Mutual Therapy

Big Tits

Life had been what I thought was picture perfect, until I turned seventeen. I was in my junior year of high school when the bomb went off in our house. I had come home from school to find suitcases and boxes sitting on the front porch.

I had found the door locked, and after ringing the bell and knocking a few times, my mother had peeked through the front glass, unlocked the door to let me in, and then relocked the door.

You got it, mom had caught dad with another woman; or another girl to be precise. Apparently dad’s new love interest was barely past her nineteenth birthday herself. Not bad for a forty-eight year old teacher right; only problem was he was married while he was banging her. Worse, he was banging her in his own bed when mom walked in.

Mom got the house, dad got shit. The parents of the girl figured the two of them had to have been doing it awhile, and tried to charge dad with sex with a minor, you name it. Bottom line, at the time mom caught him, she was nineteen; they got nowhere real fast.

Mom kicked his ass out; her parents kicked her ass out. They got an apartment together, and three months later I got an invitation to their wedding. Needless to say I burned the damn thing.

Last I knew they had a small house somewhere and she was knocked up already. Well, his brains didn’t work but it seemed his dick did.

As for me and mom, depression in the Clark house was not even the word. I went from honor roll to barely making C’s and D’s. I did graduate from high school, barely. Mom wrapped herself in her work, stopped seeing their old friends (who wants to be reminded they are the divorced one at the get together).

I quit track, then baseball. I spent most of my time hiding in my room playing video games, and mom spent her time between work and her bedroom. My dreams of college went down the toilet with my grades, and by the time I graduated I didn’t really give a shit.

Graduation was the first week of June, and dad attended, I never spoke a word to the bastard; he even had the balls to bring his pregnant wife with him. I couldn’t wait for mom and me to get out of the auditorium and go home.

Just to explain, my mom is a therapist, and she specializes in kids having social issues; you know ADD/ADHD, autism, daddy issues, mommy issues, addictions; you name it.

Well, apparently mom did notice my ‘decline’ through my senior year, and after my confrontation with dad at graduation, decided it was time we got the Clark household back into order.

A week after the graduation, I was playing video games in my room when mom knocked on my door.

“Come in” I called out.

“Any plans this afternoon?” mom asked when she popped her head through the half open door.

“Nah, just going to hang.” I said, not taking my eyes off the screen.

There was a sigh from mom I barely heard, and a moment of silence before she spoke again.

“Travis, put on your swim suit and meet me at the pool.” Mom told me.

“What…why?” I didn’t understand.

“You heard me” moms’ exasperated voice was behind me. “And because I asked you to. Now please meet me at the pool.”

Before I could answer, she was gone. I thought about ignoring her request, but there had been something in her voice. I shut down the game and changed into my swim trunks, then headed down the stairs.

Passing through the kitchen I saw mom at the counter, her back was to me and I only caught a glimpse of the white terry cloth robe she was wearing when I headed out the patio doors.

Next to the pool mom had positioned two of the loungers with a small table between them. There was a towel draped over each chair so I stretched out in one, feeling the warm sun on my skin.

I looked up when mom slid the patio door shut and started walking towards me. She was carrying a small tray with what looked like two ice teas, and if I didn’t know better her cooking timer. What the hell was going on I thought.

I couldn’t help it, my eyes dropped to her long tanned legs as she walked, I could see her thighs and calves ripple with every step. She’s your mom you pervert, I chastised myself, as I ripped my eyes away.

While I wasn’t a virgin, I wasn’t exactly Don Juan either. I had been with a couple of girls in the past, and being honest, fumbling in the back seat of a car is not the turn on people claim.

Mom set the two teas on the small table beside us then sat on her lounger facing me.

“Look Travis” she said softly. “This last year hasn’t been the…best…for either of us.” I could see the sadness in her eyes.

“That’s an understatement” I replied.

“Well, I know school has been a struggle, and to be honest life in general has been a struggle for me.” She sighed. “I think…well I think that a little family therapy might help us.” She looked up at me.

“Mom, the last thing I want to do is sit and tell some stranger about my personal life” I said

“As a therapist, I find that statement insulting” mom tried to smile. “As a person, I actually understand.” She ucuz escort said.

“So, instead, I have a proposal.” She reached out and picked up the timer, quickly turning the knob. “For the next hour it will be Clark Family Therapy. It’s going to be one hour of truth and honesty; no judgements from either of us.”

She released the timer and relaxed back on her lounger, pulling her terry cloth robe off as she leaned back. This had to be some kind of joke, I thought at first. But the timer softly clicking between us made me realize my mother was deadly serious about this.

“How do you propose we start?” I asked her.

Taking a deep breath, mom stared off across the pool. God, watching those twin globes rise and fall, captured by the bright red bikini top was enough to give a dead man a hard on, and I was far from fucking dead.

“My name is Diane Clark” mom spoke softly. “I am a forty-eight year old divorced woman who had her husband stolen by a nineteen year old tart.” Fuck I sat in shock as mom continued.

“I have buried myself in my work” her voice was soft but clear. “I have ignored my friends, ignored my son.” I felt a pang at her admission. “And every time I look in a mirror I hate what I see.” There was a soft sob with her last words.

I was dumbfounded at moms’ words. She had literally opened her heart and just poured it onto the table. I sat silent for moment thinking, just who and what was I.

“My name is Travis Clark” I tried to keep my voice calm. “I am a nineteen your old male who hates my father and loves my mother.” Mom sat and watched me silent.

“I barely made it through my last year of high school; I have abandoned my old friends, hiding in my room playing video games. I failed at sports because I gave up. I have zero social skills and really couldn’t care less.”

I had honestly said it; it was like a weight had lifted from my chest. I looked over at mom, who sat staring at me.

“Well, we have something in common” she smiled briefly. “It seems we both left our old lives behind.”

For the next forty-five minutes we just sat in the warm sun, and talked. I mean really talked. For the first time in nineteen years, I said not just what I felt, but what I thought. Mom did the same, sharing her pain, her anger.

It was amazing and exhilarating at the same time, especially when we realized just how much we had in common. We both had abandoned our old lives, but had no direction for our new lives. We both had a deep seated hatred of my father. And curiously enough, we both hated nineteen year old twats.

“But if you dislike girls your own age because they remind you of your father” mom asked. “How are you going to date?”

“I’m not sure” I looked over at her. “Maybe I’ll change my age grouping, nothing under thirty.” I said.

Mom turned and stared at me. “You wouldn’t” she smiled. “Cougars…really?” she smiled.

“Hey, they claim older women are better lovers anyway.” I said defensively.

“You have no idea Travis” mom said in a hushed voice.

At that moment the timer chose to ding. I hated for the session to be over, but mom insisted. She rose from her lounger and gathered her empty tea glass, towel and the timer.

“So, once a week or twice?” she asked me.

“I think twice” I told mom. “Once a week is to long between.”

“I agree” mom nodded. “Shall we say Wednesday at 4pm?” she asked.

“That sounds perfect to me Diane.” Mom looked at me when I used her first name. Then a smile spread across her face.

“Thank you Travis” mom said softly; leaning down to kiss me on the cheek.

I could feel her full breasts press against my arm as she kissed softly. They were encased in her bikini top, but every hormone in my body went on fire. I watched her walk back to the house, my eyes locked on that ass as it swayed with every step.

Now that is one cougar I wouldn’t mind trying to tame, I thought. I felt blood surge in my cock at the thought, and try as I might I couldn’t rid myself of the hunger growing in my balls. God, I needed to jerk off a good one.

The following Wednesday we met again at the pool, this time mom was wearing a pale blue bikini, the style matched her red one. She must have bought two or three, I thought. As we settled in, I figured just pick up where we had left off.

“What about you Diane?” I asked. “Why don’t you date?”

“Pfftttt” mom took a sip of her tea. “Who would date this old body” she scoffed. “Besides, it’s been so long I wouldn’t know how to…well…”

“Finish it Diane” I pushed at her. “You were the one who said, an hour of truth without judgement. Say it.” I told her.

Mom turned and looked into my eyes. “It’s been so long” her voice trembled. “I wouldn’t know how to suck a cock if one was in front of my face.”

“Isn’t it kind of like riding a bicycle” I smiled.

Mom laughed, relaxing. “God it was good to get that out.” She sighed.

I saw her eyes flicker to my suit bottom for a second, and then back up. There ümraniye escort was no way I could hide the now raging boner inside my swim trunks, and honestly I didn’t want to.

“As far as being old, that’s a matter of opinion.” I reassured her. “You need to listen to what the guy says, not put words in his mouth.” I told her.

“Are you a virgin” mom asked out of the blue.

“No, I’m not as a matter of fact.” I told her honestly. “Are you?” I smiled.

Mom turned and looked at me, and then a smile crept across her face. “At least we can share the same perspective.” She said softly.

The session steered away from that topic, and we spent the next time discussing how we both hated social situations, both preferring to be left alone.

“Two minutes, we need to wrap up.” Mom said, glancing at the timer.

There was something that had been eating at me to say, ever since our earlier discussion. But I needed to do this right. I reached out my hand and held the timer, keeping it from advancing.

“I am going to say this to Diane” I said softly. “Because if I said this to my mom, I would either get slapped or shit my trunks” I looked at her face.

“Don’t ever think you are old or undesirable” I said softly. “Where you are concerned Diane Clark, the word hot does not even do justice.” I watched mom’s eyes grow bigger at my words.

“In fact,” somehow I held my voice steady. “If you wear that suit next session, I swear to God I will pull mine off and jack off looking at you.”

Before she could answer, I lifted my hand and the timer softly dinged. I don’t know how but I had timed it perfectly.

“The session is over.” I rose from the lounger. “Now if you will excuse me there is something I need to take care of.”

I gathered my towel and headed into the house, leaving my mother by the pool. I headed straight to my room and threw myself on my bed. Jerking my trunks down, I wrapped my fist around my throbbing cock and began to stroke.

Images of my mother in that suit, or imagined ones of her laying there nude, flowed through my mind. It didn’t take long for my balls to tighten.

“Mom” I gasped, as the biggest orgasm I could remember rocketed through my body. Hot streams of semen coating my belly and chest as I pumped my balls empty.

That Saturday, as I settled into the lounger by the pool, I worried about how mom would react. Would she be pissed, would she come fully dressed? My mind whirled with questions. Lost in my thoughts I suddenly realized mom was setting down the tray between us. She reached down and wound the timer, then turned and faced me, still standing.

I watched as she peeled off the terry cloth robe. I swear every drop of blood in my body raced to my cock, making my cock swell trapped in my trunks.

“Holy shit.” I whispered.

“It’s not the same suit.” My mothers’ voice tried to penetrate my fogged brain.

She was right, it wasn’t the same suit, it was worse. Where the other two had been a high hip cut of normal proportions; this was a French cut thong instead. The top barely contained her 36 C’s, as her breasts tried to spill out from the cups. Two small bows adorned her hips where the strings were tied. The small triangle of cloth between her thighs molded snugly to her fat lips creating a perfect camel toe.

It was like my brain shut down at that moment. I had warned her, and she had come here showing even more of her fantastic body. I reached down and without a word slid my trunks over my hips.

“Travis” she whispered. Then my thick hard cock came into view. “Oh my God” she gasped as my rigid pole slapped against my belly.

“You’re fucking gorgeous” I groaned, as I reached down to my cock.

“You weren’t kidding were you?” she asked in a hushed voice. Her eyes were riveted to my hand, as my fist began to glide up and down my length.

“This is our hour to be honest, with no judgements.” I said.

“Yes; totally honest and no judgements.” Mom whispered.

“Diane Clark, you have been the subject of my hottest fantasies since I hit puberty and knew what sex was.” I stared at my mother as she stood there, so close to being nude it was maddening.

“Oh Jesus” mom muttered. Her eyes went back and forth between my face and my hand as she watched me stroke almost eight inches of throbbing cock.

“I envied my father for years.” I admitted. “He got to lie in bed beside that” I nodded my head at her body “every fucking night.”

“Travis” mom whispered, but I just carried on, lost in my remembering.

“He could touch you, kiss you, and even make love to you at his will.” I said. “I thought he was the luckiest man on earth.”

My mothers’ face blushed pink as she lowered herself to her lounger, her eyes locked to my cock as a clear drop of pre cum seeped from the tip.

“You wanted me for yourself.” I could hear the surprise in her voice. “You wanted to fuck your mother.” Her voice was hushed.

“I never wanted to fuck you mom” I cut her off. She looked üniversiteli öğrenci escort at me surprised.

“To touch you and feel you, to taste you, to make love to every inch of you.” I gasped as my nuts tightened with my admission. “God yes now that I wanted.” I moaned.

“Then, the unthinkable happened.” My face darkened. “Not only did he cheat on perfection, he did it with a nineteen year old gold digging bitch.” The venom dripped from my voice.

“OH my God” mom whispered. “You hate him, you really hate him.” Her eyes were large and glittering.

“More than you could ever know” I hissed. “How could he give up what I fantasize about at least twice every day?” I said quietly.

“You masturbate…to me…twice every day?” moms’ face flushed crimson.

“I said at least twice.” I smiled.

“This old body does that to you?” he eyes fastened on my throbbing cock.

“Take the top off, and I’ll show you what your old body does to me.” I challenged her.

Mom glanced at the timer then back. “You have twenty-five minutes.” She said softly.

“It won’t take more than five or ten.” I grunted. Just the thought of her bare breasts was driving me insane.

“You’re serious aren’t you.” Mom whispered.

“Take it off and find out.” I stared at her.

Even as my hand continued to pump up and down my cock, now smeared with my pre cum, I saw mom fold her hands behind her back.

“OH fuck” I groaned, as the sides of her top came loose.

I could just see the swell of her breasts around the hanging cloth, held to her by a single knot at her neck. Her hands crept to behind her neck, and I held my breath waiting. Would she really do this?

It was like watching something in slow motion as her bikini top slid down and free. First the tops of her breasts came into view, followed by two diamond hard nipples. Then my vision was consumed by the swell of what looked like two perfect breasts.

My God, I realized, her nipples are rock hard. I could see them standing out like to pebbles around the pink areoles. My hand never stopped as I felt that clench in my gut, and then my balls pull up tight. Fuck, I wanted to keep looking, but I was going to cum, and big.

“Moommm” I gasped, as my hips jerked.

A thick rope of hot goo erupted from the tip of my cock. It arched through the air and landed with a splatter across my belly. I tried to keep my eyes opened, fastened on those two beauties, but it was too much.

“Travis” mom gasped.

My eyes rolled back as my body jerked again. A second wad of seed spewed from my cock. My body was shaking uncontrollably as my orgasm tore through me.

“Beautiful…perfect…oh God…” I moaned; even as a third rope poured out to coat my pumping fist.

“So much…” mom whispered in almost reverence.

I continued to just sit there, quivering, as my body slowly came down from such a high. I opened my mouth to speak, and heard the ding of the timer on the table.

Mom jerked back to reality, she looked at the timer, then back at my body drenched in cum, then at the timer again. She stood and gathered the towel and timer in her arms.

“That’s enough for today” she gasped, and then hurried off for the patio door.

Through the next two days I was in a constant state of worry. Like all our other sessions, not a word was spoken about Saturday. I was terrified we had crossed a line and she would call everything off.

Wednesday I settled into my lounger and waited. I wondered if she would even come today. Right at two the patio door slid open and mom came out carrying the tray.

This time she set down the tray and settled into the lounger, and then she turned the knob of the timer. Was she trying to get as much time as possible?

I waited silently, I wanted mom to start this session. When she finally spoke, her voice was so low I almost didn’t hear her.

“What would you do?” she stared across the pool.

“What would I do?” I asked a bit confused.

“What would you do to my body…if you had it?” Mom turned and looked at me.

“Mom… you’re sure…” I started to ask.

“Travis, please” she whispered. “I want to know…I need to know.” I saw a pained look in her eyes. “Am I still desirable? Every woman needs to know.”

“Desirable?” I almost laughed. “Jesus mom, you drive me insane, way past desirable.”

“Then tell me what you would do.” Her eyes glowed from the praise.

“First, I would kiss those lips I have dreamed of for so long.” I told her, staring at her face.

“Then I would leave a wet trail of kisses down your neck, and across your breasts.”

“Oh God” mom moaned softly.

“I would suck on those perfect nipples” my voice was husky with growing lust. “Tease them with my tongue and teeth; until they were so hard you would think they would pop off.”

“Oh Travis” mom moaned. She reached up and cupped one breast through that French cut bikini. I could see her fingers roll her excited nipple.

“Then I would kiss my way down your belly” I husked. “Savoring the taste of your sweat coated skin.”

“I would kneel between your thighs and inhale your scent, savoring it.” I wanted to rip my trunks off and start stroking but I held back. “Then I would slide my tongue between those swollen lips and taste you.” I tried not to moan.

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