Mrs. Smith {Part III}


Mrs. Smith {Part III}Mackenzie:I knew id never be able to sleep knowing my kitchen window wouldn’t lock so I went to the garage and got a hammer and some nails and nailed it shut. I then thought I should print out a copy of that filthy pic on my computer in case I had to get the police involved. But when I went to my computer, the email was gone. I knew I hadn’t deleted it so I didn’t know what happened. I knew Ponte was a wiz with computers so I decided in the morning id call his mom and have her ask him to come over. Although in the back of my mind I still had doubts, I thought no way was the erection in those pics were of a teenagers.The next morning when I answered the door he seemed unusually tense but when I explained to him that my computer was acting weird, he seemed to relax and said he’d take a look.He sat at my desk and began typing on my keyboard and after a few minutes said that probably one of the e mails his mom had sent me had a virus but not to worry, he’d just do a virus scan and fix it.I was both relieved and thankful until I realized he had accessed my email account without asking me my password. I knew for sure I had logged out so once again my suspicions arose.Short of holding him down and pulling his pants down to see if he had a scar, I had no idea what to do. But then an idea came to me. I went into my bedroom and got into my skimpiest bikini, assuring myself that the sight of me in it would get him hard. His jaw dropped and his eyes widened when I came back in.”Ponte honey, I’m going to use the hot tub. Can you come and tell me when you’re done?”I went out and got in and within minutes he came and told me my computer was all fixed.”Thank you so much. Why don’t you join me, it feels so nice”He said sure and that he’d run home and get into his suit.Laughing I said, “Ponte, I’m a grown woman. I’ve seen naked boys before. Besides, a hot tub feels so much better when you’re naked. I might even take off my suit”That’s all he had to hear and he quickly stripped. When I saw his erection it was certainly big enough to be the one in the pictures but I was too far away to see the scar. I slowly scooted over as he climbed in so that his erection was almost in my face. I looked at it and sure enough he had a scar.”You little bastard” I said, climbing out. “don’t you move”I hurried into my bedroom not concerned about tracking water, I was determined to embarrass the hell out of him. I took my oldest pair of panties and brought bahis siteleri them with me, throwing them in his face.”You like jerking off into my panties? Fine, then jerk off into those right now”He turned red and said he couldn’t but when I told him if he didn’t I’d tell his mother, he sighed and began jerking off. Watching him wrap my panties around his dick and seeing the head of his dick bulging was pretty erotic and I felt myself getting moist. I imagined someone his age could go at it all night in bed. But I wiped the thought away, reminding myself that he was my best friends teenage son.So instead I decided to contact John tonight and have an intense Skype time.Ponte started breathing heavy and despite his embarrassment, soon he was cumming all over my panties.”Take those home and add them to your collection, pervert” I said angrily. “I have work to do on my computer tonight but I want you back here tomorrow and convince me why I shouldn’t tell your mom and the police. Now get out of my sight.”Once he left I was still aroused so I went and picked out my outfit for my Skype with John tonight.Ponte:I did not know what to do. She had caught me and now I’m in deep shit. Why did I always let my dick think for me instead of my brain? Fuck, this is the kind of shit that could get you not admitted to Harvard. If she told the police, hell if she told my mom I’m screwed.Before walking in the door I stuffed her panties that were covered in my cum in my bag and rushed up stairs.“Back so soon?” Mom said as I took the steps two at a time up to my room. I tossed the bag and stuffed her panties away. Going back down I told my mom that is was just a simple virus and I wiped her computer.In fact it was not a virus and I did not do shit. Here again my cock was thinking for me and not my brain. Christ why did I always let this happen to me.I sulked around the house waiting until it was time to go to bed. I almost wish that this day had not happened or that I had not gone so far so fast. Why did I get into that hot tub, why did I take pictures of my dick, why, why, why…As the sun set I marched up to my room and crawled into bed. I sneaked a peak out the window at Ms. Smith’s bedroom, but there was not going to be a show tonight. I decided to browse the internet to kill time before I fell asleep.“Bing, bong, ting” my laptop began making noises alerting me that she was starting a Skype session. Quickly I waited for it to connect before I canlı bahis switched to her machine. At first I just saw a dude, some guy I did not recognize so I switched over to her camera to see what was going on the other end.My jaw dropped when I saw her in a pair of stockings and a lace bra. Her nipples were straining against the fabric begging to be touched. I pulled on my headphones and turned up the sound just to hear what was happening and started my capture program to record everything that was happening on her side. I couldn’t careless what he was doing.Even though I knew that she was doing this for him I pretended that it was me that she was performing for. She began rubbing her nipples with one hand and then spread her legs and I watched as her other hand slid down her stomach to her pussy. She began moaning as she slid one finger, then two inside her.As she finger fucked herself I began matching her tempo with my own hand. I had already blocked out the rest of the world. I closed my eyes just listening to her moan in pleasure as she finger fucked herself. I could hear her gasping “I’m going to cum” and that pushed me over the edge and for the second time today rivers of cum came shooting out of my cock and hit my chest. I grabbed the pair I used this morning in her house and cleaned up.Finally exhausted and noticing she killed the Skype connection I closed down the laptop and passed out.I woke up early for once and felt refreshed. I knew I had to cover my ass so I went right over to Mackenzie’s house to face up to what I had done.Mackenzie:The cyber sex session was fun. Not as satisfying as real sex but it would have to do. Whenever I had cyber sex with him, I always worried that he was playing me, having his G.I. buddies stay out of camera range and watch me perform. I would be mortified if anyone knew what I did, what my sorry sex life had been reduced to.I needed a real dick. Remembering seeing pontes erection this afternoon got me wondering. Would I have sex with him if he wasn’t my best friends son? I knew the answer was no. Not that I was miss morals all of a sudden. All of my morals went out the window the day I gave my college professor a blow job in exchange for a passing grade.No, the reason I wouldn’t was embarrassment. I was more than twice his age. I was sure he was used to the perky tits of teenage girls, and while I worked out regularly at the gym, there was naturally some sag to my large ones. And I’m sure güvenilir bahis he’d find it funny that a 38 year old lady was still trying to be sexy by waxing all but a landing strip down there.Even though I had just cum, I was still feeling frustrated. Going to my drawer I took out my dildo and took it with me to the shower. I began fantasizing seducing Ponte and soon I had my rubber dick deep inside me. I yelled out his name and for the 2nd time tonight, I orgasmed.My sleep was deep and driving me like a nail. I almost did not hear the door bell ring, I thought maybe it was not him.Ponte:She opened the door in nothing but her robe. Clearly she had just woken up.“Oh, it’s the little pervert from next door” she said as she held the door open for me to walk in. “You dirty little pervert” she said again closing the door and locking it. “I’m not sure what I’m going to do with you.”I just looked down at the floor not knowing what to say. Half ashamed by what I did and half not knowing what was going to happen next. She seemed so angry yesterday but today she was cool and collected. She walked over to me and just stood in front of me.“Well, pervert, looks like you’re not such a big man after all. Do you enjoy jerking off into ladies panties?”“I guess”“You guess?”“I, I, I, it just happened”“Shit like that does not just happen”I don’t know what took over me, but I began from the beginning. How I fantasized over her, how I would watch her while she did laundry, how before I stole her panties I would just imagine what her pussy smelt like… the only thing I did not admit to was the camera in her shower or what I saw last night.“You are a little pervert. Take your shorts off”.As if by command I reached down and pulled my shorts off leaving just my boxers. She walked over to me and tugged on them. “These too, pervert”.I did as she asked pulling them down. I was so ashamed that I was flaccid. There was nothing that could have made me hard, or so I thought. She walked over to her couch and patted her lap. “Come here pervert.”I went over and stood next to her. She just patted her lap again. I laid down across her lap. Her silk robe felt good on my cock but it was still not going to get hard.“I’m going to teach you a lesson for being a little pervert.” she said and soon after her hand hit my bare ass.I yelped in shock, but could not catch a breath as her hand hit me again. Again, and again, and again, her hand fell across my bare ass. Each one making me jump a little, and each one making my cock harder. I lost count as she kept hitting my ass, soon my cock was rock hard and straining against her leg.“Do you like this, pervert?” She asked with a hard swat across my backside.

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