my best friend


my best friendthis is a fictional story.I had a best friend since I was 5 years old. We did everything together, we watched movies together, we went to school together, we did homework together. Yesterday my best friend Mike had his 18th birthday. we went to see a movie with bunch of other friends. the movie was funny and good, I enjoyed it a lot. On our way home Mike asks me: “Jason, do you wanna to come and do a sleepover?” I thought about it for a sec and I answered “sure”. So we walked to his home and we were talking about the movie and how funny it was. We entered the house and he was empty. “where are your parents?” I asked. “they are at some business meeting abroad. I have the whole house for myself for a week.” “they went to abroad on your birthday?” I was shocked. “that’s fine” he said “they felt so guilty that they bought me XBOX one.” “that’s great I said.” we went upstairs to play on his brand new XBOX one. After 15 minutes of playing my friend suddenly says: “Jason sakarya escort can I tell you something that bother me for a long time?” I was shocked cause I thought that we don’t keep secrets from each other. “sure” I say. “for a long time I knew and I didn’t tell anybody. not even my parents. but now I got to tell someone because it’s driving me crazy.” I didn’t know where this is going. “ok” I said. “I’m gay.” he finally said. “wow, I didn’t expect this.” I said “are you sure?” I asked. Mike nodded. “that’s not everything” he said. “there is more?” I was shocked. “yes” he said. He didn’t talk for like 2 minutes and than he kissed me. I ran away to the other side of the room “what are you doing?!?!” I screamed. “I didn’t want it to be that way” he said “I have been in love with you since the seventh grade.” I tried to calm down “but I’m not gay!” I continued screaming. “I know” he said “never mind, here is a blanket and a pillow go sleep on the couch.” I took the adapazarı escort blanket and the pillow and went downstairs. I was thinking to myself that I have been wondering forever how is it to have sex with a guy. I knew for sure that I am not gay, maybe bisexual but not gay. so I decided to go to his room. I entered to his room and he was crying underneath the blanket. “Mike?” I said. “he took his head of the blanket “what do you want now?” he asked. I walked to him and entered his bed. I leaned over and I kissed him.It was the best kiss I have ever had. we made out for something like five minutes. I took off my shirt and he kissed me all over my chest and he sucked my nipples. Suddenly, he grab my pants and took them off and he saw for the first time in years my penis. “you don’t know how many time I fantasized about your cock” he said. He took my cock and rubbed it a little bit before kissing the tip of it. It was so good that I moaned. He starts to suck sakarya escort bayan it and meanwhile he played with my balls and it was so good. I had this urge to suck his cock so I tell him to lie on his bed. I took of all of his clothes and started to kiss him in the chest and legs. “it is good” he said. then I touched his penis and started suck it. I sometimes thought about the taste of penis, but I didn’t knew that it was that good. I enjoyed sucking his penis and I did it for 5 minutes. he moaned a lot. suddenly he got up and took out of his drawer a condom. “can I fuck you?” he asked politely. “off course you can” ” said with a smile. He wore his condom on his hard cock, and he started fucking me. it was really painful at the beginning but it was really fun. before he came he took his penis out of me and just came on my chest. “now it’s your turn” He said. I took a condom and put it on my HARDER THEN EVER cock and started fucking him. I fucked my exes before but this time it was the most fun I ever had. it took me five minutes to cum. after we both came, we laid on his bed and made out. ” I think I might be bisexual after all” I said. “nice” Mike said. we fucked all night and it was the best night I have ever had.THE END

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