My Affair with a Hmong/Hmoob co-worker


My Affair with a Hmong/Hmoob co-workerTo get the full story, please go read “Married Hmong affair – Part 1” She said don’t quit if you quit, make sure u tell me or else I will MISS you a lot…then I said really? LOL!! then she replied “oh yeah!” and LOL! Then I said to her, “i can get your phone#?” she said, “i will think about it.” Then she walked back to her desk. I have thought about it over night and I felt scare to myself. I could get into trouble if she tells anyone like her husband, friends or our manager at work.On January 18th, at our workplace, she came asked me about work related questions. I told her that I’m sorry about asking her phone# the other day. It’s not right and I don’t want her to think too much about it. She laughed and smiling at me then walked off. After that, I didn’t want to talk with her anymore because I was scare too. I just said hi or smile to her when see her on hallway or in our dept that’s it. About 3 weeks after, she came to my desk asked questions about work related. Then she dropped me a note. It said “give me your phone number. I’ll call you later tonight after work.” Then she walk off. I was little nervous at the time and question myself. I was ask myself why she wants my phone number but I wrote my phone number on the sticker note anyway. About an hour later, she came up to my desk for questions on work related. I gave her back the little sticker note.It was in February and cold. I was waiting for her call but she didn’t call me until the following week. I saw this private call on my phone during my break time. I normally don’t answer private phone call but I did answer and it was her. Its the lady I always waiting to have a private conversation with. I thanks her for calling me. We talked and talked for like 15 minutes. I told her that I would like to talk to her more every night after we both done with work. she said she will try to call me. Since that we been flirting by talking on the phone every 2 or 3 day after work. We talked about our personal life but I didn’t tell her much about my personal life anyway. One night at work, it was super cold. The temperature was like below negative 40 degree. I got off work little early. I heat my truck outside and waiting for her. I drove my truck next to her car. She came into her car and I rolled my window said hey its cold start your car engine and come inside with me. It’s warm inside here now. She start her car engine and she came inside my truck. We talked for a while then I told her lets go to another parking lot. Then we drove to another parking lot and no one can see us.When we got there, I went to open the door for her and told to go in the back seat. While she step into the back seat I spanned her nice butt(it was my dream to touch and span it). She yelled “aah!!” and said stop you freak me out then I LOL. We both inside the backseat of my truck. I told her she has nice curve and great body then she smiled at me. We chat little then I hugged her tuzla escort and said “I can’t believe I fall in with a married woman. I fall in love with you.” She said “for real? then laugh.” And I “yes, I am.” I kissed her lip but she turn away and said “I never done this to anyone beside my husband.” I told her I never done this to another married woman either. She is my first. I told her to relax and just kiss me like her husband. We kissed and kissed. It feel amazing kissing a married woman. I moved one of my hand under her shirt start from her waist up to her boobs. it feel great touching her boobs like this. She said “stop and push me away. I can’t do this. We both married. I never let anyone touch me like this beside my husband.” I stop. Then I said to her “I understand how you feel. I know its not right. I know we cross the red line already. I can’t believe I having an affair with a hot married woman like you. They said pretty and hot gals always got marry first.” Then she smile at me. She said its late and lets go home. Then i said ok, I don’t want you to get into trouble for go home late too. She called me while we drove home. This time she called me with unblock her phone#. I ask her that if I can call her sometime later on since I know her phone# now. She said that’s fine. This is the first time ever I got to kiss a married woman and touch her boobs. I was scare of doing this to her too because we both married and its totally wrong. But she’s hot me and I can’t control myself. I want her and I want her body badly. I always want to fuck her from the first time when I saw her walked into our work place. She made me hard when I watching her ass. I can’t wait to put my hands on it.The more we talk and kiss, the more we are connecting to each other better. The more we hug and touching, the more we have feelings toward each other. She told me that she wants to try me and I said that can’t wait to show her what I have. I can’t wait to go down between her legs. It would be my pleasure to feel her when I inside her. Then we both LOL to each other. Its a long story but I will make it short. So lets get into the HOT/EXCITING parts. We continue flirting more and more on the phone and met during our 30 minutes break time and met 30 minute after work we won’t get into trouble. One day we have this plan. I requested on vacation from work and she called in sick. On April 7, we drove to this Shopping Center and she parked her Acura there. Then we drove my BMW to eat dinner out. After dinner, we went into Comfort Inn motel. We sit in the bed and talked and talked. We took pictures of us on my phone. I still have those pictures in my email today. We kissed and touch each other. It made me soo hard and horny and she is all wet else well. I told her to undress but she said no. I just forced myself to removed her tin-top and her bra. I started kiss from her mouth to her neck down to her boobs then to her belly. She’s getting hot and start moan. I tried to tuzla escort bayan unbutton and take off her jean. She tried to hold her jean up so I won’t be able to take it off. But I can’t wait and cant control myself so I forced myself and pull down her jean and underwear anyway. She said she cant do this and its wrong. I told her yes, i know its wrong but we have come to this far. I can’t control myself now. Then I just continue working by kissing between her thigh then licked on her pussy then sucked her clit. She is moaning! She is all wet and ready for me to enter her anyway. She said you cant fuck me if you don’t bring condom. I told her I have all prepare then laugh. I put on my condom and enter her. I fucked her missionary style and she holding around back tigh while I pressed and go deep inside her pussy. I pounded her hard and go deep like no tomorrow for 5 minutes and cum. While I pounding her hard, she moan loud and said yes! oh yes!! Its amazing fucking a married woman like her. We relaxed in the bed for while then she went take shower. I went join her in the shower. I told her to blow my cock but she insisted. Then we continue kissing and touching in the shower. I told her to bend down then I fucked her in doggy style. She asked me to get my condom but it told no need to. I will take it out once I cum. This time I fucked her without using a condom. I pounding her hard and she moan and scream yes! yes! oh yes! We fucked like 10 minutes then I cum and I took it out and spray my loads on her nice butt. After we done taking shower, we went lay down on the bed and chat more. She told me I am the only 2nd guy she has sex with. It feel great. She married husband when she still a virgin she said. Then she asked me if I would be scare if my wife find out we done this. I told her I was scare but now I just want to be with her and fucked her more. She said she very scare now and her husband may find out she cheats on him like this. Then she said “KUV YUAV TSIS TSO KOJ MUS YOOJYIM. YOG HNUB TWG KUV TUS TXIV PAUB NAWB.” I said to her that I will take full responsible for this. So I don’t her to think about it too much now. But in my heart, I felt guilty of fucking her and scare too. I can’t believe I’m fucking a married woman. I have cheat on my beautiful wife at home. I love my wife too. We continue kissing and touching each other while lay down on the bed naked and we covered a blanket. This time I told her to blow me and she did. She continue to blow me and I am getting very hard. Then we fuck again the 3rd time. I fucked her missionary style for 10 minutes then she on top of me ride and ride me for around 10 minutes. I told her that I gonna cum then she stop ride me. But I haven’t cum yet. We switched position to missionary style. She is under me and I on top of her now. I put her both legs on my shoulder bend to her head then pounding her hard and go deep on her while kissing her. I fucked her another 5 minutes then I cum and pull out escort tuzla my cums on her belly. Wow!! Its great and amazing sex ever! We went take shower again then we went home. We continue flirting and have sex more during our 30 minutes break time and or after work without anyone knew about our sexual affair for 7 months then I found a new job and decided moved to my new role. I can tell you how many times we have sex over the 7 months period. On April 10, we have sex in my car during our break time and after work done. On May 2, we rent this hotel near by our workplace. We have sex 4 times(one before work started, one during our break time, and 2 after we done with work). On May 29, we have sex in my car during our break time and in her car after work done. On June 2, we have sex in my car after work done. On June 4, we have sex in my car after work done. On June 27, we have sex in my car after work done. This time I told her I want to cum inside her. She replied to go ahead. So I did release my sperms inside her pussy. On July 1, I rent Super 6 Motel and we have sex 4 times until midnight. I brought my portable DVD Player and watched porn movies while we are having sex. I bought this 8.5″ long and 2.5″ wide Dildo toy and used it on her. At first, it was hard to get that dildo toy inside her pussy but I applied a lot cream to it and slowly push it inside her. I used this dildo toy played on her pussy like 40 minutes and she has many orgasm. She was moan loud and screamed like crazy. I wish I have record it. I asked if that dildo toy hurts her but she said no and she love it. I told her to keep it so she did. On July 11, we have sex in my car after work done. On July 12, we have sex in her car during break time and I released my cum inside her pussy. On July 26, we have no sex because she has her period, but she blow me and I cum inside her mouth. She said her husband has never cum inside her mouth like this.After I moved to my new job, our connection has been coming to a dead end. I called her several times and we just talked. We didn’t get to meet or fuck around anymore because we both have family and k**s to be responsible. So we decided to end of affair. After all this day, no one knew about our secret affair. Not even her husband or my wife. The last time I saw her was at the Sam’s Club like 4 years ago. I cant believe I meet her again and happy to see again. We smiled at each other while her husband didn’t notice because he was looking at something else. Last April 2015, I found her on Facebook. I tried to sent several messages to her but she didn’t reply. I also found her husband’s Facebook. They have a lot of pictures together in his FB account. She is pregnant and they did baby shower to her back in Feb this year. She still look nice and I will fuck her again if she give me another chance. OH YEAH! STILL MISS THE OLD DAY. Fucking a married woman is men fantasy and its the best of the best because its a secret in your life and she will remember you for the rest of her life. Beside that when you are fucking her, you fuck her HARDCORE like there will be no tomorrow or the world will be ending. Hope you enjoy reading my secret affair real story.

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