Mustang Girl and Bobby


All characters in this work of fiction are over the age of eighteen.

I wrote this about four years ago and posted it, but I later took it down to edit it.


Melanie Wallace left her friend’s house and hopped in her 1979 Mustang. It had been rebuilt from the ground up, and now it was finally painted and looked like a magazine cover car. It was her pride and joy ever since her father bought it for her on her sixteenth birthday. It was a rust bucket when she got it, but six years later and about twelve grand, and it was like a brand new car.

She backed out of the parking stall and drove slowly around the alley behind the rows of townhouses. The car was a little loud if you got on it, so she kept it slow. She was rounding the corner headed for the exit, when she spotted a handsome blonde outside an open garage door. She rolled by slowly, looking his way.

“Melanie, is that you?”

She hit the brakes and stopped. She took a good look at his face and something seemed very familiar. She hadn’t dated him, she would remember him- -no, it was something different.

“It’s Bobby, Bobby Tanner, you used to babysit me when I was little.”

“Oh my god, you’ve certainly grown up!”

“I tried, so how have you been?”

“Let me park real quick.”

She backed up and parked in the small lot next to his building and walked back around to the alley. He was in the garage now with two other guys. She felt a little nervous as she walked into the shade of the garage.

To her right was a 1985 Mustang. It was mostly primer and the interior was gutted. She looked from the car to the three guys and realized she’d babysat all three of them. She remembered them now; they all lived on the same street. The other two were Carl and Steven. All three boys were from wealthy families, at least wealthy by her standards.

“So you three live here now?”

“Yeah, my dad owns like a dozen of these for rentals, we convinced him to rent us this one. It’s closer to the school and our jobs.”

Bobby’s dad was a single parent, and he owned property all over the state. He traveled long hours and she was his sitter on weekends when he’d be gone overnight. She was sixteen then, and she remembered thinking He was such a gorgeous man. Now his son looked just like him. Broad shoulders, great hair, and that crazy smile that made you embarrassed when it was aimed at you.

“So who owns the Mustang?”

Bobby claimed it while Carl and Steven brought up babysitting in the old neighborhood. They made some chit chat and then the two of them left, one for school, and the other for work. He walked out to the driveway with them and then returned.

“They wanted me to invite you over for a beer tomorrow.”

“Cool, I’ll think about it. So what’s up with the car?”

“It’s just my project car. I have my dad’s old BMW as a daily driver. I can’t figure out why it won’t turn over though. It was fine a couple weeks ago but now it’s dead.”

She opened the hood and leaned over the engine. Bobby was impressed by what he was seeing. Her short pleated skirt was revealing her thong clad butt and it was perfect. She leaned in deeper and he bent his head to get a better look.

The crotch of her cotton panties was stuck between the lips of her pussy. He inhaled sharply and she looked back, but couldn’t see him from her position. She thought about her skirt and realized what she was doing. She straightened up and told him the starter wire was loose.

She went to his toolbox and grabbed a half inch end wrench and returned to the engine compartment. She bent over again but stood on her tip toes and took her time tightening the bolt. He stood there enjoying the view remembering back to when he was eleven. She was actually the reason he bought the Mustang.

She hopped up and went to the driver’s seat; he sat down in the passenger side. She turned the switch and the engine fired right up. She killed the engine and smiled at him. He was staring at her, but he was seeing her when she was sixteen.

“God, I had such a crush on you when I was young. I actually bought this car, because of you, and your Mustang.”

“Wow, I had no idea, you were what, eleven then?”

“Yeah, you remember when my dad would go out of town? On Saturdays you would take me for ice cream at the Foster’s Freeze.”

“I do remember, the car was ugly back then.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t looking at the car. You used to shift, and little by little your skirt would ride up. By the time we were half way there I could see your panties. I was terrible now that I think about it. You were the first girl that didn’t have cooties in my young life.”

“Wow, eleven years old and you were a player already.”

“Hey, you want a beer or something?”

“Ok, but just one, and I’ll have to hang around a while, I’m driving.”

“Oh, twist my arm, and you can stay.”

Two hours later she was on her third beer and they were on the sofa yakking away. Her leg was pulled up on the sofa and he could see the lace front of her thong. She could see the tent in his baggy cargo shorts.

“Are ataşehir escort bayan you looking up my skirt again Bobby?”

“Yup, and you’re staring at my shorts, so I guess we’re even.”

“I guess so…”

“Hey if I tell you something I did back then, do you promise not to hate me?”

“I don’t know, what did you do?”

“No, you gotta promise or I’m not telling you.”

“Fine, I promise, now what was it.”

“I used to film you in the bathroom.”

“Going pee, are you serious?”

“No, taking a shower, and at the mirror.”

“My god, seriously, like you saw everything?”

“Yeah, I know, I’m terrible. It was innocent really, I didn’t even masturbate then. I was just really curious I guess. You were the first real girl in our house.”

“Do you still have them?”

“Well…they are on my computer upstairs.”

“Show me, I’m serious Bobby.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to kill me?”

“Just show me, ok?”

He took her to his room, which was nicer than hers and they sat down at his desk. He opened an obscure folder buried deep inside some text storage folder and he highlighted all ten videos and selected play.

She sat glued to the monitor watching as her young self washed her hair, and did her makeup topless at the mirror. When they were over she highlighted them and hit delete.

“You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, they were yours I guess. I guess I should apologize as well.”

“Tell you what; you want a new video to replace them?”

“Are you serious? You have one?”

“I’m feeling a little tipsy; I think I need a shower to clear my head.”

“Use…mine. Its…right…there. . . “

He grabbed his camera and she walked to the bathroom. It was well lit from the window over the tub next to the shower. She dropped her skirt and removed her blouse. Her white lace bra matched her white lace thong and he was instantly as hard as stone.

She opened the clear glass shower door and turned on the water. He got a close up of her perfect ass while she waited for the water to warm up. She was acting like he wasn’t even there.

She turned towards him and reached around to release her bra. He focused on her upper body and she let the lace bra slide down her arms and dropped it to the floor. Next she hooked her fingers in her panties and slipped them down her legs to the floor as well.

Her pussy was smooth, and her labia were long and hanging out. They looked dark around the edges, and they made his mouth water. Her nipples were hard and the size of his pointer finger. They were sticking out almost half an inch.

She turned and stepped into the shower and he continued to film her through the glass. She thrust her chest out as she leaned back under the water, and he climbed up on the edge of the tub to film over the top of the glass wall.

She turned her back to the opposite wall so she was facing him and leaned against the tile. Her hand dropped to her crotch and he zoomed in. The angle was bad so he moved to the shower door and opened it. She was using one hand to open her pussy and the other to rub her clit. He zoomed in to catch all the details. Her inner pussy was bright pink and beautiful, and when she slipped a finger inside he almost slipped because he was leaning so far over.

A few seconds later she was rubbing her clit and tweaking her nipples while moans of pleasure started echoing from her mouth. She rubbed until her legs shook and she slid down to the floor.

He’d never seen anything so erotic before in his short life. He stopped filming and got her a towel. She stepped out and let him wrap it around her body. When she turned to him her face was bright red.

“I’ve never done anything like that before, I got carried away I think.”

“Oh my god, are you joking, that was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen, I almost came in my shorts.”

“I don’t know about that . . . .”

“My god people would pay a fortune to see that.”

“Nobody wants to see me take a shower and rub one out, trust me.”

She was starting to feel like it was time to leave. Bobby was thinking he’d get laid, but now he was wondering if she’d ever be back.

Twenty minutes later she was walking out the door saying she’d stop by again soon. He was thinking that was a lie. He asked her what about the video and she told him to do whatever he wanted with it.

It was almost two weeks before he saw her again, and he was beginning to think he never would. She parked around the corner and walked to the garage. She asked Bobby if she could come in. He told her of course and asked her if she wanted a soda. She took a cola and hopped up on a stool by their little bar in the corner of the garage.

“I’m sorry about that . . . day I was over? I got a little embarrassed and freaked out.”

“What would you have to be embarrassed about, you’re awesome Melanie.”

“Call me Mel, ok? You’ve seen me naked, I think you can call me Mel like my friends do.”

“So, about that video…would you like doing another one?”

“Are escort kadıöy you serious, why would you want more, there are way better looking girls online, trust me.”

“Because that one made you eight grand in two weeks, we’re partners you and I.”

“You . . . sold it, are you crazy?”

“You told me to do whatever I wanted with it.”

He went into the house and she just sat there with her head in her hands. He returned and slid the stack of crisp one hundred dollar bills under her face. She lifted her head and picked up the money.

“How much did you make Bobby?”

“The same, we’re partners right?”

“So now I’m an amateur porn star, that’s just great.”

“More like…an exhibitionist.”

“So…what did you do exactly?”

“I set it up on a website I made. I sell packs of five tickets for five dollars. Each ticket lets you view one video file. I wrote a couple erotic stories about you they can read as well.”

“So you have one video, and people pay a dollar to see it, and this is what you’ve made already?”

“You got it, and if we had more videos, we’d make more money.”

“My god, I can’t believe this.”

“It’s called, “Cindy my babysitter,” I didn’t use your real name, Mel.”

“My god, I can’t believe this . . . you want to film another one?”

“Well not if you don’t want to, and I’ll take the site down if you want me too.”

“It’s too late now I guess.”

“I’m sorry, you just said you were broke, the Mustang needed tires, and I got the impression you were pretty open about . . . sex?”

“I thought I was too, until now, maybe I’m not?”

“Just think about it I guess?”

“What’s your idea for the next video?”

“Well, I think we should release one every Friday until we have at least ten or fifteen.”

“But what should we do in the next video?”

“I was thinking you could take a bath, and shave you legs and crotch, and then masturbate. You’d look so hot in a bubble bath.”

“Seven grand, that’s just crazy, just to watch me cum?”

“I know, but you’re hot Mel, trust me, and the whole babysitter thing is a turn on.”

“How about if I just take my bra and panties off and you can film me checking out your car for a minute, and then I’ll rub one out on the front seat?”

“Whatever you want to do is fine.”

“Go get your camera before I change my mind.”

He returned with the camera and the garage door was closed. She bent over the engine and he got a nice close up of her smooth pussy from behind. It was already getting wet, and while he held the camera he ran his finger through it. She jumped and gasped before lifting a leg and leaning further over.

From there she went to the front seat and crawled head first under the dash. One foot was on the seat and the other was on the garage floor. Her lips were splayed open and the pretty pink center was showing. He slipped his finger inside her and her hips thrust up. She pulled her blouse up and her perfect breasts came into view.

He started rubbing her swelling clit and she started tweaking her nipples. He finally stepped back and she crawled out of the car and sat down on the passenger seat. She had one leg on the floorboard and the other outside the car, spreading her legs wide. Her shirt was still up above her chest and she looked incredible.

She picked up a shiny chrome box end wrench and slipped the box end into her wet pussy. It was a three quarter inch wrench and it filled her up. She picked up a little three eighths box end wrench and hooked the box end on her clit. She started wiggling the wrench and moaning out loud.

She forgot about the camera and got into what she was doing, and when she exploded in orgasm she started shaking visibly. Bobby zoomed in as the wrench slipped from inside her covered in wetness.

She sat there a minute catching her breath, while he filmed her face. She looked at the camera and licked her lips once. He ended the recording and smiled at her. He had a big bulge in his short and she smiled.

“Your punishment for all this is, you get to take care of that yourself.”

“Trust me, your videos work just fine.”

“Seriously, that’s all you’re gonna do?”

“Unless you want to film a blow job video?”

“Yeah, not likely, at least not today Bobby.”

A little while later she left and he went to his computer to upload the video and get it up on the website.

By midnight the video had received four thousand views. The site was gaining members and five dollar ticket packs were selling like hot cakes now. He wrote a new erotic story to go with the new video, and then wrote down ideas for others. He decided the next video should be an interview with Mel. Maybe in lingerie and she could end with a nice masturbation scene.

The next day he gave her a call after class and she agreed to come over to talk. He had the camera rolling when she walked into the garage. She was wearing a tight t-shirt that showed her stomach and tight low rider jeans. She acted surprised but he called her Cindy and asked her maltepe escort to talk about her baby sitting years. She hopped up on a bar stool and started telling about how she had a crush on his father, and how she used to fantasize about his cock and soon she was rubbing her crotch and rubbing her stomach.

“So tell your fans about your measurements, they really want to know.”

“I’m five foot four tall, my chest is thirty four C, my waist is twenty two inches, and my hips are thirty four inches.”

“So, as everyone knows, you really were my babysitter, and now I’m an adult obviously. So why won’t you give me a blowjob on camera, or off for that matter?”

“You’re being punished for publishing that first video, remember?”

Bobby started laughing and told the camera, “Always get permission boys and girls.”

“So Cindy, what’s your favorite position?”

“Uhm, I like it good and hard from behind, or I like to be on top. Forward or reverse is good, but hey, a good pounding in any position can make me cum.”

“So do you have any toys at home?”

“I have a few, nothing over the top, but I like things that vibrate.”

“So what are you going to do for the folks at home today?”

“First I’d like to get out of these jeans and this bra.”

He filmed her while she removed the tight jeans and then she removed her t-shirt and bra. He never tired of seeing her chest and the perfect half melon shaped breasts. He followed her to the kitchen where she dug through the refrigerator and found a cucumber.

“I’ve always wanted to try one of these, so what the hell, shall we?”

She sat down on the sofa and lifted one leg up onto the cushion.

“God, I’m already so wet.”

The camera zoomed in to show the big wet spot on her light blue panties. She pulled them to the side and started playing with her swollen lips until they stayed open when she moved her hand. She started rubbing the end of the fourteen inch cucumber between her lips and across her clit until you could hear her moan out.

He got closer and zoomed in on the action as she started pushing the dry cucumber inside. It pulled her inner lips in and tried pulling her clit down, until she slid it back out and tried again. Each time it went a little deeper until it was sliding in and out like a stiff cock. She slid it in as far as it would go and marked it with her fingernail before pulling it back out. It went at least ten inches.

He backed up to get her whole body in the shot while she started fucking herself with the vegetable. Her pretty manicured nails looked hot as her fingers rubbed her clit while the big cucumber plowed open her cunt.

“Guys, she smells amazing too, and trust me, I’m having a cucumber salad when she’s finished.”

She started moaning and he zoomed in again while she worked her pussy over fast and hard. The mark was easily visible as it slid inside her on each hard stroke of her hand. He moved up to show her tugging her nipple before returning to the action below.

“Oh fuck Bobby, I’m gonna cum!”

She started twisting the vegetable around now and slamming it harder and them she bucked up with her hips and liquid flowed from her swollen cunt.

He zoomed out so the camera caught her full body, with the cucumber stuffed up her pussy, and her hands twisting her nipples while she enjoyed the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Bobby moved closer and then slowly pulled the cucumber from her pussy. She moaned and complained as it slipped out of her. He told the camera, “Sorry, its lunch time.”

He turned off the camera and told her she was incredible. She fixed her panties and slipped on her jeans, just as Karl and Steven walked in. They both gawked at her for a second while her cheeks turned red, and then they high tailed it up the stairs.

“Wow, did they really just leave the room while I was half naked?”

“Yes, they aren’t allowed to be a part of this, if they want to live here for free.”

“Wow, you’re kinda selfish, aren’t you?”

“I didn’t want them scaring you anymore than you already were.”

“Well I’m slowly getting over that fear, obviously. I just fucked a vegetable on camera.”

“You’ve made eighteen grand already; you’ll make twenty times that this year.”

“What did you say, eighteen grand?”

“Yes, and I might be wrong, but I think the website will really boom with this newest video.”

“I only made twenty one thousand total last year.”

“I think the next one should be a blow job, seriously. It doesn’t have to be me either, and you can film it yourself if you have someone in mind.”

“I think you will do fine Bobby, unless you’re scared to have your cock in the scene?”

“Me, not at all, I just don’t want you to think I’m trying to get in your pants.”

“You mean my mouth, and why wouldn’t you?”

“Ok, so when are we doing this next video Mel?”

“Tomorrow, in the garage, but you have to eat me until I cum first, and then I’ll blow you. I’ll get dirty working on the car, and we’ll put on a good show.”

“That sounds good to me Mel.”

“So how come you don’t have a girlfriend Bobby?”

“I did, until I moved in here. The whole idea of actually having sex in a bed and sleeping together was just too much for her. It was like sneaking around and fucking in a car was all she was interested in.”

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