to work for her as sales girls, just a means of attraction for her customers.Mrs. Adams, a very rich lady of mid-thirties was one of the customers and one of business associates of Julia’s business, they became close together, knowing more about each other by chatting and exchanging phone calls, Mrs. Adams happened to be interested in girls sexually, but that did not show much on her during her normal life. Mrs. Adams was a real good looking woman for her age, she takes real good care of herself, her body and her looks, she usually dresses in super expensive, hot clothing as well.Julia lately hired a young, teen aged girl, Cecelia, who was eighteen years old by then, Cecelia was a super gorgeous girl by all meaning of the word, very beautiful and so sexy, with breath taking body, she also dressed well during work at the store, wearing sexy short skirts and low cut tops, showing lots of her silky soft gorgeous body.It had been a while since Tammy, Mrs. Adams had stopped by Julia’s store, and finally she showed up one day, trying to buy a few garments that she needed. As soon as her eyes fell on the newly hired girl, Cecelia, Tammy went crazy; she was very much attracted to Cecelia.Mrs. Adams walked to Julia’s office at the back of the store, before she even sat down she said “who is that beauty you have working for you Julia, it is the first time I see her?”Julia smiled answering “this is Cecilia, I hired her a while ago, I think I was blessed by hiring her, and don’t you think so?”Tammy looked Julia deep in the eyes with a lustful look saying “you are blessed to have such a beauty around your place darling; I wish I could lay a hand on her”Julia screamed laughing “what the fuck are you taking about woman, I don’t think she is of your type, don’t even think about it”Tammy said “look woman, I want her by hook or crock, I cannot live a day longer without her between my arms, I would do anything you ask me to do, no matter what”Julia said “common, Mrs. Adams, I don’t even know if the girl would go for such a thing you are suggesting, I know she has a boyfriend, I am not sure if she is bisexual, or even has any interests in women, and if she did, it might not be older women our age”Tammy said “Look Julia, I am going to order a few garments, you have your new girl deliver them to my house, and I will take care of the rest, all you have to do is put some good words in her ear about me, would you be kind enough to do so?”Julia did not want to pressure her new girl into anything, but at the same time, she would never sacrifice losing the friendship of Tammy who happened to be a very important person for the whole business, financial wise, she wasn’t only a customer, but she had other business related to Julia’s business, Julia nodded saying “Ok Tammy, I promise to do that, but please be careful, I do not want to get myself or you into any trouble”Tammy laughed saying “what trouble lady? I am going to be so sweet with her, besides, she is a sales girl who works all day for a few dollars, I will drown her with money, and you will see how happy she would be, she will thank you for damn sure”Mrs. Adams walked back to the main hall of the advertised clothing; she walked right up to Cecelia asking her help in choosing some garments, she made sure she treated Cecelia so nice, so sweet, unlike the bitchy method usually rich older women would treat sales girls, they are usually tough, dry and so mean and bitchy with poor sales girls, but Tammy was so kind, so sweet to the point that made Cecelia like her so much.Tammy was lightly flirting with Cecelia, after picking a couple of nice dresses, she wanted Cecelia to choose a few under garments, and lingerie’s, Tammy laughed saying “Honey, I want to treat myself into a good thing, although I am all alone in my house, but I want something real sexy to wear at home, would you help me with that? We are about the same size so you won’t have any problem with that”Cecelia smiled saying “Gladly Mrs. Adams, I would choose the perfect things to suit your sexy and beautiful body”Tammy loved hearing the flattering words from Cecelia, she answered “I am not half as beautiful as you are; you are just being nice to me Cecelia”once done choosing what she wanted, which in fact was mostly the taste and choice of Cecelia, she helped Mrs. Adams pick a few sexy, revealing dresses and super sexy lingerie’s and other things, that Tammy was looking for.Mrs. Adams was ready to leave when Cecelia asked her “Don’t you want to take the garments Mrs. Adams”Tammy smiled saying “Of course I do, you take them to Julia, she would package them and have them delivered to my house, and she could charge them to my account” she did not forget to slip a good amount of money in Cecelia’s hand as tips.Cecelia was shocked when she saw the money, it was way too much for tips, she refused taking them first saying “Mrs. Adams, this is way too much, I was only doing my job, besides you made life the best for me by being so kind and so sweet”Tammy winked an eye on Cecelia, whispering “Honey, you were so kind and so sweet yourself, you deserve much more than that, if it was up to me, I would have bought you exactly what I bought, if you want me pleased and happy, please take them”Cecelia could not refuse the tips, she took them happily and started preparing Tammy’s things right after Tammy’s departure, she got them all nicely packaged and walked with them to Julia’s office, and Julia thanked her saying “would you be kind enough to take them to Mrs. Adams house please? I will pay you for the gas for your car”Cecilia smiled saying “of course I would, no problem at all”Cecelia was getting ready to leave when Julia stopped her saying “Cecelia, please keep on mind how good of a customer Mrs. Adams is, besides she is a konak escort very important person to our business in general, please be kind and nice to her, even if she did or said something you may not like”Cecelia smiled saying “Oh my God, only if you know how kind and how sweet she was to me, how could I be anything other than that to her, I would do anything she asks for, without any hesitation”Julia smiled, knowing what Tammy had on mind, she said “Sounds good, just keep that on mind, Mrs. Adams as a lonely person, she might need some help from you, and if she asked you for anything that may take some time, please take your time and help her, it would be fine with me, your day will be paid for even if you could not come back to work today, clear?”Cecilia nodded, took the stuff and walked to her car, she drove to Mrs. Adams house, after taking the exact address and directions from Julia, and it was not far, only ten to fifteen minutes of driving from the shop.Cecilia walked into Tammy’s house with a sincere and warm welcome from Tammy; she lived alone in that fancy, huge house, Tammy asked Cecilia to be seated in the living room offering her a drink, but Cecilia said it was not necessary as she had to go back to work, Tammy said “No way baby, we have to check the garments first, may be something is wrong, then you will have to take them back for exchange”They both laughed loud as she was saying it in a funny sarcastic method, and Cecelia answered saying “it is your right mam, Ok, I will wait for you to check them out and may be try them on, to check the looks and the sizes”Tammy suggested a glass of wine as she was drinking one already, but Cecelia said she was on the job, as Tammy insisted, she accepted the wine, started sipping on her wine while Tammy went inside, she came back a couple of minutes later wearing one of the new dresses, which looked real good and super sexy on her.Cecelia whistled saying “Wow, it is super nice and sexy on you Mrs. Adams, I am being honest, not bias because it was my choice” They both laughed loud, Tammy said “I agree with you of course, but first of all, please stop calling me Mrs. Adams; you are my guest now and my friend if I may say so? Please call me Tammy, if you want me to call you Cecilia, this way we can level up and be like friends?”Cecelia liked the idea and nodded saying “although it is out of respect to call you Mrs. Adams, but if you insist and it makes you feel better, I will call you Tammy from now on”Tammy nodded smiling and saying “it would please me so much if you would”Tammy kept taking her time on purpose, while she kept pouring more wine for Cecelia and herself till they were light headed, that was very much suitable for Tammy for her first light attack, she went inside, put on one of the lingerie’s for a try on, which was made of very light and transparent material, it was more of a nightie, super short, topless except for a couple of strings hanging it to her shoulders, she wore nothing whatsoever under it, no panties and no bra, once she looked at herself at the large mirror in her bedroom, she was turned on herself.Tammy was walking out slowly and carefully to show it to Cecelia, before she was in full display for Cecilia, she looked sideways saying “if you do not like what you see, it would be your fault; it was your choice after all baby”. By that she had succeeded to draw the full attention of Cecelia, who was fully alert and started looking at Tammy.Cecelia’s lower jaw dropped almost to the floor, she whistled lifting her eyebrows up and screaming “wow, real wow Tammy, you look so good, so damn sexy, you are so lucky I was not a man, otherwise you would have been attacked and ****d on the spot”Tammy loved the expression which made her own pussy itch, getting misty and wet, her nipples were hardening as of a sudden enough to embarrass her as it was in an almost full display for Cecelia’s eyes, and she said “really, do you like it that much?”Cecelia said “Like, is not enough word, I love it baby; it is really gorgeous on your hot, sexy body”Tammy was turning around moving here and there, Pending over trying to make a modeling show for Cecilia, but deep inside her head, she was seducing her, showing her most of the private parts of her body, which were almost all in display for Cecilia, she was semi-nude, she noticed the actual interest, but at that moment, she could not differentiate between actual interest and socializing or being nice.Tammy had nice large sized tits, not really hanging over although she was middle aged, they looked super sexy and nice, her skin was bright white and silky soft, her legs were long, slim at the bottom with some meat on the thighs, exactly where it is needed, she was a real sexy woman in fact.Tammy made sure that Cecelia’s shy eyes would fall on each and every part of her sexy body, including her private parts, her tits, nipples, bare pussy and ass under the lingerie. Cecelia was obviously shy, but she had looked, without making direct specific notes, except appraising the garment on Tammy’s sexy body.Tammy sat down on a seat opposite from Cecelia and said “baby, don’t you think it is way too bright and live for an older woman my age, I bet you were thinking of your gorgeous body and fresh young age, when you chose it for me, I bet it would look succulent on you, why don’t you try the other lingerie on, it is exactly the same except with different color, maybe we could compare this way”Cecelia said “No, why would I do that? We chose them for you Tammy” but upon Tammy’s pressure and insistence, Cecelia decided to try it on, Tammy directed her to go to her bedroom to try it on, while Cecelia was on her way in, Tammy hollered louder saying “don’t forget, it should be worn alone, it would not look good if you had anything else under it”, meaning she wanted her pantie less and braless under the sexy lingerie.Cecelia turned around, came back blushing red and saying “I cannot do konak escort bayan that Tammy, do you want me naked under this type of Lingerie?”Tammy nodded asking “why not? Are you shy? Don’t tell me you are, besides, I wore it the same way, why can’t you, it is only fair, isn’t it?”They both laughed and Cecelia looked convinced saying “I guess you are right, it is only fair to do it, and I will”Cecelia walked out wearing the sexiest lingerie ever, she looked gorgeous and breathtaking by all means, Tammy could not say a word, her eyes wide open, her lower jaw dropped down, then she took a breath saying “wow … wow, this is the actual beauty Cecelia, it is the whole world of art itself filled with holly sexiness, I can’t believe what I am looking at”Cecelia was almost the same size as Tammy, but of course she would look much sexier and prettier in that lingerie than Tammy, she was only eighteen, she was a gorgeous young girl with a lovely sexy, attractive body, her tits were a little smaller than Tammy’s, but much perkier, sticking out and fully round.Tammy was shocked, she did not know where to start looking, she walked closer to Cecelia, held her arm and started turning her around, as if she was checking the lingerie, but in fact she was checking her gorgeous body all over, looking closely at her breath taking, sexy assets, which were in full display for her hungry eyes at that moment.They were standing face to face when Tammy felt her arms go around Cecelia’s waist, as if they went out of her control, she pulled her body closer, giving her a real close, warm hug while still looking her deep in the eyes with an obvious lustful look. She got her head closer, planted a soft kiss on Cecelia’s forehead, followed by another soft one on her cheek.Tammy kept her face closer to Cecelia’s with their eyes locked into each other whispering “you are one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever laid an eye sight on, Cecelia, please allow me to say that” before waiting for an answer, Tammy planted a real quick short kiss on Cecelia’s lips this time.Cecelia turned all red as of a sudden, she was so shy, but she did not do anything to stop Tammy, neither did she try to get away at any time during that, but she was driving her eyesight away from Tammy’s eyes, as if avoiding looking her straight in the eyes.Tammy seemed to be very brave and determined, as if she knew what she wanted and did not want to waste any further time, she was taking advantage of the alcohol which had loosened Cecelia a little, she got closer again and planted another kiss on her lisp, but a longer one this time, Cecelia seemed frozen with no movements at all, she did not rebel, move back or do anything at all, Neither had she reacted to the kisses placed on her lips.Finally a few words came out of Cecelia’s lips as a whisper and so slow, while looking Tammy in the eyes “what are you doing Tammy?”“Nothing, just trying to show you how much I like you baby, may be using my savage way of showing it, but I am being me, and I hope I am not offending you?” Tammy answered in a cool, sexy manner.Cecelia Looked Tammy straight in the eyes this time with a sweet, sexy smile saying “No you are not offending me, how could I be offended with such sweet, kind treatment I am receiving from you” she looked down again and continued saying “but may be you are surprising me by the way you are showing it to me Tammy, it is kind of strange to me”Tammy interrupted her by asking “well, it may be strange but does it feel bad, or annoying?”Cecelia shook her head with a smile saying “no, neither, it feels good in fact”Tammy smiled whispering, I am glad it feels good, this encourage me to do it again” but before waiting for any reaction from Cecelia, she locked her lips over Cecelia’s and started kissing her passionately on the lips, like there was no tomorrow, for a minute or so, Cecelia was totally frozen with no reactions, but as of a sudden, she shocked Tammy by kissing her back.Tammy continued her nonstop, long passionate kissing process on her lips, same time her hands started feeling Cecelia’s body all over, she even had cubed both of her ass cheeks with her hands and started rubbing and groping them softly and nicely.Finally the kiss broke, Tammy looked Cecilia in the eyes asking “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”Cecelia shook her head with a naughty smile saying “No, it wasn’t”While looking her in the eyes, Tammy placed her hand over Cecelia’s right tit, rubbed a little, then she placed her hand over her tit under the material, pinching her already, getting hard nipple, all the time, Cecelia’s eyes were mesmerized on her own tit being played with by Tammy’s hand, without any objections or approvals, but she seemed to like it in a way.Tammy held her hand walked her to the nearest comfortable wide couch in her living room, they sat next to each other, Tammy wrapped her arms around Cecelia, hugging her asking “have you ever been with another woman before?”Cecelia shook her head saying “No”Tammy said “do you want to try it?” Cecelia remained silent; Tammy asked her again “Honey, do you want to try it? If not I am not going to force you into anything you do not like, I could stop any moment you ask me to”Cecelia seemed to like what was going on, she said “I did not say I do not like it, but I have never done it, what has been happening with you so far, feels nice, I liked it”Tammy felt so happy, as if she was owning the whole world between her arms, she helped Cecelia lay down on her back on the couch, lowered her head, gave her a few kisses on the lips, softly and passionately, Cecelia’s eyes were closed all the time, tammy started passing the tip of her tongue on Cecelia’s neck, ear lube, face, and back to her lips, then down to her neck, same time her hands were all over her tits, rubbing them and softly pinching her nipples.Tammy started kissing her way down wards towards Cecelia’s tits, till her lips were locked over one nipple, sucking escort konak and licking softly, same time her hands were feeling their way downwards on Cecelia’s body till she was rubbing her thighs from the knees then back upwards under the material of the lingerie which flew all the way up any way, revealing her fully naked, gorgeous body.While Tammy’s tongue and lips were so busy over Cecelia’s tits and nipples, her hand found her way to her lovely, hot pussy, which was totally waxed, silky soft and feeling already wet, which was a real pleasing sign for Tammy, she felt she was heading the right direction with her. On the first touch of tammy’s hand over her pussy, Cecelia let out a soft moan.Tammy knew she was on her way to achieving her goal, reaching heaven soon, she left Cecelia’s tits alone, started kissing her way down wards, replacing her lips with her hands over Cecelia’s tits and nipples, she was kissing faster till her lips were over Cecelia’s outer pussy lips, on the first contact between Cecelia’s pussy lips and Tammy’s upper lips, Cecelia seemed to lose control of her moans, which were getting louder and longer, her body shook and shivered as Tammy pushed her tongue tip between Cecelia’s swelled outer pussy lips, she started kissing, licking and sucking simultaneously.Soon enough Cecelia’s rock hard clit was in between Tammy’s lips being sucked while a finger was sinking deeper inside her soaking wet pussy, Cecelia’s legs were spreading wide, tilted and lifted upwards as if she was allowing better access for Tammy to do an easier job of the great thing she was performing down there, for Cecelia who was unmistakably enjoying it to the furthest point.Tammy kept at it to the best she could, and she sure was real good at what she was doing, out of expertise and long experiences in that department, till Cecelia’s whole body was shaking and trembling, she seemed to be having an extra ordinary orgasm which was building up till it burst, her pussy juices splashed all over Tammy’s face, making her one of the happiest women on face of earth.Cecelia was trying to get back to earth, Tammy stopped touching her pussy, and all she was doing was looking over the prettiest and most gorgeous pussy she had ever seen or eaten during her entire life to that moment, she was so happy, she found herself looking into Cecelia’s fully satisfied eyes and saying “baby, you are God’s gift to me, you are gorgeous Cecelia, your body is a piece of art, you have the prettiest and tastiest pussy ever”They both laughed loud, Cecelia, jumped over, getting closer to Tammy’s face, they both hugged so close and kissed nonstop on the lips, by then both were out of their lingerie’s somehow, Cecelia started feeling, rubbing and kissing Tammy’s gorgeous pair of tits, then she felt Tammy’s pussy while kissing and sucking her nipples, which was a great looking pussy too.When Cecelia started situating herself in between Tammy’s spread legs working her way downward to her pussy, Tammy stopped her saying “No darling, you do not have to do anything you have not done before”Cecelia said “but I have to return the favor, you made me feel like I have never ever felt before, I was so happy Tammy, you made me cum like I have never done before, Not only had I never experienced sex this pleasurable–I didn’t know it was possible. I didn’t ever want it to stop.Tammy said “I am pleased you have liked and enjoyed it that much, besides it was me who had a favor not you, only if you knew how much I was dying to lick that lovely pussy of yours, since the first moment my eye sight fell on you”Cecelia said “but I want to do it, will you let me, you have to teach me Tammy”Tammy hugged and kissed her so close, smiled at her saying “well, this is a different case, if you want to do it, I cannot stop you, besides it would drive me to heaven, feeling such a lovely, fresh and young tongue like yours over my pussy”Cecelia started feeling Tammy’s gorgeous pussy, rubbing it, placing her fingers and palm over its sweet dampness, and swelled lips, she lowered her head slowly till the tip of her tongue felt Tammy’s outer pussy lips, which had caused a real hard and quick shiver into all of Tammy’s body, then Cecelia had shocked both of Tammy and herself by the great job of pussy eating she was performing, soon enough, Tammy was shaking and screaming out of a fantastic orgasm, she was having over those lovely young, fresh lips of Cecelia’s.Once Tammy’s orgasm subsided, she pulled Cecelia up to her, they started hugging and kissing on the lips, they broke the kiss and Tammy whispered “baby; you got me so confused, are you sure it is the first time you eat a pussy, I can’t believe how good you are at it?”Cecelia nodded saying “yes it is, in fact, this is the first time I have ever been as close to another woman’s bare pussy in my life”Tammy started laughing and saying “and how the hell did you learn how to eat and please a pussy like this, I know you have a boyfriend, but this is totally different from sucking or riding a cock?”Cecelia laughed saying “By instinct act, do not forget I am a woman, I have a pussy too, and I know exactly what a pussy needs, and what pleases it, so I have just acted as if it was my pussy and I am asking or directing someone to do it for me, it seemed to work, didn’t you feel it?Tammy answered “I sure did baby, and that was one hell of a great job you have done, I bet you were curious about other women, don’t lie to me, there is something in between that made you perform that good”Cecelia laughed saying “Yes in fact, I was very curious about it, I have never done it before this time with you, but I sure enjoyed watching many movies and video clips about girl on girl sex, and good methods of pussy eating by a woman”By then, without either of them having realized, the rest of the day was all gone, so was a good part of the night as well, Tammy asked Cecelia to spend the night with her if she could, she managed to tell her parents something to convince them, and she was sleeping for the rest of the night between Tammy’s arms and legs, fully naked, after doing a few naughty acts before they were both falling in deep sleep like babies.THE ENDWishing you all the bestDina

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