Mutual Favor


Everyone in this story are over 18, consenting adults.


Elise Renaud walked into the lecture hall Wednesday evening for this god-forsaken, mandatory course she needed to graduate. She was a few minutes late, but so what? She was here. A few minutes was not going to make a difference in this two-hour class.

Looking around, she saw that it was a packed room for once. ‘Must be for the upcoming midterm’, she thought. There was hardly any space where she could discreetly slide in. After one more scan, she scouted an aisle seat not too far from the doors at the back of the hall.

Elise booked it toward the seat, sliding in and apologizing to the person sitting in the seat to the left of hers as they had spread out into her space. As she glanced over, she groaned internally. The guy sitting there was none other than Carter Paloma.

Carter was a guy in her major she flirted with a little to get favors because she knew that he was attracted to her. If she needed notes for a class she (blatantly) missed, all she had to do was laugh at his poor attempts at flirting back and flash a little cleavage. Worked like a charm.

Even though Elise had admittedly spotty attendance for her classes, she was totally organized when it came to the guys she interacted with. The guys she got favors from were strictly not in the dating zone. That means no hooking up, going out with, or anything else of that sort. Things got murky if there was any overlap.

What made things trickier was knowing that Carter liked her, and keeping that line between them just flirty enough for him to think he had a shot with her, but still making it clear that “they” would happen when hell froze over. Simple enough, right?

So when Elise glanced over and saw that he was the one sitting next to her, she froze. She just knew that he would try to talk to her and would throw himself at her, elated she was beside him.

Surprisingly, that’s not what happened. He just moved his things over, nodded at her and faced forward. He never glanced back at her once in the first thirty minutes she sat in the class. Every so often, he would dutifully take notes on what the professor was saying, whatever that was.

Elise was so bothered at the lack of a response from her favor ticket that she couldn’t get into the lesson. She should be happy that he left her alone, right? It made the management much easier for her because she would hate to have to insult him and possibly ruin her chances at future favors.

But sitting here right now, she felt insulted. Did he not see her outfit? She was wearing a very short skirt, if she said so herself, because she was headed to a killer party at the frat house across campus after class.

Her creamy, mocha thighs were on full display, and the crop tank she wore underneath her leather jacket showed just a hint of cleavage. She looked hot. So why was he not gawking at her then? Elise nibbled on her thumb a little, thinking. Then, she was struck with an idea on how to get his attention: she would turn up the heat.


Elise sat back in her seat and appeared to be engrossed in the lecture for a few minutes. She took a break from her notes and nonchalantly slid off her jacket to hang it on the back of her chair.

As it slid down her arms, Carter glanced out of the corner of his eye at the movement next to him. What he saw made him pause; as Elise shook her shoulders to jostle the jacket down her arms, her breasts bounced a little. Judging from the way they moved, he suspected that she was braless. As she turned back around from hanging it over her chair, he could clearly see her erect nubs due to the slight chill in the hall.

Carter sat up straighter. Was it suddenly getting hot in here? ‘No’, he thought. If it were, those succulent nipples wouldn’t be sticking out. Carter shook his head a little. ‘Focus’, he chided himself.

Elise’s head shifted a little in his direction and he snapped his attention back to the lesson. It took him a bit to follow as he had stopped listening for some time. He resumed taking notes and peeked at Elise again. He saw her sitting there twiddling a pen between her fingers before she casually slipped the tip between her full, plump lips.

She bit the tip of her pen a little before Carter eryaman genç escort saw the hint of her pink tongue peek out. Carter inhaled sharply, his pen jerking off his notebook.

Elise smirked behind her hand. ‘Still got it’, she thought mischievously.

Elise left Carter alone for the next 10 minutes, actually following along with the lecture. Once she clocked the relaxed position of his shoulders, she decided to turn up the heat again. She sat back, turning her seat away from Carter for a bit.

During her movements, Carter tensed again, glancing at Elise. He saw her cross her legs away from him. It seemed harmless at first, until Carter looked up and saw that her already short skirt rode up higher on her seemingly smooth and supple thighs. Carter froze, transfixed.

His fingers itched to feel her thighs to confirm their smoothness. They looked firm, yet pliable like dough. He wanted to run his hands across them, digging his fingers in when he pulled her toward his face, or holding onto them as he thrust, her long legs cradling his hips- Carter shifted in his seat a little.

While Carter was fantasizing, Elise looked over and saw the desire on his face. She smirked a little until she looked down and saw the tent in his jeans. She felt a tingle on her clit when she saw that. She was confused as she didn’t think she actually wanted to do anything with this guy; just show him what he couldn’t have. But the longer she stared, the more turned on she became. She squeezed her crossed legs tighter together.

Carter saw this squeeze and damn near came in his pants when he saw the clear definition in her legs. ‘God, she’s sexy’, he thought. But he knew the type of woman she was. She played a game, and he knew that the farthest she would go would be flashes to entice him into doing what she wanted. He knew, and he would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy her attention. For the time, he was content to look but not touch, until he saw the look on her face.

He followed the direction of her eyes, seeing them concentrated on his crotch, specifically his dick trapped in his pants. He saw her white teeth bite into her plump bottom lip. Carter didn’t know if he could get any harder, but she looked so hot. He would have never imagined that Elise Renaud would be looking at him like this, in class no less!

Despite his nerd status, Carter was actually pretty brazen when he wanted to. Chalk it up to youthful recklessness, but he wanted to literally press his luck. Carter surveyed the people in his immediate surroundings. Most of the other students were barely paying attention, some looking zoned out or just on their phones. For what he was about to do, this was the ideal situation.


Elise was back to paying attention to the lecture while also thinking of another attack when she felt a light grazing on her left thigh. She jumped a little in her seat, looking down in her lap to see a hand laying on her thigh. She turned to look at the owner of said hand only to see that he was already looking at her. As Carter stared into her eyes, his hand grazed higher, slightly pulling on her thigh so that her legs uncrossed, leaving them slightly open.

Elise gasped, but she didn’t resist the motion. If anything, it turned her on. She couldn’t understand why one of her sources for favors was taking these brazen actions, and why she was allowing him to.

Carter grazed his fingers over the sensitive skin of Elise’s exposed inner thighs. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as goosebumps appeared over the skin he’d touched. The slow circles his fingers were moving on her thigh made her core tighten in anticipation. He kept teasing her though, lightly caressing her skin and slowly inching toward her panties.

Elise was getting impatient with his pace, and after looking around to ensure no one was looking, she pulled his hand further between her legs. Carter jerked his hand back. He tutted, leaning over to her ear and whispering, “Greedy girls get nothing.”

Elise’s nostrils flared. Who the hell did this guy think he was to talk to her like that? Nerds like him should be happy she was allowing him to even talk to her, much less touch. She was going to set him straight when he suddenly deviated from his current pace to pinch her swollen ankara escort bayan clit over her panties.

“Ah!” Elise yelped, knees bumping into her desk.

Students in front of her turned to look at her, and even the professor paused a second to determine where the disturbance came from. Elise smiled a little to signal she was okay, and it worked as the lecture resumed.

Elise sighed, but jerked again when Carter began slowly rubbing her clit. At this point, she knew she was going to leave a stain on the seat as she grew wetter and wetter. Elise tried to withstand the tingling between her legs, squeezing her thighs together. Her chest began heaving as she was traversing the pleasure mountain, nearing her peak. The lecture droned on, and she was losing focus. Elise’s hips began to rock toward his hand despite her strong desire to not get caught.

But with each sweep of his finger, she was beginning to care less and less. She hunched forward over her desk trying to get even closer to apply more pressure because his pace was so excruciating. Carter chuckled a little watching the grimace on her face as she tried to hide the frustrated pleasure she was feeling. Her eyes gazed forward unseeingly as she was solely focused on his fingers, notes forgotten.

As much as she tried to appear unaffected, she kept grunting low in her throat with each pass of his index finger on her clit. Hearing her aroused Carter; it was surreal that he could make her feel that way. He wanted to hear more, so he slid his middle finger to the juncture of her left thigh and the lining of her panties, and slid it underneath the cloth, touching her bare labia.

Elise’s thigh twitched. Carter was sliding his fingers along the wetness that had accumulated in her slit. Elise was breathing heavily through her nose now. As Carter slid his fingers lower, Elise found herself easing her legs farther apart of her own volition. Before she could further examine why she was taking his lead, Carter slid his middle finger inside her. Elise clenched her jaw to stop the moan that threatened to escape her lips.

Carter inhaled sharply; she tightened tremendously on his finger, and he couldn’t help but think of how she would feel around something else. He twitched inside his pants at the thought. He started to gently pump his finger in and out, sliding over her slick, warm walls. The heel of his hand started to lightly press her clit, causing Elise to tighten even further. ‘Good God’, she thought. ‘I’m so close.’

Elise couldn’t believe she was about to come by the hands of some nerd. To save face, she decided that she wouldn’t be the only one to come undone. Glancing around, she nonchalantly dropped her left hand underneath the table, directly onto his concealed erect member. There didn’t seem to be much room in his jeans and it seemed a little painful. “I’m not the only thing that’s tight,” she whispered. Carter hissed a little. Her hand over his clothed dick felt damn good. He shuddered to think about what her bare skin would feel like.

Elise felt him twitch. Smirking, she carefully undid the buttons on his pants and lowered the zipper. Fishing him out, she was pleased to find that he was bigger than he felt over his jeans. Carter flinched when he felt her slightly cold fingers graze his member. Facing forward, he glanced out of the corner of his eye to see her pink tongue poke out the side of her mouth as she felt him, and he twitched again. What he wouldn’t give to feel that pink tongue on him…

Feeling him twitch again, Elise responded with a squeeze. It was Carter’s turn to groan low in his throat. Leaning forward with her right elbow on the table, Elise began to jerk him, slowly running her other hand up and down, increasing her speed incrementally.

As she went, she noticed how hot his dick was in her hand. Despite its soft texture, it was as stiff as steel. As she got to the top, she rubbed her thumb on his head, feeling some moisture bead at the top. While she pleasured him, she noticed Carter’s hand had wavered a bit.

Carter began leaking precum over Elise’s hand. ‘Damn, did not think this one through’, she thought, rolling her eyes. Throwing caution to the wind, she squeezed his member harder, gliding her hand up and down faster and feeling sincan escort his dick harden further. She glanced over and saw that Carter’s left hand held the table in a white-knuckled grip.

Elise felt a strange zing go through her body at the sight. He appeared to be just as affected as she was. Pleased, Elise moved her hand to rub his head, feeling his precum steadily drip heavier as his dick throbbed. She smirked and chuckled a little under her breath. He was going to burst before she did.

Hearing her chuckle, Carter glanced and saw the smirk on Elise’s face. Jaw tightening, he slid another finger inside her, expanding his fingers to widen her canal. Elise gasped, and moaned audibly, at the last minute coughing to cover up her cry.

Without warning, Carter moved his fingers in a “come hither” motion until he grazed over a specific spot inside her that made her thighs twitch again. Elise clenched her hands, hearing Carter grunt.

Seeing her reaction, Carter concentrated on that area, and her walls began to tremble as did her thighs. Carter pumped his fingers in and out, eliciting a slight squishy sound during the lecture.

A part of Elise felt like she should be ashamed, but she was just so close.

After a while, they both were too consumed in chasing their releases to even really care about their impromptu contest. Carter looked at Elise. It turned him on to see the flush on her brown skin. She may not have been aware of it, but she steadily flexed her hips to the rhythm of his fingers. She bit her lip, and his dick twitched.

Elise sped up her hand as her hand grew wetter from his precum. Her mind drifted in her horny state, imagining how his dick would feel inside her, hips rocking back and forth as her back arched, his tongue tracing her-

The pad of Carter’s hand pressed hard on Elise’s clit and she jerked in her seat a little, coming undone as her walls seized over his fingers and her thighs locked in his hand between her legs as her body trembled. She bit her lip to hold back the long moan that wanted to rip from her throat.

Simultaneously, Carter grunted, feeling the cum in his balls churning, rapidly rising up his shaft. His dick began to throb, jerking in Elise’s hand a bit. In the throes of her own release, she barely managed to cover his head with her hand as he came, cum dripping from her hand back down his shaft to pool in his pants.

The two flopped back, breathing heavily. Elise looked over at Carter to see his tan, flushed and satisfied face. She noted the beads of sweat on his brow with pride. She hadn’t even fucked him yet, and he looked ecstatic. She paused. ‘Wait, yet?’ she thought. She wasn’t supposed to be interested in him at all.

The clattering of bags on tables and chairs scraping the floors pulled Elise from her reverie. Elise and Carter both pulled their hands back. Now that she had come down, she grimaced looking at her left hand. With her other hand, she reached into her bag pulling out wet wipes. She threw a couple at Carter before using one to clean herself off. She made a mental note to stop off in the ladies’ room to remove her panties- they were kinda soaked.

‘Dammit,’ she thought. She missed the entire lesson and the assigned reading. She would normally blow it off but she needed to ace this midterm. Elise packed her things and was about to leave when she heard Carter clear his throat. She quirked a brow in question.

Carter just stared at her in slight astonishment. He figured that while it did start out as a contest, he thought that they both felt great and was hoping to continue where they left off later.

“Did you need something else?” she asked him finally. Carter gathered himself and looked Elise in her eyes.

“Yeah, can I get your number?” he asked.

Elise hesitated. Any other time she would have flat out refused, but something held her back. Glancing at his dick that still sat exposed, her pussy clenched. She was curious to know how that would feel inside her. And it’s not like she was going to date him publicly or anything. He could just be a casual hook up, maybe after this stupid night course.

Elise pulled out her phone. “Put it in, and hurry, I have somewhere to be,” she said. Carter seemed a little miffed, but after seeing her raised brow, he typed his number into the phone and gave it back.

“I’ll call you,” she called out as she sashayed out the door. She had a party to get to, finally.

Carter sat back in his seat, shaking his head a little. He smirked a little- this was going to be fun.

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