Mummy’s Betrayal


Note: All characters in this story are over the age of 18. Jemma is 19.

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She awoke in her bed to the musky masculine smell of her “Daddy” and the familiar feel of her puffy labia lips being prized apart by his thick circumcised cock.

They’d fallen asleep last night this way. She was in their bed and mummy was sleeping soundly, blissfully unaware that her husband had climbed on top of her daughter beside her. He’d breastfed at her nipples and slowly fucked her to sleep. It was risky, imagine if the time she fell pregnant was the time he took his stepdaughters body as his wife slept beside them. They’d all have to live with that reminder of their betrayal.

Everything screamed wrong, but it felt right. How could he not indulge when that pink teenage, hairy pussy provoked him so much? She was always dropping towels, sitting on his lap and massaging his balls with her ass cheeks, grinding her womanhood into him at every opportunity and spreading her legs just for him… Especially when she slept.

Silently Jemma was holding a conversation with her stepfather in her head “That’s your favourite isn’t it Daddy? Flooding me with your sperm when I sleep. You’re addicted to releasing your powerful spunk inside my curvaceous womanly body while you caress me as a peasant would if he could have just a moment in his lifetime with the Princess. You’re gentle and delicate until your passion overtakes you, then like a possessive bull with his heifer you pump your baby-girl in and out of consciousness. You know when I will slip under though sınırsız escort and take me to the edge but never lose me. I never imagined we’d get this bold though Daddy. You slept with your cock in me all night long. It smells of sex in this room Daddy. Mummy will know for sure that you’ve been fucking me in your marital bed even as she slept!”

“Fuck!! Mummy!!” yelled Jemma as her eyes met with those of her mother, who was currently penetrated with bitter jealousy. She knew she deserved every callous word or deed mummy could conjure for her. Expecting to be hit at any moment with a phrase to haunt her for her entire lifetime, or excommunicated from the parental bond she’d been bestowed with in her mothers womb. Jemma wouldn’t have put it past her mother to rip her husbands manhood out of her snowflake pussy and chop it off, then mutilate her own genitalia. Absorbing the cruelty she was inflicting on her mother, and condemning herself to a fiery abyss once this life passed in her mind, Jemma’s nipples hardened.

Her stepfather’s knob pulsed inside her, on the edge. Jemma turned her head to check if his face would give away whether he planned to resist or spunk yoghurt like cream at that very second. Her annoyance was unbearable when she realised he’d begun trying to pull out. How dare he? How fucking dare he? He took her when he wanted and wherever he desired, and yet in this particular situation those heavy balls had shrunk?

Was Daddy really going to allow her to lose both the maternal love of a mother, and a serving of his dick spit? To be honest dick spit didn’t ever cover what Daddy would do to this taksim escort snow bunny as he unleashed what she could milk from him with those tight teen cuntal muscles. Perhaps “flood” was more apt since there was always such a mess everywhere after. If he’d fucked her in the night while she dreamt when she’d wake she’d leak his cum on her floor, through the hallway to the bathroom. The smell must have been so obvious but possibly so regular it went unnoticed, her family immune. Each morning after she’d sniff smugly at her bedclothes before rinsing them through and putting into the washing machine. Her excuse – that she wet the bed frequently. Poor, childlike Jemma, still wetting her bed at nineteen.

Taking control Jemma seductively utilised all her powers of manipulation on her stepfather, in her sweetest baby-girl voice, as she squeezed on his cock with her pussy walls – she spoke with crystal clarity. “No Daddy, don’t take it out! I’m not letting you, she might as well know what you do to me and she might as well know how much I love you doing it too”

They expected her mother to get crazy, throw stuff, scream, slash his tyres and pack her bags. Why wasn’t this happening?

‘Daddy’ couldn’t allow his princess any more pain, he genuinely worshipped all that she was, he’d kill for her if he had to, so he looked over at his wife. Daddy pumped his hips on Jemma’s, deliberately forceful enough to make it clear that he would carry on shagging her daughter as she watched if she didn’t simply leave now. Mummy kept her resolve though and stared back at her husband, then yanked his lips to hers, gripping his mouth so tesettürlü escort he couldn’t look back at Jemma. Her husband could take one last confusing kiss from her. She had more dignity than to join them but it did excite her as he kissed her back for their breakup moment to know her whore-like daughter was watching it happen with her sluttish snatch clamped round his manhood.

As Mummy shared breath and saliva with her husband for one last time, she slipped off her wedding ring then reached for his butt-hole under the covers. She pushed deep! Scraping purposefully with her manicured red fingernails, she rammed her wedding ring as far as she could into his anus, spots of blood coating her finger. Then with a blank expression she hissed “I’ve been watching you do it for years”. She didn’t even bother to grab a dressing gown and a stark naked mummy walked out of the bedroom to their shock and amazement in an incredibly casual manner.

The pair were stunned further when she came back a few minutes later and spoke. She stood over them as they’d climaxed, naked arms folded and holding a white stick in one hand. Herself feeling aroused at how passionately his muscular body jerked on her little girl and how he put everything within him into filling Jemma with his sperm, grunting louder than he’d ever done with her. Once the noise had faded enough to be heard, she announced “that urine sample I’ve been making her do since we caught her that time experimenting with drugs… I kept those up because I knew she’d get pregnant by you”. “Congratulations ‘Black Daddy”’ she smirked, tossing a pregnancy test in his face before sauntering out of the room.

‘Daddy’ lay there with his meat somehow still pushing up deep inside his baby-girl and absorbed the reality of his fantasy. His baby-girl, his princess, was carrying his offspring. His ebony seed and her ivory egg had co-created.

Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. InnocentDaddiesPrincess

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