my 1st dirty (female) teacher


my 1st dirty (female) teacherHello thank you for reading this! I would really appreciate any comments this is my first story. Message me if you have a request for a story!The first time I met this teacher I was in year 9 of high school. She wasn’t currently my teacher but she still got me hard every time I saw her! So not a lot happened until year 10. In year 10, she was my English teacher and I was so happy. I got to see her everyday. Every lesson my cock would be rock hard and she’d have a different sexy outfit that was always tight to her curves. As soon as I got home I would run upstairs, lock the bathroom door and bust one out to her. My progress in English was shit because of this. However, in year 11 it all got interesting. The final year of high school. I began to notice that she started being more flirty and friendly with me . One time she was at her desk in a tight dress with stockings and high heels, I was staring at her ass and legs when she noticed me. We then looked at each other, she winked and bit her lip whilst pulling her dress up so I could see the top of her stockings. Now if that isn’t a tease I don’t know what is! I almost creamed my little pants. She would intentionally nock things off of my desk just to bend over and pick it up, showing her ass or cleavage in low cut tops. Eventually, she would ask to speak to me after class where she would talk about personal problems and relationships. Finally the bit you and me have been waiting for. One day on results day, she asked to see me in the classroom when everyone else had gone. I thought nothing of it at the time. When I bursa escort got in the room I immediately noticed her. Her black hair and amazingly blue eyes. She had a curvy body not to thin and not to thick, perfect! She was wearing more make up than usual, like she personally set out to seduce me. She was wearing red lipstick with a white top, unbuttoned to show a unusual and amazing amount of cleavage. Also, a tight black short skirt, black stockings and red shoes. She looked stunning! As I entered the room she was sat on a chair and patted her hand on the one next to it. I sat down and began listening to what she had to say. Now I can’t remember exactly as it was over 2 years ago. It was along the lines that she couldn’t have got through the year without me and wanted to thank me and how I was her favourite student. I told her everything she wanted to hear. How she was the best and most beautiful teacher. Mid way through speaking she threw herself at me and her red lips were all over mine, her tongue intwined with mine. The initial suprise left as we embraced. The taste was amazing, my cock immidiatly hardened. I put my hand on the side of her face and took control of this kiss our mouths moving side to side. I lifted her up and put her on the desk in front of us. I whispered in her ear, the kiss breaking for the first time “I’ve been wanting this since I first saw you” this made her moan as I began to kiss her neck. I then ripped off her shirt and took off her bra suprisingly fast. I then began to kiss down to her amazing tits. I fondled the magnificent bags of perfectness and sucked bursa escort bayan the nips biting slightly making her squeal slightly as she ran her fingers through my hair. After paying them some attention I lifted her skirt up to reveal that she had no panties on. This confirmed my suspicions that she had set out to not just seduce me but fuck me! I ran my hands up her legs and got so close to her pussy she could feel my breath. The teasing made her giggle and pull my head closer. Finally, I put my tongue on her delicious wet lips and began to taste her amazing juices finally after 2 years of waiting. She gasped and moaned as I kept licking eventually going further into her pussy with my tongue. I varied the movement making her moan and giggle erotically. I eventually worked my way up to the clit. This made her back arch as she pulled my hair running her fingers through it. I then inserted my fingers into her warm wet pussy making her moan even more. Her eyes began to role back as she moans “Wow! ” and “oh god yes” as if it was god doing it. I increased the speed and velocity of my fingers and lick. I found her g spot and began to rub it causing her to gasp! Waves of pleasure spread from her pussy through her body as I worshiped it. Eventually, every cell in her body began to fill with pleasure and orgasm. Soon her body was in full exticy as she was shouting in pleasure. Her pussy tightened on my fingers as she fell silent. Then let out a huge scream as streams of squirt was pouring out of her pussy! Her body began to shake as her thighs tightened around my head and her back arched escort bursa and her eyes rolled back. Her sweet and tasty juices flowing into my mouth as she whimpered in pleasure. Suddenly she sat up and pushed me on to the chair with fire in her eyes she began to kiss me as she undone my pants. My hard cock sprung at her like a loaded pistol ready to fire. She shoved it in her mouth with no hesitation moaning as it went in. She began immidiatly to deep throat it moving up and down causing me to moan as she caught me by suprise. She came up for air and said “your fucking amazing and I want to devour your big cock and feel your cum in my mouth”. This sent me over the edge. Her red lipstick was all over my cock. She then began working her tongue around my head as her red nailed hands began to stroke my sloppy cock from her spit. She was swishing with her hands as she twisted her tongue around my head. Suddenly we heard someone coming and quickly hid in the storage room. She kept suckling in the room as the person entered and investigated. It was another teacher that I knew and also wanted to Fuck. My attention was taken away as she kept suckling on my Dick. Her blue eyes staring in to mine as I began to moan. She was just jerking me off as I was coming close. She whispered “cum! Go on cum you know you want to” as the person was still in the room. I was reaching ecticy and couldn’t hold it in. Streams of cum entered her awaiting mouth as she jerked me off. I let out muted groans as the door opened and shut again. She showed me the vast lake of cum in her mouth as she swallowed it and winked. “That was amazing! Now you best be off but not after I take your number” She said as we got changed. We exchanged numbers and I was off on my way. Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it! Give me some feedback and let me know if you want part 2.

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