My Accident Ch. 03


This I s the third chapter of this story. Please read the other to chapters first and don’t forget to vote.


Mum rolled her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. I could see them growing bigger and harder. This looked so inviting. I couldn’t resist her invitation any longer. I leaned forward. Mum came e little closer. Now my face was right between her two big white globes. She pressed them together and buried my face between them. I was lost between her big tits. This was sensational. I couldn’t believe it. After a short moment mum released my face from its sweet and soft cage.

“They are waiting for your hungry and eager mouth. Watch the nipples. They grew that big just for you. They want to be sucked. They want to be loved, honey.”

Again she rolled them between her fingers. A little moan escaped her mouth this time. She watched directly into my eyes and slapped my face with her big tits.

“What are you waiting for? My tits and nipples want to be sucked by you. Please suck mummy’s big tits hard.”

I opened my mouth. That was all mum needed she lean forward just a little bit more and stuck one of her big, big nipples into my mouth. I started to suck it. And let me tell you this was really a big hard nipple. I guess it is about more than half an inch long and about half an inch in diameter. I sucked it eagerly. Mum started to knead the rest of her udder I was sucking. I took the little rock of a nipple between my teeth and bit it softly. I started teasing mum with my tongue. I licked her. I licked around her fat nipple without touching it then again I sucked as much as possible of her big tit into my hungry mouth. I sucked her real hard. Mum closed her eyes and moaned.

“Uuhhh … yes … uuhhh! It feels so good to be sucked. Uuhhh … yes … suck it harder … bite it … uuhhhh … “

I did as I was told I sucked it for all I was worth and I it her nipple harder. I pulled it as hard as I could with my teeth and it seemed as her nipple grew even bigger.

“Please stand up, big boy, mummy wants to see your hard-on. Mummy wants to see what you have to offer. Let me see your love toy.”

It wasn’t easy to stand up ‘cause I couldn’t use my arms so I needed mum to help me but finally I got on my feet. Mum was kneeling in front of me only inches away from my dick.

“Oh, that’s such a lovely toy you have there for mummy. I have to touch it.”

With that words she took my hard-on in both her hands and started rubbing it. Her experienced fingers caressed my tool. It felt so good to be touched by such skilful hands and after being hard several times in the last two days without a chance to get off. She opened her mouth and licked her full red lips before her beautiful velvet like tongue made contact with my hard member. She licked that little piss slit at the knob before she opened her maouth wide and with one move she swallowed all 8 inches of my hard-on.

‘Wow, this must be heaven’, I thought to my self.

She started yabancı escort moving her mouth up and down my shaft. She started fucking me with her mouth.

“Oohhh mum, that feels so good. My dick loves your velvet mouth, don’t … don’t stop.”

She opened her eyes and looked up to me. I could swear she was smiling around my peace of meat.

Suddenly we heard a noise from downstairs. With a ‘flop’ mum let go of my penis and it slapped her left cheek.

“Holy shit, it must be Carol, she told me she would be home a little earlier today but I didn’t expected her to be home that early.”

With this words said she jumped out of the tub took a big towel and ran into her bedroom.

‘That can’t be true. I’m close to cuming and than she leaves me in that state.’ , I thought.

I lay beg in the tub and waited for the things to come. I think I was laying there for about 20 minutes and nothing happened. The water started to get cold an so did I.

“Mum? Are you there, are you around? It’s getting cold in here.”

I waited for mum’s answer but there was no answer.

“Mum? Where are you? I want to get out and want you to get me dry.”

Nothing. Then I heard someone coming up the stairs and I expected it to be mum. The door opened and Carol my 20 year old sister was standing in the door. Let me tell you some things about Carol. She is 20 years old and a cheerleader in her college. She is about 5’10 tall and has a slender body. She could be a model. Her blonde hair she wears in pigtails perfectly match her deep blue eyes. She has a perfect mouth. It’s the kind of mouth that always reminds you of a blowjob. You know what I mean, don’t you? She has a tiny pair of tits with perfect suckable nipples. Not that I have seen her naked yet but she always wears very tight and sexy outfits that show a lot of her figure. Her stomach is flat and her ass is the type of ass you would die for: small but muscular. I guess she always wears thongs ‘cause you never will see any marks of panties on that perfect ass in her tight pants. With one word she looks like an angel but I know for sure she is the devil in disguise. You know what I mean? Deep waters are calm but dirty.

“Hi bro’! What’s up? I heard you calling for mum.”

“Yes, it’s getting a little bit cold in here. I want to come out but mum has to get me dry.”

“Oh, I think this won’t be possible she left 5 minutes ago. She said she will be back in one hour or maybe two.”

“Oh shit!”

“Maybe I could help you If you don’t mind me seeing you naked, little brother.”

“Oh man, that whole thing is going crazy. Every woman it that house is going to see me naked and all I can do is stand still and let them watch. Shit!”

“Okay, it’s your choice if you don’t want to.”

Carol turned around and started to leave.

“No, no, Carol wait, wait! I don’t have any other choice. It’s getting cold in here, I can’t get myself dry, mum is not around so it seems yeni escort like you are my only chance.”

Carol came back into the bath and closed the door behind her.

“Then get up and out of the tub and I will rub you dry.”

I felt so ashamed when I got up and stepped out of the tub. My sisters never saw me naked nor have I seen them naked. I looked and Carol but the only thing she watched at was my penis. It felt so strange my own sister stared between my the meat between my legs. Although this was so strange there was something about it that turned me on. Maybe it was my sister’s hot and sexy body. My blood flowed back into my member and it started to swell again.

‘Oh shit, not now, not in front of Carol.’ But there was no chance to control it. It has a will of its own.

“I’m sorry Carol. Would you please leave me alone?”

“You are sorry for what and why should I leave now that it’s getting interesting. I have seen some hard-ons before and I believe me I can handle this or should I say them.”, she said with a dirty grin on her face.

My dick has reached it’s full length and power again. She took a towel and came closer to me. She started to rub my back dry and then she did the same to my chest. Next thing I remember is her getting on her knees. My own sister was kneeling in front of my hard dick. She started to rub my legs dry and every now and then she came up with her head and made contact with my hard member.

“So there is only one thing to get dry, little brother. Will see if we will manage this.”

She took my dick in one of her hands and pulled the skin back. My knob was deep purple and pulsing. I felt close to cuming.

“Carol, don’t do this, please don’t!”

“Why?”, she asked with a naïve smile on her lips. “I want to rub it dry like I did to the rest of your body.”

“Carol, please, you know as well as I do what will happen very soon if you don’t stop this.”

But I had no chance stopping her. She rubbed her hands up and down my shaft some more and I could feel my balls tighten.

“Carol stop it before it’s to late. Stop it or I will shoot my load.”

Instead of stopping Carol increased her speed and rubbed me harder. I’ve reached the point of no return and the first load of cum shot out. It hit Carol directly in her face. She was still smiling and it seemed she was enjoying what she what doing. Her smile even became brighter when my first load hit her face. It landed on her cheek. I couldn’t believe what happened next. She opened her mouth waiting for the next load to hit her tongue and tonsils.

I shot again and again this time into Carols mouth and on her chin. She opened her eyes and looked into my eyes then she smiled at me and told me to give her all of my hot cream. She rubbed me harder and let her tongue dance around the knob of my dick. I shot five more loads into her face and her hair. Her whole face was covered with my cum. She looked so beautiful and so naughty yenibosna escort with all that mess on her face. When I had emptied my balls in my sisters face and stopped shooting she took my still hard member into her waiting mouth and eagerly sucked it dry. I couldn’t believe this. When she let my dick go she licked the cum from her lips and each single finger. The whole time she stared into my eyes and smiled from one ear to the other. Slowly she got on her feet again now standing in front of me. Still smiling. Her face was covered in cum and some of it dripped down her chin and landed on her shirt which was cum covered as well by now.

“That was fun and it tasted so good. But take a look what you did to my shirt, you have messed it with your cream. Looks like I have to take it of.”

I still couldn’t believe what was going on and I didn’t know what to say. Very, very slow my sister pulled her shirt over her head taking it of. She wore no bra and she exposed her perfect little titties to my gaze. I couldn’t believe my luck. My sister had wanked me off let me cum into her face and mouth and now she was showing me her lovely tits.

“Carol I’m so sorry I don’t know what to say but that was great but I’m sorry for not controlling myself.”

“Nothing to be sorry about baby brother. I wanted this to happen ‘cause I was so turned on by what you and mum did. Yes, you heard right. When I came home no one was downstairs so I came up here and heard mum and you in the bath. You forgot to close the door so I could pick to the crack and I saw mum offering her big tits to you. I saw you sucking her hard nipples like there will be no tomorrow and I saw mum sucking you. This really turned me on. I would have loved to be in mum’s position and suck your beautiful hard toy. I wanted it to be my face and mouth you shoot your load on. When I saw you being close to cuming I creep downstairs and made some noice. I wanted mum to stop before it was to late. She did as I expected her to do. When she left I waited for my chance to come up here and finish you off and to swallow your sticky cream. And let me tell you it really was more than tasty. I think I could used to it. By the way I’ve always seen you gazing at my tits and at my ass and I liked it. So I started to walk around you wearing tight shirts and no bras and sometimes I left my panties of under my short and tight pants.”

You did see my staring at your tits and your ass.”

“Of cause I did and I loved it. It turned me an and made me hot. Sometimes I thought about you when I rubbed my little pussy. Now seeing my titties naked for the very first time what do you think of them?”

“The are wonderful, Carol, they are perfect. I love them.”

“Then why don’t you touch them? Wouldn’t you love to play with my nipples as you did with mum’s? Wouldn’t you love to suck my nipples and bite them? How about giving my small titties a good massage?”

“Nothing I would prefer more to do.”

I reached out for her small lovely tits and cupped one of them in each of my hands and rolled her nipples which grew hard in a second between my fingers.

Carol started to moan.


This is not the end there are a lot of things still to cum.

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