My Best Friends Older Brother


Olivia had a bottle of Bud Light Lime in her hand as she danced through the party, stopping to talk to some of her friends, class mates, and people that she hadn’t seen since they graduated. She had come to the party with her best friend Jeana but had lost her the minute they walked in the door. Olivia made her way to the kitchen to get another beer when she ran into her friend Allen.

Allen was a good looking guy, who had broken up with his girlfriend about 5 months ago. Olivia had helped him get through a low spot in his life. Allen had just recently admitted to Olivia that he had started seeing a man and had sworn her to secrecy. The minute Allen saw Olivia he wrapped his arms around her, hugged her tight and then started dancing with her heading back into the living room.

Olivia and Allen were laughing as he spun her around while they danced. They were so caught up in their fun, and oblivious to their surroundings, that Allen caused Olivia to bump into someone. From behind them Olivia heard “God damn it watch where the hell you are going.” Olivia told Allen to stop, then pulled from him and turned around.

“Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to run into you.”

When the irritated guy turned around Olivia laughed,

“Oh well it’s you. Maybe I’m not so sorry then Jake.”

Jacob turned around and looked down at Olivia. He smiled then said,

“Well if it’s you that ran into me I might not be as mad. But damn I have beer all over my shirt now.”

“It will wash.” Olivia replied

Jacob hugged Olivia lightly then continued to fan his shirt trying to get it to dry.

“Aren’t you a little young to be here?” Jacob asked Olivia

“Aren’t you a little old to be here?” Olivia asked back.

Jacob faked a look of hurt when Olivia called him old.

“Geoff and I were in the same class, remember? So when Abby planned this party Geoff told her he was inviting people too or he would tell their parents that Abby had a party.”

“Ahhh, I see.”

One of Olivia’s friends came up and pulled her away, telling her she “just had to see something.” Jacob stood looking after her for a minute. Jacob was Jeana’s older brother. Jeana was 19 and had just graduated high school, which meant Olivia, a year younger, was 18and going into her senior year of high school. Jacob was 22 and in college getting his masters degree to teach history and math to junior high schoolers. Jacob was 6’2″ and weighed about 200 pounds. He had short spiked brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He liked Olivia a lot and thought she was beautiful, but knew his sister would have a cow if he ever made a move on Olivia. So he just watched her from afar.

Olivia went off with her friend and stood watching two guys break dance but her eyes and mind kept drifting back to where Jacob stood. She knew Jeana would throw a fit if she knew what was running through her mind. He was off-limits to her, but there was something about Jacob that just drew Olivia to him. As Olivia stood there, Jeana came up to her and asked if she was ready to go home, because she was.

When they got back to Jeana’s house they made there way to the basement. Olivia made herself comfortable on the couch, and Jeana took one of the recliners, as they always did during sleepovers at Jeana’s house. Jeana fell asleep quickly, as she had far more to drink than Olivia. So while Jeana slept, Olivia laid there awake. Several hours later Olivia had been dozing off lightly when she heard footsteps upstairs that made there way to the steps coming to the basement. She figured Jacob must be home and coming down to bed, since his room was in the basement. Olivia listened as Jacob came down the stairs as quietly as he could. He walked over to his sister’s chair and made sure she was covered up and then looked over at Olivia. In the dark he couldn’t tell that she was awake. But then she rolled on to her side and he barely heard her whisper “Goodnight Jake.”

“Sorry Olivia, I didn’t wake you did I?”

“No you didn’t Jake. I just keep drifting off to sleep then waking back up. I haven’t really slept yet.”

“I’m not really tired. You can come to my room with me and talk for awhile if you want.”

“Are you sure Jake?”

“Yeah come on.”

Jacob turned towards his room. Olivia got up off the couch as quietly as she could and then looked at herself remembering that she had on a pink tank top that hugged her 36 D breasts and exposed her midriff and pink belly button ring. She also had on a pair of short little black sweat shorts that covered her tight ass by only a couple inches. She shrugged her shoulders because she wasn’t going to change her clothes. She just followed Jacob to his room. He let Olivia in, turned the light on, and then silently closed the door behind them. When he turned around and saw Olivia in the light for the first time in her pjs he swallowed hard and had to force his eyes to look up at her face into her eyes. Olivia was about 5’8″ tall and weighed maybe 140 pounds. She didn’t play any sports but she kept herself in good shape. She had bahis firmaları shoulder length layered dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She only knew that she had a little Italian in her heritage but she got super tan in the summer and looked like a bronze goddess to Jacob. Jacob tore himself away from his own thoughts. He patted the bed as he walked to his stereo.

“I don’t have any chairs so make yourself comfortable on the bed.”

He found a radio station playing slow music with almost an erotic beat and left it there with the volume low. He sat on the bed with his back against the head board and his hands folded behind his head. He looked down at Olivia who was sitting Indian style at the end of the bed. He noticed how her shorts barely covered her and had to shake his head to clear his thoughts. He made a conscious effort to keep his eyes on hers. To distract himself he struck up a conversation.

“So what happened to you at the party? You ran off with your friend and I never saw you again.”

Olivia couldn’t help but notice how good Jacob looked relaxed and sprawled out on his bed. The blue shirt he had on made his eyes look even bluer, if that was possible.

“Jeana found me shortly after I walked off and wanted to come home. She’d had plenty to drink.”

“I see. That explains why she is sleeping so well.” Jacob laughed.

“Yeah, I think she fell asleep the minute she put her feet up.” Olivia laughed too.

Olivia stretched her legs out in front of her and it took all the self control Jacob had not to reach out and run his hands up them. Just then the song “Black Velvet” came on the radio. Olivia got off the bed and held her hand out to Jacob.

“Dance with me Jake. I was about to ask you to dance at the party when Bell pulled me away.”

Jacob looked at her,

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Olivia. Besides I’m not a very good dancer.”

“Liar, I’ve seen you dance before. You are good. Come on Jacob it’s a good song and my favorite liquor.”

Jacob reluctantly got up off the bed and walked up to Olivia taking her hand and pulling her into his arms.

“Olivia, I still don’t think this is a very good idea.”

He started swaying with her just a bit.

“What is all this Olivia tonight? Your name is Jacob but I call you Jake. Mine is Olivia and you have always called me Liv.”

Olivia swayed with Jacob but stepped closer to him. She could feel him trying to keep his distance from her and didn’t understand it but knew she was going to break it. Olivia turned in Jacob’s arms swaying to the beat of the music which caused her to grind her ass into Jacob’s groin. She turned back around and saw smokiness in Jacobs’s eyes. She started to sing along with the song and smiled as Jacob started to bump and grind back with her and hold her close, his hands on the small of her back.

“You have a beautiful voice Liv.”

“Thanks Jake. We move pretty well together.”

“Yeah we do.” Jacob said back, his eyes getting even smokier. Olivia felt his hands move and Jacob cupped her ass. She looked up at him and smiled.

“Liv, I still don’t think this is a very good idea.”

“Jake, do you know how hot I think you are?”

Olivia smiled as she saw some of the smoke clear from Jacob’s eyes as he looked down at her.

“You what?”

“I think you are hot. I have had a crush on you since before Jeana and I started hanging out.”

Olivia watched as the smoke and then some returned to Jake’s eyes.

“You shouldn’t have told me that Liv.”

Olivia looked at Jacob confused.

“Why not?”

“It was hard enough for me to control myself before but now I’m not going to be able to.”

Before Olivia could say anything Jake’s mouth was on hers. At first she was shocked, then she kissed him back. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and, with his hands still on her ass, Jake pulled her even closer to him. He broke the kiss briefly. Jacob looked down at Olivia and said,

“I think you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I have liked you almost since I met you and the older you get and the more you are around the harder it has been for me to not kiss you like that.”

Olivia smiled up at Jake and said,

“Then by all means kiss me like that again because I have wanted you to kiss me for a long time.”

No more words were spoken as Jake leaned down and kissed Liv again. He moved his hands back to her ass as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He couldn’t stop kissing her and she didn’t want him too. She felt them moving and the next thing she knew they fell back on to the bed. She scooted herself up until her head was on the pillow then she wrapped her arms back around Jake’s neck and pulled him down to kiss her again. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her with more and more passion as he lay on top of her in his bed.

Olivia was in heaven as Jake kissed her. She broke the kiss and pushed Jake off of her for a minute. He looked at her thinking he had done something wrong, but was pleasantly kaçak iddaa surprised and a bit shocked when Liv sat up and removed her shirt then hooked her thumbs in her shorts and panties waist band and slid them down and off her legs and dropped them on the floor. Jake looked down at her.

“Are you sure you want this Liv?”

“I have never been more sure of anything in my life Jake.”

Jacob made quick work of removing his shirt, jeans and boxer briefs, and then he rejoined Olivia on the bed. He was already rock hard from all there kissing and being near to her. Olivia smiled as she ran her hand lightly down his chest and stomach then wrapped it around his hard cock. She looked down at his cock in her hand then back up at him.

Jacob groaned as Olivia wrapped her hand around his cock. He knew they had to be quiet with his sister out in the living room, so he bent down and started kissing around Liv’s breasts, taking one then the other nipple in his mouth sucking them good. While it quieted Jake it made Liv start to moan. As Jake sucked on Liv’s nipples he trailed his fingers down her stomach and cupped her bare, shaved mound. Liv started to stroke Jake’s cock faster and harder. Combined with this and his fingers now playing with Liv’s clit and sliding into her pussy Jake was moaning too.

Jake was driving Olivia crazy. She couldn’t help but moan and beg Jake,

“Oh god Jake that feels so good. But please, please Jake. Make love to me.”

Jake couldn’t believe he heard those words come out of Liv’s mouth and that she was actually talking to him. He crawled on top of Liv and positioned his hips and slowly started to sink his hips forward. They both moaned loudly as the head of his cock made contact with her pussy lips then slid inside of her. Jake had only been with 2 other girls but was shocked when he slid inside Liv and came in contact with her hymen. He had no idea she was a virgin.

Olivia felt Jake stop and looked up at him.

“Jake please don’t stop I want to feel all of you inside me.”

‘Are you sure Liv? I mean your still a…”

Olivia cut him off by putting her fingers to his lips.

“I’ve been saving my self for a special night with a special person. That night happens to be tonight and the person is you. Please Jake.”

All Jake need to hear was the please and the plea in Liv’s voice. He pulled almost all the way out and slammed his hips forward. He broke through with ease and was buried completely inside Liv. It felt so good but he couldn’t move because he had heard Liv’s cry of pain and saw the single tear running down her cheek. Jake leaned down and kissed away the tear, then kissed her passionately, letting her get use to him inside her. He felt her start to move her hips. So Jake broke the kiss and looked down at Liv as he started to slide in and out of her. She smiled and he knew she was ok. The feeling of her tight, warm, wet pussy around his cock soon took him over. He started thrusting in and out of her harder and faster. He would reach under her and cup her ass then he would cup her tits. But never did he take his cock out of her amazing pussy.

Jake was fucking her so good and hard. Liv was trying to keep up with him rocking her hips up to meet his thrusts. She wrapped her legs around his hips and felt an unfamiliar feeling and knew she was about to have her first orgasm. Jakes hands on her felt amazing, his cock was mind blowing and when he bent down and kissed her she felt her pussy start to spasm around him and she felt juices flowing from her pussy and down his cock, and down the crack of her ass. She moaned into Jake’s mouth as her orgasm took over her body.

Jake saw Liv’s eyes turn almost black and look like rare black diamonds and could see and feel Liv’s body tensing and knew she was about to cum and that he was too. He bent to kiss her and felt her orgasm over take her as her pussy clenched around his cock and milked him. It was too much for him to take and he began to orgasm also, sending spurt after spurt of his cum into her. He broke the kiss as his orgasm finished and he collapsed on top of her as they both tried to regain their composure and get their breathing under control. When he felt normal again he rolled off of Liv.

When Jake rolled off of her, Liv sat up and grabbed her clothes starting to re dress.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jake asked her.

“Getting dressed, what does it look like?”

“Why? Aren’t you staying here?”

“No, I’m gonna go back out to the couch so if your sister wakes up she doesn’t wonder where the hell I am.”

Jake just looked at her. He understood but really wished she would stay. When she was dressed again she stood up, leaned over and kissed him, then walked to the door. With her hand on the door knob she looked back at Jake, she smiled and said,

“That was awesome Jake. Give me a call sometime maybe we can do it again.”

Then she was out the door.

Over the next few weeks Olivia and Jacob never got to see each other since Olivia had gone on a family vacation. kaçak bahis Then she went on a camping trip with Jeana and his family but unfortunately he had to stay home and work. Jacob wanted to call Olivia but he didn’t have her phone number. Finally Jeana and Olivia had a girls day, where they went tanning, to the mall shopping, then to the movie. When they finally got back to Jeana’s for their sleepover. Jake’s car was home but he wasn’t. Olivia asked Jeana where he was and she told Olivia he was out on a date.

The minute the words “out on a date” left Jeana’s lips, Olivia was hurt and pissed off all at the same time. She realized she made love to Jacob once when she was fairly tipsy and might have made a fool out of herself, but she thought there was something between herself and Jacob.

When Olivia and Jeana got ready for bed and went down stairs to change and watch a movie Olivia realized she forgot to bring pajamas. Jeana gave her one of Jacob’s t-shirts to wear. She changed quick, settled in on the couch and started watching the movie. She didn’t know when she fell asleep but she was startled awake when she heard footsteps and a door shutting. It took Olivia’s eyes a minute to adjust, and then she saw the light under Jacob’s door and realized he must be home. She laid there for a few minutes wrestling with herself over whether she would go and talk to him or not, and she was listening to make sure he hadn’t brought someone home with him. After what seemed like an eternity she slipped off the couch and walked to his room. She knocked on the door as quietly as she could.

“Finally home” he thought as he came in the house and made his way to the basement. He hadn’t wanted to go out on that date but his friend begged him, so he went, and it was terrible. He was excited when he saw Olivia’s car in the driveway, and while he wanted to talk to her, he figured she was probably asleep. But just like always when his sister had a friend over and they stayed in the basement he went over and made sure his sister was covered up then he stood looking at Olivia for a minute then went to his room. A few minutes later he heard a quiet knock on his door. He opened it and smiled when he saw Olivia’s still sleepy face.

“Hey Liv, what’s up?”

“Can I come in for a few minutes?”

“Sure.” Jake said as he opened the door wider and stepped out of the way to let Olivia in. He had started to get ready for bed so he was standing there in just his jeans and boxers under them. He shut the door then turned and looked at Olivia. He started at her feet and started with a small smile as he saw her legs were bare. As he moved up her body he saw the hem of a shirt hitting her mid to upper thigh. By the time he looked into her eyes he had a full grin on his face seeing that she had on one of his t-shirts.

“Stealing my clothes are you now Liv?”

Olivia looked down at herself then at Jake.

“No, I forgot to grab pjs to bring with me so your sister let me borrow your shirt.”

“Oh, Ok. So what did you want to come in for a few minutes for?”

Jacob watched as Olivia got a serious look on her face, but saw a look of hurt flash through her eyes which turned them black for a minute. Then she took a deep breath and looked almost like a little girl.

Olivia looked up at Jake then asked,

“Was I not good enough?”

Jake looked at Olivia confused.

“What do you mean not good enough?”

“I realize I probably made a fool out of myself a few weeks ago, coming in here and half seducing you and getting you to make love to me. But I thought I saw something between us then you never called, and tonight you were out on a date.”

Olivia sat on the edge of Jakes bed and looked down at the floor then up at him for an answer. She saw a soft look on his face and in his eyes and another almost sheepish look.

Jacob couldn’t help feeling bad for not calling her and he really had hoped that Olivia wouldn’t find out that he had gone out on a date. As he looked at her he still saw a little vulnerable girl with that black hurt in her eyes. That hurt took all the light out of Olivia’s eyes and he hated it.

He stood there and started to talk.

“Oh Liv, I’m sorry. I….”

Jacob didn’t quite know what to say or how to say it. He knelt down in front of Olivia and took her hands in his.

“Trust me Liv, you were good enough. I don’t have your phone number which is why I didn’t call you, I couldn’t.”

“Your sister and mom have my number; you could have asked one of them for it.”

“I probably could have asked mom and she just would have given it to me, that is true. But you know Jeana would have asked a million questions on why I wanted your number.”


“Liv, I wanted to go on that camping trip with the family. But when mom told me Jeana was bringing you because her boyfriend couldn’t get time off I knew I couldn’t go. It was hard enough to control myself around you the last few years. Now that I have kissed you, and touched you, and made love to you, I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from touching you or kissing you around them. And while the rest of the family probably wouldn’t care, I really don’t want a war with Jeana for myself or for you. Do you understand?”

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