My brothers Photo Shoot

My brothers Photo ShootMy brother, who is one year younger than me, had submitted a picture of me to the local newspaper for its summer photography contest. That was how this all started.I didn’t know he had taken the picture at the time. It was of me, in a one-piece white bathing suit, springing up out of the water at our friend’s pool. What really made the picture unique was the way the light played off of the beads of water that surrounded me, almost like a halo.I’m sure that my fit, 20-year-old figure, captured tastefully in the photograph, didn’t hurt our chances, either. Anyway, the picture won first prize in the contest.My brother, convinced that it was me that had made the picture special, begged me to let him take more photos of me. He even offered to let me keep the whole $1,000 prize the paper had given him for winning the contest. He told me I could use the pictures as a portfolio because, he said, I should really try to get into modeling.Well, that was sweet of him to say. I had always been the practical girl, studying things like economics and finance, and I have to admit it was flattering the way he practically drooled over his big sister’s body.I finally succumbed.Let me tell you, it was a weird feeling, posing for my little brother. At first, I just did a shoot with him in my black bikini. It wasn’t too skimpy, not like some of the things you see at the beaches these days from time to time. But I knew that my brother was studying my figure — from an artistic standpoint, of course — for the entire hour or so that the shoot lasted. He would tell me to move my head this way or my butt that way, and toward the end of it he would even touch my leg — never above the knee, I noticed — to get the pose just the way that he wanted it.I said it was a weird feeling, but I assure you, that first time, I didn’t get aroused by it at all. I have to admit, though, that I did check the balıkesir escort crotch of his shorts from time to time, to see if my k** brother was growing down there from all of that staring at my feminine curves.The evidence, that first time, was inconclusive.We looked at the pictures together and, I have to admit, there was something about them that was beautiful and innocently sensual. I had never really seen myself as a sex object, and these photos portrayed me in a way that made me feel good about my body. It gave me a chance to see myself through the eyes of a man — granted, that man was my own brother, but still — a man who found the shapes of my figure to be a thing of desire. It turns out it was a thrilling feeling.And again, I should mention that we both politely avoided discussing the increasingly obvious fact that, in the later pictures that showed my top half, my nipples were plainly erect.After that, he convinced me that there was really no difference between posing for him in my bikini, on the one hand, and posing in a bra and panties, on the other.That was how I found myself lying back on my bed in a lacy white bra and white cotton panties with little flower designs, letting my k** brother take pictures of me that way with his digital camera.Well, it turns out that there is a difference between posing in my bikini and posing in my underwear for his camera. And that difference is what happens when I start to get wet. The material of the bikini and its gusset, and the dark color of the bathing suit, would mean that a little bit of emerging wetness from me wouldn’t be visible to the camera.But when I was posing for his pictures in nothing but my soft cotton underwear, the problem is that a little bit of wetness in between my thighs translated almost immediately into a dark spot “down there” on my panties. I don’t know if you can imagine how completely embarrassing escort balıkesir it was to notice that I had created such a dark wet spot right there on sexy little purple satin bikini sting panties, where my younger brother and his camera could obviously see.To make matters worse, once I started to become aware that my own wetness was perfectly visible, I also became aware of the growing bulge in his shorts as he snapped pictures of me. There was no avoiding it: he was developing a pretty big hard-on. There was no escaping the reason why I dressed as I was; right there in only my soiled little satin purple panties.Jesus, I thought, my brother and I were becoming aroused for each other. This was my worst fear coming true. It was, to say the least, awkward.”Ok, I think I’d better cover back up now,” I said, being ever the practical one.He actually tried to get me to go in the other direction, to take off what little covering I had left at that point. “Why cover up now,” was his argument. “It’s a natural reaction,” he said, and I was acutely aware that the “it” he was referring to was the wetness growing in his older sister’s vagina.To tell you the truth, I was dying to reach down and touch myself there. I wanted to let my hand give an answer to the arousal that I was feeling. But I wasn’t about to let my younger brother see me like that, or watch me do that.Still, my arousal was in complete control of me, and while there were things I wasn’t willing to show my k** brother, I wasn’t above testing him to see what he would do for me.”I think you’re enjoying what you’re seeing a little too much,” I said.He continued snapping pictures of me. “Huh? I’m just…” he tried to protest.”Look at your dick, b*o,” I said. “I can see it. You have a total hard-on going on there.”He blushed deeply.I ran a hand along my bare thigh, coming teasingly close to the fabric of my panties.He kept on taking balıkesir escort bayan pictures as I teased him. Knowing that I was producing such a reaction in him encouraged me further. As he clicked the shutter over and over, I reached back and unclasped my bra.I let it fall to the floor and I thrilled as the air touched my nipples. I heard my brother coaching me onward as the camera continued to work. “Oh yes, lovely, that’s so pretty.” I soaked in his appreciation.”You know, this isn’t fair,” I whimpered, and clad only in my little white panties, I leaned forward and unbuttoned his shorts. Once they were open, they fell quickly down to his ankles, and his raging erection strained at the elastic waistband of his thin boxer shorts.I tugged those down, too, leaving him naked from the waist down, and then went back to posing for him.I got onto my knees and thrust my little round butt back up towards his camera. I looked over my shoulder at him, remembering to smile as he clicked away, taking more photos of me.I enjoyed watching his erection peek out from his shirt-tails as he guided me through several poses. Then I looked him right in the eye as I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties.”Be nice to me,” I implored him as at last I became totally naked for him, and for his camera. I kept my legs shyly together as he snapped photo after photo of me. Then he placed one hand on my knee and prodded me to open my thighs.I lay back, then, arching and stretching myself while he captured me with the camera, murmuring his appreciation.When he stopped for a break, his erection was just inches from my hand. I thought about stroking him then, But, lying there naked before my k** brother and his digital camera, a different idea occurred to me. Taking both of hands and wrapped them around his dick I said, “I know you are going to make yourself come looking at my pictures later, right?” He was in a state of shock so before he could snap out of it I quickly took him into my mouth and began sucking him until he held onto the back of my head and jammed his fat cock as far as he could into my throat unleashing multiple shots of his seed down into my belly.

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